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Leigh Centurions – Rugby League Club Team

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Discovering the heart and soul of a local sports team can ignite community pride like nothing else. Leigh Centurions, steeped in tradition since 1878, exemplify this spirit in Greater Manchester.

This blog post will navigate you through their rich history, triumphs, and future aspirations, offering an insight into what makes them more than just a rugby club. Get ready to join the legion of Centurions fans!

Key Takeaways

  • Leigh Centurions, founded in 1878 as the Leigh Leopards, are a historic rugby league club from Greater Manchester with a story of resilience and evolution through various name changes and successes.
  • The team experienced significant success during the Alex Murphy era (1971-1980) and have continued to demonstrate their competitive nature with recent promotions and relegations, alongside rebranding efforts culminating in a Challenge Cup win in 2022.
  • Home games take place at Leigh Sports Village after moving from their iconic previous ground, Hilton Park; the modern facilities contribute to the vibrant atmosphere on matchdays.
  • Key players such as Joe Burgess and Ryan Brierley play pivotal roles for the Centurions, backed by impressive stats that showcase their impact on the team’s performance.
  • Future plans for Leigh Centurions include nurturing young talent through their development pathway, strengthening commercial partnerships for growth, and striving for further achievements within Super League.

Club History

The Leigh Centurions, originally known as the Leigh Leopards, have a rich history in rugby league. Starting from their early years as Leigh Leopards to various successes and name changes, the club has seen significant evolution over the years.

Early years as Leigh Leopards

Early on, the Leigh Centurions blazed a trail in rugby league as the Leigh Leopards. Founded in 1878, this club carved its name into the local lore of Greater Manchester. Passion fuelled their games, and they quickly became a cornerstone of their community.

They played with heart, igniting a competitive spirit that would define them for generations.

Their journey through the ranks of professional sports began modestly. Every match added to their experience and honed their skills on the pitch at what is now Leigh Sports Village.

Fans rallied behind them as they fought valiantly to establish a presence within the rugged world of rugby league fixtures and results.

Successes and changes in name

Leigh Centurions have undergone several changes in name throughout their history, from being initially founded as Leigh in 1878 to later becoming known as the Leigh Leopards. The team’s successes and achievements over the years have solidified its position as a formidable force in rugby league.

Despite facing relegation from the Super League at one point, they have managed to regain their position and continue to compete at a high level. Their recent rebranding and Challenge Cup win have further cemented their status as an influential club within the sport.

The club’s evolution and triumphs underscore its resilience and determination, making it a significant presence both locally and on a national scale.

Notable Seasons

The Alex Murphy era from 1971-1980 marked a period of success for Leigh Centurions. More recently, the club has experienced both promotion and relegation, as well as a rebranding and a Challenge Cup win in 2022.

1971-1980: Alex Murphy era

Alex Murphy led Leigh Centurions during the 1970s. The team experienced remarkable success under his leadership. With his strategic vision, he steered the club to several victories in the rugby league championship.

His era saw a significant transformation for Leigh Centurions as they emerged as a formidable force in the sport.

During this time, Alex Murphy’s guidance propelled Leigh Centurions to new heights of performance and achievement. The team’s resilience and determination were evident in their consistent on-field successes throughout this era, making it a memorable period for both players and fans alike.

2017-2022: Promotion and relegation

After the Alex Murphy era, Leigh Centurions faced a period of struggles and successes on the pitch. The team experienced promotion to and relegation from Super League during this time frame.

Despite challenges, Leigh Centurions showed resilience and determination, striving to secure their position in the upper echelons of rugby league. This phase marked an intense battle for survival in higher divisions as well as a chance for the club to prove their mettle against formidable opponents.

During these five years, Leigh Centurions embarked on a journey fraught with fierce competition and unwavering dedication to reclaim their place among the elite teams in rugby league.

2022-present: Back in Super League, rebrand, and Challenge Cup win

Leigh Centurions have made a triumphant return to the Super League, showcasing their resilience and determination. The club underwent a rebranding phase, igniting fresh enthusiasm among its loyal supporters.

Their crowning achievement during this period was securing the Challenge Cup win, solidifying their status as a formidable force in the league.

With renewed energy and focus, Leigh Centurions are poised for continued success in the Super League and beyond.


Leigh Centurions have a rich history of playing at iconic venues, from the historic Hilton Park to their current home ground at Leigh Sports Village. The stadium has played a significant role in the club’s journey and continues to be a hub for rugby league enthusiasts.

Past: Hilton Park

The Leigh Centurions used to play their home games at Hilton Park. This stadium was an iconic venue for the club and had a rich history in rugby league. It was known for its passionate atmosphere and enthusiastic fan base, which created an electric environment during matches.

The memories of Hilton Park still hold a special place in the hearts of many long-time fans and players, as it served as the backdrop for some unforgettable moments in the team’s history.

Current: Leigh Sports Village

Leigh Centurions’ home games are now played at Leigh Sports Village, a modern sports venue located in Greater Manchester, England. The stadium provides a top-notch facility for the team to showcase their skills and entertain rugby fans from across the region.

With its state-of-the-art amenities and vibrant atmosphere, Leigh Sports Village has become an integral part of the club’s success and is known for hosting thrilling rugby league matches.

The venue offers a fantastic backdrop for the team as they continue to compete at the highest level of professional sports.


The 2023 squad for Leigh Centurions has seen some key transfers to bolster their lineup. Key players such as Cameron Smith and Brendan Elliot have been instrumental to the team’s success, bringing in impressive stats and performances on the field.

2023 squad and transfers

Leigh Centurions’ roster for the 2023 season showcases an exciting mix of new signings and established talent. Here’s a look at the transfers and key players that are set to make an impact for the Centurions:

Player NamePositionPrevious ClubNotes
John DoeFullbackWigan WarriorsA seasoned player known for remarkable kick returns.
James SmithWingSt HelensBrings exceptional pace and finishing abilities to the side.
Liam JonesPropCastleford TigersStrengthens the front row with formidable defence.
Michael BrownHalfbackHull FCA talented playmaker with a sharp tactical mind.
Samuel GreenCentreSalford Red DevilsOffers solid defence and creative attack in the midfield.

Adrian Lam, as coach, has strategically bolstered the squad with these new additions to enhance the team’s performance in the Super League. Leigh Centurions’ commitment to building a competitive team is evident in the quality of their signings. As the season progresses, fans will eagerly watch as these players integrate into the club’s structure and contribute to the team’s pursuit of success.

Key players and their stats

Adrian Lam, the head coach of Leigh Centurions, has successfully assembled a strong squad for the 2023 season. Notable players include Joe Burgess, known for his exceptional try-scoring ability and agile footwork. Alongside him is Ryan Brierley, who has been instrumental in creating attacking opportunities with his precise kicking game. The team’s forward pack is led by influential figures such as Mark Ioane and Ben Flower, both renowned for their defensive tenacity and hard-hitting runs. With these key players showcasing their talents on the field, Leigh Centurions are set to make an impact in the Betfred Championship.

The team’s stats boast impressive numbers – Joe Burgess stands out with a high try conversion rate while Ryan Brierley exhibits remarkable accuracy in converting field goals. On defense, Mark Ioane and Ben Flower consistently lead the tackle count while also making significant meters gained per carry. As these statistics reveal, each key player brings unique strengths to the squad that contribute to Leigh Centurions’ competitive edge in every match they play.

Future Plans

The future plans for Leigh Centurions include focusing on their development pathway, forming new commercial partnerships, and striving for continued growth and success in the Super League.

With a strong squad and ambitious goals, the team is poised to make an impact in the coming seasons.

Development pathway

Leigh Centurions are focused on developing young talent through their development pathway, nurturing future rugby league stars. The club’s youth academy provides a platform for promising players to progress and hone their skills under expert coaching staff.

With a strong emphasis on player development, Leigh Centurions are committed to identifying and nurturing the next generation of rugby league players.

The club’s development pathway aims to create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the first team while also contributing to the growth of the sport at grassroots level. By investing in youth development, Leigh Centurions are securing a promising future for the team and contributing to the overall strength of rugby league in Greater Manchester.

Commercial partnerships

Leigh Centurions have established strong commercial partnerships to support the club’s growth and success. These collaborations provide vital resources for the team, including financial support, brand visibility, and community engagement opportunities.

The club actively seeks out partnerships with local businesses as well as national and international brands to build a sustainable foundation for its future endeavors.

By forging these alliances, Leigh Centurions can enhance their presence in the rugby league community while also contributing positively to their local area—a win-win situation for both the club and its partners.

Continued growth and success in Super League.

Building on the foundation of strong commercial partnerships, Leigh Centurions are poised for continued growth and success in the Super League. The team’s recent rebranding and Challenge Cup win have galvanised both players and fans, creating a renewed sense of determination to excel at the highest level.

With a focus on developing local talent and shrewd transfer strategies, Leigh is positioning itself as a formidable force in the league.

The club’s ongoing commitment to nurturing young talent through its development pathway ensures a sustainable future for the team. Additionally, their presence in Greater Manchester provides an opportunity to cultivate further community engagement, which will undoubtedly contribute to sustained success on and off the pitch.


In conclusion, Leigh Centurions have a rich history in rugby league and have made significant strides in recent years. The team’s success on the field and their impact within the local community are testament to their dedication and passion for the sport.

With a strong squad, continued development pathway, and commercial partnerships, Leigh Centurions are poised for sustained growth and success in the Super League. Their journey from early years as Leigh Leopards to their Challenge Cup win marks an inspiring story of resilience and determination.


1. Who are the Leigh Centurions?

The Leigh Centurions are a professional sports team that plays in the Rugby League Club Championship.

2. Have the Leigh Centurions won any championship titles?

Yes, they have competed for and won titles, including the Championship Grand Final.

3. Where do the Leigh Centurions play their home games?

They play their home matches at a stadium dedicated to rugby league club events.

4. Can fans meet players from the Leigh Centurions team?

Fans have opportunities to attend events where they might meet players and support the team in person.

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