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Rugby in Paraguay: Ascent of the Yacarés in South American Rugby

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Are you curious about the rising stars of South American rugby? Paraguay’s own Yacaré XV is making waves, representing a country where rugby is passionately growing. This blog will take you on a journey through the team’s inspiring rise, their challenges and successes, and what lies ahead in this thrilling sport.

Stay tuned for an exciting look at how Paraguay tackles rugby!

Key Takeaways

  • Paraguay’s rugby team, the Yacaré XV, has been climbing the ranks in South American rugby through participation in events like Super Rugby Americas and the Super Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR).
  • With a robust high – performance system that started around three years ago, Paraguay now boasts 4,355 registered players across twenty clubs and is ranked 37th worldwide and fourth in South America.
  • Key players like Martín Ortiz and Rodrigo Gómez are enhancing the Yacaré XV’s competitive edge with their expertise as part of a diverse squad for upcoming fixtures.
  • Efforts to prepare for Super Rugby Americas 2023 include strengthening player development, strategic recruitment of experienced coaches, rigorous training regimens, international exposure for players, infrastructure investment, mental preparation strategies and collaborative regional approaches.
  • Despite facing challenges such as limited funding and infrastructure which impact growth potential within Paraguay where rugby is not the primary sport; there’s an evident commitment to fostering young talent and expanding participation at grassroots levels.

The Ascent of Yacarés in South American Rugby

The growth of high performance systems in Paraguay has propelled the Yacarés to participate in prestigious events like Super Rugby Americas, marking their ascent in South American rugby.

With a focus on professional development, the Yacarés are making waves in the international rugby arena.

Growth of high performance system in Paraguay

Paraguayan rugby has taken significant steps forward with a high-performance system that’s been in place for around three years now. This strategic shift is sparking more competitions within the country and enhancing the level of play among athletes.

Clubs across Paraguay are nurturing talent and increasing their capabilities, mirroring trends seen in leading rugby nations.

Rugby union might not be the primary sport in Paraguay, but it is making strides on the international stage, thanks to this robust performance framework. With 4,355 registered players spreading across twenty clubs, Paraguay stands tall at 37th worldwide and ranks impressively as fourth in South America for its rugby prowess.

The Yacare XV’s rise highlights how effective training programs and competitive match play can elevate a team to compete alongside prominent names in prestigious tournaments like Super Rugby Americas.

Participating in Super Rugby Americas

Yacare XV, representing Paraguay in the Super Rugby Americas 2023, displays the country’s growing competitiveness in rugby. The team’s participation highlights the expanding development and increased visibility of rugby in Paraguay on an international stage.

With a focus on growth and performance improvement, Paraguay has embraced the challenge of facing top-tier teams from South America in this prestigious tournament.

Working relentlessly to elevate their game, Yacare XV’s entry into Super Rugby Americas underscores both its progress as well as that of Paraguayan rugby on a broader scale. This journey not only provides invaluable experience for the players but also boosts interest and support for the sport within the country while enhancing connections with global rugby communities.

Yacare XV: The Pride of Paraguay

The Yacare XV is the pride of Paraguay, formed with a rich history and now playing in the Super Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR). The current squad consists of key players who are making waves in the South American rugby scene.

History and formation of the team

Established in 2019 as the Olimpia Lions, the Yacaré XV is Paraguay’s professional rugby union team located in Asunción. The formation of this team marked a significant milestone in the country’s rugby development, showcasing its commitment to competing at an international level.

Undergoing rebranding and strategic planning, Yacaré XV emerged with aspirations to elevate Paraguay’s representation in South American rugby tournaments. With a dedicated high-performance system backing their journey, this team has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with on the field.

The Yacaré XV stands as a testament to Paraguay’s growing presence in both national and international competitions. From humble beginnings, this team has quickly made its mark on the world stage thanks to rigorous training programs and unwavering determination.

Playing in the Super Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR)

The Yacare XV, a professional rugby union team based in Asunción, Paraguay, has been making strides by participating in the Super Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR). This opportunity has allowed the team to showcase their talent on an international platform and compete at a high level against teams from across South America.

With their strong presence in SLAR, the Yacarés have demonstrated their capability and potential for growth within the sport of rugby.

As they continue to play in the Super Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR), the Yacare XV is not only gaining invaluable experience but also contributing to the development and expansion of rugby in Paraguay.

Their participation signifies a significant step forward for both the team and Paraguayan rugby as a whole.

Current squad and key players

  1. Martín Ortiz: The seasoned prop forward is known for his strength in set-pieces and ball-carrying abilities.
  2. Rodrigo Gómez: An agile scrum-half, Gómez brings quick decision-making and precise passing to the team’s gameplay.
  3. Gonzalo Bareiro: As an influential fly-half, Bareiro leads the team’s attacking plays with his strategic kicks and playmaking skills.
  4. Juan Resck: The lock forward is a dominant force in line-outs and provides crucial support in both set pieces and open play.
  5. Lucas Lezcano: A dynamic flanker, Lezcano showcases exceptional tackling ability and relentless work rate across the pitch.
  6. Diego Argaña: Argaña’s versatility as a centre enables him to impact the game through solid defence, creative attack, and accurate kicking.
  7. José Queirel: With his explosive speed on the wing, Queirel poses a constant threat to opposition defences, offering lethal finishing prowess.

The Journey to Super Rugby Americas 2023

Paraguay has been preparing for the Super Rugby Americas 2023 following Brazil’s victory in the South American Four Nations tournament, with the Yacarés working hard to compete at a high level.

Brazil winning the 2023 South American Four Nations title

Brazil clinched the 2023 South American Four Nations title after a stunning performance, showcasing their dominance in the regional rugby arena. The Brazilian team’s exceptional skill and strategy propelled them to victory, securing the championship with an impressive display of athleticism and teamwork.

This triumph marks a significant milestone for Brazil in their rugby journey, underscoring their position as a formidable force in South American rugby.

The victory underscores Brazil’s growing stature in the region’s rugby landscape and serves as motivation for other teams, including Paraguay’s Yacare XV, to continue striving for excellence on the international stage.

Steps taken by Paraguay to prepare for Super Rugby Americas

Paraguay has been actively preparing for the prestigious Super Rugby Americas event in 2023.

  1. Strengthening Player Development: Paraguay has focused on enhancing the development of its rugby players, providing intensive training programs and mentorship to improve skills and overall performance.
  2. Strategic Recruitment: The country has strategically recruited experienced coaches and staff with a proven track record in high-level rugby competitions, ensuring that the team receives top-notch guidance.
  3. Rigorous Training Regimens: The team has undergone rigorous training regimens, focusing on physical conditioning, tactical play, and teamwork to ensure peak performance during the tournament.
  4. International Exposure: Paraguay’s national team has participated in international tournaments and friendly matches against seasoned opponents to gain exposure to diverse playing styles and build valuable experience.
  5. Infrastructure Investment: Efforts have been made to upgrade training facilities and invest in modern equipment to provide better resources for the team’s preparation.
  6. Mental Preparation: The team has placed emphasis on mental resilience and psychological readiness, engaging sports psychologists to help players remain focused under pressure during crucial matches.
  7. Collaborative Approach: Paraguay has collaborated with regional rugby associations and other national teams, fostering camaraderie within the sport and creating a supportive network for collective improvement.

The Future of Rugby in Paraguay

The Yacarés face challenges in funding and infrastructure but are poised for growth. With the potential for development and increased support, Paraguay’s rugby future looks bright.

Challenges faced by the team

The Yacare XV faces challenges in gaining recognition and attracting resources due to rugby being a secondary sport in Paraguay. The limited financial support and infrastructure make it difficult for the team to compete at an international level, while also hindering efforts to expand the sport’s reach within the country.

Despite these obstacles, the team is determined to overcome these challenges by increasing grassroots participation and seeking partnerships for sustainable growth, aiming to establish rugby as a competitive and popular sport in Paraguay.

Additionally, as the only representative of Paraguayan rugby on the international stage, Yacare XV encounters pressure to perform consistently against established teams from other South American countries.

Potential growth and development in the sport

– Challenges faced by the team have spurred efforts to bolster grassroots rugby development in Paraguay. The country’s focus on nurturing young talent and expanding participation through school programs signals clear potential for sport-wide growth.

The Super Rugby Americas platform provides a prime opportunity for continued exposure, driving increased interest among younger generations and fostering a sustainable future for rugby in Paraguay.

– Building on the momentum of recent successes, such as the Yacarés XV making their mark in South American rugby, the sport is poised to flourish further. As investment continues into infrastructure, coaching, and talent development at all levels, the trajectory of rugby in Paraguay looks promising, with increased enthusiasm translating to heightened competition domestically and internationally.


Rugby in Paraguay is on the rise, with the Yacare XV making a significant impact in South American rugby. The country’s high-performance system has fueled growth, leading to increased competitiveness and development.

As Paraguay gears up for Super Rugby Americas 2023, it is evident that the future of rugby in the country holds great promise. With its participation in international tournaments, Paraguay is proving its prowess and determination in the world of rugby.

The Yacarés’ journey reflects their relentless pursuit of excellence and their commitment to putting Paraguayan rugby on the global stage.


1. What is the Yacarés rugby team known for in South America?

The Yacarés are a celebrated Paraguay rugby team, renowned for their dramatic ascent in South American Rugby and their participation in regional tournaments like the South America Four Nations.

2. How has professional rugby grown in Paraguay?

Professional rugby in Paraguay has seen significant growth with more organised competitions and increased participation of local teams at various levels, boosting the sport’s popularity among Paraguay sports enthusiasts.

3. Are there many rugby competitions held in Paraguay?

Yes, multiple rugby competitions take place throughout the year, including local tournaments and international matches where different Rugby teams from across South America participate.

4. Can you tell me about rugby union’s presence in Paraguay athletics?

Rugby union is a key component of athletics in Paraguay, with numerous clubs fostering talent and promoting the game to achieve higher standards within both domestic and South American sports circles.

5. Do Yacarés players contribute to Rugby’s rise in popularity?

Absolutely! The skilled Yacarés rugby players have been instrumental to increasing interest and respect for Rugby as an emerging power among athletic disciplines within both national borders and beyond.

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