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Rugby in Malta: The Knights of the Mediterranean Rugby Crusade

A rugby field in Malta with surrounding historical architecture basked in the warm glow of sunset.

A rugby pitch in Malta with historic architecture in the background.Rugby enthusiasts often seek thrilling new territories where the sport is flourishing. Malta may be a small island, but it’s making big waves with its national rugby team ranking 46th globally.

This blog post dives into how this Mediterranean gem is passionately embracing rugby, giving you an insightful tour from historical roots to present-day triumphs. Discover why Malta’s rugby scene is one not to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • The Malta Knights rugby team reflects the country’s rich history with their resilience on the field and ranks 46th globally in rugby.
  • Recently, they celebrated a landmark victory over the British Defence Forces, highlighting their growing success in international competitions.
  • Malta is set to host prestigious events like Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2, indicating its rising status as an emerging hub for European sports.
  • The Maltese cross symbolises fortitude and bravery and is proudly worn by the national team, representing Malta’s historical warrior spirit in modern-day sport.
  • Growth in both rugby league and union is evident with new clubs forming and participation increasing across the island nation.

Overview of Rugby in Malta

Rugby in Malta is thriving, with the national team, the Malta Knights, recently securing a victory against the British Defence Forces and hosting the Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2 competition.

This Mediterranean island nation has been making a name for itself in the world of rugby.

Malta Knights, national rugby league team

The Malta Knights carry the legacy of the island’s historic warriors into their national rugby league play. This team embodies strength and resilience, reflecting centuries-old traditions of military might that once dominated Maltese landscapes with fortresses and palaces.

They uphold the storied past, symbolised by the iconic Maltese cross on their jerseys, as they face down opponents on the field with a mix of tactical ingenuity and fierce determination.

Their ranks are filled with players who have earned international recognition, representing Malta in competitions that showcase both their individual talents and collective spirit.

With each match, whether at home or abroad, these athletes write a new chapter in Malta’s sporting annals – one where ancient chivalry meets modern athleticism. Cheering fans watch closely as the Knights prepare for another clash; this time against rivals from across Europe in Rugby Europe’s 7s Conference 2 competition.

Recent victory against British Defence Forces

After showcasing their prowess in recent events, the Malta Knights, national rugby league team, achieved a remarkable victory against the British Defence Forces. This win is a testament to the determination and skill of the Maltese players and highlights their growing success on an international stage.

With this triumph, they have solidified their reputation as formidable competitors and demonstrated that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby.

The recent victory not only celebrates the exceptional performance of the Malta Knights but also signifies a significant milestone for rugby in Malta. It reflects the dedication and hard work put in by both players and coaches, propelling them closer to achieving their ambitions within European rugby competitions.

Host of Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2 competition

Following their recent victory against the British Defence Forces, Malta is set to host the Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2 competition. This presents an exciting opportunity for rugby fans in Malta to witness top-notch European rugby action right on their doorstep.

With the growing popularity of rugby in Malta and the country’s participation in various international competitions, hosting this event marks another milestone for the development and recognition of Maltese rugby on a broader stage.

In addition, Malta’s success in securing such a prestigious event reflects not only the island nation’s commitment to fostering its own sporting culture but also its ability to attract and accommodate high-level international sports tournaments.

History of Rugby in Malta

Emergence of Malta Rugby Football Union and the growing popularity of rugby in Malta has a rich history that dates back several decades.

Emergence of Malta Rugby Football Union

The Malta Rugby Football Union emerged as the governing body for rugby in Malta, playing a key role in promoting and developing the sport on the island. Established to oversee both rugby league and rugby union, the union has contributed to the growth of rugby’s popularity in Malta.

With a focus on organising fixtures, nurturing players, and providing opportunities for international participation, the MRU has played a crucial part in putting Maltese rugby on the map.

As we delve into Malta’s rich history with rugby, it’s essential to explore the significance of “The Maltese Cross Symbol”, shedding light on its meaningful connection to Malta’s sporting heritage.

Growing popularity

Rugby in Malta has been gaining popularity, with the national senior men’s team achieving recognition on the international rugby stage. The sport’s growth is evident through Malta’s participation in various rugby competitions and its ranking in the World Rugby rankings.

Furthermore, Malta’s involvement in both rugby league and rugby 7s demonstrates the diversity of the sport on the island. Additionally, with its successful representation at the Rugby World Cup, Malta continues to showcase its dedication to advancing within the global rugby community.

As more attention is drawn to Maltese rugby due to its success and diverse participation, it’s important to explore how this growing popularity can further elevate the country’s standing within international rugby.

The Maltese Cross Symbol

The Maltese cross holds great significance in Maltese culture and is deeply connected to the history of Malta. It is widely used in military, civil, and regional heraldry, representing bravery, determination, and the spirit of the Knights of Malta.

Symbolism and meaning

The Maltese cross, a symbol of the Knights of Malta, is deeply intertwined with the history and culture of rugby in Malta. The four arrowhead-shaped quadrilaterals converging at a central vertex represent fortitude, bravery, and resilience – qualities that resonate with the spirit of rugby.

This iconic symbol holds significant historical value as it was used by the Knights during their occupation of Malta from 1530-1798. Today, the Maltese cross is proudly adorned on the jerseys of rugby players representing Malta on international stages, embodying the enduring legacy and strength associated with this ancient emblem.

Used in military insignia, civil emblems, and regional heraldry across Europe and beyond, this symbol has become synonymous with triumph over adversity – echoing the determination displayed by athletes on the rugby field.

Connection to Malta

The Maltese cross, a symbol deeply rooted in Malta’s history, is intricately connected to the sport of rugby on the island. The cross is associated with the legacy of the Knights of St John who occupied Malta from 1530-1798 and left an indelible mark on its culture and heritage.

This historic connection brings an added layer of significance to rugby in Malta, highlighting its deep ties to the country’s rich historical fabric.

Today, as rugby continues to grow in popularity on the Mediterranean island, the presence of this symbol serves as a reminder of Malta’s enduring sporting spirit and its storied past.

Uses in military, civil, and regional heraldry

The Maltese cross holds significant historical and symbolic value in military, civil, and regional heraldry. It is a recognizable emblem that has been utilised by various entities throughout history due to its association with the Knights of Malta.

The distinctive design of the Maltese cross, composed of four arrowhead-shaped quadrilaterals converging at right angles, has been incorporated into military insignias, flags, coats of arms, and civic emblems across different regions.

This symbol not only represents courage and sacrifice but also signifies allegiance to the legacy of the Knights of St John.

In addition to its use in military contexts, the Maltese cross features prominently in civil heraldry as an emblem representing honour and chivalry. Its utilisation extends beyond national symbolism to regional heraldry as well, serving as a proud identifier for communities linked with the historic influence of the Knights.

Rugby in Malta Today

The Malta Knights have seen success in Europe, and the popularity of rugby in Malta continues to grow. To learn more about their journey and the future of rugby in this Mediterranean country, keep reading!

Success of Malta Knights in Europe

The Malta Knights have achieved success in European rugby competitions, showcasing their skill and determination on the field. The team has represented Malta with pride, earning recognition in international rugby leagues and tournaments.

Their dedication to the sport has contributed to the growing popularity of rugby in Malta and has inspired a new generation of players to join the Crusade.

As they continue to make their mark in European rugby, the Malta Knights are paving the way for future success and opportunities for Maltese athletes. With each game, they embody the spirit of sportsmanship and perseverance, cementing their position as formidable contenders on the European rugby stage.

Growth of rugby league and rugby union

Building on the success of Malta Knights in Europe, rugby league and rugby union have experienced significant growth in Malta. The national senior men’s team’s ranking at 46th by World Rugby reflects the sport’s increasing popularity.

The Malta Rugby League and the Maltese National Rugby Team have achieved recognition internationally, with players competing in various competitions. As for rugby union, the emergence of new clubs and increased participation indicate a promising future for the sport on the Mediterranean island.

Rugby 7s is also gaining momentum, with Malta hosting the Rugby Europe 7s Conference 2 competition. Furthermore, their recent victory against British Defence Forces demonstrates their prowess and growing influence in both league and union formats.


With the recent success of the Malta Knights and their growing popularity on the European rugby stage, it’s evident that rugby in Malta is on an upward trajectory. The historical significance of the Maltese cross symbol and its connection to rugby adds a unique dimension to the sport in Malta.

As this Mediterranean country continues to embrace rugby league and rugby union, it’s clear that the Knights of Malta are leading a courageous charge in promoting the sport on their shores.

With continued growth and success, it’s only a matter of time before we witness even greater achievements from the Knights of the Mediterranean Rugby Crusade.


1. What is the Knights of the Mediterranean Rugby Crusade?

The Knights of the Mediterranean Rugby Crusade refers to Malta’s vibrant rugby culture and history, highlighting their competitive spirit in European rugby conferences.

2. Where do people play rugby in Malta?

Rugby is played at various venues across Malta, with Marsa being a notable location where spirited rugby matches take place.

3. Is Rugby popular as a sport in Malta?

Yes, Rugby in Malta has become increasingly popular and forms an essential part of Maltese sports, contributing to the rich heritage of Mediterranean sports.

4. Do teams from Malta compete in international rugby?

Indeed, Maltese rugby teams actively participate and challenge other nations within the Rugby Europe’s Conference competitions.

5. How is rugby developing in Malta?

Rugby development in Malta continues to grow through dedicated training programs for players at all levels and by promoting participation within both local communities and international platforms.

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