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Rugby in Kuwait: The Desert Falcons’ Rugby Journey

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For many, the mention of rugby in the Middle East might come as a surprise. Yet, amidst Kuwait’s sands lies the spirited Desert Falcons Rugby Club. This blog will dive into their remarkable journey and shed light on how they’ve made strides in the sport locally and internationally.

Let’s explore this unexpected rugby oasis together!

Key Takeaways

  • The Desert Falcons Rugby Club is at the heart of Kuwait’s rugby scene, with a history dating back to 1947 when the sport was first played by British military personnel and KOC members.
  • Key clubs such as Dhahran Rugby Union Football Club (DRUFC) and Kuwait Scorpions RFC have shaped local rugby culture, with DRUFC being one of the oldest in the region and boosting community engagement.
  • Growth has spiked since rugby turned professional post – 1995, evidenced by success stories like Kuwait Saracens RFC overcoming initial challenges to become the only dedicated youth rugby club in Kuwait.
  • International participation through teams like Falcons and Warriors has put Kuwaiti rugby on a global map, and events like The Falcon Training Show combine cultural traditions with sporting celebrations.
  • With continuous development focused on youth programs and international exposure for teams, there is a keen sense that rugby in Kuwait will continue to flourish.

History of Rugby in Kuwait

Rugby has a long history in Kuwait, with the early development of the sport leading to the rise of Dhahran Rugby Union Football Club (DRUFC) and the formation of Kuwait Scorpions RFC.

These milestones laid the foundation for rugby’s growth in the country.

Early development

Rugby’s roots in Kuwait trace back to 1947, with the sport initially being played by British military personnel and local KOC members. This early engagement planted the seeds for what would become a passionate rugby culture within the region.

The Eastern Transvaal Rugby Football Union, later known as Falcons Rugby Union, emerged that same year, laying foundational structures for future clubs and teams.

Growth began to accelerate after rugby turned professional post-1995 World Cup. Clubs like the Kuwait Scorpions RFC stepped onto the scene, signalling a turn towards organised competition and international exposure for Kuwaiti players.

This stage of development crucially set up platforms from which emerging teams could launch, greatly expanding rugby’s reach across the Gulf region.

The rise of Dhahran Rugby Union Football Club (DRUFC)

Founded in 1947 as the Eastern Transvaal Rugby Football Union, Dhahran Rugby Union Football Club (DRUFC) has played a pivotal role in shaping the rugby culture in Kuwait. The club’s establishment laid the groundwork for the development and expansion of rugby within the region.

As one of the oldest clubs, it has contributed significantly to fostering a love for this sport among local communities, paving the way for future generations of rugby enthusiasts.

With its rich history and commitment to promoting the game, DRUFC continues to be an influential force in nurturing passion for rugby across Kuwait.

Formation of Kuwait Scorpions RFC

Kuwait Scorpions RFC was formed as a response to the growing interest in rugby in Kuwait, following the continuous efforts to develop and promote the sport. The club has become an integral part of the rugby culture in Kuwait and has played a crucial role in fostering the passion for rugby among the locals.

Established with a vision to expand and enhance rugby participation, it has provided a platform for players of all levels to engage with the sport, leading to significant growth and development within the community.

The journey of Kuwait Scorpions RFC reflects their commitment to building a thriving rugby environment across Kuwait. This dedication has contributed immensely toward shaping its identity as one of the prominent clubs in promoting and nurturing rugby talent on both local and international platforms.

Growth of Rugby in Kuwait

The growth of rugby in Kuwait has been significant, with the introduction of the Falcons and Warriors teams leading to a surge in participation. The establishment of the Falcons Nest venue has provided a dedicated space for rugby events and international tournaments, further solidifying the sport’s presence in Kuwait.

Introduction of the Falcons and Warriors teams

The Falcons and Warriors teams have been instrumental in the growth of rugby in Kuwait. The Falcons, with their dedicated players and coaching staff, have made significant strides in raising the profile of rugby in the region.

Meanwhile, the Warriors team has also shown immense promise and skill on the field, contributing to a thriving rugby culture within Kuwait. Their participation in international tournaments has not only showcased their talent but has also brought attention to the growing success of Kuwaiti rugby teams on a global scale.

Both teams have played a pivotal role in establishing a strong foundation for rugby within Kuwait through their commitment to excellence and sportsmanship. With their impressive track record and devotion to the sport, they continue to inspire young athletes and contribute significantly to furthering youth development programs for aspiring rugby players across Kuwait.

Establishment of the Falcons Nest venue

Following the introduction of the Falcons and Warriors teams, the establishment of the Falcons Nest venue marked a significant milestone for rugby in Kuwait. This purpose-built sports complex provided a dedicated space where players could train, fans could gather, and matches could be enjoyed to foster the sport’s growth in the region.

The venue also served as a hub for hosting international tournaments, elevating its status as a prominent location within Kuwait’s rugby community.

Ideal for corporate events or family outings, the Falcons Nest venue offered state-of-the-art facilities that complemented Kuwait’s budding enthusiasm for rugby. Additionally, with its strategic location and modern amenities, it became an integral part of nurturing youth talent and fostering camaraderie among local and international rugby enthusiasts.

Participation in international tournaments

Following the establishment of the Falcons Nest venue, the Desert Falcons’ rugby team ventured into international tournaments, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport. Here’s a closer look at their participation in these prestigious events:

  1. The Desert Falcons proudly participated in the KRU Championship, competing against top teams from across the Middle East.
  2. Making a mark on the global stage, they enthusiastically represented Kuwait in rugby tournaments held in the Gulf region.
  3. The team impressed with their tenacity and sportsmanship as they gained exposure to international rugby culture through their participation in renowned tournaments.
  4. Embracing every opportunity to challenge themselves, the Falcons demonstrated their dedication by competing in various rugby championships around the globe.
  5. Their participation in international tournaments allowed them to interact with diverse rugby communities and learn from seasoned players, enriching their own rugby journey.
  6. Through these experiences, the Desert Falcons gained invaluable insights into international competition, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and excellence within their team.
  7. Their involvement in international tournaments not only bolstered their skills but also contributed to enhancing Kuwait’s presence in the global rugby landscape.
  8. As ambassadors of Kuwaiti rugby, they embraced each tournament as an opportunity to showcase their talent and resilience on an international platform.

The Falcon Training Show

Experience the thrill of watching falconry skills on display, soak up the lively party atmosphere, and enjoy top-class entertainment at the Falcon Training Show in Kuwait.

To learn more about the exciting journey of Rugby in Kuwait and the rise of The Desert Falcons, continue reading our blog!

Displaying the skills of falconry

The Falcon Training Show captivates audiences by showcasing the impressive skills of falconry, where trained falcons gracefully soar through the sky and perform stunning aerial manoeuvres.

This captivating display not only highlights the majestic bond between falcon and handler but also adds a unique touch to the rugby event, creating an unforgettable experience for spectators.

The sight of these magnificent birds soaring overhead perfectly complements the competitive spirit of rugby, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall atmosphere.

Experiencing the party atmosphere

Kuwait’s Falcon Training Show offers a vibrant party atmosphere where attendees can immerse themselves in the captivating skills of falconry. Spectators will revel in top-class entertainment, adding to the lively ambiance.

The electrifying environment resonates with rugby fans and event-goers alike, creating an unforgettable experience that embodies the passion for rugby in Kuwait. With international exposure soaring, various youth rugby clubs flourishing, and notable tournaments on the horizon, this celebratory spirit continues to elevate the sport’s culture across the Gulf region.

Lively supporters don their favourite rugby shirts as they gather at events like the Falcon Training Show. The dynamic energy of these gatherings reflects the ever-growing enthusiasm for rugby in Kuwait and adds a delightful dimension to this burgeoning sports scene within the Middle East.

Enjoying top-class entertainment

Transitioning from the lively party atmosphere, Kuwait’s rugby fans are treated to top-class entertainment. The Falcons’ Training Show showcases the exceptional skills of falconry, adding a unique and thrilling element to rugby events in Kuwait.

With international exposure for Kuwaiti teams, spectators can enjoy high-quality performances and immerse themselves in the vibrant rugby culture of the Gulf region.

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The Present and Future of Rugby in Kuwait

The only youth rugby club in Kuwait is paving the way for future generations of players. With the success of Kuwait Saracens RFC and the dedication of the Falcons team, rugby in Kuwait has a bright future ahead.

The only youth rugby club in Kuwait

Kuwait Saracens RFC stands as the sole youth rugby club in Kuwait, providing a platform for young aspiring rugby players to develop their skills and passion for the sport. Overcoming challenges such as funding limitations and dwindling player numbers at its establishment, the club has persevered to nurture a growing community of youth players eager to embrace the thrilling world of rugby.

As Kuwait’s only dedicated youth rugby club, it plays a vital role in fostering the next generation of talented athletes who are poised to make an impact on the regional and international rugby scene.

The success of Kuwait Saracens RFC

Established at the end of the 08/09 season, Kuwait Saracens RFC has made remarkable strides in promoting rugby among youth in Kuwait. Despite initial funding challenges and declining player numbers, the club has flourished as the only dedicated youth rugby club in the country.

With a clear focus on nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the sport, Kuwait Saracens RFC has played a pivotal role in sustaining and growing interest in rugby within Kuwait’s younger demographic.

As it continues to thrive, this success story is not just about building a team but also cultivating a vibrant community around rugby.

The dedication of volunteers and coaches combined with an unwavering passion for rugby have been key factors behind the accomplishments of Kuwait Saracens RFC. The enthusiasm shown by these individuals lays down solid groundwork for further growth and establishes an encouraging environment for budding players.

Through their concerted efforts, they have set an inspiring example that goes beyond mere sporting achievements – influencing positive values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance amongst young participants.

The dedication of the Falcons team

The Falcons team demonstrates unwavering dedication to the sport of rugby. Their commitment is evident in their relentless training, teamwork, and passion for the game. With a history dating back to 1947, they have shown perseverance through challenges and continue to inspire young players in Kuwait with their devotion to the sport.

Their determination has led to participation in international tournaments and playing a significant role in the growth of rugby culture in the Gulf region. The Falcons’ dedication serves as an example for aspiring rugby enthusiasts, encouraging them to embrace the values of sportsmanship, discipline, and hard work.


In conclusion, the passion for rugby in Kuwait is evident through the growth and success of the sport in recent years. With dedicated teams, youth clubs, and international exposure, the future looks bright for rugby in the Arabian Peninsula.

The passion of Kuwait for rugby

Kuwait’s passion for rugby is evident in the rapid growth of the sport in the region. With an increased interest from youth and support from clubs like Kuwait Saracens RFC, the future of rugby looks promising in Kuwait.

The country’s dedication to fostering a strong rugby community has led to participation in international tournaments and the establishment of high-level teams, reflecting a growing enthusiasm for the sport.

The Falcons team has played a pivotal role in cultivating this passion by providing opportunities for players to hone their skills and showcase their talent on both local and international stages.

The bright future ahead for the sport

The future of rugby in Kuwait looks promising, with the establishment of the Kuwait Saracens RFC as the only youth rugby club in the country. The dedication shown by the Falcons team and their participation in international tournaments are paving the way for increased exposure and growth of the sport in the Middle East.

Alongside events such as The Falcon Training Show, which showcases both rugby skills and a vibrant party atmosphere, there is great potential for attracting new fans to support this exciting sport.

As Kuwait continues to develop its rugby scene, with more focus on youth development and international exposure, it’s evident that rugby has firmly taken root in this region. With ongoing efforts from clubs like Kuwait Scorpions RFC and initiatives such as The Falcons Nest venue, a bright future lies ahead for rugby enthusiasts in Kuwait.


1. Who are the Desert Falcons?

The Desert Falcons are a rugby team in Kuwait, representing one of the clubs that brings together rugby supporters and players from across the region.

2. Is there youth participation in Rugby in Kuwait?

Yes, there are youth rugby clubs in Kuwait that nurture young talent to gain skills and possibly gain international rugby exposure for Kuwaiti teams.

3. Can teams from Kuwait join Rugby championships in the Middle East?

Absolutely! Teams like the Desert Falcons can enter various rugby tournaments and strive to win a championship title within the Middle East.

4. What is being done for Rugby development in Kuwait?

Efforts include organising local events, joining competitions on the Arabian Peninsula, and encouraging more people to support and play for Rugby clubs in Kuwait.

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