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Rugby in Slovenia: The Dragons’ Fiery Passion for Rugby

A rugby ball on grass with a mountainous backdrop.

Finding out about rugby’s lesser-known havens can be a thrilling discovery. In Slovenia, a land more famous for its stunning landscapes than scrums, rugby is a sport on the rise with the national team currently ranked 77th by World Rugby.

This article dives into the fiery passion of the Slovenian ‘Dragons’, exploring their journey and how they’re igniting interest in this gripping game. Get ready to be surprised by Slovenia’s growing love affair with rugby.

Key Takeaways

  • Slovenia’s rugby history began during the Yugoslav era but gained momentum after independence, with dedicated clubs like RK Ljubljana establishing themselves and fostering a growing community.
  • The national team ranks 77th in the world as of the latest figures and holds a Guinness World Record for the largest rugby scrum, proving their dedication to making strides in international rugby.
  • Approximately 120 men, 20 women, and 80 youth players take part in Slovenian rugby today, reflecting its rising popularity and potential for future growth within both local communities and on an international level.
  • Partnerships like that between Bristol Grammar School Rugby and Slovenian clubs are crucial for player development and sport promotion, enhancing skills through coaching expertise from established players.
  • The availability of official merchandise helps to support training programs for Slovenia’s national team while also increasing visibility of the sport locally and abroad.

History of Rugby in Slovenia

Rugby in Slovenia has a history dating back to the Yugoslav period, with the sport gaining popularity post-independence. The current state of rugby in Slovenia shows promising growth and development.

From Yugoslav period to post-independence

During the Yugoslav era, rugby in Slovenia remained largely overshadowed by more popular sports such as football and basketball. It was not until the dissolution of Yugoslavia that rugby began to establish itself as a sport with its own identity in Slovenia.

Local enthusiasts and dedicated players started forming clubs, igniting a passion for rugby union across the nation. This fledgling interest marked the genesis of what would become an enduring commitment to the sport.

As Slovenia stepped into post-independence, these early seeds took root and blossomed into a structured system underpinning Slovenian rugby today. The Rugby zveza Slovenije came into being, tasked with governing the game from grassroots initiatives to national representation.

Despite being considered a minor sport at first, it’s been growing steadily ever since thanks to the Dragons’ fiery passion and dedication. With clubs sprouting up around the country and international matches stirring local excitement, this once modest community has shown significant promise on its journey within European rugby teams rankings.

Current state and development

The current state of rugby in Slovenia is on the rise, with approximately 120 men, 20 women, and 80 youth players actively involved in the sport. The national team has made significant progress, currently being ranked 71st by the World Rugby governing body as of August 2019.

Despite not having qualified for the Rugby World Cup yet, the Dragons’ fiery passion for rugby and dedication to growing the sport are driving its development. With a playing record of 97 official Tests and a minor but growing status within Slovenia, there is potential for further growth and success.

As rugby continues to gain momentum in Slovenia, efforts are being made to expand participation at all levels and increase its popularity among players and fans alike. This promising trend reflects a bright future for rugby in this passionate nation.

Slovenian National Rugby Team

The Slovenian National Rugby Team has made significant progress in recent years, with a notable Guinness world record for the largest rugby scrum. Their achievements and rankings showcase their dedication to the sport and their potential for future success on the international stage.

Record and ranking

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This table reflects the Dragons’ fiery passion and commitment to rugby, showcasing their determination to climb the ranks in the world of rugby. Next, let’s delve into the milestones and achievements that have fueled their journey so far.

Achievements and Guinness world record

The Slovenia national rugby union team has made history by achieving notable accomplishments in the sport, despite not yet qualifying for the Rugby World Cup. With a playing record of 97 official Tests, including 51 wins, 44 losses, and 2 draws, the team has shown resilience and determination.

The impressive progress of the national side is evident through their current ranking of 71st by the World Rugby governing body as of August 2019, reflecting their continuous efforts to elevate their performance on an international level.

Additionally, the Dragons have displayed exceptional dedication to growing rugby in Slovenia and are recognised for their fiery passion for the sport.

Passion for Rugby in Slovenia

Slovenia has a growing passion for rugby, with numerous clubs and players dedicated to the sport’s development. The growth of rugby in Slovenia reflects the country’s increasing love for the game and its potential as a rising force in the international rugby community.

Clubs and players

Rugby in Slovenia is embraced by several clubs and talented players. The sport has gained momentum with teams actively participating in the development of rugby. Here are some key elements of rugby clubs and players in Slovenia:

  1. The rugby scene in Slovenia is supported by a handful of active clubs spread across the country, such as RK Ljubljana, RD Slovenian Barbarians, and RK Beli Krajec.
  2. Players show immense dedication to their craft, participating in regular training sessions to hone their skills and grow the sport within the nation.
  3. The growing pool of players includes both men and women, with a notable number of young athletes showing promise and potential for the future development of rugby in Slovenia.
  4. Rugby clubs actively engage in friendly matches and competitive tournaments, contributing to the overall growth and sporting spirit of the game across different age groups.

Growth of the sport

Rugby union in Slovenia has seen gradual growth in recent years. With approximately 120 men, 20 women, and 80 youth players involved, the sport is gaining momentum and popularity among both players and fans.

Additionally, the national team’s progress, currently ranked 71st by World Rugby as of August 2019, reflects a promising future for rugby in Slovenia. The Dragons’ fiery passion for rugby drives their dedication to growing the sport further, making it evident that there is potential for continued success and development.

As part of promoting the growth of rugby in Slovenia, the governance of Rugby zveza Slovenije ensures that initiatives are put in place to drive participation and interest at all levels.

Links and Resources for Slovenian Rugby

Check out the official merchandise of the Slovenian National Rugby Team and support the Dragons’ fiery passion for the sport. Explore partnerships with Bristol Grammar School Rugby and other related organisations to stay updated on the latest developments in Slovenian rugby.

Official merchandise

The official merchandise for the Slovenia national rugby team is available for purchase, allowing fans to show their support and passion for the sport. From jerseys to hats and other accessories, fans can find a variety of high-quality items to represent their favorite team.

By purchasing official merchandise, fans directly contribute to the development and growth of rugby in Slovenia, helping to fund training programs and support the national team. The availability of official merchandise also helps raise awareness about the sport in Slovenia as well as internationally.

For those passionate about rugby in Slovenia, understanding the history of rugby in this country provides valuable insight into its current state and future potential.

Bristol Grammar School Rugby partnerships

In addition to official merchandise, Bristol Grammar School has formed valuable partnerships with rugby clubs in Slovenia. These collaborations aim to support the growth and development of rugby in the country by providing coaching expertise and resources.

This initiative not only benefits the players but also contributes to raising the profile of Slovenian rugby on an international level. The partnerships foster a sense of community among players, encouraging them to pursue their passion for the sport while receiving guidance from experienced professionals.

The partnerships between Bristol Grammar School and Slovenian rugby clubs create opportunities for player exchanges and friendly matches, allowing both sides to learn from each other’s strategies and techniques.

Related organisations

The strong partnership between Bristol Grammar School Rugby and Slovenian rugby has paved the way for numerous related organisations that support and promote the sport in the country. Here are some of these essential bodies:

  1. Rugby zveza Slovenije is the governing body of rugby union in Slovenia. It plays a pivotal role in organising and overseeing various rugby events, leagues, and national team activities.
  2. The Dragons’ passionate pursuit of rugby excellence is further supported by partnerships with international rugby teams. These collaborations provide invaluable opportunities for player development, skill exchange, and friendship building.
  3. For fans keen to express their support for Slovenian rugby, official rugby merchandise is available through established channels, allowing enthusiasts to display their allegiance to the cause.
  4. Member unions such as World Rugby play a critical role in shaping the global landscape of rugby and contribute significantly to the growth and recognition of the sport in Slovenia.
  5. Additionally, various related organisations contribute to increasing awareness and participation in rugby throughout Slovenia, ultimately fostering a thriving community of players and fans alike.
  6. With access to resources from Bristol Grammar School Rugby partnerships alongside support from dedicated organisations, Slovenian rugby continues its momentum towards wider recognition and success on the global stage.

Conclusion: The future of rugby in Slovenia and the Dragons’ fiery passion for the sport.

The future of rugby in Slovenia looks promising, driven by the Dragons’ fiery passion for the sport. Clubs and players are fueling its growth, making it more popular among fans and aspiring athletes.

With ongoing development and dedication, Slovenian rugby is poised for further success on the international stage. As enthusiasm continues to build, there’s great potential for expansion and accomplishments in the years ahead.


1. Is rugby a popular sport in Slovenia?

Rugby is a growing sport in Slovenia, gaining interest and passion among the Slovenians.

2. What are the ‘Dragons’ in Slovenian rugby?

The ‘Dragons’ refer to teams or players who show fierce passion and dedication towards playing rugby in Slovenia.

3. Can I find results of Rugby matches played in Slovenia?

Yes, you can easily find rugby results for games played by Slovenian teams online or through sports news outlets.

4. Are there any board games based on Rugby available in Slovenia?

While not as common as watching the live sport, enthusiasts may sometimes create or play board games that capture the strategy and fun of Rugby.

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