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Rugby in South Korea: The Tigers’ Tenacity in Asian Rugby

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A rugby ball sits in a misty field at sunrise.Rugby in South Korea is a hidden gem not known to many fans. Since 1946, the Korea Rugby Union has been building a legacy of passion and persistence. This blog will take you through the journey of South Korea’s Tigers, their rise in Asian rugby, and what lies ahead.

Discover how these underdogs are scoring big on Asia’s playing field.

Key Takeaways

  • South Korea’s national rugby team, known as the Tigers, has been excelling in Asian rugby since joining the Asia Rugby Championship and is determined to make a mark at future international events like the World Cup and Olympics.
  • The Korea Rugby Union was established in 1946 and is committed to promoting rugby across Asia through consistent performance in tournaments and development of local talent from grassroots to elite levels.
  • Hosting significant tournaments such as the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series shows South Korea’s growing role on the global stage while they prepare for another strong showing at the Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023.
  • The Tigers’ impressive track record includes multiple victories in regional competitions and dominance in under-age divisions, proving their dedication to nurturing young players for sustained success.
  • With investment in youth programs and grassroots level initiatives, South Korea aims to increase participation and passion for rugby among its youth, securing a robust future for the sport within the country.

History of Rugby in South Korea

The Korea Rugby Union was formed to oversee the development of rugby in South Korea and promote participation in Asian rugby tournaments. South Korea has a rich history of consistent performance and recent achievements in Asian rugby.

Formation of Korea Rugby Union

Korea Rugby Union burst onto the scene in 1946, laying down roots for the sport’s growth in the nation. Recognised as a cornerstone for Asian rugby development, it quickly became one of Asia Rugby’s founding members.

Notably, this establishment prepped Korean athletes and teams for global interaction by joining World Rugby in 1988. As a result, players from South Korea started to make their presence felt on regional and international pitches.

With its foundation set, Korea began building a reputation for fierce competition and high-spirited play. The national team – known as the Tigers – embodies this ethos as they train hard to compete against other strong sides in Asia Rugby Championship tournaments.

Heading into these matchups, coaches prep their squads with strategies that befit defending champions or title-chasing hopefuls alike. Now let’s dive into how Korea has fared against its neighbours on the pitch throughout history.

Participation in Asian Rugby Tournaments

South Korea’s national rugby team, known as the Tigers, has been actively participating in various Asian rugby tournaments. Competing against formidable opponents from across Asia, the Tigers have consistently showcased their skill and determination on the pitch.

Their journey in the Asia Rugby Championships (ARC) has seen them emerge as a dominant force, clinching multiple titles and highlighting their tenacity in pursuit of excellence. Notably, South Korea’s participation extends beyond ARC to U19 and U18 divisions where they have demonstrated their prowess by dominating these categories.

The Tigers’ commitment to regional tournaments signifies their dedication to elevating South Korea’s position within Asian rugby.

Looking ahead, South Korea is gearing up for significant competitions such as hosting the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series and preparing for the Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023.

Recent achievements

The South Korean national rugby team, also known as the Tigers, has demonstrated remarkable tenacity and determination in their recent achievements. They have secured multiple wins in the Asia Rugby Championship (ARC), showcasing their dominance in the regional tournament.

Additionally, South Korea has consistently excelled in the U19 and U18 divisions, emphasising their commitment to nurturing young talent for future success. Furthermore, their qualification for the World Cup and Olympics highlights their growing prowess on the international stage.

As they continue to strive for excellence, South Korea’s rugby union team is poised to make an even greater impact at upcoming events such as hosting the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series.

Their preparations for the Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023 are a testament to their unwavering dedication and focus on achieving further success in Asian rugby.

South Korea’s Impact on Asian Rugby

South Korea has made a significant impact on Asian Rugby through consistent performance in tournaments, the development of players, and efforts to promote the sport within Asia.

Consistent performance in tournaments

The South Korean national rugby team, known as the Tigers, has showcased consistent performance in various Asian Rugby tournaments. Over the years, they have proven their tenacity and determination by achieving commendable results in regional and international competitions.

Their dedication to the sport and rigorous training have led them to secure notable wins and maintain a strong presence on the Asian rugby scene.

The Tigers’ unwavering commitment to excellence has earned them recognition within Asia Rugby, with impressive showings in the Asia Rugby Championship and other significant tournaments.

Development of players

South Korea has been focused on nurturing its rugby talent, ensuring the development of skilled and competitive players. The country’s national rugby union team has invested in robust training programs for young athletes to hone their skills and foster a deep understanding of the sport.

With a growing interest in rugby across South Korea, there is an emphasis on coaching expertise, providing essential guidance to aspiring players from grassroots levels upwards.

Asian Rugby Union aims to enhance the coaching landscape by introducing structured training courses and clinics to further nurture homegrown talent. By focusing on developing players at all levels of the game – from local leagues to international tournaments – South Korea demonstrates its commitment to strengthening its national rugby side while contributing to Asia’s overall standing in global competitions.

Promoting the sport in Asia

South Korea plays an essential role in promoting rugby in Asia. With the growing interest and participation in the sport, South Korea showcases its commitment to developing and popularising rugby within the region.

The national team’s consistent performances in regional and international tournaments help raise awareness of the sport throughout Asia, contributing to its increasing popularity. Additionally, South Korea’s active involvement in Asia Rugby events, such as the Asia Rugby Championships and World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, further promotes the sport across the continent.

The leadership and determination exhibited by South Korea’s Tigers have a significant impact on promoting rugby within Asia. As South Korean rugby continues to gain momentum, it actively contributes to advancing the development of rugby in East Asia while inspiring other nations to engage with this exciting sport at both grassroots levels and elite competitions.

The Spirit of Rugby: Bringing Asia Together

South Korea participates in various rugby tournaments in Asia, bringing together teams and players from different countries to compete and promote the sport across the continent.

To learn more about the impact of South Korea’s Tigers on Asian rugby and their tenacity in the sport, keep reading!

Asian Rugby Championships

The Asian Rugby Championships bring together national rugby teams in Asia to compete at the highest level. South Korea has consistently showcased their talent and skill in this prestigious tournament, making a significant impact on the sport in the region.

  1. The competition serves as a platform for countries to display their rugby prowess and enhance the standard of play in Asia, with South Korea contributing significantly to the growth and development of the championship.
  2. The Tigers’ participation in the Asian Rugby Championships has been marked by impressive performances, highlighting their commitment to excellence and competitive spirit on the international stage.
  3. This tournament provides an opportunity for South Korean rugby players to gain valuable experience, exposure, and recognition, contributing to the overall advancement of rugby development in the country.
  4. Through their participation in the Asian Rugby Championships, South Korea continues to elevate its standing within Asia’s rugby community, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and dedication that resonates across the region.
  5. The championship also serves as a platform for promoting diversity, unity, and solidarity among Asian nations through the shared passion for rugby, reflecting South Korea’s role in advancing these values within the sport.

Asia Rugby Sevens Series

  1. The Asia Rugby Sevens Series features national teams from across the continent, including South Korea, Japan, China, and other emerging rugby nations.
  2. The tournament consists of multiple legs held in different countries, providing an exciting opportunity for fans to witness high-quality rugby on home soil.
  3. Teams compete in a fast – paced format that emphasises agility, speed, and strategic gameplay, making it a thrilling spectacle for both players and spectators.
  4. The series serves as a crucial platform for player development and talent identification, offering emerging athletes the chance to shine on an international stage.
  5. With its growing popularity and viewership, the Asia Rugby Sevens Series plays a pivotal role in raising the profile of rugby in South Korea and throughout Asia.
  6. As part of the larger global sevens circuit, this series provides valuable exposure for South Korea’s national team, allowing them to test their skills against top-tier competition.
  7. The tournament’s competitive nature fosters camaraderie among teams while also fuelling fierce rivalries that add an extra edge to each match.

World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series

Following the Asia Rugby Sevens Series, the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series is another significant platform for South Korea’s rugby development and international exposure:

  1. The World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series provides an opportunity for emerging rugby nations like South Korea to compete at a high level.
  2. Teams from around the world participate in this series, offering exposure to different playing styles and strategies.
  3. The series aids in the overall growth and development of rugby in South Korea by providing valuable experience against strong opposition.
  4. It serves as a pathway for players to showcase their talent, potentially leading to selection for higher-level competitions.
  5. Participation in the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series allows South Korea to test their skills against nations with established rugby traditions.
  6. Exposure to diverse playing styles and tactics through this series contributes to the overall improvement of the Korean national rugby team.
  7. The competition also offers a chance for South Korea to observe and learn from experienced teams, aiding in their ongoing development.

The Tenacity of South Korea’s Tigers

Winning the ARC multiple times, dominating the U19 and U18 divisions, and qualifying for World Cup and Olympics showcases the tenacity of South Korea’s Tigers in Asian Rugby. This serves as a testament to their dedication and hard work in establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Winning the ARC multiple times

The South Korean national rugby team, known as the Tigers, have demonstrated their dominance in the Asia Rugby Championship (ARC) by winning the tournament multiple times. Their consistent performance and tenacity have secured them several victories, showcasing their determination to excel in Asian rugby.

The Tigers’ success in the ARC reflects their commitment to developing a strong and competitive national rugby side that continues to make an impact on the regional stage.

With several victories in the ARC, South Korea has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with in Asian rugby competitions. The Tigers’ remarkable achievements highlight their dedication and skill, propelling them towards further success on both domestic and international levels.

Dominating the U19 and U18 divisions

The Tigers’ tenacity is also evident in their dominance in the U19 and U18 divisions. South Korea’s young rugby talents have been making a mark on the regional and international stage, showcasing their prowess and potential for future success.

With dedicated training and support, these emerging players have shown great promise, contributing to the depth of talent within South Korean rugby. As they continue to develop and excel in their respective age divisions, the Tigers are solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in Asian rugby.

Qualifying for World Cup and Olympics

South Korea’s national rugby team, the Tigers, has yet to make their debut at the Rugby World Cup. However, they have shown determination to qualify for this premier event in the future.

Additionally, while South Korea hasn’t qualified for the Olympics in rugby yet, the country continues to work towards achieving recognition and success on the international stage.

The Korean Rugby Union and its national team are eagerly striving to secure a spot in both these prestigious tournaments. With growing interest and participation in rugby within South Korea, there is optimism that the Tigers will achieve their goal of competing at both the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics in due course.

Looking Ahead: Future Plans for South Korean Rugby

South Korea has big plans for the future of rugby, including hosting the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series and preparing for the Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023. They are also focused on developing grassroots and youth programs to ensure the sport continues to grow in the country.

Hosting the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series

South Korea is set to host the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, a significant event in the world of rugby. This exciting series will bring teams from around the globe to compete on South Korean soil, showcasing the country’s growing influence and presence in international rugby competitions.

The hosting of this prestigious event reflects South Korea’s commitment to promoting and developing rugby not only within its borders but also on a global scale. With its participation in hosting the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, South Korea aims to elevate its status as a key player in Asian rugby while providing an opportunity for local fans to witness world-class athletic competition firsthand.

In preparation for this momentous occasion, South Korea has been actively working towards ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made for a successful and memorable tournament.

The hosting of the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series presents an invaluable chance for South Korean players, coaches, and fans alike to engage with top-tier talent from around the world.

Preparing for Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023

After hosting the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, South Korea is now gearing up for the Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023. The national rugby team, known as the Tigers, is focused on rigorous training and preparing a formidable squad to compete in this prestigious tournament.

With their consistent presence in regional and international competitions, South Korea aims to continue showcasing their tenacity and determination on the rugby field. The coaching staff is diligently working on developing strategies and nurturing talent within the training squad to ensure peak performance during the championship.

As they set their sights on this significant event, fans can expect an intense display of skill and teamwork from the Tigers as they strive for success at the Asia Rugby Men’s Championship 2023.

Developing grassroots and youth programs

South Korea is actively working on developing rugby at the grassroots level, with a focus on youth programs to nurture and train future talent. This initiative aims to introduce rugby to young enthusiasts across the country, providing them with coaching and opportunities for skill development.

South Korea’s rugby community is committed to creating a strong foundation for the sport by engaging and inspiring the younger generation, ensuring a continuous growth of interest in rugby within the country.

The emphasis on grassroots and youth programs reflects South Korea’s dedication to expanding its rugby landscape. By investing in these initiatives, South Korea is laying the groundwork for a promising future in Asian rugby.


In conclusion, the Tigers of South Korea exhibit unwavering determination in Asian rugby. Their consistent performance and recent achievements highlight their impact on the sport’s development in Asia.

Looking ahead, hosting major tournaments and developing grassroots programs signal a promising future for Korean rugby.


1. How do South Korea’s national rugby sides perform in Asian competitions?

South Korea’s national rugby teams show strong performance and tenacity, regularly competing in Asia Rugby Championship with impressive results.

2. What is the state of rugby development in South Korea?

Rugby development in South Korea is growing, with more coaching resources and efforts to strengthen the sport at various levels across the country.

3. Has South Korea had success in the Asia Rugby Series?

Yes, South Korean teams have experienced success by displaying their skill and resilience during matches within the Asia Rugby Series.

4. Are there many opportunities for rugby competition in Asia for South Korean teams?

Certainly, there are numerous competitions available for aspiring and established players as part of Asian rugby union events throughout the season.

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