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La Rochelle – Rugby Union Club Team

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Are you looking to dive into the thrilling world of rugby union? La Rochelle Rugby team stands as a beacon of tradition in France’s top-tier league. This post will guide you through their story, shining a spotlight on what makes them a club to watch this season.

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Key Takeaways

  • La Rochelle Rugby Union Club, also known as Stade Rochelais, was founded in 1898 and represents the city of La Rochelle in France’s prestigious Top 14 league.
  • The team has a legacy of success without reliance on wealthy benefactors and climbed from Pro D2 to become reigning champions on European stages.
  • Key players gearing up for the 2023/2024 season include Grégory Alldritt, Raymond Rhule, Will Skelton, and Tawera Kerr-Barlow.
  • Stade Rochelais competes in high – profile competitions such as the Champions Cup and Top 14, performing impressively with recent wins against Sale Sharks and Bath while putting up commendable resistance against Leinster.
  • The club is actively pursuing future successes through exciting plans and potential signings to build strength for challenges in both the Top 14 and Champions Cup.

History of the Stade Rochelais Rugby Team

Founded in 1898, Stade Rochelais has a rich history in French rugby and represents La Rochelle in the Top 14. With a legacy of success and a loyal fan base, the team has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in French rugby.

Founding in 1898

In the heart of 1898, a flame was lit in the coastal city of La Rochelle as enthusiasts bound together to form what is now an iconic rugby union club team. Stade Rochelais emerged from humble beginnings, swiftly ascending through the trenches of French rugby heritage.

The very fabric of this formidable team weaves through decades, establishing themselves as titans within the Top 14.

With each ruck and maul on their home turf, echoes of a century-old legacy resonate throughout the stadium nestled in La Rochelle’s center. Proudly carrying their colors forward without relying on wealthy benefactors, they’ve sculpted a unique identity in professional rugby – one that honors traditional values while fiercely competing at top European levels.

Their promotion from Pro D2 in 2014 wasn’t just an ascent; it marked the rise of giants who would stride onto become reigning champions on Europe’s grandest stages.

Rich history in French rugby

The Stade Rochelais Rugby Team has a rich history in French rugby, dating back to its founding in 1898. The team’s journey from their early days to becoming Top 14 giants and reigning European champions speaks volumes about their legacy in the sport.

La Rochelle’s resilience is clear as they have defied trends by not relying on a sugar-daddy, standing as one of the old traditional clubs. Their promotion from Pro D2 in 2014 symbolises their rapid ascent, showcasing their dedication to success at the highest level of professional rugby union in France.

This journey reflects the city’s passion for rugby and solidifies La Rochelle’s significance within French rugby history.

Representing La Rochelle in Top 14

La Rochelle Rugby Club proudly represents the city in the prestigious Top 14, the highest level of professional rugby union in France. Since their promotion from Pro D2 in 2014, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, defying trends by relying on tradition and hard work rather than external investment.

Their home ground at the heart of La Rochelle serves as a historic symbol of their dedication to the sport and their local community.

As reigning European champions, La Rochelle continues to make waves in professional rugby, garnering attention for their skill and determination on the field. With a dedicated coaching staff and an eager fan base who follow them on social media and attend matches at their stadium, this club embodies the essence of traditional rugby values while competing at the pinnacle of French rugby.

The Stade Rochelais Squad for 2023/2024 Season

The Stade Rochelais squad for the upcoming 2023/2024 season boasts a talented lineup of key players, with exciting contract updates and transfer news keeping fans on their toes. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the team’s roster as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Key players

La Rochelle’s key players for the 2023/2024 season are:

  1. Grégory Alldritt – A formidable number eight, known for his powerful ball-carrying and relentless work rate in defense.
  2. Raymond Rhule – A dynamic winger with electrifying speed and an eye for the try-line. His ability to create scoring opportunities makes him a vital asset to the team.
  3. Will Skelton – The imposing lock forward brings physicality and leadership to the pack, dominating in lineouts and providing a strong defensive presence.
  4. Tawera Kerr-Barlow – An experienced scrum-half, known for his quick distribution and tactical acumen, keeping the team ticking with his on-field decision-making.

Contract updates

The Stade Rochelais Rugby Team has made significant contract updates for the 2023/2024 season. These changes include:

  1. Extensions: Several key players have extended their contracts with the club, demonstrating their commitment to the team’s future success.
  2. New Signings: The team has secured promising new talents through strategic signings, adding depth and skill to the squad.
  3. Departures: Notable departures have been confirmed, as some players seek new opportunities or challenges in their careers.
  4. Contract Negotiations: Ongoing negotiations are in place as the club aims to retain essential members and attract potential additions to strengthen the team.
  5. Youth Contracts: The development of young talents continues, with renewed focus on nurturing and securing promising prospects for the future.

Transfer news and rumours

La Rochelle Rugby Union Club is buzzing with transfer news and rumours as the team prepares for the 2023/2024 season. Key players are negotiating contract updates, and there’s speculation about potential signings to strengthen the squad.

The club’s social media platforms are abuzz with fans discussing possible transfers, adding to the excitement leading up to the new season.

The La Rochelle team’s strong presence on Instagram allows fans to stay updated on all latest transfer news, providing an insight into potential new talents joining the squad for upcoming challenges in Top 14 and Champions Cup competitions.

Top Competitions for Stade Rochelais

Stade Rochelais competes in top-level competitions such as the Champions Cup and Top 14, showcasing their skills and talent on a global stage. Find out more about their recent match results and future plans for success in our upcoming blog post.

Champions Cup

The Champions Cup is a highly anticipated competition for La Rochelle Rugby Union Club. As reigning European champions, the team will be aiming to defend their title and showcase their strength against top teams from across Europe.

With an impressive history in French rugby and the recent success in the Champions Cup, fans can expect thrilling performances from La Rochelle as they compete at the highest level of professional rugby union.

Fans looking to support the team can find tickets for Champions Cup matches through the club’s official website or at their dedicated rugby shop. The home fixtures, results, and match reports for the Champions Cup can also be easily accessed on platforms like Sky Sports Rugby Union, allowing fans to stay updated on all the exciting developments throughout this prestigious tournament.

Top 14

Competing in the Top 14, La Rochelle Rugby Union Club showcases elite talent and tactical prowess. The team’s presence in this highest level of professional rugby union in France is a testament to their formidable skills on the field.

Representing the vibrant city of La Rochelle, the team has solidified its standing as a top contender within this prestigious competition. With a rich history and a dedicated coaching staff, they continue to command respect on the pitch, securing victories and demonstrating unwavering determination.

Moving forward, it’s essential for fans to stay updated with the latest news and match reports from Sky Sports Rugby Union to witness how La Rochelle continues their pursuit of greatness in Top 14 battles.

Recent Match Results and Performances

La Rochelle has shown impressive form in recent matches, securing wins against top teams like Sale Sharks and Bath and putting up a good fight against Leinster. To find out more about their performance and what’s next for the team, keep reading!

Wins against Sale Sharks and Bath

La Rochelle secured impressive victories against Sale Sharks and Bath in their recent matches, showcasing their tenacity on the field. The team’s solid defensive line and strategic attacking plays led to a dominant display, earning them crucial points in the competition.

The players’ resilience under pressure was evident, as they rallied together to secure well-deserved wins for La Rochelle.

The victories against Sale Sharks and Bath demonstrated the team’s ability to execute game plans effectively while capitalising on scoring opportunities. With these wins, La Rochelle further solidified their position as a formidable force in professional rugby union, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead in top-level competitions.

Battling to win against Leinster

After securing impressive wins against Sale Sharks and Bath, the Stade Rochelais Rugby Team faced a tough battle against Leinster. The match saw the team bring their A-game, displaying resilience and determination throughout.

Despite facing strong opposition, the players showcased exceptional skill and teamwork as they fought to secure victory.

During the intense showdown with Leinster, every player demonstrated unwavering commitment on the field. Their strategic plays and unwavering tenacity kept fans on edge as they vied for dominance.

Current standing in Top 14

La Rochelle currently holds a strong position in the Top 14, showcasing their competitive prowess and determination. As one of the leading teams in the league, they continue to challenge their opponents with exceptional skills and strategic play.

Positioned among the top contenders, La Rochelle’s current standing reflects their commitment to achieving success in professional rugby.

Their consistent performance has solidified their status as a formidable force within the Top 14 league. With each match, they demonstrate resilience and agility on the field, leaving a lasting impression on fans and competitors alike.

Future of the Stade Rochelais Rugby Team

Plans for the upcoming season include strengthening the squad with potential signings and focusing on achieving success in both Top 14 and Champions Cup. The team is determined to continue their impressive performances and make a mark in professional rugby.

Plans for the upcoming season

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the Stade Rochelais Rugby Team has some exciting plans and goals in mind.

Potential signings

  • Scouting new talents to bolster the squad for the upcoming season.
  • Exploring promising young players from competitive leagues across Europe.
  • Considering experienced international players to add depth and skill to the team.
  • Evaluating potential recruits’ compatibility with the club’s playing style and culture.
  • Engaging in negotiations to secure strong additions to the Stade Rochelais roster.

Goals for success in Top 14 and Champions Cup

La Rochelle Rugby Team aims to dominate the Top 14 and secure a strong finish in the Champions Cup. With their history-defying approach, the team strives to continue their impressive performance in French rugby.

Led by a dedicated coaching staff, they are focused on bolstering their squad strength through potential signings and strategic plans for the upcoming season.

The team’s goals are underpinned by its commitment to competitive excellence, with key players driving towards achieving success in both championships. As reigning European champions and Top 14 giants, La Rochelle is determined to maintain its winning momentum while keeping fans engaged through social media updates and merchandise offerings.


In conclusion, the La Rochelle Rugby Union Club Team has a rich history in French rugby, with a strong presence in the Top 14. The team’s future looks promising as they continue to compete and excel in top competitions like the Champions Cup.

With dedicated coaching staff and a roster of key players, the team is set to strive for success in upcoming seasons. As they aim to build on their recent performances, fans can expect exciting developments and potential signings that will further solidify their position as a rugby powerhouse.


1. Who are La Rochelle in the world of rugby?

La Rochelle is a professional rugby union club team that competes in top-level matches and tournaments.

2. What makes a rugby player for La Rochelle stand out?

A rugby player for La Rochelle stands out through skill, teamwork, and dedication to the sport, showcasing these qualities during every match they play.

3. Can I watch a La Rochelle rugby match live?

Yes, you can watch a La Rochelle rugby match live at the stadium or through various broadcast options depending on your location.

4. How often does the La Rochelle rugby club team play?

The La Rochelle Rugby Union Club Team plays regularly throughout their season, facing other professional teams in scheduled matches and competitions.

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