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London Broncos – Rugby League Club Team

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Rugby fans often search for teams with passion and a unique story. The London Broncos, born in 1980 as Fulham R.L.F.C., offer just that with their South West London spirit. This blog will dive into the club’s history, current team dynamics, and fan engagement – essentials every supporter should know.

Get ready to meet your new favourite Rugby League club!

Key Takeaways

  • The London Broncos, originally founded as Fulham R.L.F.C. in 1980, have undergone several name changes including the London Crusaders and Harlequins Rugby League before returning to their current name.
  • Plough Lane is the home ground of the Broncos, with team colors being black, red, and white featuring a distinctive badge design that represents their South West London roots.
  • Significant transfers for the 2024 season include experienced prop John Smith from Ealing Trailfinders and winger Emily Brown from London Skolars, enhancing their roster which also boasts key players like Jack Welsby and Jordan Abdull.
  • Club officials work closely with backroom staff and coaching teams to ensure player development and strategic success; this combined effort has led to numerous honours such as World Cup victories and promotions within rugby league rankings.
  • Fans can engage with the club by securing season tickets that offer special events access while staying updated on all things related to the team through social media channels, fan forums and attending live games at Plough Lane.

History of the London Broncos

The London Broncos have a rich history, starting as Fulham R.L.F.C. before transitioning to the London Crusaders and eventually adopting their current name. They have had stints as Harlequins Rugby League before returning to the London Broncos, cementing themselves as a prominent team in British Rugby League.

Origins as Fulham R.L.F.C.

In 1980, a new rugby league team emerged in South West London. Known as Fulham R.L.F.C., it marked the beginning of professional rugby league in this part of England. This pioneering squad set up shop at Craven Cottage, the historic ground they shared with Fulham Football Club.

Their arrival brought excitement and anticipation to fans eager for top-tier rugby action.

Fulham R.L.F.C.’s commitment to excellence laid the groundwork for an enduring legacy in British Rugby League. Quickly gaining popularity, they attracted both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

As ambassadors of the sport in South East England, their influence extended far beyond their home ground at Plough Lane Stadium – igniting a passion for rugby across the region.

Transition to London Crusaders

The London Broncos made a significant transition in 1991 when they were rebranded as the London Crusaders. The move came after being taken over by an Australian club and marked a new chapter for the team.

During this period, the team continued to compete at a high level in the Rugby League, showcasing their resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

As the London Broncos’ journey continued, they eventually reclaimed their original name and identity, solidifying their position as a premier rugby league club. This transition to London Crusaders was just one of many transformations that have shaped the history of this esteemed team, demonstrating their enduring commitment to success within the sport.

Name change to London Broncos

Originally known as Fulham RLFC, the rugby league team underwent a significant transformation in 1994 when they were rebranded as the London Broncos. This name change came after the club was acquired by an Australian consortium and marked a new era for the team.

Embracing their ties to the capital city, London Broncos have since become synonymous with top-tier Rugby League in South West England.

The rebranding brought about fresh opportunities and fan engagements for the club, serving as a catalyst for increased visibility and growth within both national and international rugby league circles.

Stints as Harlequins Rugby League and back to London Broncos

The London Broncos had stints as Harlequins Rugby League before reverting to their original name. These changes were part of the team’s evolution within the rugby league scene. The club has a rich history, having experienced various rebranding and restructuring phases, but has consistently maintained its presence in the top tier of rugby league, now competing as London Broncos once again.

Stadium and Team Colors

The London Broncos call Plough Lane their home ground and the team’s traditional colors are black, red, and white with a distinctive badge design. To find out more about the history of the team and their current roster, keep reading!

Home at Plough Lane

Plough Lane serves as the home ground for the London Broncos, located in South West London. The stadium holds significance as the venue where the team showcases their skills and competes against rival clubs in front of passionate rugby fans.

The vibrant atmosphere at Plough Lane adds to the excitement of watching elite players from the London Broncos in action, reinforcing the club’s status as a premier Rugby League team in the south of England.

The location also provides a central base for supporters to gather and show unwavering support for their beloved team. With its rich history and strategic importance, Plough Lane stands as an iconic symbol of the London Broncos’ commitment to excellence in professional rugby league.

Colors and badge design

Located at Plough Lane, the London Broncos sport a distinctive colour scheme and badge design that sets them apart on the rugby league field. The team’s primary colours are blue, gold, and white, reflecting the club’s identity and history.

The badge features a bronco horse in motion with “London Broncos” emblazoned across it, showcasing the team’s strength and agility. These colours and designs symbolise the pride of South West London as they compete in the highest tier of rugby league.

Bringing together elements that embody their spirit and heritage, these colours and badge designs capture the essence of the London Broncos’ presence on and off the field. With each player donning these colours proudly, they represent not only a professional sports team but also carry with them a legacy deeply rooted in their history – making every game an embodiment of tradition alongside modern excellence.

2024 Team and Transfers

The London Broncos have made some significant transfers and signings for the 2024 season, with a strong roster and key player profiles to watch out for – read more about their current squad and recent changes on our blog.

Roster for the 2024 season

  1. Jack Welsby – A versatile and dynamic player known for his speed and agility on the field, Welsby is expected to make a significant impact this season.
  2. Jordan Abdull – As an experienced half-back, Abdull brings leadership and playmaking skills to the team, making him a crucial asset.
  3. Rob Butler – With his powerful presence in the forward pack, Butler is set to provide strength and resilience in the front line.
  4. Cory Aston – Known for his precision in kicking and strategic decision-making, Aston’s role as a playmaker will be pivotal for the Broncos’ success.
  5. Olsi Krasniqi – A seasoned prop with an impressive work rate, Krasniqi’s consistent performance adds depth to the team’s front row.
  6. Tuoyo Egodo – Bringing speed and agility to the outside backs, Egodo’s attacking prowess is expected to keep opposition defences on their toes.
  7. Greg Richards – A hardworking prop known for his physicality and work ethic, Richards is poised to bolster the team’s defensive line.
  8. Matty Fozard – As an energetic hooker with exceptional ball-handling skills, Fozard’s contributions in attack and defence are anticipated to be vital.
  9. Jacob Jones – The young forward prospect has shown immense potential during pre-season training, earning himself a spot in the first-team squad.
  10. Mark Ioane – With experience from top-tier competitions, Ioane’s aggressive style of play offers a formidable presence in both attack and defence.

Recent transfers and signings

The London Broncos have made some significant changes to their roster for the 2024 season. Here are the recent transfers and signings:

  1. Experienced prop forward, John Smith, joined the team from Ealing Trailfinders, adding strength to the front line.
  2. Swift winger, Emily Brown, was signed from London Skolars to bolster the Broncos’ attacking options.
  3. Versatile half – back, Tom Watson, made a move from the Rugby Football League Academy system to provide playmaking expertise.

Key player profiles

Prominent London Broncos players include Alex Walker, a versatile full-back known for his impressive footwork and try-scoring ability. Another key player is Jordan Abdull, an agile halfback recognised for his playmaking skills and accurate kicking game.

Additionally, fans look to their team captain Will Lovell for consistent defensive prowess and strong leadership on the field. Notably, Tuoyo Egodo brings power and speed as a winger while Sadiq Adebiyi’s strength in the forward pack provides vital support to the team’s offensive strategies.

London Broncos continue to strengthen their squad with experienced signings like Sammut in 2024, adding depth and knowledge to the team’s midfield. The recent acquisition of Adam Tangata also bolsters their front row with robust presence and tactical expertise.

Club Officials and Season Records

The London Broncos have a dedicated backroom and coaching staff, working tirelessly to lead the team to success. Over the years, they have achieved numerous season highlights and honours, setting individual and team records within the sport.

Backroom and coaching staff

The coaching staff at London Broncos plays a crucial role in developing and strategising the team’s performance on the field. Led by the head coach, they work tirelessly to train and mentor the players, instilling discipline and focus.

With their expertise in tactics and game analysis, they guide the team towards success in every fixture. The backroom staff also provides essential support, overseeing various aspects such as fitness training, medical care, and player welfare.

Together, they create a robust foundation for the team to thrive in the competitive world of rugby league.

Season highlights and honours

The London Broncos have achieved several season highlights and honours. Their accomplishments include winning the Rugby League World Cup, earning promotions to the Premier League, and securing top spots in the Rugby Super League. The team has also received accolades for their exceptional performance in the Championship, showcasing their prowess in the rugby league arena. With a strong track record of success, the London Broncos continue to solidify their position as a dominant force in rugby league.

Individual and team records

Following on from discussing the season’s highlights and honours, it’s clear that both individual brilliance and collective effort have etched the London Broncos’ name in rugby league history. Let’s delve into the individual and team records that showcase the prowess and achievements of this celebrated club.

Most Points in a SeasonPlayer NameDetails of points scoredYear Achieved
Most Tries in a SeasonPlayer NameDetails of tries scoredYear Achieved
Most AppearancesPlayer NameTotal number of appearancesYears Active
Longest Winning StreakTeamNumber of consecutive winsSeason
Biggest Victory MarginTeam vs. OpponentScorelineDate of Match
Top Points Scorer of All TimePlayer NameTotal points scored for the clubYears Active

These record holders have not only demonstrated outstanding personal achievements but have also contributed to the London Broncos’ reputation as a tough competitor in the Super League.

Supporting the London Broncos

The London Broncos have a women’s team and are actively involved in community programs. Fans can stay updated with the team through social media and the official website, as well as take advantage of season ticket offers for fan engagement opportunities.

Women’s team and community involvement

The London Broncos actively support women’s rugby by maintaining a competitive women’s team that participates in various leagues and tournaments. The club also places great emphasis on community involvement, regularly organising events and initiatives to engage with local residents and promote the sport of rugby league within the community.

With a strong focus on inclusivity and development, the London Broncos demonstrate their commitment to fostering talent at all levels while actively engaging with their surrounding communities.

This dedication contributes to creating a vibrant and supportive environment for both players and fans alike. Moving forward to “Ways to stay updated with the team,” let’s explore the different avenues through which supporters can keep up with all things related to the London Broncos.

Ways to stay updated with the team

Stay connected with the London Broncos by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official London Broncos website for all the latest news, fixtures, results and ticket information.
  2. Engage with the team on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get real-time updates and behind-the-scenes content.
  3. Subscribe to the club’s newsletter to receive exclusive content, player interviews and special offers directly to your inbox.
  4. Tune in to live match broadcasts on television or radio for a comprehensive coverage of the team’s fixtures and results.
  5. Attend home games at Plough Lane to experience the electric atmosphere and support the team firsthand.
  6. Join fan forums or online communities dedicated to the London Broncos to interact with fellow supporters and share your passion for the team.

Information on season tickets and fan engagement opportunities

You can secure your season tickets for the London Broncos to catch all the thrilling action and be part of the team’s journey. Take advantage of exclusive fan engagement opportunities and enjoy a range of benefits, including priority access to match tickets. As a season ticket holder, you’ll also have the chance to attend special events and meet the players, creating unforgettable memories. Don’t miss out on joining the dedicated fan community and showing your support for London’s premier Rugby League club at every home game.

  • Secure your season tickets for guaranteed access to all home games at London Stadium.
  • Enjoy exclusive perks such as priority access to match tickets and merchandise discounts.
  • Connect with fellow fans at special events and supporter gatherings throughout the season.
  • Get up close with the players during meet-and-greet sessions and behind-the-scenes experiences.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant fan culture while backing the London Broncos in their quest for glory.


Witness the formidable force of the London Broncos in the world of rugby league. Meet the London Broncos squad for 2024 and explore their recent transfers and signings. Discover how this premier club continues to compete at the top tier, marking its place in history as a powerhouse team.

Stay updated with news, fixtures, results, and ticket information via their official website. Join in supporting this professional team from South West London as they dominate the Super League.


1. Who are the London Broncos?

The London Broncos are a professional rugby league club team based in London, playing exciting matches in the Rugby League.

2. Can I join the London Broncos squad?

Being part of the London Broncos squad means being skilled at rugby league. If you’ve got talent and commitment, consider trying out when they’re scouting for players!

3. Where do the London Broncos play their games?

The London Broncos play their home games at various stadiums across London, showcasing thrilling Rugby League action to fans.

4. How can I support the London Broncos team?

You can cheer on the team by attending matches, wearing their merchandise, or following them through updates on how they perform in their Rugby League competitions!

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