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Stade Français – Rugby Union Club Team

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Understanding the rich history and current standings of rugby teams like Stade Français can be a bit of a muddle. This Paris-based club has been at the heart of French rugby since its founding in 1892, showcasing an impressive legacy on the field.

Our blog will unravel this team’s journey, from historic victories to recent squad changes, guiding you through everything you need to know about Stade Français. Dive into a story where tradition meets today’s top-tier rugby action!

Key Takeaways

  • Stade Français Rugby Club, established in 1883, merged with CASG Paris in 1995 to become a stronger team and have since won multiple Top 14 titles and European Challenge Cups.
  • The club has produced many international players who continue to impact the game globally, including past legends such as Dominici and current stars like Jonathan Danty.
  • Intense rivalries with French teams such as Racing 92 and Toulouse contribute to the thrilling atmosphere of their matches, reflecting the deep competitive spirit within French rugby.
  • With a dedicated fan base backing them, Stade Français’ cultural impact is visible through initiatives like Dieux du Stade calendars and DVDs that support charitable causes while celebrating player athleticism.
  • Heading into the 2023/2024 season, Stade Français has a strong squad bolstered by key transfers that promise exciting performances in both domestic leagues and international competitions.

History of Stade Français Rugby Club

Stade Français Rugby Club was founded in 1883 and has a rich history in French rugby, with notable moments including merging with CASG Paris in 1995. This historical background has shaped the club’s identity and contributed to its success on the pitch.

Founding and early years

Back in 1883, long before the reigning days of professional rugby union, a group of eager students at the Lycée Saint-Louis kick-started what we know today as Stade Français. They laid down the foundations for a club that would grow deep roots in France’s rugby culture.

Over time, this early team carved out its place in Paris’ heart, establishing a home ground and attracting players who were passionate about the game.

By 1892, their efforts formally took shape with the official establishment of Stade Français as a dedicated rugby club. This marked the beginning of an epic journey towards becoming one of France’s top teams in professional rugby union.

Their persistence led to an impressive legacy on and off the field – a true embodiment of sportsmanship and dedication amidst Parisian life.

As years rolled into decades, these pioneers saw their creation join forces with CASG Paris — another turning point that added depth to their history and reinforced their presence in competitive rugby.

Merging with CASG Paris in 1995

In 1995, Stade Français merged with CASG Paris. This merger significantly impacted the club’s structure and performance. The union of these two rugby sections brought about a stronger and more competitive team, bolstering their presence in French rugby.

It marked a turning point in the history of the club, leading to an era of success and expansion within the sport.

The merging with CASG Paris laid the foundation for Stade Français to become a formidable force in rugby union. The combined resources, talent pool, and strategic positioning propelled them towards achieving greater heights in domestic leagues and international competitions.

Notable Players of Stade Français

Stade Français has a history of producing top-class players, with current internationals and notable former players making their mark on the club’s legacy. The team boasts a rich pool of talent that has significantly impacted the world of rugby union.

Current internationals

Stade Français Rugby Club boasts a number of players who represent their respective national teams. Notable current internationals include:

  1. Paul Alo-Emile – A talented prop who has represented Australia in international matches.
  2. Jonathan Danty – A powerful centre who has earned caps for the French national team.
  3. Julien Delbouis – An agile scrum-half who has played for the French national team.
  4. Sekou Macalou – A versatile back-row forward who has featured for the French national team.
  5. Kylan Hamdaoui – A speedy fullback who has been capped by the French national team.

Notable former players

Transitioning from current internationals to the notable former players, here are some legendary rugby players who have left their mark on Stade Français:

  1. Dominici, a key player known for his remarkable speed and agility on the field, contributed significantly to the team’s success.
  2. Mérignac, revered as one of the most talented fly-halves of his time, played an instrumental role in leading Stade Français to victory.
  3. Juillet, as a powerful prop forward, brought unmatched strength and determination to the team during his tenure.
  4. Deylaud, a skillful lock known for his impeccable timing and strategic play, was a formidable force within the club.
  5. Carré, distinguished for his exceptional ball-handling skills and precision on the pitch, exemplified true sportsmanship as part of Stade Français.
  6. Gaillard, renowned for his dynamic playmaking abilities and unwavering dedication to the team’s success throughout his career with Stade Français.
  7. Dimicelli, a versatile flanker whose tenacity and resilience made him an invaluable asset to Stade Français during his time with the club.
  8. Rodrigues, a revered hooker celebrated for consistently delivering outstanding performances and unwavering commitment to the team’s triumphs.
  9. Sauguet, esteemed for his exceptional kicking prowess and influential leadership both on and off the field during his tenure at Stade Français.
  10. Alésinaire: A legendary scrum-half who demonstrated unparalleled vision and strategic acumen while representing Stade Français in numerous matches.

Achievements and Rivalries

Stade Français has a long history of success, with multiple domestic and European honours to their name. The club also has fierce rivalries with other top French teams, making for intense and exciting matches.

Honours won by the team

Stade Français boasts an impressive list of honours, reflecting the club’s historical success and competitive edge in rugby union.

  1. Top 14 titles: The team has clinched the prestigious Top 14 championship multiple times, showcasing their dominance in domestic competition.
  2. European Challenge Cup victories: Stade Français has also triumphed in the European Challenge Cup, demonstrating their prowess on the international stage.
  3. French Championship wins: The club has a rich history of securing victories in the French Championship, establishing themselves as a formidable force in French rugby.
  4. Domestic cup triumphs: Stade Français has celebrated numerous successes in domestic cup competitions, underlining their consistency and skill in knockout tournaments.
  5. Other notable achievements: The team has secured several other accolades and awards, solidifying their position as one of France’s most decorated rugby clubs.

Rivalries with other clubs

Stade Français has intense rivalries with other top French rugby clubs such as Racing 92 and Toulouse. These rivalries stem from the long-standing competition for dominance in French rugby.

Matches between Stade Français and these rivals are electric, drawing large crowds of passionate fans supporting both sides. The intense nature of these encounters adds to the thrill of watching Stade Français play against their local competitors.

These rivalries fuel a deep sense of pride and determination within the team, driving them to perform at their best in every match against these formidable opponents. The history and intensity of these matchups make them some of the most anticipated fixtures in French rugby, captivating fans with high-stakes drama on the field.

Squad and Transfers

The current squad for the 2023/2024 season is packed with talent and experience, with notable transfers in and out of the team shaping up the roster for an exciting season ahead. Keep reading to learn more about the players who will be representing Stade Français on the field.

Current squad for 2023/2024 season

Stade Français boasts a dynamic roster for the 2023/2024 season, featuring an array of talent that promises to keep the club a formidable competitor in the Top 14. Here’s a glimpse at the current squad:

PlayerPositionNationalityPrevious Club
Nicolas SanchezFly-halfArgentinaJaguares
Gael FickouCentreFranceRacing 92
Sekou MacalouFlankerFrance
Paul GabrillaguesLockFrance
Tala GrayNumber 8AustraliaBiarrtiz Olympique
Kylan HamdaouiFullbackFrance
Laurent SempéréHookerFrance
Giorgi MelikidzePropGeorgia

This collection of players embodies the club’s rich tradition and Parisian spirit, as they gear up to leave an indelible mark on the sport of rugby in France.

Notable transfers in and out of the team

Stade Français has seen noteworthy transfers in and out of the team, shaping its roster and performance. The following are some key transfers that have made an impact on the club:

  1. In 2023, the acquisition of a proven international player bolstered the team’s backline, bringing experience and leadership to the squad.
  2. The departure of a promising young talent sparked discussion among fans, with many expressing their hopes for his bright future in another club.
  3. During the off – season, Stade Français secured a seasoned prop known for his physicality and scrummaging prowess, enhancing their front row depth.
  4. A high – profile exit saw an established forward moving to a rival club, leaving a gap to be filled in Stade Français’ pack for the upcoming season.
  5. The addition of an up-and-coming fly-half created excitement among supporters as they anticipated his contribution to the team’s tactical play and kicking game.
  6. An unexpected transfer out of the club raised eyebrows, signaling a shift in strategy or personnel dynamics within Stade Français’ ranks.
  7. Securing the services of an experienced lock brought stability to the team’s set – piece and lineout capabilities ahead of crucial league fixtures.
  8. Notable discussions surrounding potential transfers have kept fans eagerly anticipating new signings that could further elevate Stade Français’ competitive edge.

Fan Base and Impact

The Stade Français Rugby Club has a dedicated fan base, known for their support and enthusiasm for the team. The club’s influence on French rugby culture is evident through the popularity of Dieux du Stade calendars and DVDs, as well as the strong community backing they receive.

Dieux du Stade calendars and DVDs

Dieux du Stade calendars and DVDs feature artistic nude photography of Stade Français players, with the proceeds contributing to charity. The annual calendar showcases the team’s athletes in striking black-and-white images, highlighting their physiques and athleticism.

Similarly, the DVDs offer a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the calendar along with exclusive interviews, providing fans with an intimate glimpse into their favorite players’ lives off-field.

These unique products not only celebrate the team’s physical prowess but also demonstrate their commitment to social causes through art.

Support from the community

With the release of Dieux du Stade calendars and DVDs, the community’s support for Stade Français Rugby Club has been palpable. The club’s fan base in Paris is known for its passionate support during matches, creating an electric atmosphere at home games.

Additionally, various community initiatives and events organised by the club have further strengthened the bond between Stade Français and its supporters. Through engagement with local schools and grassroots rugby programmes, the club continues to enhance its connection with the community, inspiring future generations of rugby players.

Furthermore, Stade Français’ impact on French rugby culture cannot be overstated. The club serves as a beacon for aspiring young athletes in France, providing role models through their committed involvement within communities across Paris.

Influence on French rugby culture

Stade Français has had a significant influence on French rugby culture. The club’s long-standing history, successful rugby union section, and strong presence in the sport have contributed to shaping the broader landscape of rugby in France.

With a rich tradition and a prominent position within the Top 14 domestic league, Stade Français continues to inspire and impact the development of rugby across the country.

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In conclusion, Stade Français Rugby Club has a rich history and a successful presence in French rugby. The team’s merging in 1995 was a turning point, leading to significant achievements and notable players.

With strong community support and cultural influence, the club continues to play an essential role in the sport. The current squad for the 2023/2024 season shows promise for continued success, making Stade Français a force to be reckoned with in the Top 14 league.


1. Who is Stade Français in rugby union?

Stade Français is a professional rugby union club team based in Paris, France, known for their strong roster and competitive match results.

2. How can I find out how well Stade Français has played recently?

Check the latest match reports which detail the team’s performance, scores, and outcomes of recent games to see how well Stade Français has done.

3. What does the coaching staff at Stade Français do?

The coaching staff at Stade Français works together to train the players, plan strategies for games and help improve the overall success of the club.

4. Where can I see who is on Stade Français’ current team roster?

Take a look at the official team roster which lists all of the players currently playing for Stade Français along with details about their positions and background.

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