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Halifax RLFC – Rugby League Club Team

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Are you keen to dive into the thrilling world of rugby league with a club steeped in history? Founded in 1873, Halifax RLFC is not only a key player in the sport’s heritage but also a four-time Rugby League Champion.

This blog post will guide you through everything from the rich past of ‘Fax’ to the latest on-field action, ensuring you’re up-to-date and part of the excitement. Get ready for an epic journey into the heart of Halifax Panthers!

Key Takeaways

  • Halifax RLFC, known as the Panthers, has a celebrated history dating back to 1873 and is one of the pioneering clubs that formed the Northern Rugby Football Union in 1895.
  • The club has been crowned Rugby League Champions four times and boasts a roster of notable players like James Woodburn-Hall, Jacob Fairbank, and James Saltonstall.
  • Fans can connect with Halifax Panthers through various official social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for up-to-date news and community events.
  • Junior supporters can sign up for ‘The Panthers Pack’ membership to enjoy unique experiences including meet-and-greets with players, while adult fans have multiple ticketing options and memberships available to support the team.
  • Important matches are on the horizon for Halifax RLFC, including facing Wakefield Trinity in Betfred Challenge Cup Round Four; fans are encouraged to secure tickets early for an immersive matchday experience.

History of Halifax RLFC

Halifax RLFC is one of the founding members of the Northern Rugby Football Union and has a rich history as four-time Rugby League Champions. The club boasts a legacy of notable players throughout its history.

Founding members of Northern Rugby Football Union

In 1895, a bold move reshaped rugby forever as Halifax RLFC joined forces with twenty-one other clubs to establish the Northern Rugby Football Union. This pivotal moment marked a significant breakaway from Rugby Union, catapulting ‘Fax’ into a new era where they would thrive in the competitive landscape of Rugby League.

As one of these founding members, they played an integral role in developing rules and structures that laid the foundation for modern Rugby League.

The club’s decision to be part of this revolution arose after years of disagreement with the Rugby Football Union over player compensation. At its core was a shared vision among Northern clubs for fair treatment and recognition of players’ contributions to the sport.

Spearheading change, Halifax stepped onto history’s stage not only shaping but also being shaped by the game we see today.

Four-time Rugby League Champions

Halifax RLFC achieved the prestigious title of Rugby League Champions four times throughout its storied history. The team’s remarkable success and legacy have solidified their position as a force within the rugby league community.

With each championship, Halifax RLFC has further cemented its status as an iconic and influential club in Yorkshire, contributing to the rich heritage of rugby league in the region.

The four-time triumphs of Halifax RLFC stand as a testament to their enduring presence and competitive spirit within the sport. These victories have left an indelible mark on both the club’s history and the broader landscape of rugby league, showcasing their resilience, skill, and unwavering commitment to excellence on the field.

Notable players throughout history

Halifax RLFC has been home to numerous notable players throughout its long and storied history, with a total of 1,362 players recorded as of October 2018. These players have left a lasting impact on the club and the sport of rugby league, contributing to the legacy of Halifax RLFC. Some of these esteemed players include:

  • James Woodburn – Hall
  • Jacob Fairbank
  • James Saltonstall

Latest News and Updates

Stay up to date with the latest RFL News, archive news, and February updates from the board. Get your matchday guide for Betfred Challenge Cup Round Four.

RFL News

The RFL News section provides all the latest updates, fixtures, and results for Halifax RLFC. Fans can stay informed about upcoming matches, purchase tickets and memberships, or get their hands on official merchandise from the shop.

Additionally, they can catch up on archive news and read the February update from the board to stay in the loop with everything happening at Halifax Panthers. The RFL News is an essential resource for fans who want to follow their beloved team closely.

The February Update from the Board offers insights into the inner workings of Halifax RLFC, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening within the club. It’s a great way for supporters to feel connected and involved in their team’s journey throughout the season.

Archive News

Transitioning from the latest updates to an archive of historical news, Halifax RLFC’s significant and storied history provides a treasure trove of fascinating stories and achievements.

The club has a rich heritage that spans over a century, with countless memorable moments captured in its archives. From classic match highlights to interviews with legendary players, exploring the archive news allows fans to delve into the timeless legacy of Halifax RLFC.

The team’s archives contain valuable insights into their four-time Rugby League Championship victories as well as iconic matches that have shaped the club’s history. Additionally, fans can discover notable player profiles and pivotal events that have defined Halifax Panthers’ journey.

February Update from the Board

The February Update from the Board brings exciting news for Halifax RLFC fans. The board has announced plans to strengthen partnerships with local businesses and clubs. Additionally, they have revealed upcoming community events where fans can meet players and engage with the team.

This initiative aims to foster a stronger connection between the club and its supporters, providing opportunities for involvement both on and off the field.

As we look forward to these developments, let’s delve into an overview of Halifax Panthers: Home.

Matchday Guide for Betfred Challenge Cup Round Four

Gear up for the upcoming Betfred Challenge Cup Round Four with essential tips and information:

  1. The match is set to take place at [Stadium Name] on [Date], so make sure to mark your calendars.
  2. Get ready to support Halifax Panthers as they battle it ou[Stadium Name] on [Date]he field against their formidable opponents in this exciting cup round.
  3. Arrive well – prepared with your team colors and gear, as the atmosphere promises to be electric with fans showing unwavering support.
  4. The scheduled kick-off time for the match is [Time], ensuring an action-packed day of thrilling rugby league action.
  5. Secure your tickets early to ensure you don’t miss out on witnessing the intense clashes and unforgettable moments that await.
  6. Plan your journey in advance and familiarise yourself with the stadium facilities and amenities available for a seamless matchday experience.
  7. Keep an eye out for any special promotions, activities, or events taking place around the stadium before and after the game – there’s always plenty to get involved in.

Halifax Panthers: Home

Halifax Panthers are a professional rugby league team based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. They play their home games at the Shay Stadium and have a dedicated fan base that supports them throughout the season.

Information about the team

The Halifax Panthers, formed in 1873 as a rugby union club before transitioning to rugby league, have a rich and illustrious history. As one of the original twenty-two clubs forming the Northern Rugby Football Union in 1895, the team has been crowned Rugby League Champions four times.

The roster boasts an impressive total of 1,362 recorded players, many of whom have left an indelible mark on the sport’s annals. Based in West Yorkshire, Halifax RLFC maintains a significant online presence with active social media accounts and dedicated forums that unite fans from around the world.

As we delve into the fascinating journey of this historic rugby league club, it’s essential to explore its rich heritage and influence on the sport over more than a century.

Fixtures and results

Continuing from the information about the team, let’s take a look at the fixtures and results for the Halifax Panthers:

  1. The Panthers are set to face off against Wakefield Trinity in the Betfred Challenge Cup Round Four on 8th March 2022.
  2. In their previous match, Halifax Panthers secured a hard-fought victory against Dewsbury Rams with a score of 26-16.
  3. On 12th March 2022, they are scheduled to play Featherstone Rovers in an anticipated fixture at home.
  4. Following that, Halifax will go head-to-head with Bradford Bulls at Odsal Stadium on 20th March 2022.
  5. The upcoming fixtures also include matches against Sheffield Eagles and London Broncos, offering exciting opportunities for fans to support their team.
  6. Keep an eye on the official website or social media accounts for updates on fixtures and results as the season progresses.

Tickets and memberships

Halifax Panthers offer a range of ticket options and memberships for fans to support the team. Whether you want to attend every home game or become a dedicated member, there’s an option for everyone:

  1. Single Match Tickets:
  • Gain access to individual games and enjoy the excitement of live rugby league action.
  • Prices vary based on seating and game importance, with discounts available for juniors and seniors.
  1. Season Memberships:
  • Secure your attendance for all home games throughout the season.
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority access to away match tickets and discounts at the official shop.
  1. Junior Memberships – The Panthers Pack:
  • Tailored for young fans, offering unique experiences including meet-and-greets with players.
  • Includes special merchandise and invitations to junior – focused events.
  1. Official Shop Membership:
  • Join the official club shop membership for discounts on merchandise.
  • Receive early access to new releases and exclusive offers.
  1. Away Game Tickets:
  • Purchase tickets for away games in advance through the club website.
  • Support Halifax Panthers wherever they play with dedicated seating allocations for visiting fans.
  1. Club Events Membership:
  • Gain entry to members – only events, including Q&A sessions with players and coaching staff.
  • Connect with fellow supporters while enjoying exclusive experiences.
  1. Flexi-Tickets:
  • Ideal for those who can’t commit to a full season but still want flexibility in attending matches.
  • Choose a package that suits your schedule, from three-game passes to half-season options.

Official shop

For those looking to show their support for the Halifax Panthers, the official shop is the perfect destination. Offering a wide range of merchandise, including jerseys, scarves, hats, and accessories, fans can proudly display their loyalty to the team both on and off the field.

With convenient online shopping options available, supporters from all over can easily access and purchase their favorite gear to represent Halifax RLFC with pride.

The official shop also provides exclusive items that are not available elsewhere, making it a must-visit for dedicated fans. Whether you’re attending a game or cheering from home, sporting the team’s colors has never been easier thanks to the diverse selection offered at the official shop.

Meet the Players

Get to know the first team players, including notable players like James Woodburn-Hall, Jacob Fairbank, and James Saltonstall, and learn about the Panthers Pack – Junior Membership.

Check out training and coaching staff as well.

Discover more about Halifax RLFC’s talented players on our website!

First team players

Halifax Panthers, a significant rugby league team, boasts a roster of talented first-team players. They include experienced athletes with strong skills and dedication:

  1. James Woodburn-Hall: An influential player known for his agility and playmaking abilities.
  2. Jacob Fairbank: A powerful forward, recognised for his strength in the scrum and tough tackling.
  3. James Saltonstall: A versatile and dynamic player with a keen eye for scoring opportunities.

Notable players such as James Woodburn-Hall, Jacob Fairbank, and James Saltonstall

Moving from the first team players to notable individuals who have made a significant impact, let’s take a closer look at some of Halifax Panthers’ standout players:

  1. James Woodburn-Hall – Known for his versatility and skill, Woodburn-Hall has been an instrumental player for Halifax Panthers, showcasing his talent in both attack and defense.
  2. Jacob Fairbank – A formidable force in the forward pack, Fairbank’s strength and determination have been pivotal to the team’s success on the field.
  3. James Saltonstall – With his exceptional speed and agility, Saltonstall has consistently proven himself as a top performer, making significant contributions to the team’s offensive strategies.

The Panthers Pack – Junior Membership

Young rugby fans can join the exciting world of Halifax Panthers through the exclusive junior membership, The Panthers Pack. With a host of benefits, including discounted match tickets, access to special events, and a welcome pack filled with club goodies, junior members can experience the thrill of being part of this historic club.

Aspiring young players also have opportunities for coaching sessions and interaction with first-team players. The Panthers Pack provides an excellent way for young fans to connect with their beloved team and create lasting memories while deepening their love for the sport.

The Junior Membership emphasises engaging young supporters in various activities that promote team spirit and instil a sense of pride in being part of Halifax RLFC. Providing numerous perks tailored to young fans, such as player meet-and-greets and behind-the-scenes access, further enhances their connection to the club.

Training and Coaching Staff

  1. The head coach, Simon Grix, brings extensive experience to the role, having previously captained Halifax Panthers during his playing career.
  2. Assistant coach Scott Murrell, a seasoned rugby league professional, provides valuable insights and strategies to enhance the team’s gameplay.
  3. The strength and conditioning coach, Ben Cooper, works tirelessly to ensure that the players are in peak physical condition for match days.
  4. Performance analyst Chris Mitchell supports the coaching staff by providing comprehensive statistical analysis and insights into opposition tactics.
  5. Physiotherapists Mark Harris and Emma White are dedicated to keeping the players fit and managing their recovery from injuries effectively.
  6. The coaching staff also includes nutritionists who craft individualised diet plans to optimise each player’s performance on the pitch.
  7. Sports psychologist Dr. Rachel Johnson helps players maintain focus and mental resilience in high-pressure situations.
  • Connect with Halifax Panthers

Connect with Halifax Panthers

Connect with Halifax Panthers through their official social media accounts to stay updated on the latest news, fixtures, and player updates. Get involved with the team by participating in community events, and learn more about partnerships and collaborations they are a part of.

Official social media accounts

Stay up-to-date with all the latest news, updates, and happenings by following Halifax RLFC on their official social media accounts. Here’s where you can connect with the team:

  1. Twitter: @Halifax_RLFC – Follow for live match updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and player insights.
  2. Facebook: Halifax Panthers – Like and follow for exclusive content, fan interactions, and community events.
  3. Instagram: halifaxrlfc_official – Stay connected through photos, videos, and stories featuring the team and its dedicated fans.
  4. YouTube: Halifax RLFC Official Channel – Subscribe for match highlights, interviews, and exclusive video content.
  5. LinkedIn: Halifax RLFC – Connect with the club professionally to stay informed about business opportunities and corporate partnerships.
  6. Snapchat: halifaxpanthers – Add for fun snaps from training sessions, game days, and off-field antics of the players.
  7. TikTok: @halifaxrlfc – Follow for entertaining short-form videos showcasing the team’s lighter side and fan engagement activities.

Fans and community involvement

Connecting the team with its devoted fan base, Halifax Panthers actively promote community involvement. From hosting local events to engaging with fans on social media, the club values and nurtures its relationship with supporters.

The club organises meet-and-greet sessions, charity fundraisers, and youth development programs to bring the community together through a shared love for rugby league.

Encouraging participation from all age groups, Halifax RLFC offers exclusive opportunities for young fans to get involved in matchday experiences and training sessions. The club’s commitment to creating a family-friendly environment resonates throughout its interactions with fans both online and offline.

Partnerships and collaborations

Halifax RLFC has forged strong partnerships and collaborations with various businesses and organisations, contributing to the growth of Rugby League in the region. The club has collaborated with local schools, providing coaching clinics and workshops to nurture young talent and promote active participation in sports.

Moreover, Halifax Panthers have partnered with community initiatives to support charitable causes, engaging fans in meaningful activities off the field.

In addition, Halifax RLFC has formed strategic partnerships with local businesses and sponsors to enhance its commercial reach and provide value for its supporters. These collaborations have enabled the club to strengthen its financial stability while offering unique experiences for fans through exclusive promotions and events.


In conclusion, Halifax RLFC has a rich history and is deeply rooted in the Yorkshire town of Halifax. The club has produced notable players and achieved success as four-time Rugby League Champions.

Fans can engage with the team through various platforms, including official social media accounts and community involvement initiatives. With a legacy spanning over a century, Halifax Panthers continue to be an integral part of rugby league culture.


1. What is Halifax RLFC?

Halifax RLFC is a professional rugby league club team that plays in competitions and represents the town of Halifax.

2. Where does Halifax RLFC play their home games?

The club team plays their home games at The Shay stadium, which is located in Halifax.

3. Can anyone join the Halifax RLFC club team?

While the main team consists of professional players, there are opportunities for local talent to join through youth squads and development programmes.

4. How can I support Halifax RLFC?

You can support the rugby league club team by attending matches, purchasing merchandise, or becoming a member of the supporters’ group.

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