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London Skolars – Rugby League Club Team

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Looking for a unique rugby experience in the heart of London? The London Skolars, based at New River Stadium, bring an exciting mix of athleticism and community spirit to the capital’s North.

Our blog will delve into this club’s history, current ambitions, and how you can join in the action. Discover a team that plays with passion!

Key Takeaways

  • London Skolars, established in 1995, is a semi – professional rugby league team that plays at New River Stadium in Wood Green and embodies the diversity of London.
  • The club has been accepted into the Southern Conference League (SCL) for the 2024 season and is currently recruiting new players passionate about rugby league.
  • Fans can follow the Skolars’ journey and keep up with match updates, latest results, and community events by connecting with them on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Youngsters interested in playing rugby can join mini and junior teams at London Skolars where they receive quality training to develop their skills under experienced coaches.
  • By joining initiatives like the SkolarsLottery, supporters have a chance to win cash prizes whilst contributing to the development of rugby league within London.

History and Origins of London Skolars

Founded in 1995, London Skolars are a rugby league team based in Wood Green, Haringey, North London. They were established with the aim of representing the diverse city of London and have since become an integral part of the local community.

Founded in 1995

The London Skolars kicked off their journey in the world of rugby league over a quarter-century ago, setting up camp at the New River Stadium in Wood Green. Starting life as the Student Rugby League Old Boys, they embraced a new identity two years later and haven’t looked back since.

They’ve grown from academic roots to become an integral part of North London’s sporting community.

Since turning semi-professional in 2003, the team has striven to make a mark on and off the pitch. The Skolars not only chase victories but also foster community spirit through involvement in local rugby initiatives.

Their commitment ensures that every match played is more than just about scoring tries; it’s about building a legacy within Haringey and beyond.

Representing the diverse city of London

London Skolars are a professional Rugby League club that represents the vibrant and diverse city of London. Founded in 1995, they play an essential role in promoting rugby league within the community.

With a strong presence at the New River Stadium in North London, the team actively engages with their fans on social media, boasting 4155 likes on Facebook. The Skolars’ commitment to community Rugby League aligns with their goal of fostering inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

Their involvement reflects the eclectic nature of the city they represent.

As part of League One and Southern Conference League (SCL), London Skolars have solidified their position in English rugby and continue to attract players from various backgrounds, maintaining a culturally diverse team.

The Current State of London Skolars

London Skolars are currently in the midst of recruiting players for the 2024 SCL campaign and have been accepted into the league for next season. Keep up to date with their progress and latest news on social media.

Recruiting players for 2024 SCL campaign

London Skolars are actively seeking players to join their team for the 2024 SCL campaign. They are looking for talented and dedicated individuals who are passionate about rugby league. Here are the key details about the player recruitment process:

  1. The club is scouting for players with exceptional skills and commitment to join their ranks.
  2. Prospective players can reach out to the club through their official contact information, including telephone and email.
  3. London Skolars welcome players from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the multicultural spirit of London city representation.
  4. Aspiring players can connect with the club on social media platforms to stay updated on recruitment events and trials.
  5. The team’s home games at the New River Stadium provide an opportunity for potential recruits to witness the professional environment and atmosphere.

Accepted into the SCL for 2024 season

London Skolars have been accepted into the SCL for the 2024 season, marking an exciting opportunity for the club to showcase their talent and determination on a prestigious platform.

This acceptance is a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment and dedication as they gear up to compete in this upcoming season. With this development, fans can anticipate thrilling matches and strong performances from the London Skolars as they aim to make their mark in the SCL.

The club’s acceptance into the 2024 SCL has sparked anticipation among supporters, who eagerly await witnessing their favourite team in action against formidable opponents. The upcoming season promises to be an exhilarating journey for London Skolars players and fans alike, with opportunities for unforgettable moments and proud achievements along the way.

Latest News and Updates

Stay updated with the latest news and results of London Skolars by following them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also keep track of their progress in the league table to see how they are performing in the current season.

Follow on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

London Skolars keep fans engaged and updated through their active social media presence. Follow them on Twitter for live match updates, player insights, and team news. Engage with the club on Facebook to stay connected with behind-the-scenes content, community events, and fan interactions. Additionally, fans can also find exclusive interviews, match highlights, and interactive posts on Instagram. Join the Skolars’ online community to share the passion for rugby league and be part of the team’s journey. Keep informed with the latest developments directly from the club by subscribing to their official YouTube channel for match previews, post-match analysis, and exclusive video content.

Latest results and league table

Keeping track of the London Skolars’ performance is essential for fans who eagerly await each match’s outcome. Check out the latest results and see where the Skolars stand in the league table:

DateOpponentVenueResultPoints ForPoints Against
DD/MM/YYYYTeam AHome/AwayWin/Loss2410
DD/MM/YYYYTeam BHome/AwayWin/Loss1822
DD/MM/YYYYTeam CHome/AwayWin/Loss148
1Team X14102222
3Team Y1483319

Supporters can stay up-to-date with the Skolars’ progress by following them on social media and checking out their latest scores and league standings. The team’s dedication shines through in every game, contributing to the dynamic Rugby League scene in North London.

Ways to Get Involved

Play mini and junior rugby for Skolars, providing a pathway for young talent to develop in the sport. Join the SkolarsLottery to support the club and have a chance at winning cash prizes.

Play mini and junior rugby for Skolars

Get involved in the London Skolars by signing up for their mini and junior rugby programs. Here’s how you can join in the action:

  1. Mini Rugby: Children aged 6 to 11 can join the Skolars’ mini rugby program, where they’ll learn key skills and have fun in a safe and supervised environment.
  2. Junior Rugby: For older kids aged 12 to 16, the junior rugby program offers more advanced training and opportunities to compete in matches against other clubs.
  3. Coaching Staff: Both programs are led by experienced coaches who are dedicated to nurturing young talent and promoting a love for rugby league.
  4. Development Pathway: The club provides a clear pathway for young players to progress from mini to junior levels and potentially into the senior ranks.
  5. Inclusive Environment: The Skolars welcome children of all abilities and backgrounds, fostering a supportive and inclusive community within the club.
  6. Facilities: Training takes place at the New River Stadium, providing access to top-notch facilities and a professional sporting environment.
  7. Social Benefits: Joining the Skolars’ youth teams not only offers opportunities for physical development but also promotes teamwork, leadership, and social skills.

Join the SkolarsLottery

Be part of the thrill and anticipation by joining the SkolarsLottery. You can support London Skolars while also standing a chance to win some fantastic cash prizes. The funds generated from the lottery directly contribute to the development of rugby league within the capital, so your participation truly makes a difference.

With just a few clicks, you could be in with an opportunity to help grow the sport you love and perhaps win big too.

Enhance your involvement with London Skolars by signing up for the SkolarsLottery today. As a dedicated fan, this is an exciting way to show your support and play a role in shaping the future of rugby league in England’s diverse city.

Future Plans and Prospects

Under the new Australian ownership, London Skolars are looking to expand and grow, with plans to strengthen their impact on rugby league in the capital. The club is focused on developing talent and creating a strong presence within the rugby league community.

Expansion and growth under Australian ownership

London Skolars have experienced significant expansion and growth since coming under Australian ownership. This change has brought a fresh perspective, injecting new energy into the club’s operations.

The impact of this shift in ownership is evident in the team’s improved performance and increased participation from fans and players alike. With an eye towards the future, the London Skolars are poised for even greater success as they continue to strengthen their presence in the rugby league community.

The Australian takeover has not only reinvigorated the club but also underscores its commitment to excellence and progression within London’s rugby league landscape. The newfound momentum is propelling the team forward, signaling a promising era for both the Skolars and their dedicated supporters.

London Skolars’ impact on rugby league in the capital

Under Australian ownership, the London Skolars have made a significant impact on rugby league in the capital. The club’s presence has helped to boost the sport’s popularity and participation in London, attracting players from diverse backgrounds.

With a strong community focus, the Skolars have played an important role in promoting rugby league across different age groups and engaging with fans through various initiatives.

Moreover, their involvement in local leagues and events has contributed to growing interest and support for the sport within London. As they continue to recruit players and expand their reach, the Skolars are poised to further elevate the profile of rugby league in the capital, building on their legacy as a professional club representing this vibrant city.


In conclusion, London Skolars, a professional Rugby League club based in North London, has a rich history and strong community presence. The team is actively recruiting players for the upcoming SCL campaign and has been accepted into the 2024 season.

With plans for expansion and growth under new ownership, the Skolars are making a significant impact on rugby league in the capital. Fans can stay updated with the latest news and results by following them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


1. Who are the London Skolars?

The London Skolars are a professional rugby league club team based in London, playing exciting matches and representing the city.

2. What level of rugby does the London Skolars play?

London Skolars play competitive rugby at a semi-professional level, bringing thrilling sports action to fans across the region.

3. Where can I watch the London Skolars games?

Fans can catch the London Skolars in action at their home ground or follow their matches through various media channels covering local sporting events.

4. Can I join the London Skolars club team?

Aspiring players with passion and skill for rugby league have opportunities to try out and perhaps join the ranks of this dynamic London-based club team.

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