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Global Rugby Rankings: Surprises and Shifts in the Latest Update

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Rugby fans love a good surprise, and the latest global rankings are full of them. England’s rise after recent wins has everyone talking about the new order in men’s rugby. This post will dive into the biggest shifts and shocks that the newest world rankings have revealed.

Keep reading for all the line-out lowdown!

Key Takeaways

  • England now sit at 2nd place in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings after defeating both New Zealand and South Africa.
  • The US Men’s Eagles have risen, scoring a total of 67.94 points due to a recent win, placing them above Uruguay.
  • South Africa overtook Ireland to secure the second position on the rankings list, bringing competition closer to France who lead with 93.79 points.
  • Shock results include Australia falling to 6th place and Wales climbing up to 3rd in the men’s rankings following their respective losses and wins.
  • Important tournaments like La Vila International Rugby Cup in Spain and Victoria Cup in Africa could lead to further changes and are key events for rugby fans worldwide.

Women’s World Rankings Update

Biggest Movers, Record Highs, and Top Performers in the latest update of the women’s world rugby rankings.

Biggest Movers

The latest update in the women’s global rugby rankings reveals some significant shifts. Teams have climbed and tumbled, reflecting their recent on-field performances.

  • England and Australia made impressive strides forward, both jumping two spots. Their victories in critical matches paid off, earning them a better position in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.
  • Sweden now stands as the leading force in Scandinavian rugby. They have outperformed their regional rivals to secure this prestigious spot.
  • Spain experienced a drop, sliding down four places to rank 20th. This descent came after a series of losses that impacted their standing.
  • The US Men’s Eagles enjoyed a boost, climbing above Uruguay thanks to an influx of 1.70 points in their rating. This has propelled them higher on the World Rugby Men’s Rankings with a score of 67.94 points.

Record Highs

After analysing the shifts in the global rugby rankings, it is evident that several teams have reached record highs. England, Australia, and Wales have all achieved their highest positions in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings after successful performances in recent matches.

This reflects a significant upward trajectory for these teams, which has been driven by strong displays on the field. In addition to this, Spain dropping four places and Sweden emerging as the top-ranked team in Scandinavia demonstrates notable changes within the rankings.

The latest update also showcases Ireland retaining its position at the top of the World Rugby rankings with 93.79 points. France follows closely behind with 90.59 points, while South Africa holds steady with 89.70 points.

Top Performers

  1. England, Australia, and Wales rose up by two spots on the World Rugby Men’s Rankings, following their respective victories.
  2. The US Men’s Eagles, gaining 1.70 points in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings, have significantly boosted their rating to 67.94 points.
  3. Spain fell four places to 20th in the rankings after losing more matches than they won in 2023.
  4. Sweden holds the highest position among Scandinavian teams according to the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.
  5. Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa remain potential candidates for changes at the top of the rankings.

Men’s World Rankings Update

– Shock Results

– Top Contenders for RWC 2023

Shock Results

Surprising results have caused shifts in the global rugby rankings:

  1. England, after defeating New Zealand and South Africa, rose to 2nd place in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.
  2. Australia’s unexpected loss to Scotland and Ireland resulted in a drop to 6th place in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.
  3. Wales’ triumphs over France and England propelled them to 3rd place in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.
  4. Argentina’s win against South Africa shook up the rankings, moving them to 8th place in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.
  5. Italy’s victory over Australia led to a rise of two places in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.

Top Contenders for RWC 2023

  1. England’s consistent performance and strategic gameplay make them a formidable team to watch out for in the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023.
  2. France’s exceptional skill set and remarkable record highs position them as strong contenders for the Rugby World Cup 2023 title.
  3. New Zealand is known for their unwavering determination and remarkable track record, establishing them as one of the top contenders for the Rugby World Cup 2023.
  4. South Africa’s recent successes and impressive performance display their potential to be dominant contenders in the Rugby World Cup 2023.
  5. Ireland’s tenacious spirit and outstanding ranking position them as promising contenders for triumph in the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Changes in Top Placements

Springboks Oust Ireland as they climb the rankings, while the All Blacks drop to third place and Australia experiences a fall in their standings.

Springboks Oust Ireland

In the latest World Rugby rankings update, South Africa’s national rugby team, the Springboks, have surpassed Ireland to claim the second position. This shift comes after a strong performance in recent matches that saw them gain crucial points in the rankings.

With this jump, they are now hot on the heels of France and could potentially secure the top spot with continued success on the field.

Ireland, who had been holding onto their prime position for quite some time, experienced a slight dip in their ranking due to recent game outcomes. The competition at the top of the rankings is fierce as teams jostle for higher positions ahead of major tournaments such as RWC 2023.

All Blacks Drop to Third

After the Springboks’ victory over Ireland, another significant change in the World Rugby rankings unfolded as the mighty All Blacks dropped to third place. This unexpected shift marked a notable development in international rugby standings.

The latest update saw New Zealand trailing behind Ireland and France, with an updated rating of 89.40 points – a drop from their previous position at the top of the rankings.

This surprising move sparked discussions among rugby fans worldwide, indicating that no team is immune to fluctuations in performance and results. With potential contenders vying for top placements, this unprecedented shift highlighted the dynamic nature of global rugby rankings and added intrigue to future matches and tournaments.

Australia’s Fall

Australia’s descent in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings has been a point of contention after their recent string of losses. The team suffered setbacks, dropping to sixth place due to defeats against strong opponents.

With only a marginal gap separating them from fifth place, the pressure is on for Australia to regain its footing and climb back up the rankings through noteworthy performances in upcoming matches.

Following unexpected falls in performance, Australia must recalibrate its strategy to reclaim lost ground and revive its standing as a top-ranking rugby team. As competitors intensify their efforts, it remains crucial for Australia not only to rebound but also exceed previous standards to secure a solid standing among global rugby powerhouses.

Upcoming Tournaments and Events

Stay updated on the upcoming La Vila International Rugby Cup and Victoria Cup, as these tournaments will surely have an impact on the global rugby rankings. Read more to stay ahead of the game!

La Vila International Rugby Cup

The La Vila International Rugby Cup is a highly anticipated event that promises to bring together top teams from around the world. Rugby fans can expect fierce competition and thrilling matches as teams vie for the coveted title.

This tournament provides an excellent opportunity for rugby enthusiasts to witness some of the best performances by international teams, while also serving as a platform for showcasing talent and skill on a global stage.

Hosted in Spain, the La Vila International Rugby Cup offers rugby fans an exciting spectacle with opportunities to witness major upsets and surprising victories. With such high stakes involved, this tournament will undoubtedly impact the global rugby rankings, making it an event not to be missed by any true fan of the sport.

Victoria Cup

The Victoria Cup is a highly anticipated rugby tournament that showcases the fierce competition between Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. This annual event provides an exciting platform for these African nations to demonstrate their prowess on the rugby field while vying for the prestigious cup.

The tournament not only serves as a test of skill and endurance but also contributes to the ever-changing landscape of global rugby rankings, influencing teams’ positions based on their performances in this thrilling competition.

As part of the Rugby Africa competitions, the Victoria Cup draws significant attention from fans and experts alike due to its potential impact on international rugby standings. With each participating team striving to secure victory in this challenging tournament, rugby enthusiasts can expect intense matches filled with passion and determination as these teams aim to leave their mark on both regional and global rankings.


The global rugby rankings have seen significant shifts, with England, Australia, and Wales making impressive gains. The upcoming Six Nations and Rugby Europe Championship matches are expected to lead to further changes in the top 20.

Ireland, France, and South Africa remain strong contenders for the top spots as international rugby continues to deliver surprises and upsets. With new tournaments on the horizon, fans can look forward to more exciting action that will impact the rankings.


1. What are the latest rugby rankings update all about?

The latest rugby rankings update shows the current standings and performance ratings of men’s and women’s rugby teams globally, including major shifts and surprises after recent tournaments.

2. Which top teams in world rugby have moved up or down?

In the most recent global rugby competition rankings, several top teams have experienced changes due to their latest games’ outcomes, affecting their positions on the Rugby Points Table.

3. How do international competitions like Six Nations influence global rugby rankings?

Tournaments such as Six Nations and The Rugby Championship contribute significantly to international rugby rankings because the results can cause upsets in team ratings and lead to unexpected shifts.

4. Can you explain why there were some upsets in the latest international Rugby Rankings?

Yes, sometimes lower-ranked teams perform exceptionally well against higher-ranked opponents during matches from events like Rugby Europe Championship or other major games causing surprising changes in the global standings.

5. Are both men’s and women’s teams included in these global ranking updates?

Indeed, both men’s and women’s rugby team performances are tracked, with each having its own set of updated global rankings reflecting how they stack up against one another internationally.

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