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Workington Town – Rugby League Club Team

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Seeking excitement in the world of rugby? Workington Town Rugby League Football Club is a beacon of passion and tradition in Cumbria. This blog will give you an insider’s look at the squad, community events, and rich history that define Workington Town.

Get ready to join the loyal fanbase of this storied club!

Key Takeaways

  • Workington Town Rugby League Club has a proud history dating back to 1944 and plays at Derwent Park, where they have been hosting thrilling matches since 1956.
  • Players Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop, and Ethan Bickerdike are central figures in Workington Town’s squad known for their skill on the field and contributions to the team’s success.
  • The club is active in the community with partnerships that include events such as an afternoon tea with TRSC planned for May 4th and support for Andy’s Man Club to promote mental health awareness.
  • Fans can get involved by using discount codes when buying tickets or joining exclusive clubs like the ‘200 club’ which offers special benefits and behind-the-scenes access.
  • Over recent years, notable achievements include top positions in league tables and winning the Betfred League 1 Cup title in 2018.

About Workington Town Rugby League Football Club

Workington Town Rugby League Football Club holds a special place in the heart of West Cumbria. Standing as a semi-professional stronghold in rugby league, the club draws fans who admire its grit and competitive spirit.

Established among the historic walls of the Royal Oak Hotel back in 1944, Workington Town has grown into an institution that celebrates not only sport but also community cohesion.

Their home ground at Derwent Park has seen countless thrilling matches since 1956, serving as a fortress where rivals face off against the tenacity of this determined team. In BETFRED League 1, Workington Town contests with vigor and aims to add more glories to their already impressive list of honours.

The passion for rugby runs deep through this team’s veins, bringing people together both on social media forums and on game days when cheers resonate through Derwent Park.

Heading into an era where teamwork is paramount, let’s turn our focus to those donning the blue and white – the squads and players who make up Workington Town Rugby League Football Club.

The Squads and Players of Workington Town

Workington Town boasts a talented squad with key players like Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop and Ethan Bickerdike. The team’s strengths lie in their skillful and dedicated players who are ready to take on any challenge on the field.

Key Players: Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop, Ethan Bickerdike

Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop, and Ethan Bickerdike are key players for Workington Town Rugby League Football Club. They form a strong core in the team’s line-up.

With their experience and skill on the field, they bring a competitive edge to the squad. Their performances have been pivotal in contributing to the team’s victories and overall success.

The presence of Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop, and Ethan Bickerdike adds depth and versatility to Workington Town’s gameplay. As essential cogs in the team’s machinery – these players display determination and leadership that propels the club forward.

Strengths of the team

The team of Workington Town is known for its strong and dedicated coaching staff, which provides expert guidance to the players. The coaching staff works tirelessly with the support staff to ensure that each player receives personalised training suited to their strengths and areas for improvement.

This cohesive unit fosters a positive environment where players are encouraged to excel, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the team on the field. Moreover, Workington Town has established itself as a resilient force within the league division, showcasing exceptional teamwork and determination in every game they play.

With a committed support staff and experienced coaching team at their side, Workington Town is able to harness their individual talents into collective strength. This enables them to compete fiercely against formidable opponents like Whitehaven and Barrow Raiders in the BETFRED League 1 division without compromising on sportsmanship or strategy.

Partnerships and Community Involvement

Workington Town Rugby League Football Club has established strong partnerships with the local community, offering discount codes for support, hosting events with TRSC and John and Jane, as well as supporting initiatives like the 200 club and Andy’s Man Club.

These partnerships demonstrate the team’s commitment to engaging with their fans and contributing to the local community.

Use of discount code for support

Fans of Workington Town Rugby League Football Club can show their support for the team by using discount codes when purchasing tickets for home games at Derwent Park. This initiative allows fans to enjoy the thrill of live rugby league action while also receiving special offers, making it a win-win situation for both supporters and the club.

By utilising these discount codes, fans contribute to the vibrant atmosphere at the stadium while showing their loyalty to Workington Town.

The use of discount codes not only benefits fans through cost savings but also helps boost attendance at home games, creating an electric environment that motivates players on the field.

Afternoon tea event with TRSC

Workington Town Rugby League Football Club is set to host a delightful afternoon tea event in partnership with TRSC. This event promises an opportunity for fans and supporters to come together, enjoy delectable treats, and engage with the club in a more intimate setting.

The afternoon tea event is scheduled for 4th May, offering attendees a chance to connect with fellow rugby enthusiasts while supporting their beloved team. Fans can anticipate an enjoyable experience as they share conversations over tea and scones, all while strengthening their bond with Workington Town RLFC.

The collaboration between Workington Town and TRSC represents a commitment to fostering community involvement and providing fans with unique experiences outside of game days. This initiative not only showcases the club’s dedication to its supporters but also emphasises the importance of creating memorable interactions that go beyond the pitch.

Booking events with John and Jane

To book events with John and Jane, simply use the provided discount code for exclusive perks. Enjoy an afternoon tea event with TRSC, or grab your 200 club numbers available now. These unique opportunities allow fans to engage with the team in a special way and be a part of the Workington Town community.

Supporting local rugby has never been easier – join us at upcoming games, regular Tuesday training sessions, and the afternoon tea event on 4 May. Don’t forget to check out our updated game schedule for 19 April and show your support for Andy’s Man Club through various events organised by Workington Town Rugby League Football Club.

200 club numbers available

Workington Town Rugby League Football Club is offering a limited number of 200 club memberships for fans to show their support and become an integral part of the team. By joining this exclusive club, supporters can enjoy special benefits while contributing to the success of the club.

The 200 club membership offers a unique opportunity for passionate rugby fans to connect with the team and play a vital role in its continued growth and development within the local community.

Fans who sign up for the 200 club membership will have access to behind-the-scenes content, exclusive events, and discounted merchandise. Additionally, they will directly contribute to supporting Workington Town’s efforts in various competitions at the semi-professional level.

Upcoming Games and Events

Regular Tuesday training sessions keep the team in top form, and there’s an updated game schedule for April 19. Support Workington Town as they also get involved with upcoming events like the Afternoon tea event on May 4 and their support for Andy’s Man Club.

Regular Tuesday training sessions

Every Tuesday, the Workington Town Rugby League Football Club holds training sessions to prepare for upcoming games. These sessions are vital in maintaining the team’s high level of performance and physical conditioning.

Players like Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop, and Ethan Bickerdike take part in these rigorous training days to stay at peak fitness levels. The regular Tuesday training not only strengthens the players but also fosters teamwork and strategy building.

Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity for fans to witness firsthand the dedication and hard work that goes into preparing for each match.

Updated game schedule for April 19

Workington Town’s updated game schedule for April 19 includes an important match against a tough opponent. The team is gearing up for an intense showdown and has been putting in the hard work during regular Tuesday training sessions.

Rugby fans can look forward to an exciting game as Workington Town aims to secure a victory and continue its impressive performance in the league.

Rugby enthusiasts should mark their calendars for this highly anticipated event, where Workington Town will demonstrate its strengths on the field. With key players like Jordan Burns, David Eccleston, Chris Taylor, Jason Mossop, and Ethan Bickerdike leading the charge, the team is ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Support for Andy’s Man Club

Workington Town Rugby League Football Club is committed to supporting Andy’s Man Club, a charity that provides support and a safe space for men to open up about their mental health.

The club actively promotes the organisation’s work and encourages its fans and followers to get involved in fundraising events and awareness campaigns. By leveraging its strong presence on social media platforms, Workington Town helps spread the word about Andy’s Man Club, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness and support within the community.

Looking ahead, Workington Town continues to champion causes like Andy’s Man Club, fostering a supportive environment both on and off the field.

Afternoon tea event on May 4

Support for Andy’s Man Club exemplifies Workington Town’s commitment to community involvement. The upcoming “Afternoon Tea Event” on May 4 serves as another testament to this dedication, offering fans and supporters a chance to come together in a relaxed setting while enjoying delightful refreshments.

The event not only fosters camaraderie but also provides an opportunity for the club and its followers to bond over their shared passion for rugby, reinforcing the strong connection between Workington Town and its loyal fan base.

Issuing discounts or facilitating bookings with John and Jane underscores the club’s intent to make the event accessible and enjoyable for all attendees. Moreover, partnering with TRSC at the afternoon tea embodies the spirit of collaboration that defines Workington Town’s approach towards engaging with fans and promoting community cohesion.

History and Achievements of Workington Town

Workington Town has a rich history in Rugby League, with notable achievements and honours that have solidified their legacy in the community. If you want to learn more about the club’s history and accomplishments, keep reading!

League table for past three years

Workington Town Rugby League Football Club has faced various challenges and triumphs over the past three years. Their performance in the league is a testament to their resilience and determination. Let’s take a look at where they’ve stood in the league table during this period:


These standings reflect the club’s continued efforts to secure its place as a formidable team within the BETFRED League 1 division. Having a consistent performance, Workington Town RLFC continues to strive for excellence, both on and off the pitch. The players, staff, and fans are all integral parts of this journey, contributing to the club’s ongoing legacy. The team’s history garners respect across the league, as they build upon their achievements each season.

Notable achievements and honours

Over the past three years, Workington Town has had several notable achievements and honours, showcasing their dedication and talent on the rugby league field. Their accomplishments include:

  1. Securing a top position in the league table for the 2019 season, demonstrating their prowess on the field.
  2. Winning the prestigious Betfred League 1 Cup title in 2018, highlighting their exceptional performance and determination.
  3. Clinching victory in the local Cumbria Cup competition, illustrating their strong presence and influence within the region.
  4. Receiving recognition for outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork, earning accolades from both fans and critics alike.
  5. Establishing a legacy of success within the community, fostering a sense of pride and unity among supporters.

Legacy of Workington Town in the community

Impressively, the legacy of Workington Town in the community is one of unwavering support and engagement. Through various partnerships and initiatives, the club has solidified its position as a vital pillar in the local area.

From collaborating with organisations to hosting events that bring people together, Workington Town has demonstrated a commitment to uplifting and uniting its community.

The club’s involvement in supporting local causes and engaging with fans underscores their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the rugby field. By actively participating in community events and initiatives, Workington Town continues to foster a profound sense of belonging and pride among its supporters, establishing itself not just as a rugby team but as an integral part of the social fabric within West Cumbria.


Workington Town Rugby League Football Club has a rich history and deep roots in the community. With a strong social media presence and active fan engagement, the club’s influence extends beyond the field.

The team’s legacy resonates through its achievements and titles, solidifying its place in British rugby league history. As Workington Town continues to compete at the semi-professional level and engage with fans, their impact on local sports remains significant.


1. What league does Workington Town Rugby League Club play in?

Workington Town plays in the Championship, which is a step below the Super League in rugby.

2. Can I watch Workington Town games on television?

Yes, some of Workington Town’s games are broadcasted on television channels like BBC Sport, especially when they have major matches.

3. Has Workington Town ever played in the Super League?

As of now, Workington Town competes in the Championship and strives to reach the top-tier Super League through their performance.

4. Where can I find updates and news about Workington Town Rugby League Club?

For all the latest updates and news on Workington Town, check out sports coverage such as BBC Sport or visit the club’s official website for details.

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