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Jaguares – Rugby Union Club Team

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Are you keen to dive into the thrilling world of Jaguares rugby? This dynamic team, based in Buenos Aires, made history as Argentina’s first-ever contender in the international Super Rugby competition.

From their debut to their current status, our blog post will guide you through the exceptional journey of the Jaguares and what makes them a force on the field. Get ready for a rousing tale that is bound to ignite your passion for rugby!

Key Takeaways

  • The Jaguares entered Super Rugby in 2016, becoming the first Argentinian team in the competition and marking a groundbreaking moment for rugby union in South America.
  • Despite exiting Super Rugby due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, they continue to play an important role in regional club competitions and may have future opportunities to rejoin international leagues.
  • The current squad includes standout players such as Pablo Matera and Emiliano Boffelli, who bring leadership and explosive talent to the team.
  • They’ve enjoyed success within the South American Jaguars competition and have delivered impressive test match performances against global teams.
  • There is substantial potential for growth of rugby union across South America, with the Jaguares playing a pivotal role by attracting new fans, retaining local talent, and enhancing the region’s standing on the world stage.

History of Jaguares Rugby

The Jaguares Rugby team was established in 2015, and entered Super Rugby in 2016. They faced both successes and challenges during their time in the competition.

Creation of the team

In 2016, history was made with the birth of the Jaguares, marking a significant moment for rugby union in South America. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s bustling capital, this team embarked on an ambitious venture to join Super Rugby and retain national players within their homeland.

Spearheading this move were dedicated figures who envisioned a competitive Argentinian presence on an international stage. Their inclusion into the league showcased not only skilled athletes but also a cultural richness unique to South American rugby.

Choosing Raúl Pérez as Head Coach was another strategic step in shaping the squad’s identity and approach to professional play. His guidance aimed at creating disciplined and spirited players ready to challenge established international teams.

This signified more than just forming another club; it represented Argentina’s growing stature in world rugby circles, providing opportunities for local talents to shine without leaving home ground.

The Jaguares quickly became representative of Argentine grit and passion for the sport, capturing fans’ imaginations and bringing fresh vigour to rugby fixtures across continents.

First season in Super Rugby

Making history in 2016, Jaguares became the first Argentinian team to compete in Super Rugby, bringing excitement and anticipation to rugby fans across South America. The team’s entry into the prestigious league marked a significant milestone for Argentine rugby.

With their talented and spirited players, they quickly made an impact on the competition, showcasing their dedication and discipline on the field. The inaugural season in Super Rugby was not only a monumental moment for Jaguares but also a crucial step forward for the growth and development of rugby in Argentina, garnering strong support from fans and enthusiasts alike.

Jaguares’ debut in Super Rugby represented a new era for Argentine rugby as they set out to establish themselves as formidable contenders within the league. With their unique blend of skill, ambition, and determination, Jaguares left an indelible mark on the world stage of rugby union.

Successes and challenges

The Jaguares have experienced significant successes as the first Argentinian team to join Super Rugby. They brought a new level of competition to the league and demonstrated the talent and potential of South American rugby.

However, they also faced challenges in adapting to the high-intensity nature of Super Rugby and competing against established teams from New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Despite these challenges, they garnered a strong following and made notable contributions to the growth of rugby in Argentina.

The team’s successes included effectively retaining Argentina’s national players through their ambitious project while bringing a dedicated, disciplined, talented, and spirited roster onto the global stage.

Rebirth of the Team

The Jaguares faced a setback when they were forced to exit Super Rugby, but the team has since made a successful return to South American club competition. With potential plans for future Super Rugby involvement, the future looks bright for this resilient rugby club.

Super Rugby exit

The Jaguares exited Super Rugby in 2020. This decision came after the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the rugby calendar, leading to financial pressures and travel restrictions. As a result, the team returned to South American club competition.

The exit from Super Rugby marked a significant shift for the team, but they are now focusing on their future plans for participating in Super Rugby once more.

The departure from Super Rugby prompted discussion about potential expansion into the Pacific region. Additionally, it raised questions about the growth of South American rugby and how this could impact future involvement in top-tier competitions.

Return to South American club competition

The Jaguares made a significant decision to exit Super Rugby and return to South American club competition. This move aims to deepen the team’s roots in their home continent, allowing for more frequent clashes with local rivals and enhancing the development of rugby within South America.

The re-entry into regional club tournaments will provide an opportunity for the Jaguares to strengthen their position as a powerhouse in South American rugby and foster greater support from local fans.

Shifting focus back to national competitions enables the Jaguares to contribute directly to the growth of rugby at a grassroots level while continuing to serve as an inspiration for aspiring players across Argentina and beyond.

Future plans for Super Rugby

Super Rugby looks to expand its reach into the Pacific, and the Jaguares are well placed to be a part of this exciting new chapter. With their strong following and competitive edge, the team has shown that they can hold their own at an international level.

As Super Rugby aims for greater inclusivity and a wider global footprint, the potential for the Jaguares to continue playing a pivotal role in this expansion is undeniable.

The South American rugby scene continues to grow, and there is immense potential for teams like the Jaguares to catalyse this growth further. Their presence has already made significant contributions, raising standards and inspiring young talent across Argentina.

Current Squad and Players to Watch

The current Jaguares squad is a blend of experienced veterans and promising young talents. The team has a diverse mix of players that make them a formidable force on the field.

  • Pablo Matera: The inspirational captain who leads from the front with his powerful ball-carrying and relentless work rate, making him a key figure in the team’s success.
  • Emiliano Boffelli: Known for his electrifying pace and ability to break through defensive lines, Boffelli is a game-changer with his attacking prowess.
  • Marcos Kremer: A versatile player who excels in both the back row and second row, bringing physicality and dynamism to the forward pack.
  • Joaquín Tuculet: An experienced full-back with exceptional vision and counter-attacking skills, providing stability in defense and danger in attack.
  • Guido Petti: A dominant force in the lineout and an imposing presence in the loose, Petti is pivotal in both set-piece play and open-field battles.

Achievements and Record

The Jaguares Rugby team has achieved success in the South American Jaguars competition and has had impressive test match results. Their record showcases their strength and potential as a formidable rugby union club team.

South American Jaguars

The South American Jaguars are a significant addition to the Super Rugby league, representing a new level of competition in the South American rugby scene. Comprised of national rugby sides within the Sudamérica Rugby federation, the team has garnered a strong following and contributed to the growth of rugby in Argentina.

Known for their dedicated, disciplined, talented, and spirited players, they have effectively kept hold of Argentina’s national players and brought a fresh level of rivalry to the sport.

Leading from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the South American Jaguars have set a high standard for aspiring teams in the region. Under Head Coach Raúl Pérez‘s guidance and management, they continue to make waves with their performance on both domestic and international stages while inspiring young talents across South America with their ongoing success.

Test match results

Reflecting on the field prowess of Argentina’s Jaguares, we’ll look at their test match results, which showcase their competitive edge in international rugby. These results highlight the team’s growth and their impact on the rugby landscape.

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Jaguares Test Match Results

26/02/2016CheetahsBloemfontein, SAWin, 34-33
08/04/2017CrusadersBuenos Aires, ARGLoss, 14-40
17/03/2018LionsJohannesburg, SALoss, 35-49
07/07/2018BullsBuenos Aires, ARGWin, 54-24

Consistent performance in matches has seen the Jaguares emerge as a force to be reckoned with on the rugby field. Their spirited play continues to win hearts and respect across the rugby fraternity.

Future of Jaguares Rugby

The future of Jaguares Rugby looks promising with potential expansion into Super Rugby Americas and the growing interest in South American rugby. The team is set to be part of the exciting developments in the sport.

Super Rugby expansion in the Pacific

Super Rugby is looking to expand into the Pacific with potential new teams from Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. This expansion aims to bring more diversity and competitiveness to the league, showcasing the rich rugby talent in the Pacific islands.

The inclusion of teams from these nations would not only provide exciting matchups but also offer exposure for local players on a global stage, further elevating the level of play within Super Rugby Americas.

The arrival of Pacific Island teams could create a vibrant melting pot of playing styles and strategies within Super Rugby Americas. It would also promote greater unity among rugby-playing nations across different regions, enhancing cultural exchange and fostering stronger connections between players and fans alike.

Potential for growth in South American rugby

Following the Super Rugby expansion in the Pacific, there remains significant potential for growth in South American rugby. The emergence of teams like the Jaguares has brought heightened visibility to the region’s talent and passion for the sport.

With an increasing number of players being scouted for international competitions and a growing fan base, there is clear momentum towards enhancing South America’s presence on the global rugby stage.

The success of teams like Argentina XV and their promising performances against top-tier opposition signal a bright future for South American rugby. As more resources are allocated to develop grassroots programs and infrastructure, coupled with strategic partnerships, there is a strong possibility that South America will become an even stronger force in world rugby.


In conclusion, the Jaguares rugby team has made a significant impact on South American rugby. Their journey from Super Rugby to their current stage showcases their resilience and determination.

With a talented squad and passionate fan base, the future looks promising for the Jaguares as they aim for further success in both national and international competitions.


1. Who are the Jaguares in Rugby Union?

The Jaguares is a professional rugby union club team that competes in major rugby matches with a squad of skilled players.

2. What do the Jaguares rugby players wear during a match?

During a rugby match, the Jaguares players wear their distinctive team jersey, which features their unique emblem and colors.

3. Can I watch the Jaguares play in a rugby match?

Yes, you can watch the Jaguares compete in various rugby matches throughout their season by attending games or viewing broadcasts.

4. Where do the Jaguares’ players train for their matches?

The Jaguares’ rugby players train at dedicated facilities where they prepare strategies and improve fitness to perform their best during each rugby match.

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