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Sharks – Rugby Union Club Team

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Ever wondered why the Sharks rugby union club team captures the hearts of many? This South African powerhouse not only thrives in the Currie Cup but also battles fiercely in the international United Rugby Championship.

Dive into our blog and discover the Sharks’ illustrious history, iconic players, and how they’re shaping rugby’s future. Get ready to be part of the Shark Tank excitement!

Key Takeaways

  • The Sharks Rugby Team is a professional club based in Durban, South Africa, known for their participation in the Currie Cup and the United Rugby Championship.
  • With a history dating back to its establishment in 1861, the team has evolved to become one of the most racially diverse teams in South Africa.
  • Iconic players like Beast Mtawarira, Patrick Lambie, and Siya Kolisi have contributed significantly to both the team’s success and South African rugby.
  • Their home ground is Kings Park Stadium which offers an electric atmosphere during matches and serves as a community hub with economic benefits for Durban.
  • The Sharks focus on nurturing young talent and maintaining strong community ties while expanding their reach through exploring opportunities such as Major League Rugby (MLR).

History of the Sharks Rugby Team

The Sharks Rugby Team, based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, has a rich history dating back to its founding. The team has evolved over the years and produced notable players and achievements in the rugby world.


Back in 1861, Sale Sharks set the foundation for a legacy in rugby union, becoming the oldest club to grace the Premiership. With roots deeply planted in Manchester, England, this team started building a tradition that has lasted well over a century.

Down south, another milestone emerged as Durban became home to the South African Sharks. Established to compete fiercely on the field of play, they brought professional rugby’s thrill to KwaZulu-Natal’s doorstep.

Sale Sharks entered the Premiership arena in 1994 and swiftly came to be recognised among England’s premier Rugby Union clubs. The twin tales of these teams not only underscore their enduring presence but also spotlight their rise from humble beginnings to emblematic status within their regions.

As we delve into how each of these teams developed through time, we uncover stories of adaptation and growth that have shaped them into icons of sport today.

Evolution of the team

After its founding, the Sharks rugby team has evolved dynamically over the years. The team’s journey has seen significant transformation, embracing diversity and progress in South African rugby.

With a rich history spanning over a century, the Sharks have become one of the most racially transformed rugby teams in South Africa, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and development within the sport.

As part of their evolution, Sale Sharks have made an indelible mark in professional rugby union since 1994. Their presence internationally through competing in the United Rugby Championship resonates with their strong and proud history—fostering a dedicated fanbase and establishing themselves as a powerhouse representative team of South African rugby.

Notable players and achievements

The Sharks rugby team has produced several notable players who have left a lasting impact on the sport.

  1. Beast Mtawarira, known for his powerful scrummaging and dynamic ball-carrying, earned over 100 caps for the Springboks.
  2. Patrick Lambie, a versatile backline player, contributed to the Sharks’ success before becoming an influential figure in South African rugby.
  3. Jean Deysel, a robust and combative back row forward, showcased his skill and leadership during his time with the Sharks.
  4. John Smit, one of the most respected figures in rugby, captained both the Sharks and the Springboks to significant achievements.
  5. The team’s accomplishments include winning the Currie Cup multiple times and consistently competing at a high level in international tournaments.

The Sharks Brand

The Sharks Rugby Team prides itself on its strong team identity and values, with a dedicated fanbase and active involvement in the community. From their iconic jersey to their commitment to excellence on and off the field, The Sharks are a force to be reckoned with in the rugby world.

Team identity and values

The Sharks rugby team, based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, upholds strong values of inclusivity and diversity. Embracing transformation, the team exemplifies racial integration within South African rugby, reflecting the nation’s progress.

With a rich history spanning over a century, the Sharks have consistently showcased resilience and commitment to excellence both on and off the field. The team’s identity is deeply rooted in their unwavering dedication to represent South African rugby at a professional level while fostering an inclusive environment for players and fans alike.

Adhering to core values of teamwork, determination, and sportsmanship has enabled the Sharks to build an enduring legacy within South African rugby. The team prioritises community engagement by actively involving fans in various initiatives and events.

Fanbase and community involvement

The Sharks have cultivated a dedicated fanbase, drawing support from all corners of South Africa and beyond. Their passionate followers contribute to the electric atmosphere at their matches, creating an unwavering sense of community and belonging.

The team actively engages with fans through various initiatives, fostering a strong connection that goes beyond the rugby field. From meet-and-greet events to charity drives, The Sharks prioritise giving back to the community and involving their supporters in meaningful ways.

Enthusiastic about making a positive impact, The Sharks take pride in their community involvement efforts. By collaborating with local schools and organisations, they aim to inspire young talents while also uplifting the surrounding areas.

Stadium and Region

The Sharks Rugby Team is based in KwaZuluNatal, with their home ground being the iconic stadium in Miami. The team has a significant impact on the local community and plays an essential role in the region’s sporting culture.

Home ground

The Sharks play their home matches at Kings Park Stadium in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The stadium has a seating capacity of over 52,000 and provides an electric atmosphere for fans to support the team.

Kings Park is not only a formidable fortress for the Sharks but also serves as a symbol of pride within the local community.

Located in one of South Africa’s most scenic coastal cities, Kings Park Stadium offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The dynamic setting enhances every matchday experience for both players and supporters alike.

Impact on the local community

Playing in a vibrant and diverse community hub, the Sharks rugby team has a significant impact on the local community. As one of the most racially transformed rugby teams in South Africa, they create opportunities for young talent from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and showcase their skills.

The team’s commitment to diversity not only fosters an inclusive environment but also serves as an inspiring example for aspiring athletes across the region.

Hosting matches at their home ground, Kings Park Stadium, contributes to the economic growth of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal. The local businesses thrive on game days, thanks to the influx of supporters from around the region who come together to cheer for the Sharks.

Current Squad and Coaches

The Sharks Rugby Team has a strong squad, with key players leading the way on the field. Their coaching staff is dedicated to developing and honing the team’s skills for success in the upcoming matches.

Key players

The Sharks rugby team boasts a roster of skilful and influential athletes who are vital to the team’s success. These players include:

  1. Siya Kolisi: Known for his exceptional leadership skills, Kolisi is a dynamic flanker and an inspirational figure within the squad. He brings experience and composure to the team, making him a key asset on the field.
  2. Makazole Mapimpi: As an electrifying winger, Mapimpi’s speed and agility make him a potent attacking threat. His ability to create scoring opportunities adds significant firepower to the Sharks’ offensive play.
  3. Curwin Bosch: With precision in kicking and strategic decision-making, Bosch is a reliable fly-half who controls the tempo of the game. His playmaking abilities and accurate boot make him an indispensable player for the Sharks.
  4. Lukhanyo Am: Renowned for his solid defensive skills and astute game intelligence, Am leads by example as an influential centre. His on-field presence and strategic contributions significantly impact the team’s performance.
  5. Aphelele Fassi: A versatile fullback with exceptional running lines and evasive skills, Fassi’s attacking prowess provides a dynamic dimension to the Sharks’ backline. His ability to break through defensive lines makes him an invaluable asset during matches.
  6. Sikhumbuzo Notshe: A robust number eight with strong ball-carrying capabilities, Notshe’s physical presence and work rate in both attack and defence contribute significantly to the Sharks’ overall performance.
  7. Thomas du Toit: Known for his scrummaging prowess and athleticism as a prop forward, du Toit anchors the Sharks’ formidable forward pack with his technical proficiency and physical dominance in set-piece plays.
  8. Aphelele Mkhize: A rising talent within the squad, Mkhize’s speed as a scrumhalf complements his sharp passing accuracy and strategic decision-making on the field, offering crucial support in orchestrating fluid gameplay for the Sharks.

Coaching staff

  1. The head coach, Sean Everitt, brings a wealth of experience to the team, having previously coached at various levels within South African rugby. He is known for his strategic approach and ability to motivate players.
  2. Assistant coach – Ricardo Loubscher, who has also represented South Africa as a player, provides valuable insights and expertise in skill development and game strategy.
  3. Skills coach – Phiwe Nomlomo, focuses on enhancing individual player skills, ensuring a strong foundation for the team’s overall performance.
  4. Forwards coach – M.J. Mentz, brings a wealth of knowledge in forward play and technique, nurturing the strength and resilience of the pack.
  5. Defence coach – Dave Williams, instils defensive strategies that contribute to the team’s resilience on the field.
  6. Conditioning coach – Mark Steele, oversees the physical preparedness of the players, ensuring they are at optimal fitness levels for competitive matches.
  7. Tactical kicking coach – Braam van Straaten, imparts tactical kicking skills crucial for gaining territory on the field during matches.
  8. Mental skills coach – Henning Gericke focuses on mental toughness and psychological preparation for high-pressure situations during games.

Leadership within the team

The coaching staff’s leadership is reflected in the team’s performance and dynamics. Key players, such as Lukhanyo Am and Siya Kolisi, showcase exceptional leadership on and off the field, inspiring their teammates with their dedication and determination.

The coaching staff empowers these leaders to motivate and guide the squad to success, fostering a culture of teamwork and accountability.

Players like Am and Kolisi lead by example, demonstrating resilience in challenging situations while inspiring their teammates to push themselves further. Their influence extends beyond match days as they embody the Sharks’ values both on and off the pitch.

Upcoming Matches and Future Plans

The Sharks are gearing up for an exciting season in the United Rugby Championship with a focus on expanding their reach and achieving new goals. For more details on their upcoming matches and future plans, keep reading!

United Rugby Championship

The Sharks team competes internationally in the United Rugby Championship. This tournament features top teams from South Africa, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. The Sharks’ participation in this championship provides an opportunity for players to test their skills against some of the best rugby talent globally.

The United Rugby Championship also offers fans a chance to see exciting matches between cross-country rivals. With fixtures taking place across different countries, it fosters a sense of collaboration and competition among diverse rugby cultures.

Expansion opportunities

The Sharks have been exploring expansion opportunities, aiming to grow their presence and impact in the rugby world. With a strong foundation and dedicated fanbase, the team is looking into potential avenues for extending their reach beyond their current competitions.

The Sharks are keeping a close eye on opportunities within major league rugby (MLR) while also considering strategic partnerships to further establish themselves as a prominent force in professional rugby.

Looking ahead, the Sharks are poised to leverage their rich history and diverse player base to propel them towards new heights in the global rugby arena. Exciting developments lie on the horizon for this powerhouse team as they continue to seek out new pathways for growth and success.

Goals for the future

The Sharks are focused on competing at the highest level in the United Rugby Championship and aim to secure more international titles, further solidifying their position as a dominant force in South African rugby.

The team is committed to nurturing young talent and ensuring diversity within its ranks, with an ongoing goal of promoting inclusivity and representation both on and off the field.

The Sharks also aspire to continue making a positive impact in their local community, using their influence to inspire future generations of rugby players.

As the Sharks look ahead, they aim to bring fresh energy and innovative strategies into every aspect of their operations while maintaining their proud heritage and strong reputation.

By staying true to these principles, they will continue striving for excellence on all fronts – from player development through to community engagement.


In conclusion, the Sharks Rugby Union Club Team continues to make its mark in South African and international rugby. The team’s rich history, diversity of players, and strong fanbase are testaments to their enduring legacy.

With a commitment to progress and community engagement, the Sharks are poised for an exciting future in the world of professional rugby.


1. What is the Sharks Rugby Union Club Team?

The Sharks Rugby Union Club Team is a professional rugby team that competes in Major League Rugby (MLR).

2. Where does the Sharks team play their home games?

The Sharks play their home games at stadiums designated for MLR matches, showcasing their talent in front of home crowds.

3. Can I watch the Sharks play in Major League Rugby?

Yes, you can watch the Sharks compete in MLR games by attending matches or tuning into broadcasts that feature their exciting rugby action.

4. How often do the Sharks participate in MLR tournaments?

The Sharks take part in regular season MLR fixtures and aim to qualify for playoff spots each season they compete.

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