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Rugby in Jordan: The Hashemite Kingdom’s Rugby Dream

American football rests on a sandy desert with dunes and rock formations in the background.

Rugby might seem a world away in the sandy landscapes of Jordan, but it’s catching on fast. Did you know that Jordan boasts its own rugby leagues and teams? Our blog takes you through the journey of rugby in this desert kingdom, from its modest beginnings to its current ambitions.

Dive into Jordan’s rugby dream with us!

Key Takeaways

  • Jordan Rugby Union is the main body managing rugby in Jordan, focusing on developing the sport through leagues and talent nurturing from grassroots to national levels.
  • Despite initial challenges such as lack of resources and awareness, rugby in Jordan has grown with teams like Citadel Warriors RFC and Nomads RFC making notable contributions.
  • The national rugby team of Jordan has participated in international qualifiers and tournaments, showing dedication and achieving milestones that elevate their global presence.
  • Clubs including Amman Saracens and Aqaba Sharks play crucial roles in promoting rugby values, organising local tournaments, and engaging communities.
  • Future plans for Jordanian rugby include holding various tournaments to boost participation at all levels, youth development programs, and improving facilities through partnerships.

Governing Body of Rugby in Jordan

The governing body of rugby in Jordan is the Jordan Rugby Union, responsible for overseeing and developing the sport in the country. With a focus on growth and promotion, they aim to create opportunities for players at all levels.

Jordan Rugby Union

Jordan Rugby Union stands at the forefront of rugby development in the Hashemite Kingdom. With a focus on promoting discipline, teamwork, and respect among players, it steers rugby’s growth with dedication and strategic planning.

By overseeing leagues such as Rugby sevens and Rugby 15s, they ensure that enthusiasts have ample opportunities to engage in the sport.

This non-profit organisation goes beyond regulating matches; it actively works on nurturing talents from grassroots levels up to national representation. Their efforts contribute significantly to placing Jordanian teams like the Citadel Warriors RFC and Nomads RFC on both regional and international radars.

As guardians of this burgeoning sporting community, Jordan Rugby Union is essential in facilitating high-quality training for athletes while fostering a culture of camaraderie within the rugby circles of the Middle East.

History of Rugby in Jordan

Rugby in Jordan has faced its share of challenges, but it has also experienced growth and development that is shaping the future of the sport in the Hashemite Kingdom. To learn more about how rugby has evolved in Jordan, keep reading.

Low points

Rugby in Jordan faced challenges during its early days due to the sport being relatively unknown and underappreciated. Limited resources and infrastructure also posed obstacles for the development of rugby in the country.

Additionally, with a small number of players, teams, and clubs, there were struggles to establish a robust foundation for the sport’s growth. The low participation rates and lack of exposure further hindered the progress of rugby in Jordan.

The initial stages saw little public interest or support for rugby compared to other mainstream sports. Furthermore, financial constraints made it difficult to organise competitive leagues and tournaments consistently, impeding the overall momentum of rugby within Jordan’s sporting landscape.

Growth and development

Jordanian rugby has experienced significant growth and development with its own sevens and rugby 15s leagues. Teams like Citadel Warriors RFC, Citadel Knights RFC, Nomads RFC, Amman Saracens, and Aqaba Sharks are actively participating in the sport within Jordan.

The commitment to developing rugby is evident through these leagues and the presence of dedicated clubs. The establishment of a non-profit organisation, the Jordan Rugby Committee, further emphasises the country’s efforts to foster the sport.

Additionally, as part of this expansion, Jordan’s involvement in international tournaments contributes to the growing global presence of rugby.

The popularity and development of rugby in Jordan reflect a broader global trend where traditional sports find new homes across different cultures. This progress indicates that Jordanian rugby could become an integral part of the country’s sports culture in years to come.

National Team

The National Team has achieved significant milestones and has ambitious future goals, making them a force to be reckoned with in the rugby world. To learn more about their achievements and plans for the future, keep reading!


The Jordanian rugby team has made significant strides in recent years, achieving noteworthy milestones and gaining recognition in the international rugby community. Here are some of their achievements:

  1. Securing victories in regional tournaments and establishing a strong presence within the Middle East rugby circuit, showcasing their talent and determination.
  2. Participating in Rugby World Cup qualifying matches, demonstrating their commitment to representing Jordan on a global stage.
  3. Showcasing exceptional skill and sportsmanship in international friendly matches, earning respect from opponents and fans alike.
  4. Developing a robust youth rugby programme, nurturing the next generation of talented players and ensuring the sustainability of the sport in Jordan.
  5. Organising successful local rugby tournaments, fostering a vibrant and competitive rugby culture within the country.
  6. Collaborating with international rugby organisations to host training camps and exchange programmes, elevating the standards of play and promoting cultural exchange through sport.
  7. Embracing diversity within their team, welcoming players from various backgrounds and uniting them under a common passion for rugby.
  8. Establishing partnerships with local communities to promote grassroots participation in rugby, expanding the reach of the sport across different regions of Jordan.
  9. Garnering support from government entities and sports organisations to invest in infrastructure and resources for the development of rugby at all levels.
  10. Inspiring enthusiasm for rugby among Jordanian youth, creating opportunities for personal growth, teamwork, and leadership through the sport.

Future goals

The Jordan Rugby Union aims to establish a solid talent development program to nurture young rugby players and build a strong pipeline for the national team. Additionally, there is a push towards increasing participation at all levels of the sport to create more competitive leagues and improve the overall standard of rugby in Jordan.

As part of these efforts, coaching and referee programs are being enhanced to ensure the growth and sustainability of the sport. The ultimate ambition is to elevate Jordan’s standing in international competitions by qualifying for major tournaments such as the Rugby World Cup.

The ongoing focus on youth development and increased grassroots participation will be key in achieving these goals. This commitment reflects an exciting vision for rugby’s future in Jordan, with potential implications for its growing presence within Middle Eastern sports culture while also leaving room for increased global visibility and competition.

Rugby Clubs in Jordan

The rugby clubs in Jordan, including Citadel Warriors RFC, Nomads RFC, and Amman Saracens, are making significant contributions to the development of the sport in the country. For more information on their impact and initiatives, keep reading!

Citadel Warriors RFC

Citadel Warriors RFC is a prominent rugby club in Jordan, known for its dedication to the sport and competitive spirit. As part of the country’s rugby community, the team plays an essential role in promoting and developing rugby in the region.

With a focus on discipline and mutual respect, Citadel Warriors RFC embodies the core values of rugby while striving for excellence on the field.

The team’s participation in both sevens and rugby 15s leagues showcases their commitment to the sport’s growth and popularity in Jordan. Citadel Warriors’ presence contributes significantly to strengthening the international presence of Jordanian rugby.

Citadel Knights RFC

The Citadel Knights RFC is a prominent rugby team in Jordan, participating in both sevens and rugby 15s leagues. The team plays a crucial role in the development of the sport within the country, actively contributing to the growth and popularity of rugby among aspiring players.

With a strong emphasis on discipline, control, mutual respect, fellowship, and fair play – values inherent to rugby – Citadel Knights RFC sets an example for aspiring teams and players alike.

Their commitment to promoting a positive sporting culture aligns with the broader goal of establishing rugby as an integral part of Jordan’s sports community.

Nomads RFC

Nomads RFC is one of the prominent rugby clubs in Jordan, known for its dedication to the sport’s development. The club actively participates in both sevens and rugby 15s leagues, contributing to the thriving rugby culture in the country.

Nomads RFC embodies the core values of rugby – discipline, mutual respect, fellowship and fair play – while striving for excellence on the field. Their commitment reflects Jordan’s growing involvement in global rugby expansion.

The efforts of Nomads RFC exemplify Jordan’s increasing role in international rugby presence as they compete with other top teams within and beyond their nation’s borders. With a strong focus on community impact and player growth, Nomads RFC stands as a significant pillar in shaping Jordanian Rugby’s future landscape.

Amman Saracens

Amman Saracens is one of the prominent rugby clubs in Jordan, actively participating in both sevens and rugby 15s leagues. The club has made significant strides in developing and promoting the sport within the Hashemite Kingdom.

With a strong commitment to fair play and fellowship, Amman Saracens contributes to the growth and presence of rugby in Jordan, aligning with global trends of the sport’s expansion beyond its traditional origins.

As part of the vibrant rugby community in Jordan, Amman Saracens plays an essential role in shaping the future of Jordanian rugby, contributing to its potential significance within the country’s sports culture.

The club’s active engagement showcases their dedication towards fostering a strong sense of discipline and mutual self-respect among players, thereby making notable contributions to local rugby development initiatives.

Aqaba Sharks

Aqaba Sharks, one of the prominent rugby teams in Jordan, actively participates in both sevens and rugby 15s leagues. Their dedication to the sport reflects the country’s commitment to developing rugby at a national level.

As part of the growing rugby community in Jordan, Aqaba Sharks provide players with opportunities to engage in professional training and competitive matches. The team’s involvement contributes significantly to the global expansion of rugby beyond its traditional origins, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and camaraderie among players and fans alike.

The presence of Aqaba Sharks is pivotal for Jordanian rugby as it not only provides an avenue for local talent but also elevates the overall standard of play within the region. The team’s active participation aligns with their future goals—fostering growth and making meaningful contributions to international rugby tournaments through their continued development plans.

The Future of Jordanian Rugby

Jordanian Rugby looks set to flourish in the coming years with upcoming tournaments, development plans, and a growing impact on the community and players. Read on to discover more about rugby’s promising future in the Hashemite Kingdom.

Upcoming tournaments

The Jordan Rugby Union has planned several exciting upcoming tournaments and events for rugby fans to look forward to. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  1. The National Rugby Sevens Tournament, showcasing the best sevens teams from across Jordan and providing a platform for emerging talent to shine.
  2. The Women’s Rugby 15s Championship, promoting gender equality in the sport and celebrating the growing presence of women in rugby.
  3. The Junior Rugby Development Cup, nurturing young talent and fostering the next generation of rugby stars in Jordan.
  4. The International Friendship Cup, inviting teams from neighbouring countries to compete and strengthen regional rugby ties.
  5. The Ramadan Sevens Festival, bringing together communities through the spirit of rugby during the holy month of Ramadan.
  6. The Inter – club Challenge Trophy, pitting the top clubs against each other in an electrifying display of skill and sportsmanship.
  7. The Heritage Cup, honouring the rich history of rugby in Jordan and paying homage to the pioneers of the sport in the country.

Development and growth plans

The Jordan Rugby Committee is focused on expanding the sport’s reach by introducing rugby training programmes in schools and communities across the country. The committee aims to increase participation at both recreational and competitive levels, with a focus on building youth development pathways for aspiring players.

Additionally, plans include organising more local tournaments and leagues to provide regular playing opportunities for teams and enhance skill development among players.

Furthermore, the organisation is working towards establishing partnerships with local businesses to secure funding for equipment, coaching staff, and facilities. This initiative aims to improve access to quality rugby gear and training resources for athletes at all levels of the game.

Impact on the community and players

Rugby in Jordan has had a significant impact on the local community and players. The sport promotes discipline, control, mutual self-respect, fellowship, and fair play among participants.

Its presence in the country contributes to the development of a well-rounded sporting culture that values teamwork and sportsmanship. With strong support from rugby clubs such as Citadel Warriors RFC, Nomads RFC, and Amman Saracens, young players have access to training opportunities that foster athletic skills and personal growth.

As Jordan’s involvement in rugby continues to expand beyond its traditional origins, it brings international attention to the country’s sports scene and encourages more young people to engage in physical activity.

The growing popularity of rugby is also attracting wider community involvement through tournaments and matches that bring people together to support their local teams. Additionally, as the Hashemite Kingdom continues its efforts towards rugby development with upcoming tournaments and plans for growth, it stands poised to further enhance its sporting landscape both domestically and on an international stage.


In conclusion, Jordan’s rugby scene is evolving rapidly, with a committed governing body and several thriving clubs. As the sport gains traction in the country, it has the potential to become an integral part of Jordan’s sporting culture.

With upcoming tournaments and development plans in place, the future looks promising for rugby in the Hashemite Kingdom. The impact of rugby on local communities and players is significant, reflecting a global trend of expansion beyond traditional origins.

Jordan’s involvement in rugby contributes to its international growth and presence as well.


1. Does Jordan have a national rugby team?

Yes, Jordan boasts its own national rugby team which competes in matches and works hard to put the country on the global Rugby map.

2. Can I watch a rugby match in Jordan?

Certainly! Rugby matches are played within local leagues, and there are tournaments that you might attend to experience the passion for rugby in the Middle East.

3. Is rugby growing as a sport in Jordan?

Rugby development is indeed underway with efforts focused on training more players and elevating the quality of rugby throughout various leagues in Jordan.

4. Are there opportunities for young people to play rugby?

Young aspiring athletes can join clubs where they will receive dedicated training from experienced coaches, helping them become skilled rugby players in Jordan.

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