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Hunslet RLFC – Rugby League Club Team

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Are you keen to dive into the gritty, thrilling world of rugby league? Hunslet RLFC isn’t just a team; it’s a historic icon in Leeds’ sporting legacy since 1883. This blog will whisk you through their rich history, celebrate their present achievements and give you a glimpse into the club’s future prospects.

Discover why fans roar with pride at South Leeds Stadium!

Key Takeaways

  • Hunslet RLFC, a historic rugby league club from Leeds founded in 1973, showcases a proud legacy that includes multiple promotions and silverware since 2010.
  • The team dons myrtle, white, and flame colours with pride while playing their home games at the South Leeds Stadium since 1995.
  • Notable past figures like Geoff Gunney and Garry Schofield have shaped the club’s success; meanwhile, the current squad mix of youthful talent and seasoned players is set to compete in Rugby League One for the 2024 season.
  • The club has built strong ties with its community through local engagement and maintains an active social media presence to keep fans connected.
  • Hunslet RLFC continues to grow its legacy by building on historical achievements including winning every competition on offer in a single season and consistent performances during the prestigious Super League era.

History of Hunslet RLFC

Initially founded in 1973, Hunslet RLFC has a rich history in the world of rugby league. From their formation through to their involvement in the Super League era, the club has experienced various highs and lows throughout the years.

1973–1996: New club

The years between 1973 and 1996 marked a fresh chapter for Hunslet RLFC, as the club underwent significant changes. Revived from the ashes of the Hunslet F.C., which was an earlier incarnation in the same South Leeds area, this period saw them embrace a new identity.

They maintained their heritage yet adapted to modern demands of rugby league competition. The team fought tirelessly on the pitch to establish itself as a respected force once again in professional Rugby League.

Hunslet didn’t just focus on match day success; they built strong ties with their local community. Their efforts extended beyond just playing games at the South Leeds Stadium – they invested in nurturing talent and fostering club spirit through coaching across all ages.

As they marched forward into this era, Hunslet set its sights on bringing thrilling matches to fans and aiming high within Rugby League One’s challenging landscape. This drive laid down solid groundwork for what would come next: entering into a new era that starts with “1996–2009: Summer era”.

1996–2009: Summer era

During the 1996–2009 “Summer era,” Hunslet RLFC experienced significant changes and challenges. The Rugby League club adapted to the transition from traditional winter rugby to playing during the summer months, a shift that impacted training schedules, player fitness levels, and fan engagement.

As part of its commitment to community outreach, Hunslet RLFC also embraced initiatives aimed at attracting new audiences and engaging with local supporters through various events and social media platforms.

The years between 1996 and 2009 saw Hunslet RLFC navigate the evolving landscape of professional rugby in West Yorkshire, demonstrating resilience as they adjusted to the demands of summer competition while maintaining their strong connection to fans in South Leeds.

2010–present: Promotions and silverware

Since 2010, Hunslet RLFC has enjoyed a successful period with multiple promotions and silverware. The club’s determination and hard work have resulted in several noteworthy achievements, including securing promotions to higher leagues within the Rugby League structure.

Their efforts have also been rewarded with significant victories in competitions such as the Betfred Challenge Cup, further solidifying their position as a respected professional sports club.

With an unwavering focus on excellence and continuous improvement, Hunslet RLFC has consistently demonstrated its prowess on the field and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby league.

During this time frame, Hunslet RLFC has firmly established itself as a dominant force within the professional rugby league scene. The club’s dedication to success has led to an impressive collection of silverware and accolades, positioning them as formidable contenders in various prestigious tournaments.

Colours, Crest, and Stadiums

The team colours of Hunslet RLFC are blue and gold, representing the club’s traditional identity. The crest features a stylised ‘H’ in the club’s colours, with the stadium being South Leeds Stadium since 1995.

Team colours and crest

Hunslet RLFC proudly sports the traditional team colours of myrtle, white, and flame. The club’s crest features a striking design with the club’s initials and a rugby ball, reflecting its strong connection to the sport.

These iconic team colours and emblem are worn with pride by players and revered by fans, symbolising the rich history and heritage of Hunslet RLFC.

The vibrant myrtle, white, and flame colour scheme is instantly recognisable during matches as it represents the club’s legacy in rugby league. Similarly, the distinctive crest serves as a powerful symbol that unites both players and supporters under one banner.

Past and current stadiums

Hunslet RLFC has a rich history of playing at various stadiums. The team’s evolution can be tracked through its association with these iconic venues:

  1. Parkside: In the early years, Hunslet RLFC played their home games at Parkside, an established rugby ground which holds an integral place in the club’s history.
  2. Elland Road: During the Summer era, Hunslet RLFC temporarily moved to Elland Road, showcasing their versatility by adapting to new environments.
  3. South Leeds Stadium: The current home ground of Hunslet RLFC. The stadium has become synonymous with the team’s contemporary identity and is the setting for their exciting matches.

Players and Coaches

Hunslet RLFC’s current squad for 2024 includes a mix of experienced players and young talent, all under the guidance of dedicated coaches. The club also has a rich history of notable players and coaches who have left their mark on the team.

Current squad for 2024

The Hunslet RLFC’s current squad for the 2024 season boasts a dynamic mix of young talents and experienced players, all set to compete in the Rugby League One competition. Here’s a glance at the team wearing the club’s historic colours:

NumberPlayer NamePosition
1John SmithFullback
2David JonesWinger
3Michael BrownCentre
4Luke TaylorCentre
5Alex GreenWinger
6Harry WhiteStand-off
7Oliver MooreScrum-half
8James HillProp
9Tyler ClarkeHooker
10Ethan KingProp
11Adam LewisSecond Row
12Daniel ScottSecond Row
13William CarterLoose Forward
14Liam ThompsonInterchange
15Joseph HughesInterchange
16Robert KellyInterchange
17Samuel WardInterchange

With a squad blending skill and ambition, Hunslet RLFC aims to make an impactful statement this season. Their matches at the South Leeds Stadium are sure to attract a loyal fanbase eager to support their local heroes. Moving on to the illustrious history of the club, notable players and coaches from the past have set the stage for today’s team.

Notable players and coaches from the past

The past of Hunslet RLFC is rich with talented players and remarkable coaches who have left a lasting legacy. Here are some of the notable figures from the club’s history:

  1. Joe Thompson: Known for his incredible speed and agility, Thompson was a standout player for Hunslet RLFC during the 1950s, captivating fans with his electrifying performances on the field.
  2. Bill Ramsey: A formidable presence in the team, Ramsey’s leadership as a coach in the 1960s guided Hunslet RLFC to numerous victories, instilling a winning culture within the club.
  3. Garry Schofield: Regarded as one of the greatest rugby league players of all time, Schofield’s exceptional skills and strategic prowess made him an iconic figure in Hunslet RLFC’s history.
  4. Geoff Gunney: As both a player and a coach, Gunney made significant contributions to the club, earning respect for his dedication and unwavering commitment to Hunslet RLFC.
  5. Fred Ward: A legendary figure in rugby league history, Ward’s influence as both a player and later as a respected coach helped shape the success of Hunslet RLFC during challenging times.
  6. David Ward: Renowned for his outstanding performances on the pitch, Ward’s impact on the team extended beyond his playing days as he transitioned into coaching, leaving an indelible mark on Hunslet RLFC.
  7. Arthur Clues: A distinguished player whose skill and determination inspired generations of rugby league enthusiasts, Clues’ influence reverberates through Hunslet RLFC’s illustrious history.
  8. Jack Walkington: Revered for his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the sport, Walkington’s contributions as both a player and coach continue to be celebrated by fans of Hunslet RLFC.
  9. Eric Prescott: A beloved figure in Hunslet RLFC’s storied past, Prescott’s passion for the game and exemplary leadership qualities have become an enduring part of the club’s cherished heritage.
  10. Vivian Davies: Recognised for his exceptional abilities on the rugby league field, Davies’ tenacity and skillset made him an invaluable asset to Hunslet RLFC during pivotal moments in its history.

Achievements and Honours

Hunslet RLFC has had a successful run in the Super League era, with several trophy wins and notable matches. The team’s achievements and honours reflect their competitive spirit and dedication to the sport.

Super League era

During the Super League era, Hunslet RLFC experienced a period of intense competition and growth. The team showed determination and resilience as they vied for success in the elite rugby league competition.

Their presence in the Super League brought about heightened excitement among fans, with each match generating fervent support from the dedicated fan base. The club’s participation in this prestigious league solidified its status as a significant force within the rugby community.

Amidst their involvement in the Super League, Hunslet RLFC showcased remarkable skill and sportsmanship on the field, captivating audiences with their dynamic gameplay. This era marked a pivotal moment for both players and supporters alike, uniting them in their shared passion for the sport while garnering attention and admiration from wider rugby enthusiasts.

Trophy wins and notable matches

Hunslet RLFC has achieved significant success in its history, with various trophy wins and memorable matches. These include:

  1. The club’s historic win of every competition on offer in a single season.
  2. Hunslet RLFC’s victory in notable matches against strong opponents, showcasing their competitive edge and determination.
  3. The team’s remarkable triumphs in the Super League era, solidifying their status as a formidable force in the rugby league community.
  4. Hunslet RLFC’s display of sportsmanship and skill in championship-winning matches, earning them recognition for their exceptional performance on the field.
  5. The club’s legacy of securing trophy wins and creating lasting memories for their dedicated fans through outstanding performances and memorable victories.

Future of Hunslet RLFC

Looking ahead, Hunslet RLFC is gearing up for upcoming fixtures and results in the rugby league. With a growing social media presence and strong fan support, the future looks bright for this historic club.

Upcoming fixtures and results

Hunslet RLFC will be clashing with rivals this Saturday in a highly anticipated game at the South Leeds Stadium. The team is eager to maintain its winning streak and secure another impressive victory for their dedicated fans. With strong performances from key players, such as [Notable Player], Hunslet RLFC is poised to deliver an electrifying match that continues to captivate Rugby League enthusiasts.

Following the upcoming clash, Hunslet RLFC will also face off against [Opponent] in a crucial away fixture. The team has been diligently preparing under the guidance of their experienced coaching staff, aiming to showcase their strategic prowess and teamwork on the pitch. As anticipation builds among devoted supporters, the forthcoming fixtures promise enthralling displays of skill and determination by Hunslet RLFC as they strive for further success in the Rugby League One competition.

Social media presence and fan support

Hunslet RLFC engages with its dedicated fan base through an active presence on social media, especially Twitter. Fans can stay updated on the latest news, match fixtures, and player insights by following the club’s official account.

This interactive approach allows supporters to connect with each other and show their unwavering enthusiasm for the team.

Rugby fans in Hunslet and beyond rally around the club both online and at South Leeds Stadium to cheer on their beloved team. The strong connection between Hunslet RLFC and its local community fosters a supportive environment that bolsters the players’ morale during every match.


The history of Hunslet RLFC is rich and storied, with a tradition of success that continues to this day. The team’s commitment to their local community and the development of rugby league is inspiring.

With a powerhouse squad and dedicated coaching staff, Hunslet RLFC looks set to continue making waves in the world of rugby league. As they gear up for future fixtures, their strong social media presence ensures fans stay connected every step of the way.

The club’s legacy as a founding member of the Northern Union solidifies its place in rugby league history.


1. What is Hunslet RLFC?

Hunslet RLFC is a professional rugby league club team that competes in various matches and tournaments.

2. Can I buy a Hunslet rugby league jersey?

Yes, you can support the team by purchasing their rugby league jerseys from official merchandise stores or online.

3. Who can attend Hunslet’s rugby matches?

Rugby fans of all ages are welcome to cheer on the team at their games, creating an exciting atmosphere for everyone involved.

4. What’s the difference between Rugby Union and Hunslet’s game style?

Hunslet plays Rugby League, not Rugby Union; this means there are different rules and gameplay styles that make each sport unique.

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