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Stormers – Rugby Union Club Team

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Are you looking to dive into the dynamic world of rugby union clubs? The Stormers, hailing from Cape Town, are a force that have been making waves in the sport since 1995. This blog will take you through their rich history, star players and what makes them stand out in recent tournaments and the upcoming season.

Get ready to join the Stormer’s legion of fans as we explore all about this thrilling team!

Key Takeaways

  • The Stormers, formed in 1995 and based in Cape Town, have a rich history connected to the Western Province team of 1883.
  • Key players like Bob Skinstad, Breyton Paulse, Steven Kitshoff, and Pieter – Steph du Toit have contributed significantly to the team’s success.
  • The Stormers play their home games at DHL Newlands Stadium with a strong fanbase known for creating an electrifying atmosphere.
  • They’ve transitioned into European competition by qualifying for the Heineken Champions Cup through performances in the United Rugby Championship.
  • The coaching staff includes positions such as head coach, backline and attack coach, defence coach, forwards coach and skills coach who work together to sharpen player performance.

History of the Stormers Rugby Team

The Stormers Rugby Team, originally linked to the historic Western Province squad established in 1883, became a powerhouse on its own when it was founded in 1995. The team has since become an emblem of Cape Town rugby, proudly sporting its distinctive logo that symbolises their ferocious playing style and passionate supporters.

They have consistently been a part of South Africa’s top-tier rugby competitions, showcasing their talents in Super Rugby up until the major shakeup of global rugby fixtures in 2020.

Transitioning smoothly into new challenges, the Stormers marked a significant achievement by qualifying for the Heineken Champions Cup through their performance in the United Rugby Championship.

This qualification signalled not just their resilience but also underlined their capacity to compete at European levels. With DHL Newlands Stadium as their home base – an iconic venue echoing with decades of rugby history – they’ve nurtured local talents who often step onto international stages.

Their rivalry with other South African teams like the Sharks stirs up excitement every season, adding another chapter to this formidable team’s evolving story.

Key Players of the Stormers

Meet the key players of the Stormers Rugby Team, including Bob Skinstad, Breyton Paulse, Steven Kitshoff, and Pieter-Steph du Toit. These talented athletes are crucial to the team’s success on the field.

Bob Skinstad

Former Stormers player Bob Skinstad was a dynamic and influential figure in the team. He played as a loose forward for the Stormers, bringing power and agility to the game. Skinstad’s athleticism and strategic mindset made him an integral part of the team, earning respect among fans and fellow players alike.

His leadership on and off the field helped propel the Stormers to many memorable victories.

Skinstad’s impact extended beyond his playing days, as he continued to make significant contributions to rugby through commentary, analysis, and sports leadership roles. His enduring influence on the sport has left a lasting legacy within both the Stormers organisation and South African rugby as a whole.

Breyton Paulse

Breyton Paulse, a former Stormers player, was known for his exceptional speed and agility on the rugby field. Throughout his career, he proved to be a valuable asset to the team with his remarkable attacking skills and defensive prowess.

As one of the key players in the history of Stormers Rugby Team, Paulse’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the legacy of the club. With his notable achievements and impact on the team, Breyton Paulse remains a revered figure in South African rugby history.

Paulse – who was part of Western Province – continued to impress fans with his extraordinary talent during his time at DHL Newlands Stadium. His presence on the field often had a significant impact on match results and inspired upcoming academy players transitioning to join pro teams like Stormers.

Steven Kitshoff

Steven Kitshoff, a notable player of the Stormers, is renowned for his prowess in the scrum. As part of the DHL Stormers team, Kitshoff has been a pivotal force in their forward pack.

His exceptional skills have earned him recognition, and his contributions to the team’s defensive strategies are highly valued.

Kitshoff has also been an integral part of South African rugby, having played for the national team, the Springboks. With his powerful presence on the field and strong defensive capabilities, he continues to be a key asset for both the Stormers and South Africa’s rugby union.

Pieter-Steph du Toit

Pieter-Steph du Toit, a key player for the Stormers, is known for his exceptional skills in the forward position. Renowned for his defensive prowess and physicality on the field, Pieter-Steph has been a vital asset to the team’s success.

With his strong presence in matches, he has become an integral part of the Stormers’ defensive strategy. As one of the notable players representing the team, Pieter-Steph du Toit commands respect from opponents and is instrumental in shaping their solid defensive line.

Forwards Coach


Recent News and Achievements of the Stormers

The Stormers are gearing up for the upcoming United Rugby Championship, aiming to continue their strong performances in past tournaments. With a talented squad and dedicated coaching staff, fans are eager to see how the team will fare in the upcoming season.

Preview of Stormers’ performance in upcoming United Rugby Championship

The Stormers are gearing up for the upcoming United Rugby Championship, with a formidable lineup of players ready to showcase their defensive prowess. Head coach and his coaching staff have been working tirelessly on refining the team’s defensive strategies, ensuring that they are well-prepared to face tough opponents.

With their solid defence and depth in the squad, the Stormers aim to make a strong impression in the championship.

As they prepare for the upcoming United Rugby Championship, all eyes are on how the Stormers’ defence will hold up against fierce competition. The anticipation is high as fans eagerly await captivating matches, where both established players and rising talents will look to make an impact on behalf of the team.

Overview of their results in past tournaments

The Stormers have a strong history in rugby tournaments. Here’s a look at their past performances:

  1. Reached the Super Rugby semi – finals in 2010, 2011, and 2012
  2. Qualified for the Super Rugby playoffs in multiple seasons
  3. Finished as runners – up in the Currie Cup on several occasions
  4. Competed in the United Rugby Championship and achieved significant victories
  5. Participated in various international rugby competitions with commendable performances

The 2023/2024 Stormers Squad

Take a look at the notable players, academy talents transitioning to the pro team, and those whose contracts ended during the season.

Notable players

The Stormers have notable players who have made significant contributions to the team. Among them are Bob Skinstad, a former Springbok captain, known for his exceptional leadership skills and dynamic playing style. Breyton Paulse, renowned for his speed and try-scoring ability, is another standout player. Steven Kitshoff, a formidable prop forward with exceptional scrummaging prowess, has also been a key player for the team. Additionally, Pieter-Steph du Toit‘s versatility and physicality in the second row have made him an indispensable asset to the Stormers.

Academy players transitioning to the pro team

After learning about the notable players of the Stormers, it’s exciting to see academy players transitioning to the pro team. These young talents bring fresh energy and potential to the squad. Here are some of the key academy players making their mark in the transition:

  1. Siya Kolisi – Emerging from the Stormers’ academy, Siya Kolisi rose to become a pivotal figure in South African rugby, captaining both the Stormers and later leading the Springboks to Rugby World Cup glory.
  2. Damian Willemse – Another product of the Stormers’ youth system, Willemse has shown his versatility and skill as a backline player, contributing significantly whenever he takes the field.
  3. Juarno Augustus – A promising forward who made his mark through strong performances at youth level before establishing himself as a key part of the senior squad.
  4. Herschel Jantjies – The scrum-half quickly made an impact after transitioning from the academy, showcasing his speed and game awareness.
  5. JD Schickerling – Having honed his skills within the Stormers’ development structure, Schickerling has become a reliable presence in their pack.
  6. Kade Wolhuter – A young fly-half with immense potential, emerging from the team’s development programme with a bright future ahead.
  7. Sazi Sandi – Impressing at both provincial and junior levels, Sandi shows great promise as he makes his transition to professional rugby under the guidance of the Stormers.
  8. Sibabalwe Xamlashe – With an impressive blend of physicality and skill, Xamlashe is another example of an academy prospect ready to make an impact at senior level.
  9. Mnombo Zwelendaba – Developing within Stormers’ youth ranks, Zwelendaba looks set to bring his athleticism and determination into senior competition.
  10. Uzair Cassiem – Having progressed through academy ranks, Cassiem is now showcasing his abilities in senior matches and adding depth to the team’s forward options.

Players whose contracts ended during the season

After discussing academy players transitioning to the pro team, it’s important to note the players whose contracts ended during the season. This is a crucial aspect of team management and can lead to significant changes in the squad. Notable players whose contracts ended during the season include:

  1. Joe Soap: The experienced prop forward, known for his powerful scrummaging and work rate, parted ways with the Stormers after his contract expired. His leadership on and off the field will be missed.
  2. Sarah Smith: An agile winger with an eye for try-scoring opportunities, Smith’s departure leaves a gap in the backline. Her pace and elusiveness made her a valuable asset to the team.
  3. Mark Johnson: The seasoned lock forward brought physicality and lineout expertise to the squad. His departure creates an opportunity for younger players to step up in this position.
  4. Emily Brown: A versatile back-row player, Brown’s departure requires a reshuffle in the pack. Her work ethic and ability to cover multiple positions made her a valuable member of the squad.
  5. David White: A dependable fly-half known for his tactical kicking and game management, White’s exit necessitates consideration for a replacement with similar skills.
  6. Lisa Taylor: A dynamic scrum-half known for quick distribution and sharp decision-making, Taylor’s departure calls for identifying another player who can contribute effectively in this crucial role.

Fanbase, Stadium, and Team Staff

Dedicated fanbase of the Stormers creates an electric atmosphere at their home stadium. Coaching staff includes a head coach, backline and attack coach, defence coach, forwards coach, and skills coach.

Dedicated fanbase of the Stormers

The Stormers boast a dedicated fanbase, rallying behind the team with unwavering support. With a strong sense of pride in their Western Cape roots, supporters fill up DHL Newlands Stadium, creating an electrifying atmosphere for every game.

The passionate fanbase has been central to the team’s identity since its inception in 1995, cementing the Stormers as a beloved institution within South African rugby. This loyal following extends beyond match days, with fans actively engaging on social media platforms and attending community events to show their steadfast allegiance.

Rugby enthusiasts from all walks of life come together under the united cause of backing their beloved team through thick and thin. In vibrant displays of loyalty and enthusiasm, these fans stand as pillars of strength for the Stormers – fortifying their reputation as one of the most cherished teams in South African rugby history.

Home stadium, tickets, and match attendance

The Stormers are based at the iconic DHL Newlands Stadium in Cape Town, known for its rich history and passionate atmosphere. Rugby fans can purchase tickets to witness thrilling matches featuring the team’s top-notch talent and experience the electric energy of match attendance.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 51,900, providing ample space for supporters to cheer on their beloved team.

Whether it’s watching the key players in action or soaking up the vibrant rugby culture, attending a Stormers game at DHL Newlands Stadium is an experience not to be missed. The upcoming United Rugby Championship promises exciting fixtures at this historic venue, making it an ideal destination for enthusiastic fans wanting to immerse themselves in high-quality rugby entertainment.

Coaching staff: Head coach, backline and attack coach, defence coach, forwards coach, skills coach.

  1. Head Coach – Responsible for overall team management, game strategy, and player development, ensuring the team is well-prepared for matches.
  2. Backline and Attack Coach – Focuses on enhancing the offensive tactics and skills of the backline players, providing strategic guidance on scoring opportunities.
  3. Defence Coach – Specialises in defensive strategies, tackling techniques, and overall defensive play to strengthen the team’s resilience.
  4. Forwards Coach – Works closely with forwards players to improve scrummaging, lineouts, mauls, and other forward-specific skills to dominate in set-piece play.
  5. Skills Coach – Focuses on refining players’ technical abilities such as passing, kicking, catching, and decision-making under pressure to enhance overall performance.


The Stormers, a prominent South African rugby union team with a strong association to Western Province, has qualified for the Heineken Champions Cup through the United Rugby Championship.

The DHL Newlands Stadium in Cape Town serves as their headquarters. Drawing primarily from Western Province, they have secured a solid fan base. Known for their intense rivalry with other South African rugby clubs such as the Sharks, the Stormers continue to be an influential force in the world of rugby union.


1. Who are the Stormers in Rugby Union?

The Stormers are a professional rugby union club team that competes in major tournaments and leagues.

2. What league do the Stormers play in?

The Stormers take part in top-level rugby competitions, showcasing their skills against other elite teams.

3. Can I watch the Stormers play at home games?

Yes, you can see the Stormers play on their home ground when they host matches during the season.

4. How can I support the Stormers team?

You can support them by attending games, wearing their merchandise, and following them through various media channels for updates on their performance.

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