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Rugby in Botswana: The Vultures Circling Rugby Success

Two large birds in mid-flight above a rugby field in Botswana with other birds on the ground, against the backdrop of an illuminated stadium.

A group of vultures soar over a rugby field with players.Rugby fans often wonder where the next exciting hotspot for the game is emerging. Botswana’s rugby scene has soared, with registered players now numbering 6,805 strong. This blog dives into how the Vultures are redefining success in African rugby, from community pitches to international tournaments.

“Stay tuned as we unpack a story of triumph and ambition on the field.”.

Key Takeaways

  • Botswana’s rugby has grown significantly in the past five years, with the national team, known as The Vultures, becoming increasingly popular and currently holding the 74th position globally.
  • Dave Gilbert’s role as head coach after joining the Botswana Rugby Union (BRU) has been pivotal to developing rugby in Botswana, leading to a surge in player registrations and improved performance on international stages.
  • The country successfully hosted the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s tournament, showcasing its commitment to promoting women’s rugby and building momentum for success in both men’s and women’s rugby competitions.
  • To sustain growth and success in rugby, Botswana is focusing on development plans which include grassroots programs targeting young talent, improving coaching skills through clinics and mentorship programs, enhancing infrastructure for better training environments, securing sponsorships for financial sustainability and increasing awareness through social media campaigns.
  • With continuous support, investment and development initiatives aimed at nurturing talent across all levels of play including school-age athletes.

The Rise of Rugby in Botswana

Five years ago, rugby in Botswana was a niche sport with minimal support. Today, the national team, known as the Vultures, has gained popularity and is making waves in African rugby circles.

Five years ago vs Today

Rugby in Botswana has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last half-decade, with the Vultures soaring to new heights in both popularity and performance. Witness the evolution in the details below, showcasing the captivating journey from a lesser-known sport to a national treasure.

Five Years AgoToday
Rugby was relatively unknown in Botswana.The sport enjoys increased national prominence.
The Vultures had limited recognition.They have become a beloved team nationwide.
Botswana ranked lower in world rugby standings.Currently holds the 74th position globally.
There were fewer registered rugby players.Registrations have surged to 6,805.
International rugby events rarely took place in Botswana.Botswana successfully hosted the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s tournament.
Local rugby infrastructure was underdeveloped.Significant improvements in facilities are now evident.
Rugby World Cup participation was not on the horizon.The Vultures have taken part in qualifying tournaments.

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Popularity of the Vultures

With the rise of rugby in Botswana over the past five years, the Vultures have gained significant popularity as the national team. The Vultures are renowned for their competitive spirit and have garnered a loyal fan base across the country.

Their participation in various seasons and tournaments has showcased Botswana’s emerging talent in rugby, further contributing to their growing popularity. Additionally, hosting events like the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s tournament has not only amplified interest in the sport but also solidified the Vultures’ position as a respected team within international rugby circles.

Dave Gilbert: The Man Behind the Transformation

Dave Gilbert, the renowned rugby coach, joined the Botswana Rugby Union and has had a significant impact on the transformation of rugby in Botswana. His leadership and expertise have played a crucial role in elevating the national team to new heights.

Joining the BRU

The Botswana Rugby Union (BRU) has experienced a significant transformation since the arrival of Dave Gilbert. His decision to join the BRU as head coach has had a lasting impact on rugby in Botswana, elevating the sport’s standard and creating new opportunities for players.

With passionate leadership and a focus on development, Gilbert has worked tirelessly to elevate the national rugby team, shaping them into formidable competitors within African rugby circles.

Under his guidance, the Vultures have gained prominence and recognition for their dedication and skill on the field. As they continue to rise through international rankings, it is evident that joining forces with Dave Gilbert was a game-changing move for Botswana’s rugby scene.

Impact on Botswana Rugby

The rise in popularity of rugby in Botswana over the past five years has had a significant impact on the country’s sports scene. With 6,805 registered players and successful participation in tournaments, including hosting the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s, Botswana rugby is gaining recognition on the global stage.

The Botswana Rugby Union’s efforts to promote and develop the sport have been instrumental in building momentum and showcasing the country’s talent.

Moreover, Dave Gilbert’s leadership has played a crucial role in transforming Botswana rugby. His strategic direction since joining the BRU has led to a surge in participation and success for the national team, known as The Vultures.

As such, there are plans to ensure continued growth while maintaining competitive momentum within Africa’s vibrant rugby community.

Botswana Rugby Union’s Successes

The Botswana Rugby Union has achieved success in recent years, including hosting the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s and building a winning momentum for the Vultures. These accomplishments have helped to elevate the profile of rugby in Botswana and establish the country as a force to be reckoned with in African rugby.

Hosting Africa Rugby Women’s 7s

Hosting the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s tournament, Botswana showcased its commitment to promoting women’s rugby. The tournament provided a platform for female rugby players from across Africa to compete at an international level and highlighted Botswana as a hub for developing the sport.

With 6,805 registered players in Botswana, the successful hosting of this tournament further emphasised the country’s dedication to fostering rugby talent and creating opportunities for aspiring female athletes.

The Africa Rugby Women’s 7s not only brought regional competition but also contributed significantly to raising awareness of women’s rugby in Botswana. This event served as a stepping stone in advancing gender equality within the sport and bolstered efforts to make rugby more inclusive.

Building a Winning Momentum

The Botswana Rugby Union has been steadily building a winning momentum in recent years. The national team, the Vultures, has shown significant improvement and determination on the field, positioning themselves as formidable contenders in regional and international competitions.

With a surge in popularity of rugby in the country and successful hosting of major tournaments like the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s, Botswana is carving out its place on the global rugby stage.

The union’s focus on development initiatives and nurturing homegrown talent has contributed to this upward trajectory, setting the stage for a promising future for rugby in Botswana.

Challenges and Future Plans

Keeping the momentum going is crucial for Botswana Rugby, as they face challenges in maintaining their success. The BRU has plans for further development to ensure that rugby continues to thrive in Botswana.

Keeping the Momentum Going

To maintain the momentum in Botswana rugby, continued support and investment are crucial. The development of grassroots programmes will nurture young talent while increasing the number of registered players.

Additionally, organising more high-profile tournaments and friendly matches against competitive opponents will elevate the experience and skills of local players. Encouraging active participation from schools and communities will further boost interest in the sport, contributing to a sustainable rugby culture in Botswana.

As we explore plans for maintaining momentum, understanding the significance of ongoing resources and support becomes pivotal for sustained growth in Botswana’s rugby scene.

Plans for Development

  1. Implementing grassroots programmes to identify and develop young talent across schools and communities, aiming to increase the pool of skilled players.
  2. Establishing coaching clinics and mentorship programmes to enhance the skills and knowledge base of coaches, ensuring high-quality training at all levels.
  3. Strengthening infrastructure by building more rugby facilities and upgrading existing ones to provide better playing and training environments.
  4. Formulating strategic partnerships with local businesses and organisations to secure sponsorships for various initiatives, promoting sustainable growth.
  5. Introducing educational workshops on sports science, nutrition, and injury prevention to enhance players’ overall fitness and well-being.
  6. Expanding outreach through social media campaigns and community events to raise awareness about rugby and attract a wider fan base.


Rugby in Botswana has seen a remarkable rise in popularity over the past five years. Dave Gilbert’s leadership alongside the Botswana Rugby Union has been instrumental in driving this transformation.

The recent success of hosting the Africa Rugby Women’s 7s tournament is evidence of the country’s growing momentum in rugby. With plans for development and keeping the winning streak alive, Botswana’s rugby future looks promising.


1. What is the current state of rugby in Botswana?

Rugby in Botswana is gaining momentum and experiencing transformation, with teams like The Vultures making notable progress in the sport.

2. Is there a women’s rugby team representing Botswana?

Yes, Africa Rugby Women’s sides include teams from Botswana that actively participate in regional competitions and contribute to rugby success on the continent.

3. Who oversees rugby development in Botswana?

The country’s rugby governance and expansion are handled by a dedicated Rugby governing body, which focuses on nurturing talent and promoting the game across all levels.

4. Are “The Vultures” an important part of rugby in Botswana?

Indeed, The Vultures are central to celebrating rugby success and embodying the spirit of resilience as they push forward the sport’s development within the nation.

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