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North Wales Crusaders – Rugby League Club Team

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Are you a rugby fan looking for a new team to support? The North Wales Crusaders, hailing from Colwyn Bay, is a burgeoning force in the rugby league world. This blog will dive into their rich history, discuss the passionate community that surrounds them, and give you all the insights on why they might just be your next favourite team.

Get ready to join the Crusade!

Key Takeaways

  • North Wales Crusaders is a Welsh rugby league team with origins as the Celtic Warriors in 2012, reflecting community spirit and local talent.
  • The club faced challenges, including financial struggles leading to liquidation after promotion to the Super League, but rebuilt itself successfully.
  • With over 5,000 fans supporting them at home games at Queensway Stadium, they have a dedicated following and significant social media presence.
  • They focus on youth development through their academy system while engaging with the community via North Wales Crusaders A for open-age participation.
  • The team boasts honours such as winning the Welsh Cup in 2013 and has made multiple playoff appearances showing consistent performance.


The North Wales Crusaders rugby league club team has a rich history, starting with its formation as the Celtic Warriors and rebranding as the Celtic Crusaders. The team went on to achieve promotion to the Super League but faced financial struggles and liquidation before rebuilding as the North Wales Crusaders.

Formation of Celtic Warriors

In the heart of Wales, a new chapter in rugby began with the birth of North Wales Crusaders. Born from the ashes of the former Super League club, Crusaders Rugby League, they quickly became a beacon for professional sports in Wrexham.

Their formation in 2012 signalled fresh hope for passionate fans eager to see local talent prosper on the UK’s third tier stage.

Fielding a team woven from community threads, North Wales Crusaders anchored their identity at Stadiwm CSM Eirias Park. They carved out a place for Welsh international players to shine and fostered connections with grassroots enthusiasts through North Wales Crusaders A.

This union created more than just a team; it spurred an entire region back into action within the spirited world of rugby league.

Rebranding as Celtic Crusaders

After the formation of Celtic Warriors, the club underwent a major transformation when it was rebranded as Celtic Crusaders in 2006. The new name aimed to reflect the team’s spirit, determination, and resilience in the face of challenges.

This rebranding represented a pivotal moment for the club as it sought to establish itself as a force within Welsh rugby league and beyond. The change in identity also signified a fresh start for the team, marking their ambition to succeed on both national and international stages.

The transition to Celtic Crusaders marked an important chapter in the club’s history, representing its evolution into a formidable force within Welsh rugby league. This rebranding showcased their commitment to achieving success at every level while retaining strong ties to their heritage and community.

Promotion to Super League

The North Wales Crusaders were promoted to the Super League after a successful run in the Championship. The team’s hard work and dedication paid off as they secured their spot among the top teams in rugby league.

Their promotion showcased their talent and determination, earning them recognition on a national level.

Moving from Betfred Rugby League 1 to the Super League was a significant achievement for the North Wales Crusaders, marking an important milestone in their journey. As they continue to grow and develop, this accomplishment demonstrates their potential for success at the highest levels of professional sports.

With this achievement, they are poised to make an even greater impact on the rugby league community and inspire future generations of players and supporters.

Financial struggles and liquidation

After experiencing the high of promotion to Super League, North Wales Crusaders faced significant financial struggles that ultimately led to their liquidation. Despite their efforts on the field, off-field issues plagued the club and eventually resulted in a difficult period for both players and fans.

The challenges of sustaining a professional sports team became overwhelming, leading to the unfortunate end of this chapter for North Wales Crusaders.

The team’s journey from promotion to Super League was quickly overshadowed by mounting financial pressures. This period tested the resilience of both the club and its devoted supporters as they navigated through these challenging times.


The North Wales Crusaders Rugby League Club team boasts distinctive colours and badges, plays in Eirias Stadium, has a dedicated group of players and coaches. Learn more about their team dynamics and history on our website!

Colours and badge

The team’s primary colours are blue and yellow, which can be seen on their home and away kits. The badge features a shield with a dragon in the centre, representing strength, power, and the Welsh heritage.

These symbols reflect the team’s Welsh roots and embody the spirit of resilience that North Wales Crusaders bring to every match.

The choice of colours and badge reflects the team’s commitment to its Welsh identity while also exuding an air of strength and tenacity that fans can rally behind. The blue and yellow kits along with the powerful dragon emblem serve as a visual representation of North Wales Crusaders’ determination to succeed on the rugby league field.


The club’s home ground, the Queensway Stadium in Wrexham, is the focal point for North Wales Crusaders’ matches. With a capacity of over 5,000 spectators, it provides an exciting atmosphere for fans to support their team.

In addition to hosting league games, the stadium also serves as a hub for community events and activities related to rugby league. The accessibility and vibrant environment make it a vital part of the club’s engagement with both its loyal fan base and local residents.

Moving on from stadiums, let’s dive into the talented players that make up this dynamic team.


North Wales Crusaders’ roster boasts a talented and diverse group of players who bring their skills and passion to the field. Let’s delve into the team’s lineup:

  1. The squad is made up of both seasoned veterans and promising young talents, creating a dynamic on-field presence.
  2. Notable players include Rhys Evans, a prolific try – scorer, and Brad Brennan, known for his tenacious work ethic and defensive prowess.
  3. The team also features international talent such as Italy’s Dante Morley-Samuels, adding depth and experience to the lineup.
  4. Youth development is a priority, with the club nurturing local talent through its academy system, fostering the next generation of rugby league stars.
  5. Each player brings their unique strengths to the game, contributing to the team’s overall success on the field.
  6. The camaraderie among the players is evident, reflecting a cohesive unit dedicated to representing North Wales Crusaders with pride and determination.
  7. Their dedication and hard work have earned them admiration from fans across social media platforms, garnering over 10,000 followers on Instagram alone.
  8. As ambassadors for rugby league in North Wales, these athletes continue to inspire and elevate the sport in the region through their talent and commitment.


North Wales Crusaders have had a number of skilled coaches leading the team over the years. Some of their notable coaches include:

  1. Anthony Murray currently serves as the head coach, bringing extensive experience to the role. He is committed to developing the team’s potential and achieving success.
  2. Mike Newton, who has also made significant contributions to the team’s performance and development. As an assistant coach, he plays a vital role in shaping the team’s strategy and training.
  3. The coaching staff ensure that players are consistently improving their skills and maintaining a strong performance level.
  4. Under the guidance of these dedicated mentors, North Wales Crusaders continue to make strides in the rugby league community.


The North Wales Crusaders are heavily involved in the community, with various initiatives and programs to engage fans and support local rugby league development. The club also boasts an academy system to nurture young talent for the future of the team.

Community involvement

North Wales Crusaders R.L.F.C. actively participates in the local community, providing opportunities for people to engage with rugby league. The club’s community arm, North Wales Crusaders A, allows open-age individuals to partake in playing rugby league, contributing to the growth and promotion of the sport within the region.

With a commitment to inclusivity and sportsmanship, North Wales Crusaders offers various ways for fans and supporters to get involved – whether by purchasing merchandise, becoming sponsors or enjoying commercial hospitality at games.

Furthermore, as an integral part of the rugby league community in North Wales, North Wales Crusaders educates and inspires rugby enthusiasts in promoting a passion for the sport. They have successfully cultivated a strong fan base with over 10,000 followers on social media platforms.


The North Wales Crusaders A is an essential part of the club’s community engagement. It provides a platform for open-age community members to actively participate in rugby league, contributing to the sport’s growth in North Wales.

The team fosters the development of young talent and promotes a sense of inclusivity, allowing individuals to engage with rugby league at various levels. Additionally, this initiative aligns with the club’s commitment to fostering local talent and promoting active participation in sports within the region.

With over 10,000 followers on social media, North Wales Crusaders has a strong fan base that actively supports its initiatives. The academy not only provides an avenue for aspiring athletes but also serves as a valuable asset in maintaining and growing enthusiasm for rugby league across communities in North Wales.


The North Wales Crusaders have had their fair share of ups and downs in the Rugby League Championship, with a few notable honours and records to their name. From their early formation as the Celtic Warriors to rebranding as the Crusaders, they have left their mark on Welsh rugby history.


The North Wales Crusaders have achieved several honours since the club’s establishment:

  1. 2013: Welsh Cup Winners
  • The team secured victory in the Welsh Cup, showcasing their early success.
  1. 2015: League 1 Cup Winners
  • The Crusaders displayed their prowess by claiming the League 1 Cup during this season.
  1. 2019: League 1 Shield Winners
  • The team emerged triumphant in the League 1 Shield, further solidifying their standing in the league.
  1. 2020: Welsh Premier League Champions
  • Demonstrating their strength within Wales, the Crusaders were crowned champions of the Welsh Premier League in a memorable campaign.
  1. Multiple Playoff Appearances
  • The North Wales Crusaders have consistently featured in playoff matches, demonstrating their competitive edge and determination on the field.


North Wales Crusaders have etched their name in the rugby league history books with several noteworthy records since their inception in 2012. Here’s a look at some of the standout achievements by the Crusaders in an easy-to-digest HTML table format for all the rugby fans out there.

CompetitionBetfred Rugby League 1
Successor toCrusaders Rugby League
Home GroundStadium in Wrexham, Wales
Community ClubNorth Wales Crusaders A
Social Media FollowingOver 10,000 followers
Rugby League PromotionSignificant role in North Wales

Fans can instantly recognise the dedication and resilience of the team from these records. Now, let’s move on to the next section about the club’s future and ongoing initiatives.


In conclusion, the North Wales Crusaders are a vital part of the rugby league community in Wales. They offer various ways for people to get involved with the club, whether through playing, supporting, or enjoying hospitality.

The team continues to promote and develop rugby league in North Wales, contributing to the sport’s growth in the region. With a strong fan base and commitment to community involvement, North Wales Crusaders play an important role in nurturing and advancing rugby league in Wales.


1. Who are the North Wales Crusaders?

The North Wales Crusaders are a rugby league club team competing in the Betfred League, based in Wrexham.

2. What is the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League?

Rugby Union and Rugby League are two types of rugby; they have different rules and the latter is what teams like North Wales Crusaders play.

3. Does North Wales have its own rugby league?

Yes, there’s a competitive scene within North Wales for rugby league, provided by clubs such as the Wrexham-based North Wales Crusaders.

4. Have the North Wales Crusaders ever competed in big events like the Rugby League World Cup?

Players from clubs like the North Wales Crusaders may play for national teams that compete in major events including the Rugby League World Cup.

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