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Rugby in Finland: The Frozen Frontier of Finnish Rugby

A rugby ball resting on snow against a sunrise mountain backdrop.

Ever thought rugby was just for the grassy pitches of traditional powerhouses? Think again. This surprising sport is taking root in the crisp, cold fields of Finland, where both men’s and women’s teams are climbing up international rankings.

Discover how this tenacious Nordic nation tackles rugby on their frosty home turf — a true testament to their grit and passion for the game. Get ready to dive into the world of Finnish rugby!

Key Takeaways

  • Finland has embraced rugby union, with both men’s and women’s teams climbing the international rankings, despite the country’s traditionally cold climate. The men’s team currently ranks 71st in the world.
  • The Finnish Rugby Federation is working hard to grow the sport through initiatives such as introducing rugby into school programmes and partnering with other organisations for coaching and talent development.
  • Unique aspects of Finnish rugby include annual snow rugby tournaments that attract local and international attention, highlighting Finland’s enthusiasm for adapting sports to their environment.
  • Challenges facing Finnish rugby include a decline in funding and participation levels. However, ambitious plans are in place to increase resources for youth development programmes aimed at nurturing new talents.
  • Finland features both sevens and 15’s rugby teams, illustrating its commitment to offering diverse playing opportunities within the sport on an inclusive platform.

The State of Rugby Union in Finland

Rugby union in Finland is a minor but growing sport, with representation in both the men’s and women’s teams. The country has made strides in the world rankings and continues to develop its presence in international competitions.

Minor but growing sport

Despite its icy climate, Finland has embraced rugby union with a passion typically reserved for winter sports. Both men’s and women’s teams are climbing the global rankings, showcasing their resilience and dedication to this tough sport.

The Finnish teams stand out not just in Scandinavia but on an international stage, proving that even smaller nations can make significant strides in rugby.

With each match played, enthusiasm for rugby spreads across Finland’s snowy expanses. Men’s National Team is currently ranked 71st globally, reflecting steady improvement and commitment to making headway in elite sports circles—a remarkable feat considering the country’s historically low ranking.

This growth mirrors the increasing visibility of the Helsinki Rugby Club and other local teams fostering a spirited rugby community under challenging conditions. Now let’s turn our attention to how the Finnish Rugby Federation bolsters this burgeoning sporting movement.

Representation in world rankings

Rugby union in Finland is a minor but growing sport with representation in the world rankings. The Finland national rugby union team is ranked 71st in the world, representing both men’s and women’s 15’s teams. During the Rugby World Cup 2019, the men’s team improved their ranking to 88th out of 105, no longer being dead last in the world rankings. Finland has not yet played in a Rugby World Cup. Despite being a minor sport, rugby in Finland is making strides in international rankings for both men’s and women’s teams.

Presence in both men’s and women’s teams

Both men’s and women’s 15’s teams represent Finland in the world rankings of rugby union. The Finland national rugby union team ranks 71st in the world, while its women’s team also holds a significant position internationally.

Despite being relatively minor, both genders are making strides and gaining recognition on the global stage.

The Finnish Rugby Federation is responsible for overseeing the progress and development of both men’s and women’s teams in order to further strengthen their positions in international competitions.

The Finnish Rugby Federation

The Finnish Rugby Federation is the national governing body for rugby in Finland, overseeing the development and promotion of the sport. Through major initiatives and partnerships, they work to grow and strengthen rugby in the country.

National governing body for rugby in Finland

The Finnish Rugby Federation serves as the national governing body for rugby in Finland. As an official member union of World Rugby, it spearheads the development and regulation of rugby within the region.

The federation plays a pivotal role in promoting and growing both men’s and women’s 15’s teams, thus contributing to Finland’s representation on the world rankings chart. Moreover, its initiatives and partnerships are instrumental in propelling the sport forward despite being relatively minor in comparison to other sports prevalent in the country.

Notably, amidst challenges faced by elite sports in Finland, including rugby, this governing body remains committed to nurturing a thriving rugby culture within the nation. With dynamic strategies and cooperation at both local and international levels, the Finnish Rugby Federation continues to steer Finland towards recognition on a global stage while fostering inclusivity within its domestic rugby landscape.

Major initiatives and partnerships

Unique Rugby Culture in Finland

Finland has a unique rugby culture that includes annual snow rugby tournaments, the presence of both sevens and 15’s teams, and success in individual and team competitions. Despite the cold climate, rugby has found a home in Finland with its own distinct style and traditions.

Annual snow rugby tournaments

Every year, Finland hosts exhilarating snow rugby tournaments that showcase the country’s love for the sport amidst extreme winter conditions. These tournaments attract both local and international teams, adding a unique dimension to the traditional game of rugby.

The icy playing fields and frigid temperatures present an extraordinary challenge for players, fostering camaraderie and resilience among participants. The annual snow rugby events continue to gain popularity, drawing attention to Finland’s commitment to embracing rugby in unconventional settings.

With enthusiastic participation from diverse teams, these tournaments provide a thrilling spectacle for fans while highlighting the adaptability and adventurous spirit of Finnish rugby players.

Presence of sevens and 15’s teams

Rugby in Finland boasts both men’s and women’s 15’s teams, illustrating the sport’s inclusivity and growth within the country. Additionally, there is a prevalent presence of sevens teams, reflecting the diverse range of rugby formats that are actively participated in across Finland.

The Helsinki Rugby Club has also played a significant role in nurturing these forms of the game, contributing to their steady popularity among players and fans alike.

With an established foothold for both sevens and 15’s teams, Finnish rugby continues to expand on its international recognition while providing ample opportunities for enthusiasts to engage with various levels of competition and camaraderie.

Success in individual and team competitions

Finland’s national rugby union team has shown significant progress in recent years, achieving success in individual and team competitions. The men’s international rugby team notably improved their ranking during the Rugby World Cup 2019, climbing from dead last to 88th out of 105 teams globally.

Additionally, Finland’s women’s 15’s team has also made strides in international rankings, demonstrating the country’s commitment to fostering talent and competing at a higher level on the global stage.

Both men’s and women’s teams have displayed commendable performances in various tournaments and matches. The Helsinki Rugby Club plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent and developing competitive players who have contributed to Finland’s success on both individual and team levels within the sport of rugby.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Despite the decline in funding and participation, there are ambitious plans for development and growth within Finnish rugby. Intrigued to learn more? Keep reading to discover the unique world of rugby in Finland.

Decline in funding and participation

Funding for rugby in Finland has declined, impacting the sport’s growth and development. This decline has affected participation levels across different age groups. The lack of financial support has hindered the implementation of crucial developmental programs, thereby hampering the sport’s expansion.

To address this challenge, initiatives to secure sustainable funding and foster grassroots participation are essential for nurturing future talent and sustaining interest in the sport.

Without adequate resources and widespread support, the long-term viability and success of Finnish rugby could be at stake.

Plans for development and growth

  1. Collaborating with local schools to introduce rugby into physical education curriculums, promoting grassroots participation from an early age.
  2. Implementing mentorship programmes pairing experienced players with aspiring athletes, fostering a culture of knowledge transfer and skill development.
  3. Organising regional tournaments and leagues to provide regular competitive opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to enhance their experience and exposure.
  4. Expanding access to coaching certifications and training courses in collaboration with World Rugby, aiming to improve the standard of coaching nationwide.
  5. Establishing partnerships with corporate sponsors and government entities to secure sustainable financial support for infrastructure development and player welfare initiatives.
  6. Fostering international collaborations through exchange programmes with established rugby-playing nations to facilitate cross-cultural learning experiences for Finnish players and coaches.
  7. Creating awareness campaigns targeting potential new participants through social media, traditional media, and community outreach efforts.
  8. Developing talent identification systems to scout potential recruits from other athletic disciplines or regions within Finland, emphasising inclusivity in recruitment processes.


Rugby in Finland is a minor but growing sport with men’s and women’s 15’s teams making strides in the world rankings. The national governing body, the Finnish Rugby Federation, has been proactive in fostering initiatives and partnerships to develop the sport.

Despite challenges such as declining funding and participation, Finland’s unique rugby culture combined with strategic plans for growth indicate promising prospects for the future.


1. What is Rugby in Finland known for?

Rugby in Finland, often seen as the frozen frontier of Finnish rugby, is known for its unique challenges of playing a traditionally outdoor sport in extreme cold weather conditions.

2. Does Finland have national rugby teams?

Yes, Finland boasts both Men’s and Women’s National Teams that participate in events like Rugby Europe tournaments and strive to improve their rugby world rankings.

3. Are there any popular winter sports in Finland besides rugby?

Indeed, while rugby develops its presence, ice hockey remains a dominant winter sport within Finnish sports culture along with other Nordic sports.

4. Can you buy a Finnish rugby jersey?

Absolutely! Fans can show their support by purchasing a Finland Rugby Jersey for either the men’s or women’s teams or their respective sevens squads.

5. How does the climate affect Rugby development in Finland?

The cold climate poses unique obstacles but also contributes to the character of Finnish rugby; it requires adaptations not just for players but also influences how tournaments are scheduled and played across the country.

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