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Rugby Sevens: How It’s Expanding the Sport’s Global Reach

Rugby players in a scrum during a match.

Rugby sevens is sparking excitement far beyond its traditional heartlands. It’s the dynamic Olympic sport taking the world by storm, known for its fast-paced action and thrilling matches.

This blog post will explore how rugby sevens is transforming the sport’s global popularity, through expansion plans and electrifying competitions. Read on to find out why this high-octane game is winning over new fans worldwide!

Key Takeaways

  • Rugby sevens is fast becoming a global sensation with its Olympic inclusion and thrilling 14-minute matches that demand high-speed play and top fitness from athletes.
  • The Premier Rugby Sevens expansion plans include adding eight new franchises for the 2023 season, which aims to boost the sport’s popularity by increasing regional representation and focusing on gender equality with both men’s and women’s teams.
  • World Rugby has rebranded the Sevens Series as SVNS, introducing a more focused calendar for increased exclusivity that enhances the importance of each tournament, aiming to attract a broader audience worldwide.

The All-Action Entertainment of Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens offers fast-paced, action-packed games with shorter matches and fewer players on the field. Its inclusion as an Olympic sport has further boosted its appeal and entertainment value.

Shorter games with fewer players

Sevens rugby transforms the traditional game with high-speed matches that last just 14 minutes, half of which are dedicated to each half. With only seven players on each side, there’s more space on the pitch, creating a fast-paced and thrilling spectacle.

This format demands explosive speed and exceptional fitness from athletes as they dart across the field, making dynamic plays that hook audiences.

The compact nature of these games allows tournaments to feature multiple matches in a single day, keeping fans engaged with non-stop action. It also means teams have fewer substitutes available, elevating the importance of versatility and stamina in players.

These condensed battles showcase some of rugby’s most skillful maneuvers, cementing rugby sevens’ reputation for all-action entertainment that appeals to a global audience.

Added as an Olympic sport

With shorter games and fewer players, rugby sevens has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Added as an Olympic sport, this exciting version of rugby has contributed significantly to the sport’s global growth.

The inclusion in the Olympics has provided a platform for greater visibility and appeal, attracting new fans and athletes to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the game. As a result, rugby sevens is gaining recognition and interest from diverse regions, expanding its reach internationally while elevating its status in the world of sports.

Growing Popularity and Global Reach

With record-breaking results at Premier Rugby Sevens and expansion plans for the 2023 season, rugby sevens is reaching new heights of popularity. The sport’s global reach is continually expanding as it gains momentum and attracts a wider audience.

Record-breaking results at Premier Rugby Sevens

The expansion of the Premier Rugby Sevens for the 2023 season led to unprecedented success, with record-breaking results in terms of viewership and social media engagement. This surge in interest signifies a growing global appeal for rugby sevens, attracting new fans and further solidifying the sport’s presence on the world stage.

The significant increase in viewership also highlights the all-action entertainment offered by rugby sevens, setting the stage for a promising future as the sport continues to expand its reach.

– Expansion plans for 2023 season

Expansion plans for 2023 season

  • The move reflects rugby sevens’ growing popularity and interest across diverse regions, fostering inclusivity in the sport. By regionalising and diversifying participation, it aligns with World Rugby’s vision for global expansion. Additionally, this approach allows for increased representation across different areas, contributing to the sport’s broadened audience base. The growing interest and anticipation for the 2024 venues and schedule demonstrate the impact of this strategic expansion.

SVNS World Series Rebranding

With the aim to supercharge global appeal, the Rugby Sevens World Series is undergoing a rebranding. The series will have a smaller calendar for increased focus and exclusivity.

Aim to supercharge global reach and appeal

World Rugby’s rebranding of the Sevens Series to SVNS aims to propel rugby’s global presence by attracting a wider audience and boosting the sport’s appeal. The strategic move seeks to focus on fewer events, directing attention towards exclusivity while enhancing viewership and engagement.

With the intention of broadening the game’s reach, this approach aligns with Premier Rugby Sevens’ expansion plans for 2023, aiming to bring together diverse regions and grow the sport in new territories.

The rebrand underscores World Rugby’s commitment to expanding rugby sevens’ fan base. By creating a more concentrated calendar for heightened interest and excitement, SVNS is set to elevate the entertainment value of rugby sevens tournaments globally.

Smaller calendar for focus and exclusivity

The SVNS World Series rebranding aims to supercharge rugby’s global reach and appeal by implementing a smaller calendar, emphasising focus and exclusivity. This strategic move seeks to elevate the significance of each event while providing fans with a condensed yet impactful series that showcases high-stakes matches.

By reducing the number of events on the calendar, organisers aim to create an environment where every tournament holds heightened importance, drawing in viewers and increasing anticipation for each thrilling competition.

With this emphasis on focus and exclusivity, SVNS is poised to build even greater excitement among rugby fans globally, offering them a more engaging and intense Sevens experience.

Premier Rugby Sevens Expansion

The Premier Rugby Sevens is expanding with the addition of eight franchises, catering to both men’s and women’s teams. This move will further enhance the global reach and appeal of rugby sevens.

Addition of eight franchises

The expansion of Premier Rugby Sevens for the 2023 season saw the addition of eight new franchises, aiming to regionalise and grow the sport. This move signifies the increasing popularity and interest in rugby sevens, as well as its global reach. The inclusion of these new franchises not only broadens the scope of the sport but also provides opportunities for athletes from diverse regions to participate. Additionally, it reflects the growing recognition and appeal of rugby sevens on a worldwide scale.

Inclusion of men’s and women’s teams

The expansion of rugby sevens to include men’s and women’s teams has been a significant step towards promoting gender equality in the sport. This move not only widens the scope of participation, but also enhances the diversity and representation within the game.

With both men’s and women’s teams competing on a global stage, rugby sevens is fostering an inclusive environment that resonates with fans around the world.

Adding men’s and women’s teams to premier tournaments like Premier Rugby Sevens provides equal opportunities for athletes to showcase their talent. Furthermore, this inclusive approach aligns with World Rugby CEO Alan Gilpin’s vision of expanding the sport’s global reach by embracing diversity and inclusivity.


The global appeal of rugby sevens is growing rapidly, reaching new regions and attracting diverse fans. Premier Rugby Sevens’ expansion to eight franchises in 2023 aims to regionalise and popularise the sport.

With a rebranded SVNS World Series and its inclusion in the Olympics, rugby sevens is set for continued growth on the world stage.


1. What is Rugby Sevens and how is it different from traditional rugby?

Rugby Sevens is a fast-paced version of rugby with teams of seven players playing shorter matches, which makes for an exciting game that’s gaining popularity worldwide.

2. How is Rugby Sevens growing the sport’s reach globally?

The Rugby Sevens series showcases global talent through regionalisation, bringing diverse international audiences together and rebranding the sport as more inclusive and dynamic.

3. Where are some of the key venues for Rugby Sevens tournaments?

Key venues hosting thrilling Rugby Sevens matches include cities around the world, featuring major events like the Rugby Sevens World Cup to draw in fans.

4. When can fans catch up on Rugby Sevens games; is there a set schedule?

Yes, there’s a specific schedule for the exciting games in the Series that lets fans plan ahead to watch their favourite rugby sevens teams compete at various times throughout the year.

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