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Whitehaven RLFC – Rugby League Club Team

Whitehaven RLFC Rugby League Club Team posing confidently on the field.

The Whitehaven RLFC team jersey and equipment laid out on the rugby field.Rugby fans are always on the hunt for thrilling team stories and player updates. Whitehaven RLFC is a gem in west Cumbria, boasting over a century of rugby league tradition. This blog post will tackle everything from our squad to future aspirations, all tailored for true rugby enthusiasts.

Dive into the heart of Cumbrian rugby!

Key Takeaways

  • Whitehaven RLFC is a professional rugby league team competing in the Betfred Championship and based at the Ortus Rec, their historic home stadium.
  • The club has celebrated over a century of rugby history, including commemorating its 75th anniversary recently, with plans to continue growing and solidifying its presence in the sport.
  • With a squad mix of Papua New Guinea international stars, fresh talent from youth systems, and experienced players, they aim for success on the pitch while also focusing on player development.
  • Important rivalries include local Cumbrian teams like Barrow Raiders and Workington Town, which bring intense competition and strong fan engagement during matches.
  • Whitehaven RLFC prioritises community involvement through media coverage, supporting local events and initiatives, as well as investing in future prospects by developing young athletes within west Cumbria.

Whitehaven RLFC: Our Team

Whitehaven RLFC is a professional rugby league club team with a rich history and a talented squad of players. The Ortus Rec is our home stadium, where we aim to showcase our skills and make our fans proud.

Our Squad

Whitehaven RLFC boasts a robust team ready to tackle the challenges of the Betfred Championship. Our squad features players with the skills and drive to elevate our game.

  • The Papua New Guinea star takes his place as the No. 1 jersey wearer, showcasing exceptional talent and an international flair.
  • Fresh faces and seasoned veterans create a dynamic mix, providing a blend of energy and experience on the pitch.
  • Announced squad numbers for the 2024 season reveal our preparations for strategic plays and positional strengths.
  • Dedicated coaching staff work tirelessly to hone each player’s abilities, ensuring peak performance during games.
  • A competitive spirit runs through our roster, with everyone pushing their limits to contribute to the club’s success.
  • Player development remains a priority, where emerging talents from local youth systems get opportunities to shine.
  • Each member brings unique strengths to the team, from agile wingers to powerful forwards, creating a well-rounded playing squad.
  • Fitness regimes are tailored for players to maintain top physical condition, essential in enduring the rigorous demands of professional rugby league matches.
  • Team chemistry is fostered both on and off the field, building camaraderie that translates into coordinated teamwork during play.
  • The squad’s versatility allows for adaptability against various opponents, readying us for challenges presented by Super League teams and beyond.

Our History

After looking at the current team players in “Our Squad”, it’s evident that Whitehaven RLFC has a rich and extensive history. Dating back over a century to the formation of the Northern Union, this club has been an integral part of west Cumbria’s sporting identity.

Originating from Whitehaven Recreation, the club has evolved into a professional rugby league entity competing in the Betfred Championship. Celebrating its 75th anniversary not too long ago, this milestone is just one of many testaments to its enduring legacy within the local community and beyond.

Having established itself as a prominent figure in the region’s sports scene, Whitehaven RLFC continues to evolve with a new-look board focused on financial stability and future growth.

Our Home Stadium: The Ortus Rec

Whitehaven RLFC’s home ground is the Ortus Rec, a renowned venue steeped in rugby league history. The stadium has been the cherished home of the club for many years and holds a special place in the hearts of fans.

With its rich heritage and modern facilities, it provides an electric atmosphere for both players and supporters on match days. The Ortus Rec stands as a symbol of unity and pride for Whitehaven RLFC, offering a vibrant setting where unforgettable moments unfold.

The Ortus Rec’s iconic status within the rugby league community makes it an integral part of the club’s identity. Its significance extends beyond being just a playing field; it serves as a testament to Whitehaven RLFC’s enduring legacy and commitment to excellence on all fronts.

How to Find Us

You can easily find Whitehaven RLFC on various social media platforms such as Twitter for the latest updates and news. If you need to get in touch with us, you can find our contact information on our official website.

Quick Links

Get all the latest updates and news about Whitehaven RLFC with these quick links:

  1. Check out the official website for match schedules, player profiles, and club news.
  2. Follow Whitehaven RLFC on Twitter for live game updates and behind-the-scenes content.
  3. Stay connected with the club’s social media channels for exclusive interviews and community events.
  4. Visit the Betfred Championship website to track the club’s rankings and upcoming fixtures.
  5. Access rugby league news websites to read about the latest happenings in the sport and Whitehaven RLFC’s performance.
  6. Subscribe to the club’s newsletter for exclusive offers, fan experiences, and ticket sales information.

Contact Us

For all inquiries, you can reach out to the Whitehaven RLFC through our official website or social media platforms. The club also provides a contact number for any specific queries regarding tickets, events, or merchandise.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan looking for updates on upcoming games or an aspiring player interested in joining our team, we are readily available to assist with your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and become part of the vibrant Whitehaven rugby league community.

If you have any questions about match schedules or want to learn more about our youth development programs, feel free to connect with us through email as well. Our friendly staff is always eager to engage with fans and newcomers alike, making sure that everyone feels welcome and involved in supporting the Whitehaven RLFC.

The Whitehaven Rugby League Community

– Category: Whitehaven R.L.F.C. players are an integral part of the community, with their involvement in local events and initiatives.

– Media coverage provides fans with updates on team news and player interviews, keeping the community engaged.

– Fan support is crucial for our team’s success – join us in cheering on Whitehaven RLFC!

Category: Whitehaven R.L.F.C. players

Whitehaven RLFC has a talented and dedicated squad of players for the 2024 season. The team consists of skillful athletes who bring a wealth of experience and passion to the field. Here’s a closer look at some key players in the Whitehaven RLFC lineup:

  1. Papua New Guinea star, wearing the No. 1 jersey, brings exceptional speed and agility to the full-back position.
  2. A solid pack includes experienced forwards who provide strength in the scrums and dominant defense.
  3. Young and promising talents add energy and dynamism to the team, demonstrating potential for future success.
  4. The squad boasts versatile playmakers with excellent game management skills, ensuring strategic execution on match days.
  5. Resilient and determined individuals contribute to a cohesive team dynamic, fostering a winning mentality.

Media coverage

The Whitehaven RLFC receives extensive media coverage through local newspapers, sports websites, and radio broadcasts. Our professional club’s progress in the Betfred Championship is regularly reported on rugby league updates.

The club has a dedicated PR team that ensures our player roster, matches, and community involvement are well publicised. National League enthusiasts can stay updated with exclusive interviews and live match commentary.

As we delve into the media coverage of Whitehaven RLFC, let’s explore the enthusiastic fan support that drives our team forward.

Fan Support

After receiving extensive media coverage, Whitehaven RLFC is grateful for the unwavering support of its dedicated fan base. The club has a strong presence in the rugby league community, as evidenced by the recent 75th-anniversary celebration and the announcement of squad numbers for the upcoming season.

With a Papua New Guinea star set to don the No. 1 jersey, there’s no doubt that fans will continue to rally behind their team with enthusiasm and pride.

The club relies on its loyal supporters to create an unbeatable atmosphere at home games and show unwavering commitment when following the team on away fixtures. To fuel this passion, it plans various fan engagement initiatives which include special events, exclusive content releases, and opportunities for fans to immerse themselves in all things Whitehaven RLFC.

Our Rivals: Barrow Raiders and Workington Town

Whitehaven RLFC has a long-standing rivalry with Barrow Raiders and Workington Town, with intense matches and passionate fan support. Read more about these fierce matchups and the Cumbrian Rugby League scene in our blog.

Past Matches

Whitehaven RLFC has had a strong history of competitive matches. In the 2023 season, the team faced Barrow Raiders in an intense match at Craven Park and secured a victory with a score of 28-24. Additionally, a thrilling encounter against Workington Town at Derwent Park resulted in an impressive win for Whitehaven RLFC with a score of 30-16. The Cumbrian derby against local rivals has always been a highlight for fans, including an exhilarating game against Workington Town in which Whitehaven emerged victorious with a convincing 26-12 win. These past matches have reflected the determination and grit of the Whitehaven RLFC players as they continue to make their mark in the Betfred Championship.

Upcoming Games

  1. Whitehaven RLFC vs Barrow Raiders: A classic Cumbrian derby, promising an intense battle between two historic rugby league clubs from the region.
  2. Whitehaven RLFC vs York City Knights: An exciting clash against a strong Yorkshire-based team, providing an opportunity for Whitehaven to showcase their skills.
  3. Whitehaven RLFC vs Dewsbury Rams: A challenging encounter with another formidable opponent, testing the team’s determination and resilience on the field.

The Cumbrian Rugby League Scene

The Cumbrian rugby league scene is a vibrant and competitive arena, with Whitehaven RLFC playing a central role in the region. Alongside traditional rivals Barrow Raiders and Workington Town, the club has been part of the fabric of Cumbrian sport for over 100 years.

The community’s deep passion for rugby league is evident through media coverage, fan support, and dedicated player development programs aimed at nurturing local talent within the county.

With strong ties to Papua New Guinea, an international influence adds an exciting dimension to the thriving Cumbrian rugby league landscape.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Competing in the Betfred Championship, growing our fanbase and supporting local youth development are all key focuses for Whitehaven RLFC. We strive to build on our successes and establish ourselves as a competitive force in the rugby league community.

Competing in Betfred Championship

Playing in the Betfred Championship, Whitehaven RLFC faces tough competition from other professional rugby league clubs. The team’s goal is to secure victories and climb up the ranks in this challenging league.

With a dedicated coaching staff and a competitive squad, Whitehaven RLFC aims to make its mark on the championship and continue building its strong presence in the rugby league community.

Whitehaven RLFC’s participation in the Betfred Championship serves as an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and determination while representing the club with pride. As they take on formidable opponents, both home and away, they are committed to demonstrating their passion for the sport of rugby league through hard work, teamwork, and perseverance on the field.

Growing our Fanbase

We aim to expand our fanbase by reaching out to the local community and engaging with rugby league enthusiasts. Hosting events, meet-and-greets, and open training sessions will allow fans to connect with players and coaches on a more personal level.

Additionally, we plan to leverage social media platforms to share behind-the-scenes content, player interviews, and match highlights. By providing interactive experiences and exclusive content, we hope to attract new supporters while strengthening the bond with existing fans.

– Supporting Local Youth Development

Supporting Local Youth Development

Whitehaven RLFC is committed to nurturing local talent and supporting youth development in the Cumbrian community. The club provides opportunities for young athletes to hone their skills, with dedicated coaching staff guiding them towards success.

With a strong presence in the rugby league community, Whitehaven RLFC creates pathways for aspiring players to progress through its ranks and potentially join the professional squad.

As part of our future plans and aspirations, we aim to continue investing in local youth development programmes, fostering a new generation of talented rugby league players who can proudly represent our team.


In conclusion, the Whitehaven RLFC has a rich history and a dedicated fan base supporting them. The club is focused on growing its presence within the rugby league community and nurturing local talent for future success.

With an eye on competing in the Betfred Championship, they continue to work towards stability and growth both on and off the field. Their recent celebrations of their 75th anniversary reflect a strong foundation for an exciting future ahead.


1. What is Whitehaven RLFC?

Whitehaven RLFC is a professional rugby league club team that competes in the Rugby League Championship, one tier below the Super League.

2. Where does Whitehaven RLFC play its games?

The team plays their home games at their stadium, which has seen many memorable matches in both the Rugby League and historical club events.

3. How has Whitehaven RLFC performed in recent years?

In recent seasons, Whitehaven RLFC has been fighting hard to climb up the leagues and compete with top rugby league teams for a chance at promotion to bigger competitions like Super League.

4. Can someone who likes rugby union enjoy watching Whitehaven RLFC?

Absolutely! Fans of all types of rugby, including rugby union, often appreciate the fast-paced action and excitement that a competitive Rugby League Team like Whitehaven brings to each game.

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