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Western Force – Rugby Union Club Team

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Struggling to keep up with the dynamic world of rugby union in Western Australia? The Western Force stands as a beacon of professional rugby pride in Perth. Our blog offers an insider’s look at their journey, from inception to current triumphs, making you feel like part of the team.

Get ready to dive into the force behind Western Force!

Key Takeaways

  • The Western Force rugby team was founded in 2006 and plays its home games in Perth, becoming an integral part of the Super Rugby competition before returning again in 2020 after a brief hiatus.
  • Dr Andrew Forrest AO is a major supporter of the team along with other partners such as Minderoo Foundation, Land Rover, Insurance Commission of Western Australia, Healthway, and Plus500.
  • Notable players from the current squad include Rob Kearney from Ireland and Richard Kahui from New Zealand; together with upcoming talents like Jordan Olowofela, they create a diverse and dynamic team roster.
  • The club has been successful in producing star Wallabies players over the years including Matt Hodgson, Nathan Sharpe, and Matt Giteau who have made significant contributions to national rugby success.
  • Fans can follow the Western Force’s progress on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or subscribe to newsletters through their official website for all the latest updates on matches and player news.

Formation and History of the Western Force

In 2006, the Western Force was established as the newest team in Super Rugby, representing Western Australia. After a brief absence from the competition, the team returned in 2020 and is now competing in both Super Rugby Pacific and Super W competitions.

2006: The Birth of the Force

The Western Force erupted onto the rugby scene in 2006, marking a new chapter for sports fans in Perth. Excitement buzzed through Western Australia as this professional team brought top-tier rugby union action to the community.

With dreams of carving out a legacy, they proudly took their place in the Super Rugby competition, ready to face off against established teams from across the Southern Hemisphere.

Packed stadiums and roaring crowds became a staple at home games as supporters rallied behind their squad. The club quickly earned respect for its fierce spirit and competitive drive.

They not only uplifted local rugby enthusiasts but provided inspirational stories that shaped future Wallabies stars. The forceful entry of the Western Force into Super Rugby was more than just an expansion; it was an invigorating boost for Australian rugby culture in Perth and beyond.

2017: Rise from the Ashes

In 2017, the Western Force valiantly rose from the ashes after being cut from Super Rugby. The team fought to retain their place in the competition, prevailing against considerable odds and displaying unwavering resilience.

This year was a turning point for the club, as it demonstrated their determination and commitment to continue contributing to rugby union both locally and internationally. The 2017 resurgence marked a pivotal moment in the history of the Western Force, illustrating their enduring impact on Australian rugby.

2018: The Birth of Global Rapid Rugby

In 2018, the Western Force became a founding member of Global Rapid Rugby, a dynamic and exhilarating competition that aimed to revolutionise the game with an emphasis on speed, skill, and entertainment.

This move allowed the team to continue showcasing their talent on an international stage while contributing to the growth and innovation of rugby union. The birth of Global Rapid Rugby provided an exciting platform for both players and fans alike, promoting high-speed action and thrilling encounters in a format designed to captivate audiences across the globe.

The momentum gained from this groundbreaking initiative propelled the Western Force into new heights of competitiveness and excitement, laying the foundation for continued success in challenging competitions.

2020: The Force Returns to Super Rugby

The Force made a triumphant return to Super Rugby in 2020, rejuvenating the local rugby scene in Perth. The team’s re-entry into the competition brought a surge of enthusiasm among fans and players alike, igniting a renewed sense of pride in Western Australia’s rich rugby heritage.

Reinvigorated by their return to Super Rugby, the Western Force has quickly established themselves as formidable contenders in the league, showcasing their determination and skill on the field.

Their presence has not only bolstered support for the sport but also paved the way for emerging talents within the local community to aspire towards representing their home team. With this resurgence, the Force continues to carve out its place as a force to be reckoned with in Australian rugby union.

Current Squad and Team Members

Meet the 2024 Western Force Squad and discover the notable players from different countries who make up this impressive team. Read on to find out more about the pride of Rugby Union in Western Australia!

2024 Western Force Squad

  1. The squad features seasoned Wallabies like Rob Kearney, Richard Kahui, and Tom Robertson.
  2. Up-and-coming stars such as Jordan Olowofela and Santiago Medrano provide youthful energy to the team.
  3. Notable additions include Samu Kerevi, bringing power and finesse to the midfield, and experienced fly-half Jake McIntyre.
  4. The forward pack is bolstered by the likes of Jeremy Thrush and Tomás Lezana, providing strength in the set-piece and breakdowns.
  5. A blend of international experience and local talent creates an exciting lineup for fans to support.

Notable players and their countries

  • 2024 Western Force Squad boasts a mix of international talent.
  • British winger, Tom Prydie, brings his experience to the team.
  • Argentinian lock, Tomas Lezana, adds strength to the forward pack.
  • Japanese full – back, Kotaro Matsushima, showcases his speed and agility on the field.
  • Fijian fly – half, Ben Volavola, provides flair in the backline.
  • Australian prop, Tom Robertson, anchors the scrum with power and technique.

Achievements and Successes

The Western Force has produced numerous star Wallabies and continues to perform well in both Super Rugby Pacific and Super W competitions, showcasing their dominance in the rugby world.

Read more about their impressive achievements on the field.

Star Wallabies produced by the club

The Western Force has been instrumental in nurturing and producing star Wallabies players. Notable alumni include impactful figures such as Matt Hodgson, Nathan Sharpe, and the talented Matt Giteau.

Their contributions to the club have not only elevated the team’s performance but have also made a significant impact on Australian rugby as a whole.

These exceptional athletes honed their skills at Western Force before contributing significantly to the success of the national team. Their achievements exemplify the caliber of talent that can be nurtured within the club’s structure, solidifying its reputation as a leading force in developing top-tier rugby talent.

Current performance in Super Rugby Pacific and Super W competitions

The Western Force competes in the Super Rugby Pacific competition, showcasing their skill and determination on the field. In addition, the club’s Women’s team participates in the Super W competition, highlighting their commitment to promoting rugby for both male and female athletes.

The 2024 squad roster is set to take on opponents with fervor and tenacity as they strive for success in both competitions.

They are scheduled to play thrilling fixtures that will test their strength and agility while aiming for impressive results throughout the season. Fans can secure tickets to witness these intense matchups firsthand.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

The Western Force has received strong support from Dr. Andrew Forrest AO and has established partnerships with several key sponsors. To learn more about their partners and sponsorships, continue reading the blog.

Support from Dr. Andrew Forrest AO

Dr. Andrew Forrest AO, a passionate advocate for rugby in Western Australia, has been a pivotal figure in supporting the Western Force. His unwavering commitment to the club has been demonstrated through financial backing and strategic initiatives aimed at elevating the team’s performance.

Dr. Forrest’s dedication has contributed significantly to the resurgence of the Western Force, reaffirming its status as a formidable force in rugby union and ensuring its continued impact on the local community.

As an influential figure in both sports and business circles, Dr. Andrew Forrest AO’s support has not only bolstered the club but also solidified its position within Australian and international rugby.

Our Partners

  • Support from Dr. Andrew Forrest AO has been instrumental in fortifying the Western Force’s foundation. His commitment to the team’s success has attracted influential partnerships and sponsorships.
  1. Major support comes from Minderoo Foundation, a key partner dedicated to fostering community growth and sports development.
  2. Land Rover, an esteemed automotive partner of our club, shares our values of resilience, strength, and performance on and off the pitch.
  3. Insurance Commission of Western Australia reinforces our commitment to player safety and wellbeing through its partnership with the Western Force.
  4. Healthway promotes healthy living and sports participation through its partnership with the club, emphasising physical well-being as a core value.
  5. Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading platform Plus500 is recognised globally for supporting top – tier sporting teams like ours, enhancing our reach across international markets.

Ways to Stay Updated on the Western Force

Stay connected with the Western Force by following their social media accounts for the latest news, match updates, and behind-the-scenes content. Read on to discover more about this powerhouse of rugby in Western Australia.

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Witness the power and passion of the Western Force, a key player in rugby union. Stay connected with their journey through social media or by subscribing to their newsletter. Embrace the spirit and excitement of this formidable team as they continue to leave their mark on the rugby world.

With strong foundations and an illustrious history, the Western Force remains a force to be reckoned with in Australian rugby.


1. What is the Western Force?

The Western Force is a professional Rugby Union club team based in Perth, Australia, competing in various rugby competitions.

2. How often does the Western Force play?

The team plays regularly during the rugby season, with matches scheduled against other clubs across different tournaments.

3. Can I go watch a Western Force game?

Yes, fans are welcome to attend and support the Western Force at their home games and when they play away.

4. Does the Western Force have a junior program?

Indeed, the club runs junior programs aimed at nurturing young talent who aspire to play rugby union professionally.

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