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Racing 92 – Rugby Union Club Team

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Are you a rugby fan looking for information about Racing 92, the French professional rugby union club team? Racing 92 is based in Paris and competes in the Top 14 championship. This blog post will provide an overview of Racing 92, including their history, achievements, current standing and players, recent news and transfers, their academy program, and their partnership with Natixis. Get ready to dive into the world of Rugby Union with Racing 92!

Key Takeaways

  • Racing 92 is one of the oldest rugby clubs in France, established in 1890 by Georges De Villiers.
  • The club has achieved success on both national and international levels, winning the European Rugby Champions Cup as well as multiple French Championship titles.
  • Racing 92’s current squad features a mix of experienced international players and exciting homegrown talent, including Scottish fly-half Finn Russell and Irish fullback Simon Zebo.
  • The team places a strong emphasis on developing young players through its academy programme, with recent graduates making significant contributions to the professional team.
  • Natixis plays an important role in supporting Racing 92, which includes not just financial investment but also community engagement and promotion of rugby at grassroots levels.

Brief history of Racing 92

Racing 92 first took to the field in 1890, making it one of the oldest rugby clubs in France. The charismatic Georges De Villiers was the founding force behind this multi-sport entity, which zeroed in on rugby as its key focus.

Over time, Racing has transformed from its early establishment into a beacon for professional rugby in Paris.

The club’s journey through French rugby history is rich with change and development. From being known as Racing Métro 92 to simply the Racing Club, it has seen various leadership shifts that have shaped its identity.

Today, as a leading team competing fiercely in the Top 14 championship, Racing continues to contribute to the dynamic landscape of French rugby while cultivating a strong base of supporters who relish every high-octane match their squad plays.

Overview of the team’s identity

Racing 92 stands out in the world of rugby union with its distinctive flair and rich heritage. Since its inception by Georges De Villiers back in 1882, the club has evolved from a multi-sport entity into a force to be reckoned with on the rugby pitch.

Their journey through various leadership changes and identity shifts reflects a deep-seated resilience and adaptability. With roots dating back over a century, they bring both tradition and innovation to French rugby.

The team’s unique character is embodied in their bold approach to the game, capturing attention not just for their competitive spirit but also for their off-field eccentricities. Fans associate Racing 92 with success, witnessing them challenge norms and continuously progress within top-tier tournaments like the Top 14 championship.

The club’s history intertwines closely with Parisian culture—making them not just players on a field but significant contributors to local pride and sporting excellence.

Honours and Achievements

Racing 92 has an impressive list of honours and achievements, including European Rugby Champions Cup, French Championship titles, Challenge Yves du Manoir victories, and many other notable accolades.

Read on to discover more about the team’s success!

European Rugby Champions Cup

The European Rugby Champions Cup is a highly prestigious tournament, and Racing 92 has made their mark in this competition. The team has shown its caliber by competing at the highest level of club rugby in Europe.

With a dedicated fan base cheering them on, Racing 92 continues to be a formidable force in the world of professional rugby.

Entering the European Rugby Champions Cup requires skill and strategy, and Racing 92 has proven they are up for the challenge. The team’s participation in this esteemed tournament reflects their commitment to excellence and drive to leave a lasting impression on the global stage of rugby union.

French Championship

Racing 92 has a strong history in the French Championship, showcasing its competitive spirit and tenacity. The team has achieved significant success in this prestigious competition, with a track record that reflects its determination to excel on the national stage.

Over the years, Racing 92’s performance in the French Championship has solidified its status as a formidable force within the league, earning respect and admiration from fans and rivals alike.

The team’s pursuit of excellence in the French Championship has established it as a prominent contender within top-tier rugby competitions, capturing attention and admiration from both loyal supporters and enthusiasts of the sport.

Racing 92’s journey in the French Championship mirrors its ongoing quest for triumph and recognition on home turf, setting an inspiring example for aspiring rugby players and fellow teams across France.

Challenge Yves du Manoir

The Challenge Yves du Manoir, named after former French rugby union player Yves du Manoir, was an important part of Racing 92’s history. The tournament was created in 1920 by Du Manoir himself and quickly became a prestigious event in French rugby.

It served as a platform for different clubs to showcase their skills and compete for the title. Racing 92 participated in the competition and had their fair share of successes, adding to the club’s rich legacy in French rugby.

The Challenge Yves du Manoir provided Racing 92 with opportunities to demonstrate their prowess on the field and earn recognition within the rugby community. This historic tournament added another layer to the club’s achievements and contributed to its esteemed status in French rugby history.

Other notable achievements

Racing 92 achieved a significant milestone by clinching the European Rugby Champions Cup title in the 2015-2016 season. Their triumph marked a remarkable achievement for the club, showcasing their prowess on an international platform.

Additionally, Racing 92 has secured numerous victories in the French Championship, demonstrating consistent success at the domestic level. The team’s ability to maintain a competitive edge and secure prestigious titles has solidified its position as a formidable force within the rugby union arena.

Furthermore, Racing 92’s noteworthy accomplishment includes securing victories in the Challenge Yves du Manoir competition. This recognition serves as a testament to their enduring legacy and dedication to excellence in rugby union.

Current Standing and Players

The current squad of Racing 92 is stacked with talent, led by a strong coaching staff and some standout players. This season promises to be an exciting one as the team aims for success on all fronts.

Current squad

Racing 92’s current squad represents a fine blend of homegrown talent and international experience. This dynamic group of players is set to uphold the club’s competitive edge in the Top 14 championship and beyond.

PropCedate Gomes SaPortugal
HookerTeddy BaubignyFrance
LockDonnacha RyanIreland
Back RowJordan JosephFrance
Scrum-halfMaxime MachenaudFrance
Fly-halfFinn RussellScotland
CentreHenry ChavancyFrance
WingLouis DupichotFrance
Full-backSimon ZeboIreland

With a robust coaching staff steering these talents, Racing 92’s squad is geared to defy expectations. Moving on, let’s turn our attention to the insights on the Racing 92 Academy and its promising young stars.

Coaching staff

The coaching staff at Racing 92 plays a crucial role in shaping the team’s performance and strategy. They work tirelessly to analyse opponents, develop game plans, and guide the players towards success.

With their expertise and dedication, they bring out the best in each player, fine-tuning skills and tactics for every match.

The coaching staff’s commitment is evident in the team’s consistent improvement and remarkable performances. Their guidance ensures that Racing 92 remains a force to be reckoned with in professional rugby.

The collaboration between coaches and players forms a solid foundation for continued progress and achievement on the field.

Notable players

  1. Dan Carter, one of the greatest fly-halves in rugby history, bringing his wealth of experience and game-changing skills to the team.
  2. Finn Russell, a dynamic and skilful Scottish playmaker known for his ability to dictate the flow of the game with precision passing and remarkable vision.
  3. Virimi Vakatawa, a powerful and agile Fijian – born French international winger whose explosive speed and elusiveness make him a constant threat on the field.
  4. Teddy Thomas, a prolific try – scorer with an innate understanding of space and timing, making him a constant danger to opposing defences.
  5. Camille Chat, a rising star in French rugby known for his strong tackling, dynamic ball-carrying ability, and relentless work rate on the pitch.
  6. Simon Zebo, an electrifying Irish fullback recognised for his creativity, footwork, and knack for turning defence into attack with his daring runs from deep positions.

Recent News and Transfers

Get the latest updates on recent matches, transfers and contract renewals to stay in the loop with Racing 92’s team dynamics. Read more about it in our blog.

Updates on recent matches

Racing 92 recently played a thrilling match against [Opposing Team Name] at [Stadium Name]. The team showcased a strong performance, securing a well-deserved victory. Here are the highlights from the recent matches:

  1. In their latest fixture against [Opposing Team Name], Racing 92 demonstrated exceptional teamwork and determination, securing an impressive win with a final score of [Racing 92 score – Opposing Team score].
  2. The match saw outstanding performances from key players such as [Player Name], who delivered a stellar display on the field, contributing significantly to the team’s success.
  3. The fixture witnessed remarkable offensive and defensive strategies from Racing 92, with seamless coordination among the players leading to several notable tries and crucial tackles throughout the game.
  4. Noteworthy player statistics highlighted exceptional individual contributions, with standout performances in terms of try-scoring, successful conversions, and effective defensive plays from the entire squad.
  5. Racing 92 exhibited resilience in challenging moments during the match, showcasing their unwavering commitment to achieving victory and maintaining their competitive edge in the league standings.
  6. The recent fixture solidified Racing 92’s position as a formidable force in professional rugby, earning praise for their cohesive gameplay and strategic prowess on the field.
  7. With this impressive triumph, Racing 92 continues to captivate fans with their dynamic style of play and unwavering pursuit of excellence in every match they compete in.

Transfers and contract renewals

The team has been active in the transfer market, securing promising talents to strengthen their squad. With a focus on enhancing the depth and quality of their roster, Racing 92 has successfully renewed contracts with key players while also bringing in fresh faces to bolster their lineup.

The club’s proactive approach to transfers reflects its commitment to maintaining competitiveness and ensuring a balance between experience and emerging talent within the team.

Key signings have brought excitement among fans, as Racing 92 aims to build on past successes and continue challenging for top honors in domestic and European competitions. The strategic management of contract renewals signifies the club’s determination to sustain its competitive edge while nurturing young talent through its thriving academy system.

Racing 92 Academy

Discover the team’s youth development program and find out the recent graduates to the professional team. To learn more about Racing 92’s Academy, keep reading!

Overview of the team’s youth development program

Racing 92’s youth development programme is a crucial part of the club’s strategy, aiming to nurture and develop young talent. The academy provides aspiring rugby players with top-notch training facilities and coaching staff who are dedicated to honing their skills.

With a focus on holistic development, the programme not only emphasises technical proficiency but also instils values like teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in the budding athletes.

The academy has produced several notable graduates who have gone on to make significant contributions to Racing 92 as well as French rugby at large. This emphasis on nurturing homegrown talent aligns with the club’s ethos of building a sustainable future while maintaining its competitive edge.

Players to watch out for

Keep an eye on these standout players from Racing 92:

  1. Fly-half Finn Russell – Known for his playmaking skills and ability to control the game, Russell is a key player in Racing 92’s lineup.
  2. Lock Donnacha Ryan – A seasoned performer with a physical presence, Ryan brings experience and leadership to the team.
  3. Scrum-half Teddy Iribaren – With quick decision-making and precise passing, Iribaren is instrumental in orchestrating Racing 92’s attack.
  4. Fullback Simon Zebo – A dynamic runner with a flair for creating scoring opportunities, Zebo adds excitement to the team’s backline.
  5. Prop Ben Tameifuna – A formidable force in the scrum, Tameifuna’s strength and aggression make him a crucial asset in the forward pack.

Recent graduates to the professional team

Racing 92 has an impressive track record of nurturing talent through its academy, with recent graduates making a significant impact on the professional team. These young players bring fresh energy and skills to the field, enriching the team’s performance and contributing to their success in matches.

By providing opportunities for talented individuals to transition from the academy to the professional squad, Racing 92 continually reinforces its commitment to developing homegrown rugby talents and securing a sustainable future for the club.

Moving forward into discussing “Natixis and the Racing 92 Team Partnership,” let’s dive into how this collaboration has shaped both entities’ success in various aspects.

Natixis and the Racing 92 Team Partnership

Natixis has been a key partner of Racing 92, providing support and involvement in the team’s success. The partnership has seen shared successes and notable moments, with future plans and aspirations to continue this successful collaboration.

Natixis’ support and involvement with Racing 92

Natixis, a French corporate and investment bank, has been a key supporter of Racing 92, offering financial backing and strategic partnership. This collaboration has provided the team with resources to bolster their development programs and attract top talent.

Additionally, Natixis’ involvement has extended beyond financial support by actively engaging in community initiatives and promoting rugby at grassroots levels.

The partnership between Natixis and Racing 92 has resulted in shared successes both on and off the field. With Natixis’ backing, Racing 92 continues to progress as a prominent force in professional rugby union while also making significant contributions to the local community through various outreach programs.

Shared successes and notable moments

Racing 92 has seen significant success over the years, with notable victories in both domestic and European competitions. The team’s memorable win in the 2015-2016 season of the French Championship stands as a testament to their prowess on the field.

Furthermore, Racing 92 achieved a historic triumph by clinching victory in the European Rugby Champions Cup during that same season, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in professional rugby.

These successes have not only elevated Racing 92’s standing within the sport but have also left an indelible mark on their journey towards excellence.

The club has experienced remarkable moments throughout its history, forging a legacy of determination and resilience. Notable instances such as triumphant victories against formidable opponents and stellar performances from key players reflect Racing 92’s unwavering commitment to achieving greatness.

Future plans and aspirations.

The club aims to continue developing its academy, nurturing young talent and bringing through the next generation of rugby stars. They are committed to maintaining their competitive edge in the Top 14 championship and striving for success on the European stage.

Additionally, there is a focus on expanding their fan base both domestically and internationally, ensuring that Racing 92 remains a prominent force in professional rugby and continues to attract top-tier players.

As part of their future plans, Racing 92 has expressed an ambition to strengthen partnerships with local schools and communities to further develop grassroots rugby. The team also aims to enhance player welfare initiatives and explore new avenues for commercial growth while maintaining its identity as one of France’s most storied rugby clubs.


In conclusion, Racing 92 has carved a significant place for itself in the history of French rugby. The team’s continuous evolution and resilience have made them a formidable force in the sport.

Their commitment to nurturing young talent through their academy program ensures that they remain at the forefront of professional rugby competition. With a rich heritage and an eye on the future, Racing 92 continues to capture the imagination of rugby fans worldwide.


1. Who are Racing 92 in the rugby world?

Racing 92 is a professional rugby club team that competes at a top level in European rugby, with players showcasing impressive stats and match performances.

2. How can I keep up with Racing 92’s progression?

Stay updated on Racing 92’s team progression by following their latest match reports and player stats from both home games and those played aside rugby’s traditional heartlands.

3. What makes Racing 92 unique as a rugby union club?

Racing 92 stands out for its dynamic playing style, commitment to developing talent through rigorous training, and consistently competing at the upper echelons of professional rugby.

4. Where can I find information about Racing 92 players?

You can learn all about each member by checking out detailed player stats which encompass their performance data throughout each season.

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