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Rugby in Egypt: Pharaohs on the Rugby Field

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Many people think of pyramids and pharaohs when they hear about Egypt, but there’s a growing buzz around rugby in this ancient land. Did you know that the Cairo Rugby Club, formed back in 1980, is the oldest rugby club in Egypt? Our article dives into the journey of Egyptian rugby from its historical roots to its current surge on both local pitches and international arenas.

Get ready for an exciting exploration of how these modern-day Pharaohs are making their mark on the rugby field!

Key Takeaways

  • Egypt has a thriving rugby scene, with the Cairo Rugby Club established in 1980 as the country’s oldest rugby club.
  • The national teams, including an under 20s squad, are active in international competitions against countries such as Lebanon, Algeria, and Benin.
  • Egyptian rugby is inclusive, with men’s, women’s and junior teams present at clubs like Cairo Rugby Club that also offer 15s and mixed touch rugby.
  • Partnerships like the one between Cairo Rugby Club and Club 7 Egypt are key to fostering local talent and promoting the sport throughout the nation.
  • With membership in World Rugby and participation in Rugby Africa tournaments, Egypt is poised for growth on both regional and global rugby stages.

History of Rugby in Egypt

Rugby in Egypt has a rich history dating back to the founding of Alexandria RFC in 2003, with the first match played as early as 1981. Cairo Rugby Club was established in 1980, marking the beginnings of rugby development in the country.

Founding of Alexandria RFC in 2003

The shores of the Mediterranean saw the birth of Alexandria Rugby Football Club (RFC) in 2003, a pivotal moment for rugby union in Egypt. Passionate players came together with a vision: to carve out a space for this spirited sport within Alexandria’s athletic landscape.

They sought not just victories on the pitch but also to foster a community bound by teamwork, respect, and love for the game.

Alexandria RFC quickly became more than just another team; it stood as a beacon attracting those curious about rugby football and seasoned enthusiasts alike. This club played an instrumental role in increasing awareness and participation across all ages, setting new standards for sportsmanship and competitive play in Egyptian rugby culture.

Their journey kindled similar movements throughout Egypt, contributing significantly to what would become a thriving rugby scene across the nation.

First match played in 1981

Egypt’s rugby history reached a milestone when the first match was played in 1981. The sport began to gain traction, leading to the establishment of the Cairo Rugby Club in 1980 and later, the founding of Alexandria RFC in 2003, marking significant moments that shaped the landscape of rugby in Egypt.

Since then, Egypt has made strides in developing its national teams and participating in international games, showcasing its growing presence on the global rugby stage.

The inaugural match symbolised a pivotal moment for Egyptian athletes as they embarked on their journey into the world of rugby. With dedication and perseverance, they have continued to elevate their skills and expand opportunities for future generations of players across various clubs.

Cairo Rugby Club established in 1980

Established in 1980, the Cairo Rugby Club is a pivotal figure in Egypt’s rugby scene. The club boasts a rich history and is the oldest rugby club in Egypt, playing a significant role in the development of the sport within the country.

With men’s, women’s, and junior teams as well as 15s and mixed touch teams, Cairo Rugby Club provides ample opportunities for enthusiasts to engage with the sport at various levels.

Additionally, through its partnership with Club 7 Egypt, the club has further expanded its reach and influence within Egyptian rugby.

The Cairo Rugby Club stands as a testament to the growing popularity of rugby in Egypt. Through its diverse range of teams and strong presence within the local community, it continues to play an integral role in promoting inclusivity and diversity within this dynamic sport.

Development of Rugby in Egypt

The development of rugby in Egypt has seen the establishment of an under 20s national team, international games with neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Algeria, and Benin, as well as participation in Rugby Africa and membership in World Rugby.

With these initiatives, the sport is gaining traction and popularity within the country.

Under 20s national team

The Under 20s national team has been a significant factor in the development of rugby in Egypt, showcasing the country’s emerging talent on an international stage. With growing interest and participation in youth rugby, the Egyptian Federation of Rugby is actively nurturing young players and providing them with opportunities to compete at a higher level.

The under 20s team’s engagements in Rugby Africa and international games alongside senior teams from Lebanon, Algeria, and Benin demonstrate Egypt’s commitment to developing the sport across all age groups.

As part of World Rugby’s member union, Egypt is focused on promoting inclusivity and diversity within its rugby community while laying the groundwork for future success in international competitions.

International games with Lebanon, Algeria, Benin

The Under 20s national team has shown great promise, leading to exciting international games with Lebanon, Algeria, and Benin. The Egyptian rugby teams have displayed remarkable talent and sportsmanship on the field during these matches:

  1. The game against Lebanon showcased the determination and skill of the Egyptian national rugby team, marking a significant step in their international journey.
  2. Match – ups with Algeria provided an excellent opportunity for Egypt to demonstrate their growing prowess in rugby, gaining valuable experience and exposure on the international stage.
  3. Engagements with Benin highlighted Egypt’s commitment to expanding their presence in international rugby tournaments, solidifying their position as a competitive force in African rugby.

Participation in Rugby Africa

Egypt’s participation in Rugby Africa has been a significant milestone for the development of rugby within the country. The Egyptian national rugby team has engaged in international games with other African nations, increasing the exposure and experience of players, thus contributing to the growth and recognition of rugby within Egypt.

With memberships in both World Rugby and Rugby Africa, Egypt is actively involved in regional and global rugby events, showcasing its commitment to promoting the sport at an international level.

The involvement of Egypt’s national rugby teams in tournaments organised by Rugby Africa has not only provided valuable competitive opportunities but also facilitated interactions with diverse cultures and playing styles from across the continent.

Membership in World Rugby

Egypt is officially recognised as a member union of World Rugby, which reflects the country’s commitment to developing and promoting the sport. This membership provides Egypt with opportunities to participate in international tournaments and benefit from World Rugby’s resources and support.

As a member union, Egypt can work towards furthering rugby’s growth within the country while also engaging with the global rugby community on various levels.

The membership in World Rugby signifies Egypt’s position within the international rugby landscape, opening doors for collaboration, competition, and advancement of the sport at both local and global levels.

Cairo Rugby Club

The Cairo Rugby Club is the oldest rugby club in Egypt, offering men’s, women’s, and junior teams as well as 15s and mixed touch teams. The club also has a partnership with Club 7 Egypt for further development of the sport.

Oldest rugby club in Egypt

Established in 1980, the Cairo Rugby Club holds the distinction of being the oldest rugby club in Egypt. This prestigious club boasts men’s, women’s, and junior teams, as well as 15s and mixed touch teams.

Partnering with Club 7 Egypt has allowed them to expand their impact on the sport within the nation.

The Cairo Rugby Club is a pivotal force in propelling the rising popularity of rugby in Egypt. The involvement of expatriate players further enriches and diversifies the talent pool for this historic club.

Men’s, women’s, and junior teams

The Cairo Rugby Club is home to men’s, women’s, and junior teams. These teams cater to all ages and genders, fostering a strong sense of community and teamwork. The club provides a platform for both experienced players and newcomers to develop their skills in the sport.

  • The men’s team at the Cairo Rugby Club is known for its competitive spirit and dedication to the game. They have represented Egypt in various international tournaments, showcasing their talent on the rugby field.
  • The women’s team has also made significant strides in the sport, participating in both domestic and international competitions. Their recent victory without conceding a single point demonstrates their exceptional prowess in rugby.
  • As part of its commitment to developing future talent, Cairo Rugby Club has a thriving junior team. Young players receive expert coaching and guidance, preparing them for successful careers in rugby while instilling values of discipline and sportsmanship from an early age.

15s and mixed touch teams

The Cairo Rugby Club offers both 15s and mixed touch teams for players of all levels to enjoy the sport. The 15s teams provide a more traditional rugby experience, allowing players to engage in full-contact matches and compete in national and international tournaments.

On the other hand, the mixed touch teams offer a fast-paced and less physical version of the game, promoting inclusivity and providing an opportunity for individuals of varying skill levels to participate in a fun and social environment.

Both options contribute to the growth of rugby in Egypt by attracting diverse participants, ultimately enhancing the popularity of the sport across the country.

Partnership with Club 7 Egypt

Cairo Rugby Club, the oldest rugby club in Egypt, has formed a strategic partnership with Club 7 Egypt to further develop rugby in the country. This collaboration aims to promote inclusivity and diversity within the rugby community while fostering a spirit of sportsmanship.

The partnership provides an opportunity for players of all levels to engage in the sport, contributing to its growing popularity in Egypt.

This partnership also serves as a platform for nurturing talent and creating more opportunities for local players to participate in international competitions. With this joint effort, both Cairo Rugby Club and Club 7 Egypt are working towards advancing the sport’s presence and impact on Egyptian culture and society.

The Pharaohs on the Rugby Field

The national team has been making waves in international games, with the rising popularity of rugby in Egypt and the involvement of expatriate players. To learn more about the Pharaohs’ journey on the rugby field, keep reading for an exciting insight into their achievements and future prospects.

National team’s participation in international games

The Egyptian national Rugby team has showcased their skills in international games, competing against Lebanon and other countries. Egypt’s women’s rugby team made a remarkable comeback after a decade-long absence, winning the tournament without conceding a single point.

This signifies Egypt’s growing presence in the sport on an international stage and demonstrates their potential for success in future competitions such as the Rugby World Cup. With a focus on promoting the game and increasing participation at all levels, Egypt is set to make its mark in the world of rugby.

Rising popularity of rugby in Egypt

Rugby in Egypt is gaining traction, with a growing number of people showing interest in the sport. Following recent events and successful international appearances by the national team, more Egyptians are talking about rugby and its presence in the country.

With a strong focus on promoting the game and increasing participation at all levels, there is a surge in players and clubs getting involved. As a result, Egypt’s positive performance on the international stage has contributed to raising awareness about rugby across the nation.

Moving forward to “The Involvement of Expatriate Players”.

Involvement of expatriate players

Expatriate players have contributed significantly to the development of rugby in Egypt, bringing diverse playing styles and experiences to the national and club teams. With their skill and expertise, expatriate players have raised the standard of play and brought a new dimension to Egyptian rugby.

They also play a crucial role in coaching and mentoring local players, sharing their knowledge of the game and helping to improve overall team performance. The involvement of expatriate players has not only elevated the level of competition but has also fostered cultural exchange within the Egyptian rugby community.

As part of Egypt’s dynamic rugby landscape, expatriate players continue to make valuable contributions that enrich the sport while creating lasting connections between different rugby communities.

The Future of Rugby in Egypt

The future of rugby in Egypt looks promising, with plans for further development of the sport and potential for growth and success in international competitions. Inclusivity and diversity within the rugby community will also be important factors in shaping the future of rugby in Egypt.

Plans for further development of the sport

Plans for the further development of rugby in Egypt include expanding youth programmes, increasing training facilities, and promoting the sport in schools. The Egyptian Rugby Federation aims to establish more clubs across the country and organise regional leagues to encourage wider participation.

Additionally, fostering partnerships with international rugby organisations will provide opportunities for Egyptian players to gain exposure and experience through coaching exchanges and friendly matches with foreign teams.

To continue the growth of rugby in Egypt, there is a focus on enhancing coaching standards and providing support for referees’ development. This includes hosting certification courses and workshops to improve skills at all levels of the game.

Potential for growth and success in international competitions

Egypt’s national rugby team is poised for a bright future in international competitions, with a robust plan for the sport’s development. The team has shown significant promise, winning the women’s rugby tournament without conceding any points in their first international appearance after a decade hiatus.

Additionally, Egypt’s membership in World Rugby and participation in Rugby Africa demonstrate its commitment to elevating the standard of play on the global stage.

Furthermore, with a growing interest in rugby across Egypt and an increase in both players and clubs participating, there is undeniable momentum for success. The sport continues to gain traction, drawing attention from individuals who are eager to embrace the game.

Importance of inclusivity and diversity in the rugby community

Inclusivity and diversity are vital in the rugby community to ensure that everyone, regardless of background or identity, feels welcome and valued. Embracing diversity not only enriches the sport but also fosters a culture of respect and understanding among players, fans, and officials.

With Egypt’s growing interest in rugby, it is crucial to promote inclusivity by providing equal opportunities for men’s and women’s teams as well as encouraging participation from people of various cultural backgrounds.

By actively promoting inclusivity and diversity, Egyptian rugby can continue to thrive on the principles of sportsmanship while inspiring future generations to come together through this exciting sport.

Efforts towards inclusive conduct within the rugby community enhance team dynamics and contribute positively to broader social integration. Valuing diversity allows Egypt’s rugby community to tap into a wide array of talents while creating an environment where all participants feel valued irrespective of their gender or ethnicity.

Impact of rugby on Egyptian culture and society

The growing popularity of rugby in Egypt has had a significant impact on the country’s culture and society. The sport has provided opportunities for inclusivity and diversity, bringing together people from different backgrounds to participate in the game.

With both men’s and women’s teams actively competing at international levels, rugby has become a platform for promoting gender equality and empowering women in Egyptian society. Furthermore, rugby clubs have played a vital role in community engagement, creating spaces for social interaction, teamwork, and physical activity.

As more individuals join the sport, it fosters a sense of camaraderie and national pride among players and supporters alike.

Moreover, as part of its expansion into schools and communities across Egypt, rugby is contributing to youth development by instilling values such as discipline, respect, and teamwork.

The sport also serves as a bridge between Egypt and other nations through international competitions, cultural exchanges with opposing teams, showcasing Egyptian hospitality whilst also celebrating diverse cultures within the global rugby community.


Rugby in Egypt is experiencing a surge in popularity, with the national team competing internationally and achieving success. The sport has a strong presence in the country, with both men’s and women’s teams participating in international tournaments.

As rugby continues to develop, there’s an increasing focus on promoting the game and expanding participation at all levels. This growth highlights the potential for Egypt to make a mark on the international rugby stage.


1. Does Egypt have a rugby team?

Yes, Egypt has its own rugby team, often referred to as the Pharaohs on the Rugby Field.

2. Can I buy an Egyptian rugby shirt?

Absolutely! Fans can show their support by purchasing an Egyptian rugby shirt from sports shops or online retailers.

3. Is rugby a popular sport in Egypt?

Rugby is growing in popularity in Egypt and is becoming recognised among other traditional Egyptian sports.

4. How does the Egyptian rugby team rank compared to other countries?

The Egypt rugby team is still developing and working hard to climb up the international rankings as they compete against other nations’ teams.

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