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Toronto Wolfpack – Rugby League Club Team

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Finding the pulse of top-tier rugby league action in Canada can sometimes feel like a hidden treasure hunt. The Toronto Wolfpack, our nation’s trailblazing professional rugby league team, has had an electrifying yet tumultuous journey.

This post promises insights into their roaring rise, unexpected fall, and stirring resurgence that’s redefining Canadian sports culture. Stay tuned to uncover the Wolfpack world!

Key Takeaways

  • Toronto Wolfpack is Canada’s first professional rugby league team and has undergone a rise to the Super League followed by financial issues that led to their temporary downfall.
  • The Wolfpack are set to compete in the 2023 Canada Cup, facing teams from the USA, Jamaica, and Canada as they work on securing opponents for future seasons and rebuild their legacy.
  • Supporting the team can be done through sponsorship, purchasing tickets for matches held at Lamport Stadium, or by buying official team merchandise.
  • With committed coaching staff like Brian McDermott and key players such as Sonny Bill Williams, the club aims to excel again in Canadian sports.
  • The Toronto Wolfpack promotes diversity and inclusion within its community outreach programs, aiming to inspire youth involvement in sports across Canada.

About Toronto Wolfpack

Canada’s first professional rugby league team, Toronto Wolfpack participated in the Super League before their rise and demise. Despite the legacy of unpaid wages, they are hard at work securing opponents for future seasons.

Canada’s first professional rugby league team

The Toronto Wolfpack blazed a trail as the pioneering professional rugby league club in Canada, setting up their base in Ontario’s bustling city. Their swift climb from League One to the elite Super League was as impressive as it was historic, positioning them firmly on the international rugby map.

However, this rapid rise came with its share of financial woes that eventually led to an abrupt halt and significant setbacks including unresolved issues over unpaid wages.

Building back stronger, the reformed Toronto Wolfpack are charging onto the field once more with games scheduled at Lamport Stadium. Fans can expect thrilling encounters against formidable opponents like DC Cavalry, showcasing a rebirth that hints at redemption and resilience.

This chapter isn’t just about return; it’s a fresh opportunity for players and supporters alike to write a new script for Canadian rugby league history.

Participated in the Super League

The Toronto Wolfpack participated in the Super League, representing Canada as its first professional rugby league team. The club’s journey to the Super League was a rapid rise from League One.

However, their participation was cut short due to financial challenges and unpaid wages that impacted the team’s performance and presence in the league. Despite these setbacks, the return of Toronto Wolfpack has reignited hope for fans and players alike, showcasing resilience and determination to compete at a high level once again.

Following their involvement in the Super League, Toronto Wolfpack faced struggles but has now returned with renewed energy and spirit. This resurgence is anticipated to bring back excitement not only for Canadian rugby fans but also for the North American Rugby League as it expands its reach across international borders.

Rise and demise

The Toronto Wolfpack rose swiftly from League One to the prestigious Super League, marking a significant achievement in Canadian rugby league history. However, financial challenges and the impact of the pandemic led to their demise, with the team facing unpaid wages and ultimately withdrawing from competition.

Despite this setback, the Toronto Wolfpack’s resurgence has brought them back to the field and reignited excitement among fans. As they return to play at Lamport Stadium and engage in North American Rugby League matches, their legacy continues while offering hope for a brighter future.

Drawing attention internationally as Canada’s first professional rugby league team, their journey showcases resilience and determination amid adversity.

Legacy of unpaid wages

The legacy of unpaid wages continues to affect the Toronto Wolfpack, as the team faced financial challenges that led to their demise in the Super League. Despite their return to playing games and efforts to secure opponents for future seasons, the impact of unpaid wages has left a lingering mark on the team’s journey.

The issue has brought attention not only to financial stability but also to the resilience shown by the club in overcoming such adversities.

The impact of unpaid wages remains an important part of the Toronto Wolfpack’s narrative, influencing discussions surrounding team ownership, finance management, and player welfare.

Upcoming Matches

The Toronto Wolfpack are gearing up for the 2023 Canada Cup, where they will compete against teams from the USA, Jamaica, and Canada. Read on to learn more about their upcoming matches and how you can support them.

2023 Canada Cup

Toronto Wolfpack is gearing up for the highly anticipated 2023 Canada Cup, where they will face off against teams from the USA, Jamaica, and Canada. The team has been hard at work securing opponents for future seasons, showcasing their commitment to competing in North American rugby league.

This exciting event promises intense matches and fierce competition as the Toronto-based team takes on rivals from across the region.

As Toronto Wolfpack prepares for the 2023 Canada Cup, anticipation among fans continues to build. With matchups against teams from diverse backgrounds within reach, it’s a testament to the growth of rugby league in North America.

Teams from USA, Jamaica, and Canada

The Toronto Wolfpack is gearing up to face off against teams from the USA, Jamaica, and Canada in the upcoming 2023 Canada Cup. The team is hard at work securing opponents for future seasons, as they look to continue their presence in North American competition.

With a renewed focus on expansion and returning to the field, the Toronto Wolfpack is set to bring high-energy rugby league matches that fans won’t want to miss.

As part of their ongoing efforts to make an impact in Canadian rugby league, the team’s return has sparked excitement among fans and supporters. Their upcoming matches against teams from across North America are poised to showcase their talent and determination on the field.

Hard at work securing opponents for future seasons

Securing opponents for future seasons is a top priority for Toronto Wolfpack. The team is actively seeking competitive matchups to showcase their skills and continue making an impact in the rugby league community.

With plans to participate in the 2023 Canada Cup, the Toronto Wolfpack are focused on expanding their schedule with teams from the USA, Jamaica, and across Canada. By actively engaging potential opponents, the club aims to bring exciting rugby action to fans while solidifying their presence as a prominent force in Canadian sports.

Efforts are underway to secure challenging rivals for upcoming seasons, demonstrating Toronto Wolfpack’s commitment to delivering thrilling matches and showcasing high-level rugby talent.

Meet the Team

Introducing the Wolverines, the coaching staff, and the players who make up the Toronto Wolfpack. Get to know the faces behind Canada’s first professional rugby league team.

The Wolverines

The Wolverines are the backbone of the Toronto Wolfpack, showcasing exceptional skills and athleticism on the rugby league field. With a dedicated coaching staff guiding them, these players embody determination and passion for the game.

Their commitment to excellence has earned them a place in Canadian sports history as members of Canada’s first professional rugby team. As they return to the field at Lamport Stadium, their talent and resilience will continue to inspire fans across Canada and beyond.

Meet the dynamic team behind Toronto Wolfpack’s success – from seasoned veterans to emerging talents – all united under one banner with one goal in mind: victory. The Wolverines are ready to make their mark once again with upcoming matches against top teams from USA, Jamaica, and Canada at the 2023 Canada Cup, solidifying their legacy as key players in redefining Canadian sports.

Coaching staff

The coaching staff of the Toronto Wolfpack is committed to driving the team’s success and developing players to their full potential. They bring extensive experience and expertise to the team. Here’s a closer look at the key members of the coaching staff:

  1. Brian McDermott: The head coach, known for his tactical acumen and ability to inspire players, has been instrumental in guiding the team through challenging times.
  2. Kurt Haggerty: As an assistant coach, he focuses on honing the skills and strategies that contribute to the team’s on-field success.
  3. Paul Rowley: With a keen eye for talent and a wealth of coaching knowledge, he plays a vital role in shaping the team’s playing style and approach.
  4. Simon Finnigan: His role as an assistant coach involves cultivating teamwork and helping players reach their peak performance levels.
  5. Rob Powell: Serving as a strength and conditioning coach, he ensures that players are physically prepared to meet the demands of professional rugby league.
  6. Joe Mbu: As defensive coach, Mbu brings his deep understanding of defensive strategies, fortifying the team’s prowess on this front.


The Toronto Wolfpack’s players are a diverse and talented group. They contribute to the team’s success in various positions on the field. Here are some standout players:

  1. Sonny Bill Williams – Renowned for his physicality and offloading ability, this New Zealand rugby league star joined Toronto Wolfpack in 2020, bringing experience from both rugby league and union.
  2. Jon Wilkin – A seasoned professional with an impressive career, Wilkin provides leadership and consistency as both a player and mentor to younger team members.
  3. Ashton Sims – Hailing from Australia, Sims brings a wealth of experience to the squad with his strong running game and hard-hitting defence.
  4. Gareth O’Brien – An influential figure at fullback, O’Brien showcases exceptional speed and agility, making him a threat in attack while providing solid defensive support.
  5. Andrew Dixon – With strong tackling prowess and versatility in playing at lock or in the second row, Dixon adds depth to the team’s defensive line.
  6. Adam Sidlow – Known for his hard-working attitude on the field, Sidlow’s contributions as a prop forward are vital to maintaining momentum during matches.
  7. Hakim Miloudi – The French-Algerian utility player offers skills in multiple positions, adding creativity and unpredictability to the team’s attacking options.
  8. Gadwin Springer – A powerful French forward known for his physical presence, Springer brings intensity and impact when carrying the ball into contact.

How to Support the Team

You can support the Toronto Wolfpack by becoming a sponsor, purchasing tickets to their matches, and buying team merchandise. Your support helps the team thrive and grow in the rugby league community.

Become a sponsor

Support the Toronto Wolfpack by becoming a sponsor and play a vital role in the team’s success. Your sponsorship can contribute to ensuring the players receive the support they need, boost community involvement, and help promote rugby league across Canada.

By sponsoring the Toronto Wolfpack, you are not only supporting a professional sports team but also becoming an integral part of the Canadian rugby league community.

Get involved in shaping the future of rugby league in Canada and be part of an exciting journey with the Toronto Wolfpack. Whether it’s through financial support, partnership opportunities, or promotional activities, your sponsorship will make a significant impact on the growth and development of this pioneering team.

Purchase tickets

To support the Toronto Wolfpack, rugby fans can purchase tickets for their upcoming matches at Lamport Stadium. The team will be playing in the 2023 Canada Cup against other teams from the USA, Jamaica, and Canada.

By purchasing tickets, fans can experience the excitement of live rugby league and show their support for Canada’s first professional rugby team.

Rugby fans interested in witnessing Canadian sports history unfold on the field can secure their seats by purchasing tickets for Toronto Wolfpack’s matches at Lamport Stadium. With a line-up that includes teams from the USA, Jamaica, and Canada, these matches promise an electrifying display of athleticism and teamwork.


To show your support for the Toronto Wolfpack, you can also get your hands on official team merchandise. From jerseys and caps to scarves and accessories, there’s a range of gear available for fans to represent their favorite rugby league club.

By purchasing Toronto Wolfpack merchandise, you not only show your support but also contribute to the team’s revenue, helping them continue their mission of bringing rugby to Canada and inspiring youth involvement in sports.

Plus, sporting the team’s colors and logo is a great way to promote diversity and inclusion within the Canadian sports community.

The availability of Toronto Wolfpack merchandise allows fans to connect with the team beyond match days. It creates a sense of belonging among supporters while offering an opportunity for individuals to showcase their passion for rugby league.

Impact on the Community

Bringing rugby to Canada, inspiring youth involvement in sports, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Learn more about Toronto Wolfpack’s efforts to make a positive impact on the community.

Bringing rugby to Canada

The Toronto Wolfpack has made significant strides in bringing rugby to Canada by becoming the country’s first professional rugby league team. Their presence has inspired more youth involvement in sports, particularly within the Canadian rugby community.

The team’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion has also played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of rugby across different demographics in Canada.

Expanding access to the sport at both amateur and professional levels, the Toronto Wolfpack’s influence is enhancing awareness of rugby league as a viable sporting option with increasing interest among Canadians.

Inspiring youth involvement in sports

The Toronto Wolfpack has made a significant impact in Canada by inspiring youth involvement in sports. The team’s presence has brought attention to rugby league, opening up new opportunities for young athletes to engage with the sport.

By promoting diversity and inclusion, the Wolfpack have shown aspiring players that there are pathways to pursue their passion for rugby.

Furthermore, the team’s resilience in overcoming financial challenges and returning to play games has demonstrated perseverance and determination, setting an example for young athletes facing obstacles in pursuing their athletic ambitions.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

The Toronto Wolfpack is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the rugby community. The club actively seeks to foster an inclusive environment, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.

By embracing diversity, the team aims to create a space where everyone feels valued and respected, allowing for a richer and more vibrant sporting community.

This commitment extends beyond the field, with initiatives aimed at engaging diverse communities across Canada. Through outreach programs and partnerships, the Toronto Wolfpack strives to inspire a new generation of athletes while celebrating the unique contributions of players from different cultural backgrounds.


In conclusion, the Toronto Wolfpack RLFC is making waves as Canada’s first professional rugby league team. With upcoming matches in the 2023 Canada Cup and a dedicated coaching staff, the team continues to inspire youth involvement in sports and promote diversity and inclusion.

Fans can show their support by becoming sponsors or purchasing tickets and merchandise to help propel the team’s legacy forward.


1. Who are the Toronto Wolfpack?

The Toronto Wolfpack are a professional Canadian sports team that plays in rugby league competitions.

2. When can I see the Toronto Wolfpack play?

You can check out the rugby league schedule to find out when the Toronto Wolfpack’s next game is and plan to watch them in action.

3. Where does the Toronto Wolfpack team play their home games?

The Toronto Wolfpack team hosts their home games in Canada, showcasing thrilling rugby league matches for their fans.

4. Can I support the Toronto Wolfpack even if I’m not from Canada?

Absolutely! The club welcomes supporters from all over, so you can cheer on this Canadian team no matter where you are.

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