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Scarlets – Rugby Union Club Team

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Finding a rugby team to throw your support behind can feel overwhelming, with so many options out there. The Scarlets, hailing from Llanelli in Wales, make the choice easy for fans seeking tradition and passion in their rugby.

Our guide will dive into their rich history, current squad brilliance, and what makes them stand out in Welsh rugby. Keep reading – excitement awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • The Scarlets are a prestigious rugby union team from Llanelli, Wales, with significant achievements including three league titles in the Celtic League/Pro12/Pro14.
  • They showcase their rugby prowess on an international level by competing in European competitions like the Heineken Champions Cup and Challenge Cup.
  • Notable players such as Jonathan Davies, Ken Owens, Scott Williams, Leigh Halfpenny, and former scrum-half Dwayne Peel have contributed to the club’s legacy.
  • The Parc y Scarlets stadium is their iconic home ground where fans experience thrilling matches in a passionate atmosphere.
  • The club has gone through several coaching changes leading up to the current era under Dwayne Peel, focusing on dynamic play and nurturing emerging talent.

History of the Scarlets

Formed in 2003, the Scarlets have a rich history in Welsh rugby. Under the Wayne Pivac era from 2014 to 2019, they enjoyed success before undergoing coaching changes and entering the Dwayne Peel era.

Formation in 2003

In 2003, the Scarlets emerged as a beacon of professional Welsh rugby union. They consolidated teams from Llanelli RFC and the wider west Wales region to step onto the global stage.

Based in Llanelli, this new force carried the passion of its predecessors into a fresh era for fans and players alike.

The wave of change brought more than just a name; it meant commitment to excellence in competitions like PRO14 and Heineken Champions Cup. Notably, their home ground Parc y Scarlets became synonymous with thrilling matches and unforgettable moments shared by supporters who witnessed their team’s impressive displays on Welsh soil and beyond.

Wayne Pivac era (2014-2019)

Following the formation of the Scarlets in 2003, the Wayne Pivac era (2014-2019) brought significant success to the club. Under his leadership, the team clinched a remarkable Pro12 title in the 2016-17 season, showcasing an outstanding blend of skill and determination.

Pivac’s tenure saw a strong focus on developing homegrown talent while also strategically recruiting players who embodied both skill and commitment. His tactical prowess and emphasis on teamwork elevated the team’s competitive edge, earning them commendable victories and consolidating their status as a force to be reckoned with in Welsh rugby.

Throughout this period, notable milestones included reaching the semi-finals of both European competitions – demonstrating an unwavering spirit that captivated fans across Wales. The Wayne Pivac era not only propelled the Scarlets to attain remarkable domestic achievements but also solidified their standing as key contenders on an international stage.

Coaching changes in 2019-2021

Following the Wayne Pivac era, the Scarlets experienced significant coaching changes between 2019 and 2021. The period saw a shift in leadership and strategy as Brad Mooar departed to join the All Blacks staff, leading to Glenn Delaney taking over head coach duties.

This change brought a fresh perspective and approach to the team’s training and game tactics. Additionally, along with Delaney’s appointment, Richard Whiffin joined as attack coach, enhancing Scarlets’ offensive strategies.

These coaching adjustments aimed at leveraging the team’s strengths while adopting new methodologies to further elevate their performance in domestic and international competitions.

The coaching reorganisation during this period also signalled a strong commitment from the club management towards continuous improvement and adapting to new challenges within professional rugby.

Current Dwayne Peel era

The current Dwayne Peel era brings a fresh coaching approach to the Scarlets. Known for his successful playing career, Peel aims to instill a winning mentality in the team. With an emphasis on dynamic and fast-paced gameplay, there is a focus on developing emerging talent within the squad, ensuring continuity with the club’s strong rugby traditions while looking towards future success.

The fan base eagerly anticipates new strategies and player development under Peel’s leadership.

Moving forward to “Name and Colours of The Club”, let’s explore how the Scarlets represent themselves both on and off the pitch.

Name and Colours of The Club

The Scarlets, one of the professional rugby union teams in Wales, derive their name from the colour of their emblematic jersey – a vibrant red. The team’s traditional kit includes a striking combination of red shirts and green shorts, reflecting the heritage and identity of the club.

These bold colours symbolise pride and strength as the Scarlets represent West and North Wales in various prestigious competitions.

Their distinct crimson hue has become synonymous with excellence on the rugby field, capturing the attention of fans across Wales. With its visually impactful colours, the Scarlets’ iconic kit is not only instantly recognisable but also serves as a powerful representation of their rich legacy and unwavering spirit on the pitch.

Stadium and Home Ground

The Scarlets excitingly play their home matches at the Parc y Scarlets stadium, based in Llanelli, Wales. This modern and iconic venue opened its doors in November 2008 and has become synonymous with the club’s history and success.

The stadium boasts a passionate atmosphere that always energises both players and fans, making it a formidable fortress for the team.

Located in the heart of West Wales, this state-of-the-art facility is not only significant to the Scarlets but also serves as a symbol of pride for rugby in the region. With its capacity to hold thousands of dedicated supporters, Parc y Scarlets has witnessed numerous memorable moments and victories throughout its existence.

As such, it remains an integral part of the club’s identity and an essential element in creating an exhilarating matchday experience for all involved.

Team and Players

The Scarlets have a mix of experienced and young players in their current squad, including internationals and talented newcomers. Their senior academy squad also provides a pool of promising talent for the future.

Notable Players

The Scarlets have seen a number of notable players over the years.

  1. Jonathan Davies – A Welsh centre known for his attacking prowess and defensive abilities. Davies has made a significant impact in both domestic and international rugby.
  2. Ken Owens – A prominent hooker who has been an integral part of the Scarlets and the Welsh national team. Owens is renowned for his leadership on and off the field.
  3. Scott Williams – A skilled centre with an eye for creating scoring opportunities. Williams has been instrumental in the Scarlets’ success in various competitions.
  4. Leigh Halfpenny – A highly respected full-back with exceptional kicking abilities, Halfpenny has made substantial contributions to the Scarlets and Welsh rugby.
  5. Dwayne Peel – Former scrum-half known for his quick passing and strategic playmaking, Peel had a significant impact during his time with the Scarlets.

Current Squad

Diving into the heart of Scarlets rugby, we spotlight the current squad who carry the mantle of this prestigious club. These players are the modern-day warriors, ready to defend their colours in the fierce battleground of professional rugby. Here’s a look at those who don the iconic Scarlet jersey, each bringing their unique skills and passion to the pitch:

PropWyn JonesWelsh
HookerKen OwensWelsh
LockJake BallWelsh
Back-rowJosh MacleodWelsh
Scrum-halfGareth DaviesWelsh
Fly-halfDan JonesWelsh
CentreJonathan DaviesWelsh
WingJohnny McNichollNew Zealander
Full-backLeigh HalfpennyWelsh

Players proudly take the field, each match a testament to their dedication. Their skill sets mesh to form a squad that’s known for its dynamic play and commitment to the game. Fans can rest assured: these players represent the Scarlets spirit with every tackle, every try, and every victory.

Senior Academy Squad

The Senior Academy Squad of the Scarlets is a crucial part of the team’s development pathway, nurturing young talent and preparing players for professional rugby. The squad consists of promising players who are honing their skills and gaining valuable experience under the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors. With a focus on skill development, physical conditioning, and game strategy, the Senior Academy Squad plays an integral role in building a strong foundation for the future success of the Scarlets. Supported by top-notch facilities and training programs, these young athletes have the opportunity to progress through the ranks and make significant contributions to both club rugby and national teams.

Furthermore, being part of the Senior Academy Squad provides these talented individuals with exposure to high-level competition in domestic leagues as well as European competitions like PRO14 or Heineken Champions Cup. This exposure not only hones their technical abilities but also instills in them a deep understanding of teamwork, discipline, and resilience required to excel at elite levels in professional rugby. As they continue to grow within this system, they carry with them the legacy of excellence that defines the Scarlets rugby union club while contributing towards sustaining its reputation as one of Wales’ premier teams.

Achievements and Honours

The Scarlets have a rich history of success, including winning the Celtic League/Pro12/Pro14 and performing well in European competitions – find out more about their impressive achievements by reading on.

Celtic League/Pro12/Pro14/United Rugby Championship

The Scarlets have a strong history of success in the Celtic League/Pro12/Pro14/United Rugby Championship:

  1. They have won the league title three times, in 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2016-17.
  2. The team’s impressive performance has seen them reach the playoff stages several times.
  3. They consistently compete at a high level and are a force to be reckoned with in this elite competition.
  4. The Scarlets have showcased their skill and talent by achieving top – four finishes multiple times.
  5. The team’s commitment to excellence has led them to be recognised as one of the leading contenders in this prestigious tournament.

European Competitions

The Scarlets participate in various European Competitions, demonstrating their prowess on an international level. In these competitions, they showcase their skills and determination to achieve success:

  1. Heineken Champions Cup: The Scarlets compete in this prestigious tournament against the elite rugby union clubs from across Europe. They aim to demonstrate their prowess and secure victory.
  2. European Rugby Challenge Cup: The team also participates in this competition, facing off against other top-tier clubs. They strive to make a mark and elevate their standing in European rugby.
  3. Previous Performances: Over the years, the Scarlets have displayed commendable performances in European competitions, garnering recognition for their tenacity and skill on the international stage.
  4. Strategic Approach: The team takes a calculated approach when competing in European tournaments, leveraging their strengths and honing their tactics to tackle formidable opponents.
  5. Fan Engagement: The Scarlets’ participation in European competitions garners enthusiasm among fans, who support the team fervently as they represent Wales on the continental rugby stage.
  6. Continued Ambition: As they continue to compete in European competitions, the Scarlets remain resolute in their pursuit of excellence, aiming to leave an indelible mark on the international rugby scene.

Individual Honours and Records

Continuing the tradition of excellence, Scarlets players have earned numerous individual honours and set impressive records. Several players have been recognised as part of the Pro14 Dream Team and have won Player of the Season awards. Notably, Leigh Halfpenny received recognition for his outstanding performances by being named European Player of the Year in 2013 while playing for Toulon.

Furthermore, several Scarlets players hold various team records. For instance, Stephen Jones is the all-time leading points scorer for Scarlets with an impressive tally during his time with the club. Additionally, Ken Owens holds the record for most appearances as captain of Scarlets, displaying his leadership and dedication to the team over many years. These individual achievements contribute to building a rich history and legacy within the Scarlets organisation.

Coaching Staff and Management

The coaching staff and management of the Scarlets have played a crucial role in the team’s success over the years. With experienced head coaches, first-team and academy management, they continue to lead the team with expertise and precision.

Head Coaches

The Scarlets have had a number of influential head coaches who have made significant contributions to the team’s success and development. The coaching staff has played a critical role in shaping the team’s strategies and performance.

  1. Gareth Jenkins – Led the Scarlets during a successful period, guiding the team to various domestic and European tournaments.
  2. Nigel Davies – Brought a wealth of experience to the coaching role, instilling a competitive edge within the squad while nurturing young talent.
  3. Simon Easterby – Known for his strong leadership skills, Easterby implemented a robust defensive strategy and fostered a cohesive team culture.
  4. Wayne Pivac – Oversaw an impressive era of growth for the Scarlets, achieving notable successes in domestic and European competitions.
  5. Brad Mooar – Introduced innovative tactics and brought fresh perspectives to the coaching setup, contributing to the team’s evolution on the field.
  6. Dwayne Peel – Building on his playing legacy with the Scarlets, Peel has transitioned into a coaching role, injecting new energy and strategies into the team’s approach.
  7. Ioan Cunningham – As an integral part of the coaching staff, Cunningham has offered tactical insights and technical expertise to support player development.

First-team and Academy Management

Transitioning from the coaching staff, the first-team and academy management at Scarlets are vital to sustaining the team’s success. The structure is built to nurture talent and manage the senior and academy squads effectively.

  1. Led by General Manager of Rugby, Jon Daniels, the first-team management focuses on strategic planning, player contracts, and team logistics while ensuring a cohesive squad dynamic.
  2. The Academy Management prioritises identifying and developing young talent with a focus on skill development, physical conditioning, and mental resilience under Academy Manager Kevin George.
  3. The coaching staff includes specialists in areas such as defence, attack, scrum, and lineout to optimise player performance.
  4. Strength and conditioning coaches work meticulously to improve the physical capabilities of players through personalised training programmes tailored to individual needs.
  5. A medical team led by Head Physiotherapist ensures that players receive top-notch care and rehabilitation for injuries sustained on-field or during training sessions.
  6. Performance analysts utilise advanced technology to provide comprehensive data – driven insights into players’ performance for continuous improvement.
  7. The recruitment team works tirelessly to identify potential new talents within Wales while also scouting international prospects to strengthen the overall squad depth.

Results and Statistics

Transitioning from the coaching staff and management, let’s take a look at the results and statistics of the Scarlets. Over the years, the team has achieved significant success in various competitions. In particular, they have secured multiple victories in the Celtic League/Pro12/Pro14/United Rugby Championship and have also made notable performances in European competitions. The Scarlets’ players have also earned individual honors and set records that contribute to their standing as a prominent rugby union team in Wales.

The team’s performance is closely followed by dedicated fans who are always eager to receive match reports, team news, and community news related to the Scarlets. With their strong presence in professional rugby and ongoing commitment to excellence, it’s no surprise that they continue to be a force to be reckoned with on the field.


The Scarlets are a prominent rugby union team based in Llanelli, Wales. They represent West and North Wales in the PRO14 and the Heineken Champions Cup. With a strong presence in professional rugby and a dedicated fan base, the Scarlets continue to make their mark on the rugby scene.

Their coaching team reorganization reflects their commitment to achieving success both on and off the field. The team’s achievements, along with their rich history and talented players, solidify their position as an influential force in Welsh rugby.


1. Who are the Scarlets in rugby?

The Scarlets are a professional rugby union club team that competes in top-level tournaments with a skilled squad of players.

2. Does the Scarlets have a women’s rugby squad?

Yes, alongside their men’s team, the Scarlets proudly support a competitive women’s rugby squad that takes part in various matches and championships.

3. How does the Scarlets’ management run the team?

Rugby management at the Scarlets oversees training, game strategies, and ensures both teams perform at their best on and off the field.

4. Can I watch the Scarlets play live games?

Absolutely! Fans can catch exciting live games featuring the dynamic playing style of both Scarlet men’s and women’s squads throughout their sport season.

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