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Northampton Saints – Rugby Union Club Team

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Are you eager to dive into the world of Northampton Saints, one of England’s rugby greats? Founded back in 1880, this club has etched its name deep in the history books with a legacy of passion and perseverance.

This article will guide you through everything from nabbing season tickets to discovering emerging talent within the squad. Ready for kick-off? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Season tickets for the 2024/25 Northampton Saints matches are now on sale, offering benefits like priority seat access and merchandise discounts.
  • The coaching team has secured new contracts, promising continued success and consistency in the club’s strategy as they tackle upcoming fixtures.
  • Fans can anticipate exciting events such as an Open Day for behind-the-scenes access to training and player meet-and-greets.
  • Latest official merchandise includes replica kits, rugby balls, mascot toys, and stickman car decals to show off your support for the Saints in style.
  • The squad features key players like Dan Biggar and Courtney Lawes alongside rising stars set to make their mark this season.

Season Tickets Now Available for 2024/25

The Northampton Saints are excited to announce that season tickets for the 2024/25 season are now available for purchase. Join the Shoe Army and be part of an exciting season of rugby at Franklin’s Gardens.

Join the Shoe Army

  • Stand shoulder to shoulder with loyal fans as you cheer on the Northampton Saints at every home game.
  • Gain priority access to seats at Franklin’s Gardens, where you can experience top-tier rugby action live.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on merchandise, including replica kits and jerseys.
  • Receive invitations to special events and meet-and-greets with the players.
  • Get first dibs on away match tickets so you never miss out on following the Saints on their quests for victory.
  • Join a fan base that not only supports professional sports but also contributes to grassroots rugby through local clubs and initiatives.
  • Make lasting memories as part of a community that celebrates every try, tackle, and triumph together.

Latest News and Updates

The coaching team has recently signed new contracts and an upcoming Open Day is on the horizon, so stay tuned for all the latest updates. Read more to stay in the loop with all things Northampton Saints!

Coaching team sign new contracts

The coaching team at Northampton Saints has recently signed new contracts, solidifying their commitment to the club’s success. This move reinforces the continuity and stability of the coaching staff, ensuring a consistent approach in guiding the team through their upcoming fixtures in the Aviva Premiership.

The fans can expect continued dedication from the coaching team as they work towards achieving success on the field.

Upcoming Open Day

The coaching team’s commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond the pitch, and fans can experience it firsthand at the upcoming Open Day. This event will offer a unique opportunity for rugby enthusiasts to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Northampton Saints’ training facilities and meet some of their favourite players in person.

Fans can also participate in interactive sessions led by the coaching staff, gaining insights into the club’s training methods and strategies while soaking up the electrifying atmosphere that only a live rugby event can provide.

Additionally, attendees will have access to exclusive merchandise offers and exciting giveaways, making it an unmissable day out for all die-hard supporters.

Results and Fixtures

The Northampton Saints have a packed fixture list for the upcoming season. Key matchups include clashes against rivals Leicester Tigers and Wasps. The team will also be aiming to build on last season’s success with strong performances at home and away. Some of the most anticipated fixtures include the highly-anticipated match against Saracens at Franklin’s Gardens and the challenging away game against Exeter Chiefs. These fixtures are not to be missed by fans eager to cheer on the Shoe Army. Check out the official website for all fixture details and ticket information.

Latest Merchandise

Get your hands on the latest Northampton Saints replica kits, jerseys, rugby balls, mascot toys, and Stickman car decals. Show your support for the team in style with our range of official merchandise.

Replica kits and jerseys

  1. Authentic Designs: The replica kits and jerseys feature the iconic colours and design of the Northampton Saints, allowing fans to feel part of the team’s legacy.
  2. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium materials, these kits and jerseys offer both comfort and durability during matches or training sessions.
  3. Customisation Options: Personalise your kit with player names and numbers or add commemorative patches to celebrate special occasions.
  4. Exclusive Merchandise: In addition to traditional home and away kits, there are also limited-edition designs and special collections available for dedicated supporters.
  5. Youth Range: Discover a wide selection of youth-sized replica kits and jerseys, perfect for young fans looking to emulate their favourite players on the field.
  6. Online Ordering: Easily order your preferred items through the official Northampton Saints website, with convenient delivery options available.
  7. Official Retailers: Find authorised retailers where you can purchase authentic Northampton Saints merchandise across the region.

Rugby balls

Get your hands on the essential piece of equipment for any rugby fan – the Northampton Saints rugby balls. Made with durable materials for superior performance, these balls are designed to withstand intense gameplay and provide exceptional grip and handling. Here are some features that make our rugby balls stand out:

  1. High-Quality Construction: Our rugby balls are made from premium-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.
  2. Superior Grip: The textured surface of the balls provides excellent grip, allowing players to maintain control during passes and kicks.
  3. Official Team Design: Show your support for the Northampton Saints with our official team-branded rugby balls, featuring the iconic team logo and colours.
  4. Available in Various Sizes: Whether you’re a junior or senior player, we offer rugby balls in different sizes to suit all age groups.
  5. Ideal for Training and Matches: Our rugby balls are suitable for both training sessions and competitive matches, making them a versatile choice for every rugby enthusiast.
  6. Perfect Gift for Fans: Surprise a fellow rugby fan with a Northampton Saints rugby ball, a thoughtful gift that celebrates their passion for the sport and the team.
  7. Designed for Performance: Our high-performance rugby balls meet professional standards, ensuring an optimal playing experience on the field.
  8. Built to Last: With reinforced stitching and rugged construction, our rugby balls are built to withstand rigorous use without compromising performance.
  9. Complete Your Collection: Add a Northampton Saints rugby ball to your memorabilia collection, capturing the spirit of the team’s heritage and success on the pitch.
  10. Exclusive Online Offers: Check out our official website for exclusive deals on Northampton Saints merchandise, including our range of top-quality rugby balls.

Mascot toys

Get your hands on adorable Northampton Saints mascot toys, featuring the team’s beloved mascots.

  1. These plush toys are perfect for young fans and collectors alike, representing the club’s pride and tradition.
  2. Every purchase supports the team and showcases your loyalty to the Northampton Saints.
  3. The collection includes a range of characters, from the official team mascot to fun variations, making them ideal for gifting or displaying at home.
  4. Each mascot toy boasts authentic details, ensuring that they are cherished keepsakes for fans of all ages.
  5. Embrace the spirit of the Shoe Army with these delightful mascot toys, a must – have for any true supporter of Northampton Saints rugby club.

Stickman car decals

Get your car game on with the exclusive Northampton Saints stickman car decals. These high-quality vinyl decals are a must-have for any loyal fan. Show off your support for the team as you cruise around town with these eye-catching accessories.

  1. Personalised Touch: Elevate your vehicle’s look with sleek stickman designs featuring the iconic Northampton Saints logo, adding a touch of rugby pride to your car.
  2. Durable Material: Made from durable vinyl, these decals are weather-resistant and long-lasting, ensuring they withstand outdoor elements for years to come.
  3. Easy Application: Effortlessly apply these decals to any smooth surface on your car, including windows, bumpers, or body panels, without leaving behind residue upon removal.
  4. Versatile Style: Choose from various designs and sizes to suit your preference and match your car’s aesthetics perfectly.
  5. Perfect Gift Idea: Surprise a fellow rugby enthusiast with these stylish car decals, making for an ideal gift that embodies their passion for the Northampton Saints.

Meet the Northampton Saints Squad

Discover the star players and rising talent of the Northampton Saints squad, and get to know the team that makes it all happen on the field. Read more about their skills and dedication to the game.

Key players

The Northampton Saints boast a roster of talented players who are crucial to the team’s success. These key players consistently demonstrate their skills and contribute to the club’s achievements:

  1. Dan Biggar – The Welsh fly-half, known for his exceptional kicking game and tactical awareness, brings valuable experience and leadership to the team.
  2. Courtney Lawes – As an imposing figure in the pack, this England international forward’s physicality and work rate make him a standout performer on match days.
  3. Taqele Naiyaravoro – With his powerful running and ability to break through defensive lines, the Fijian-born winger is a formidable attacking threat for the Saints.
  4. Rory Hutchinson – A versatile Scottish centre known for his creative playmaking abilities and solid defensive contributions, he has become an integral part of the squad.
  5. Alex Waller – Having been with the club since youth level, this experienced prop not only provides stability in the scrum but also embodies the team’s spirit and values.
  6. Tom Wood – The industrious back-row forward’s relentless work ethic and commitment make him a respected figure both on and off the field.

Rising stars

The Northampton Saints have a talented crop of rising stars who are making their mark:

  1. Tom James, a promising young winger with electrifying speed and agility, has been turning heads with his dynamic play on the field.
  2. Scrum – half Amy Cokayne is a rising star to watch out for, known for her exceptional vision and precise passing skills.
  3. Prop Joe Jones is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the scrums, displaying remarkable strength and technique.
  4. Back-row forward Sarah Beckett has been making waves with her tenacious tackling and strong ball-carrying abilities.
  5. Fly – half Ellie Boatman, with her precise kicking and game management skills, is poised to become a key player for the Saints.

Supporting Grassroots Rugby

Discover how the Northampton Saints are making a positive impact on the local rugby community and supporting grassroots rugby in the region through various initiatives. Read more about our commitment to developing the future of rugby.

Local club finder

The Northampton Saints are committed to supporting grassroots rugby in the region. Their local club finder is a valuable resource for rugby fans looking to get involved in the sport at a community level. Here’s what you can discover with the Northampton Saints’ local club finder:

  1. Locate clubs: Easily find nearby rugby clubs and teams where you can participate or support the game.
  2. Joining opportunities: Explore details about membership, age groups, and training schedules at various local clubs.
  3. Community events: Stay informed about upcoming grassroots rugby events and initiatives in your area.
  4. Volunteer opportunities: Learn how you can contribute to the development of rugby in your local community through volunteer work.
  5. Development programs: Find information about youth development programs and initiatives supported by the Northampton Saints in collaboration with local clubs.
  6. Coaching resources: Access coaching resources and support available for those interested in getting involved at a coaching level.
  7. Inclusive opportunities: Discover how the local club finder promotes inclusivity and diversity within grassroots rugby, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate.
  8. Testimonials: Hear firsthand from individuals who have been part of these local clubs, sharing their experiences and insights into grassroots rugby involvement.
  9. Impact on communities: Understand the positive impact that local rugby clubs have on communities, fostering teamwork, discipline, and passion for the sport among all ages.
  10. Partnerships and sponsorships: Learn about partnerships between the Northampton Saints and grassroots clubs, as well as potential sponsorship opportunities for those willing to support local rugby initiatives.

Saints Wheelchair team recognised

The Saints Wheelchair team has gained well-deserved recognition for their exceptional sportsmanship and talent. The team’s success highlights the Northampton Saints’ commitment to inclusivity and promoting rugby across all abilities.

This recognition reflects the impact of the club’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive rugby community, showing that the spirit of the game transcends physical limitations.

With commitment towards promoting inclusivity in sports, the Northampton Saints have shown support for wheelchair rugby, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and participate in this beloved sport.

Developing rugby in the region

Recognised for their commitment to inclusivity, the Saints Wheelchair team has contributed to developing rugby in the region. By providing opportunities for players with disabilities to engage in the sport they love, the Northampton Saints have fostered a culture of diversity and accessibility within the local rugby community.

Alongside their wheelchair team recognition, the Saints’ impact on grassroots rugby further emphasises their dedication to nurturing talent at all levels.

Encouraging youth participation and supporting local clubs, Northampton Saints actively promote access to coaching and facilities for aspiring athletes. Their outreach efforts extend beyond traditional boundaries by facilitating greater involvement from various demographics, contributing significantly towards transforming the landscape of regional rugby development initiatives.

Saints’ impact on the community

Developing rugby in the region has allowed Northampton Saints to have a significant impact on the local community. Through their grassroots initiatives and support for local clubs, they have been pivotal in nurturing young talent and promoting the sport at the grassroots level.

Additionally, the recognition of the Saints Wheelchair team has further showcased their commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the community.

Furthermore, beyond developing rugby talent, Northampton Saints actively engage with various community projects and charitable causes. This proactive involvement has bolstered their image as an organisation that not only excels on the field but also prioritises giving back to its fan base and wider society.


Discover the passion and pride of supporting the Northampton Saints, a team with a rich history in rugby. Immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere at upcoming matches and open events – your support is crucial to their success.

From merchandise to grassroots initiatives, there are numerous ways to get involved and become part of the Shoe Army. Experience the camaraderie and excitement that come with being a part of this renowned rugby union club.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of rugby and continue to make an impact on our community!


1. Who are the Northampton Saints?

The Northampton Saints are a professional sports team that plays rugby union in England.

2. What is the Northampton Saints’ main sport?

Rugby football is the main sport that the Northampton Saints’ club team play.

3. Are the Northampton Saints part of a league?

Yes, the Northampton Saints compete in professional rugby union leagues and tournaments.

4. Can fans watch the Northampton Saints play live games?

Certainly! Fans can attend matches to watch their favorite club team, the Northampton Saints, play rugby union at their home ground or other venues during fixtures.

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