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Toulouse Olympique – Rugby League Club Team

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Rugby fans often look for teams with passion and a rich heritage. Toulouse Olympique, fondly known as TO XIII, is one such club with a story that captures the heart of French rugby league history.

Our article dives into their journey from humble beginnings to ambitious future plans, offering insights for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Discover the spirit of Toulouse!

Key Takeaways

  • Toulouse Olympique, also known as TO XIII, formed in 1937 and has since become a prominent figure in French rugby league with a history of success including multiple league titles and cup wins.
  • The club achieved promotion to the Rugby League Super League in 2021, showcasing their competitive spirit and dedication to reaching the pinnacle of the sport.
  • Under new owner Olivier Dubois, Toulouse Olympique is investing in player development and facilities with ambitions for Super League success and fostering local talent within French Rugby League.
  • They play home games at Stade Ernest-Wallon in Toulouse where they receive strong support from passionate fans who contribute to an electrifying match-day atmosphere.
  • Committed to expanding its global presence, Toulouse Olympique actively pursues international partnerships that enhance recruitment opportunities while promoting cross-cultural exchanges within the sport.

History of Toulouse Olympique

Toulouse Olympique was formed in 1937 and has a rich history in both rugby league and rugby union. They joined the Rugby League Championship in 2016, gaining promotion to the Super League in 2021.

Formation and early years

In the heart of South-West France, back in 1937, a new chapter began for rugby league with the birth of Toulouse Olympique. The team quickly found its feet, nurturing talent and passion for the sport within the local community.

By prioritising player development early on, they set up a youth academy in 1987 that would become a key pillar in their strategy to foster homegrown stars.

They steadily built their reputation as fierce competitors on the pitch. Representing not just Toulouse but also French rugby league more broadly, they showed ambition from their formative years by building a squad capable of challenging both nationally and internationally.

As recognition grew, so did aspirations; TO XIII aimed to position themselves as trailblazers in French Rugby League.

Moving forwards into joining the Rugby League Championship was a natural progression – carving out their path towards greater heights and stiffer competition.

Joining the Rugby League Championship

Toulouse Olympique joined the Rugby League Championship as a semiprofessional team, marking a significant milestone for the club. The move allowed Toulouse Olympique to compete at a higher level and gain exposure in the rugby league community.

With focused recruitment efforts and strategic planning, the club aimed to establish itself among established championship clubs while nurturing its talented squad numbers.

The decision was part of Toulouse Olympique’s ambition to elevate its status within the rugby league circuit and attract international players. The move also reflected the club’s determination to expand its fan base and secure more fixtures that showcased their prowess on an elevated platform.

Promotion to the Super League

Toulouse Olympique’s achievement of joining the Super League reflects their dedication and progress. This promotion adds to the club’s history of success, showcasing their competitive edge.

The move also signifies a new era for Toulouse Olympique as they continue to make strides in elevating their status within rugby league. The team’s journey towards this accomplishment has been marked by strategic signings, dedication, and passion from both players and coaching staff.

The Super League promotion brings Toulouse Olympique closer to achieving their long-term goals, emphasising the club’s ambition to compete at the highest level. Additionally, it solidifies their position as a force in modern rugby league and underlines their potential for future success in domestic and international competitions.

The Club’s Structure and Operations

Owned by Bernard Sarrazain, Toulouse Olympique has a strong management and coaching staff in place to ensure the development of players and the success of the team. Player recruitment is also a key focus for the club.


Olivier Dubois, the new owner of Toulouse Olympique, is leading the team into a promising new era. As the driving force behind the club’s future, he plans to construct a new stadium and aims to guide the team towards reaching the renowned Super League.

With his vision and dedication, there are expectations of significant developments in player recruitment and facilities.

The owner’s leadership has already impacted significant signings for the 2024 season, bringing on board a talented forward who has previously played for Manly Sea Eagles and represented Lebanon at the World Cup.

Management and Coaching Staff

The management and coaching staff are crucial to Toulouse Olympique’s success. They guide the team on and off the field, overseeing player recruitment, training sessions, and game strategies.

The club is dedicated to nurturing talent, with a focus on developing both experienced players and promising newcomers. The coaching staff work tirelessly to ensure that the team performs at its best, bringing out the potential in each player as they strive for victory.

Toulouse Olympique’s management keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. From administrative tasks to long-term planning, they play a vital role in shaping the club’s future.

Their commitment ensures that Toulouse Olympique continues to be a force within rugby league. In turn, their efforts contribute significantly to maintaining Toulouse Olympique’s reputation as one of France’s top rugby league teams.

Player Recruitment and Development

Toulouse Olympique focuses on recruiting and nurturing talented players to strengthen the team’s performance. The club is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive squad, evident in their signing of a 24-year-old forward with expertise from the Manly Sea Eagles and international experience representing Lebanon at the World Cup.

Additionally, Toulouse Olympique runs a youth academy for rugby league, emphasising their commitment to developing upcoming talent. This approach ensures that the club has a continuous influx of skilled players ready to contribute to its success.

The management’s focus on recruitment aligns with their ambition for future Super League success, as they aim to invest in and develop a competitive team capable of achieving remarkable milestones.

Home Ground and Fan Support

Toulouse Olympique plays their home games at Stade Ernest-Wallon, a historic stadium in Toulouse, which also hosts the professional rugby union team Stade Toulousain. The club enjoys strong support from fans who are passionate about rugby league and are known for creating an electric atmosphere on match days.

To learn more about the history, achievements and future ambitions of Toulouse Olympique, keep reading!

Stade Ernest-Wallon

Toulouse Olympique plays their home games at Stade Ernest-Wallon, a multi-sport stadium located in Toulouse, France. The venue has a seating capacity of around 19,000 and provides a passionate atmosphere for rugby league matches.

Fans fervently support the team from the stands, creating an electric environment that boosts the players’ morale and performance on the field. Stade Ernest-Wallon not only serves as a fortress for the club but also demonstrates the dedicated fan base that rallies behind Toulouse Olympique in their pursuit of success.

The team benefits from playing at Stade Ernest-Wallon due to its modern facilities and vibrant ambiance. The stadium’s central location allows fans across Toulouse to attend matches and be part of an exhilarating experience within the heart of French Rugby League culture.

Support from fans

TO XIII has a dedicated fan base that provides unwavering support at home and away games. The passionate fans fill Stade Ernest-Wallon, creating an electric atmosphere on match days, boosting the team’s morale.

Their fervent enthusiasm and vocal encouragement echo across the stadium, inspiring the players to perform at their best.

Fans play a crucial role in strengthening Toulouse Olympique’s position in the rugby league community and enhancing its reputation as a formidable club. Not only do they bring energy to the games, but they also engage with the club through various events and initiatives, contributing to its continued success on and off the field.

Achievements and Honours

Toulouse Olympique has a strong history of success, including multiple league titles and cup wins. To find out more about the club’s achievements and future ambitions, keep reading!

League titles

Toulouse Olympique has secured several league titles throughout its history. The club’s success on the field has been marked by their ability to rise to the occasion and clinch victories in competitive matches.

These accomplishments have solidified Toulouse Olympique’s reputation as a powerhouse within the rugby league community, showcasing their determination and skill in securing multiple championship titles.

Having experienced the thrill of winning league titles, Toulouse Olympique continues to strive for excellence on the pitch, embodying their commitment to achieving greatness in every match they play.

Cup wins

Toulouse Olympique has achieved notable success in cup competitions over the years. The team has secured multiple victories, showcasing their strength and determination on the field.

These wins have not only added to the club’s accolades but have also contributed to its rich history and legacy within the rugby league community.

The club’s triumphs in various cup competitions reflect their commitment to excellence and their ability to rise to challenges. With each win, Toulouse Olympique has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with, captivating fans and inspiring future generations of rugby players.

Future Ambitions and Plans

The club aims to invest in player development, pursue success in the Super League, contribute to the growth of French Rugby League, and establish global partnerships. Discover more about Toulouse Olympique’s exciting future plans!

Investment in the club

Olivier Dubois, the new club owner, is injecting funds to propel Toulouse Olympique into a new era. The investment aims at enhancing facilities, boosting player recruitment and development, and potentially building a new stadium.

Additionally, global partnerships are being explored to strengthen the club’s presence in the international rugby league community.

The injection of resources has already seen impactful signings for the 2024 season. Notably, adding a 24-year-old forward who previously played for the Manly Sea Eagles and represented Lebanon at the World Cup signifies their ambitions for success.

Plans for Super League success

The club has demonstrated its intention to take a big step forward by investing in new players and developing their current squad. Toulouse Olympique’s owner, Olivier Dubois, aims to build a team capable of competing at the highest level in the Super League.

The ambitious signing of a 24-year-old forward for the 2024 season reflects the club’s determination to strengthen its roster with talent from around the world, making significant moves toward achieving success in the Super League.

Moreover, Toulouse Olympique is focused on fostering local talent and contributing significantly to French rugby league development while also establishing global partnerships that can open up new opportunities for the team’s future triumphs.

Role in the development of French Rugby League

Toulouse Olympique has played a significant role in the development of French Rugby League. The club’s commitment to nurturing young talent and establishing a robust youth academy has been instrumental in fostering the growth of the sport in France.

Additionally, Toulouse Olympique’s participation in various international competitions has helped raise the profile of rugby league in the country, attracting more fans and inspiring aspiring players.

Through their global partnerships and collaborations, Toulouse Olympique continues to contribute to the expansion and evolution of French Rugby League on both national and international platforms.

Global partnerships and collaborations

Playing a pivotal role in the development of French Rugby League, Toulouse Olympique actively seeks global partnerships and collaborations to bolster its standing in the sport. Leveraging their strong international connections, Toulouse Olympique has formed strategic alliances with various rugby league clubs from different parts of the world.

This approach not only enhances player recruitment but also provides opportunities for cultural exchange and skill development. With an eye on expanding its reach beyond France, these collaborative efforts are instrumental in elevating Toulouse Olympique’s presence on the global stage.

Furthermore, Toulouse Olympique is forging partnerships with diverse organisations to foster cross-cultural understanding and promote rugby league as a unifying force. By engaging in collaborative initiatives, such as youth exchange programmes and community outreach projects, the club aims to contribute positively to local communities while broadening its global footprint.


Toulouse Olympique, a professional rugby league club in Toulouse, France, boasts a rich history and an exciting future. With a new owner at the helm and plans for growth on the horizon, the team is poised for success.

Dedicated to inclusivity and player development, Toulouse Olympique is committed to leaving a lasting impact on French Rugby League.


1. Who are Toulouse Olympique?

Toulouse Olympique is a professional rugby league club team that plays in the French city of Toulouse and competes in various competitions.

2. Where does Toulouse Olympique play their home games?

The team plays their exciting home matches at the Stade Ernest Wallon, an impressive venue known for its great atmosphere during games.

3. How does Toulouse Olympique sign new players?

Toulouse Olympique scouts talent and negotiates contracts to sign players who can strengthen their squad each season, ensuring the team stays competitive.

4. Can fans visit Stade Ernest Wallon on non-match days?

Yes, fans may visit Stade Ernest Wallon on non-match days to enjoy tours and experience where the thrilling matches take place.

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