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Hull Kingston Rovers – Rugby League Club Team

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Struggling to keep up with the latest on Hull Kingston Rovers? This historic club has been thrilling fans since 1882. Dive into their rich legacy, from nail-biting matches to legendary players – a journey through time for both die-hard supporters and newcomers alike.

Get ready for a gripping read!

Key Takeaways

  • Hull Kingston Rovers, established in 1882 by a group of boilermakers, played a significant role in the formation of Rugby League during the Great Breakaway of 1895.
  • The club has experienced periods of great success, including winning three Challenge Cups in the 1920s and setting a world record with an undefeated league season in 1978-79.
  • After facing challenges post-WWII, Hull KR had a resurgence during the 1970s and ’80s and returned to top-tier competition by joining Super League in 2006.
  • Hull Kingston Rovers play their home games at Craven Park stadium in Hull, England, known for its fierce rivalry with neighbouring team Hull FC.
  • Head coach Willie Peters leads a talented squad including key players such as Ryan Hall and Mikey Lewis; fans can follow team updates on their official website and social media channels.

Club History

Formed in 1882, Hull Kingston Rovers has a rich history with significant periods of success, including the Great Breakaway of 1895 and their resurgence in the 1970s and 1980s. They have continued to be a force in rugby league, making their mark on the sport throughout the years.

Formation in 1882

In 1882, a group of ambitious boilermakers came together to create what is now the Hull Kingston Rovers. Their passion for rugby sparked the birth of a team that would grow into a cornerstone of Rugby League.

They kicked off their journey as Kingston Amateurs from humble beginnings on Albert Street, setting the stage for over a century’s worth of sporting heritage.

Fast forward through time and Hull KR stands tall as one of England’s most storied clubs, carrying with it an enduring legacy in professional sports. With each match and triumph, they’ve woven themselves into the rich tapestry that is English rugby history.

The story that unfolded from those early days on Albert Street shows just how deeply rooted this club is in both its local community and the wider rugby world.

Great Breakaway of 1895

The Great Breakaway of 1895 saw Hull Kingston Rovers play a pivotal role in the formation of the Northern Rugby Football Union, later to become the Rugby Football League. The club was among the rebel clubs that broke away from the established Rugby Football Union due to disagreements over compensation for broken time payments.

This led to the creation of a separate code of rugby, known as rugby league, with Hull Kingston Rovers embracing this new form of the game. The breakaway marked a significant turning point in the history of rugby and contributed to shaping the sport into what it is today.

This historic event not only demonstrated Hull Kingston Rovers’ commitment to their players’ rights but also paved the way for professional rugby league as we know it. The club’s active involvement in this decisive moment underscores its enduring influence on rugby’s evolution and exemplifies its progressive approach towards advocating for player welfare and fair compensation.

Success in the 1920s and World War II

During the 1920s, Hull Kingston Rovers experienced a period of success in rugby league. They won the Challenge Cup three times in this decade, emerging victorious in 1920, 1922, and 1923.

The team’s impressive performance on the field reinforced their reputation as a formidable force in English rugby league during this era. Additionally, despite facing challenges due to World War II, the club continued to display resilience and determination.

The impact of the war did not diminish their spirit as they persevered through difficult times and remained a prominent presence in the sport.

Throughout the 1920s and World War II period, Hull Kingston Rovers demonstrated strength both on and off the pitch. Their successes in winning multiple Challenge Cups showcased their prowess as a dominant force within English rugby league at that time.

Post-war years

Hull Kingston Rovers faced challenges during the post-war years but managed to maintain their position as a strong contender in the rugby league. The resilience and determination of the team led them to significant victories, contributing to their rich history as one of the oldest clubs in rugby league.

During this period, Hull Kingston Rovers continued to showcase their skills on the field, attracting a loyal following and solidifying their presence in the East Yorkshire region. The post-war years marked an era of perseverance and dedication for the club, laying a foundation for their future successes.

After World War II, Hull Kingston Rovers demonstrated unwavering commitment and passion for the sport, which propelled them forward despite obstacles. The team’s determination during this period shaped their identity as a resilient force within professional rugby league circles.

Resurgence in the 1970s and 1980s

Following the challenges faced during the post-war years, Hull Kingston Rovers saw a resurgence in the 1970s and 1980s. The team experienced a period of success, marked by notable achievements and memorable victories.

During this time, Hull Kingston Rovers set a world record by becoming the first team to win all of its 26 league matches in a season during 1978-79. This remarkable feat solidified their status as formidable contenders in the rugby league landscape.

The players’ dedication and strong performances contributed to an exciting era for fans, with significant milestones achieved on both national and international platforms. This resurgence not only shaped the history of Hull Kingston Rovers but also left a lasting impact on rugby league as a whole.

RSG and the new millennium

RSG, or the Relegation Steering Group, played a pivotal role in Hull Kingston Rovers’ journey into the new millennium. Their efforts focused on navigating the club through the challenges of relegation and maintaining its position as a strong contender in the rugby league scene.

With strategic planning and dedication, RSG ensured that Hull Kingston Rovers continued to thrive and compete at high levels despite facing difficult circumstances.

The new millennium also brought about significant changes for Hull Kingston Rovers, shaping their trajectory within the Super League. The team’s resilience and determination led to a successful return to top-tier competition, solidifying their status as a formidable force in professional rugby league.

Super League and the return of the Robins in 2006

Following a period of rebuilding in the early 2000s, Hull Kingston Rovers made an impactful return to top-flight rugby league by gaining promotion to the Super League in 2006. The Robins showcased their competitive spirit and determination, marking an exciting chapter in their history.

The return not only reignited enthusiasm among fans but also added a new layer of competition to the league, further solidifying their status as a formidable force within the sport.

The team’s resurgence brought fresh energy to Craven Park and injected heightened anticipation into every match. With a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging talent, Hull Kingston Rovers swiftly asserted themselves as contenders within the Super League landscape.

About the Team

Hull Kingston Rovers is a professional rugby league club based in Hull, England, with home games played at Craven Park and a long-standing rivalry with Hull FC. To learn more about the team’s history, players and latest news, keep reading!

Home games at Craven Park

“Hull Kingston Rovers host their home games at the iconic Craven Park stadium, located in Hull, England. The atmosphere is electric as loyal fans fill the stands to support their team.

Known for its intense rivalry with Hull FC, matches at Craven Park are always high-energy and fiercely competitive affairs. The stadium has witnessed legendary moments in rugby league history and continues to be a cornerstone of the club’s legacy.”.

“The Sewell Group Craven Park has been the stage for numerous standout performances by key players throughout the years, making it a symbol of pride for both the team and its dedicated supporters.

Professional rugby league club in Hull, England

Based in Hull, England, Hull Kingston Rovers is a professional rugby league club with a rich history dating back to 1882. Known as one of the oldest clubs in rugby league, the team has made significant contributions to the sport’s heritage in the UK.

The club achieved global recognition in 1978-79 when they set a world record by winning all 26 of their league matches that season. Their home ground at Craven Park provides an electric atmosphere for fans during thrilling fixtures against rivals like Hull FC.

With a dedicated official website and active presence on social media, fans can stay updated on news, match reports and statistics while also connecting with fellow supporters.

Rivals with Hull FC

Hull Kingston Rovers have a fierce rivalry with Hull FC, a neighbouring professional rugby league team. This local derby, known as the Hull Derby, brings intense competition and passionate support from fans on both sides.

The matches between these two teams are always highly anticipated events in the rugby league calendar, drawing large crowds to witness thrilling clashes on the field. With a history of closely contested encounters and memorable moments, the rivalry between Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull FC adds an extra layer of excitement to the sport for fans in East Yorkshire.

Moving forward to “Latest News and Updates,” fans can stay connected through various channels to keep up with their favourite team’s progress and activities.

Latest News and Updates

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from Hull Kingston Rovers by visiting their official website and checking out recent match reports and statistics. You can also connect with the team through their social media channels for all the latest updates.

Official website and partners

The Hull Kingston Rovers have their official website, where fans can find the latest news, match reports, and statistics. The team keeps supporters connected through social media platforms to provide updates on fixtures, player news, and other important announcements.

Additionally, the club collaborates with various partners to bring exclusive offers and opportunities for fans to engage with the team both on and off the field.

With a dedicated official website and strong partnerships in place, Hull Kingston Rovers ensure that fans are well-informed about the club’s activities while also providing unique experiences through collaborations with their partners.

Recent match reports and statistics

  1. The team’s recent win over a top – ranking opponent has boosted morale in the squad, demonstrating their competitive edge.
  2. Key player stats reveal impressive performances, showcasing skill and strategy on the field, contributing to the team’s victories.
  3. The recent match reports emphasise the team’s resilience and adaptability, reflecting their commitment to achieving success in the league.
  4. Statistics from recent fixtures illustrate the team’s progress and sustained effort, underlining their ambition to secure more victories.
  5. The latest reports celebrate the fans’ unwavering support during matches, creating an electrifying atmosphere at Craven Park.

Stay connected through social media

From checking the recent match reports and statistics, you can continue to stay involved with Hull Kingston Rovers by following their official social media accounts. Through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, fans can get real-time updates on upcoming fixtures, match highlights, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the team in action.

The club’s social media presence also provides an opportunity to engage directly with other fans and share your passion for the game. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the excitement of rugby league and be part of the thriving community supporting Hull Kingston Rovers.

By leveraging social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram, supporters have access to exclusive content that brings them closer to the players and coaches. Keeping up with these platforms ensures that you’re not missing out on any breaking news or announcements from the club.

Key Players and Squad

Headed by head coach Willie Peters, Hull Kingston Rovers boasts a talented squad of high-performing players with impressive statistics. Get to know the key players and their contributions to the team’s success on the field.

Head coach: Willie Peters

Willie Peters, a seasoned and determined leader, brings a wealth of experience to the role of head coach for Hull Kingston Rovers. With an impressive track record in coaching and player development, he is dedicated to pushing the team to new heights.

Known for his strategic prowess and motivational skills, Peters instills discipline and a winning mindset in the players.

Emphasising teamwork, determination, and skill development, Peters is instrumental in shaping the future success of Hull Kingston Rovers. His leadership style resonates with both players and fans as the club continues its journey to excel in professional rugby league.

High-performing players and their stats

Hull Kingston Rovers boast a selection of high-performing players who make significant contributions on the pitch. Their impressive stats reflect the talent and determination within the squad. Here’s an overview of some key players and their statistics:

Ryan HallWinger2214056
Kane LinnettCentre207028
Mikey LewisHalfback189240
Jordan AbdullHalfback2161044
Matty StortonSecond-row193012

These standout performers, alongside their teammates, continue to push Hull Kingston Rovers towards success in the rugby league.


In conclusion, Hull Kingston Rovers has a remarkable history as one of the oldest clubs in rugby league, dating back to 1882. The club’s resilience and successes over the years have solidified its presence as a prominent professional sports team.

With their dedicated fan base and impressive track record, Hull Kingston Rovers continue to be an integral part of the rich heritage of rugby league in the UK. Their ongoing contributions and competitive spirit make them a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby.


1. Who are Hull Kingston Rovers?

Hull Kingston Rovers is a professional sports team that competes in rugby league matches as part of the Rugby Championship.

2. Where do Hull Kingston Rovers play their home games?

The rugby club plays their home games at a dedicated rugby stadium known for hosting exciting Rugby fixtures throughout the season.

3. Can I get updates on the latest Hull Kingston Rovers news and fixtures?

Yes, fans can keep up with all the latest rugby news including player updates and upcoming rugby fixtures directly from various sources or the team’s official channels.

4. What should I expect when attending a rugby match featuring Hull Kingston Rovers?

When you attend a Rugby League match featuring Hull Kingston Rovers, expect an energetic atmosphere filled with enthusiastic fans cheering for their favourite Rugby players.

5. How does the team prepare for important Rugby Championships under guidance from the coach?

Rugby players at Hull Kingston Rovers undergo rigorous training sessions led by their experienced rugby coach to ensure they are ready to compete at top levels in any upcoming Rugby Championship or fixture.

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