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Rugby in Serbia: The Eagles’ Ambitious Rugby Journey

Rugby teams engaged in a scrum during a match.

Navigating the global rugby scene can often leave fans unaware of emerging teams like Serbia’s tenacious Eagles. With almost 1000 players nationwide, Serbian rugby is scripting an enthusiastic narrative in the sport.

This article delves into their story, charting a path from historical roots to current ambitions and future aspirations. Discover their journey; it’s one to watch!

Key Takeaways

  • Serbia’s rugby scene is growing, with the Eagles national team showing promise in international competitions like World Cup qualifiers and the Balkans Cup.
  • FC Melbourne is aiming for VPL2 success, reflecting the ambition of Serbian rugby to excel at higher levels of competition.
  • The development of youth teams and nearly 1,000 registered players across the country are shaping a bright future for Serbian rugby league and union.
  • Serbian rugby has witnessed an increase in popularity, with both Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade clubs contributing significantly to this growth.
  • Interest in Serbian rugby continues to climb, as reflected by improved international rankings and support from notable fans looking forward to events such as the 2024 Rugby World Cup.

History of Rugby in Serbia

Serbia’s rugby history dates back to the late 1950s, with the growth of both Rugby League and Rugby Union. The national team has made significant strides in recent years, showcasing their potential in international competitions.

Growth of Rugby League

Rugby league in Serbia has surged, with a spirited drive towards developing the sport at all levels. Dedicated coaches and players are training hard to push boundaries and raise the bar for Serbian rugby.

Clubs like Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade have become beacons of progress, attracting young talent eager to make their mark on both national and international stages.

The Eagles, Serbia’s national rugby league team, exemplify this growth. With ambitions soaring high, they’ve set their sights on making significant strides in European competitions.

Their participation paves the way for new fans to embrace the sport whilst fostering a robust competitive spirit within Serbia’s borders. Rugby’s rising popularity here is unmistakable—a testament to years of dedication from everyone involved in bringing the game forward.

National Team

The Serbian national team for rugby league, known as the Eagles, has made significant strides in recent years. The team’s performances in World Cup qualifiers and success in the Balkans Cup have put them on the international rugby map.

With ambitious plans for development and a growing pool of talented players, the national team is poised to continue making an impact on the European rugby stage. As they strive for greater recognition and success, their journey reflects Serbia’s growing presence in international rugby competition.

– Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements

The Serbian national rugby league team has made significant strides in recent years, including strong performances in World Cup qualifiers and success in the Balkans Cup. Their rankings reflect their growing prowess on the international stage.

Performance in World Cup Qualifiers

The Serbian national rugby league team showed determination and skill during the World Cup qualifiers. They demonstrated remarkable teamwork and resilience, securing their place in the finals.

  1. The team displayed exceptional performance, winning crucial matches to advance to the next stage of the qualifiers.
  2. Their strategic gameplay and strong defense allowed them to compete fiercely against formidable opponents.
  3. The players showcased their agility and speed, executing impressive tries and conversions throughout the qualifiers.
  4. The team’s unwavering spirit and commitment were evident as they overcame challenges to secure their spot in the World Cup finals.
  5. Their remarkable performance garnered attention from rugby enthusiasts worldwide, highlighting Serbia’s growing presence in international rugby competitions.

Success in Balkans Cup

  1. The team dominated the competition, displaying exceptional teamwork and athleticism on the field.
  2. Their outstanding performance led to a memorable victory in the tournament, showcasing their potential against formidable opponents.
  3. This success elevated the team’s status within the region and contributed to their growing reputation as a force to be reckoned with in international rugby league.
  4. The triumph in the Balkans Cup served as a testament to the unwavering dedication and skill of the Serbian national rugby league team.
  5. It marked a significant milestone in their journey, instilling confidence and determination for future competitions.


Rugby in Serbia has seen a steady climb in international rankings, reflecting the growing prowess of the Eagles on the world stage. Below is a table showcasing their recent positions:

202121stMilestone reached ahead of Rugby World Cup qualifiers
202219thImproved due to strong performances in international matches
2023 (Current)18thHighest ranking yet, anticipation builds for the 2024 Rugby World Cup

Eagles’ rise in the rankings is a testament to their hard work and the increasing popularity of rugby within Serbia. Fans eagerly await further successes as the team prepares for upcoming challenges.

Current State of Serbian Rugby

The current state of Serbian Rugby includes the development of youth national teams, a competitive record in international matches, and support from notable fans.

Youth National Teams

The Serbian Rugby Federation invests significantly in developing youth national teams, nurturing young talent, and providing them with competitive opportunities. The focus on youth development has been instrumental in the growth of rugby in Serbia.

With almost 1000 registered players nationwide, the youth national teams play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Serbian rugby league and rugby union. Their participation not only enhances their skills but also fosters a deep-rooted passion for the sport at an early age.

As these young athletes hone their abilities and gain invaluable experience through international matches and tournaments, they continue to elevate the status of Serbian rugby on a global platform.

Competitive Record

The Serbian national rugby team has a competitive record that reflects their dedication and progress in the sport. With notable achievements in World Cup qualifiers and success in the Balkans Cup, they have demonstrated their potential on the international stage.

Their rankings speak volumes about their performance and determination to compete at a high level.

FC Melbourne’s ambitious aims for VPL2 are evidence of the team’s determination to excel in Rugby League, showcasing an eagerness to continue their upward trajectory. The anticipation for the 2024 Rugby World Cup also underlines Serbia’s growing presence in international rugby matches, promising an exciting journey ahead for fans and players alike.

Notable Fans

Looking beyond the competitive record, it’s worth noting that Serbian rugby has garnered notable fans who are fervent supporters of the sport. Rugby in Serbia has attracted attention from individuals who have a genuine passion for the game and are eager to see its growth.

The support from these dedicated fans provides a strong backbone for the development and success of rugby in Serbia, further fuelling the ambitions of both players and teams to achieve greater heights in local and international competitions.

The enthusiasm shown by influential figures like Roberto De Zerbi, as well as the anticipation for upcoming events such as the 2024 Rugby World Cup, adds to the growing fan base of Serbian rugby.

Ambition and Future Plans

FC Melbourne aims to reach VPL2 in the near future, while also working on developing rugby league in Serbia. Interested in learning more about The Eagles’ ambitious journey? Keep reading to find out!

FC Melbourne’s Aims for VPL2

FC Melbourne aims to make a mark as it steps up to VPL2 in 2024, showing ambition and determination. The team is focused on challenging for top honors and making its presence felt in the rugby league competition.

With big aspirations, FC Melbourne is geared up to compete at a higher level, aiming to bring their A-game to the championship.

The team’s plans align with the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2024, reflecting their commitment to raising their performance on both national and international platforms.

Development of Rugby League in Serbia

Rugby league in Serbia has seen significant development, with the sport gaining popularity and attracting nearly 1,000 registered players nationwide. The Serbian national team, known as the Eagles, showcases the country’s growing talent and dedication to rugby league.

This advancement reflects positively on FC Melbourne’s ambitions as it prepares to step up to VPL2 in 2024, underscoring a bright future for rugby league in Serbia.

The eagerness of fans and players alike heightens the anticipation for upcoming tournaments while attracting attention from neighbouring countries’ rugby leagues. The increasing participation and success of teams like Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade indicate a promising trajectory for Serbian rugby league.


As the Serbian rugby teams continue to make their mark on the international scene, it’s clear that their ambitions are set high. With growing interest and participation in both rugby league and rugby union, Serbia’s future in the sport looks promising.

The Eagles’ determination and drive highlight their potential for success as they aim to achieve greater heights in both domestic and international competitions. Fans can expect an exciting journey ahead as Serbian rugby continues to grow and evolve.


1. What’s the difference between Serbia rugby league and union?

The main differences lie in rules and gameplay. Serbia rugby league has teams of 13 players and is known for its fast-paced, hard-hitting action, while Serbia rugby union features 15-player teams with more continuous phases of play.

2. Are there any big tournaments for rugby in Serbia?

Yes, in both forms of the sport. Rugby league in Europe includes championships where Serbian teams compete, like the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) competitions.

3. Who manages the rugby leagues in Serbia?

In Serbia, there’s a national rugby league governing body that oversees all aspects of the sport and supports The Eagles on their ambitious journey to reach higher rankings.

4. Have Serbian teams ever reached the finals or playoffs in major competitions?

Certainly! Serbian rugby has grown significantly, with club performances improving every season—some even making it to important playoffs and aiming for championship titles.

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