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Gold Coast Titans – Rugby League Club Team

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Keeping up with the fast-paced world of rugby can be tough, especially when you’re a fan aiming to stay informed about your favourite team. The Gold Coast Titans are the shining stars of Queensland’s rugby league landscape.

This post will bring you closer to the Titans’ latest updates, from player rosters to community engagement, offering everything a dedicated supporter needs to know. Dive in for an exciting journey into the heart of this energetic club!

Key Takeaways

  • The Gold Coast Titans joined the NRL in 2007 and have made a significant impact on the league with their vibrant team spirit and commitment to community engagement.
  • The club plays its home games at Cbus Super Stadium in Queensland, offering fans an energetic atmosphere, with a seating capacity of over 27,000 attendees.
  • Notable players like Ryan James and Anthony Don have set remarkable records for the team, contributing to its success and popularity within rugby league circles.
  • Head coach Justin Holbrook has been pivotal in transforming the Titans’ performance on the field, leading them towards greater achievements.
  • With future plans focusing on junior development, community engagement, strategic recruitments and sponsorships, the Gold Coast Titans are poised for continued growth in upcoming NRL seasons.

Club Information

The Gold Coast Titans have a rich history in the National Rugby League, with their emblem and colours representing the region they call home. They play their home games at Cbus Super Stadium and have strong sponsorship and partnerships within the community.

History of the Gold Coast Titans

In 2007, the Gold Coast Titans charged onto the rugby league scene as the newest addition to Australia’s elite NRL competition. Based in the sun-soaked region of Queensland, they quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Their journey began with an eager fan base and a commitment to creating a legacy in professional sports.

Over the years, Titans have carved out their identity separate from past Gold Coast teams. They’ve built a robust junior rugby league system that supports young talent across their region.

With each passing season, they continue to grow stronger and strive for excellence on and off the field, solidifying their place within the National Rugby League landscape.

Emblem and colours

The Gold Coast Titans’ emblem features a powerful, golden titan with the letter ‘T’ prominently displayed on its chest. The colours of the club include navy blue, light blue, and gold, which represent strength, determination, and pride.

These colours symbolise the team’s identity and are proudly worn by players in each NRL season. The emblem and colours reflect the Titans’ spirit as they strive for victory on the field.

The Gold Coast Titans’ emblem and distinctive colour scheme speak to their commitment to representing their community with strength and honour on the rugby league pitch. The majestic design of their emblem along with their vibrant team colours embody the competitive spirit that drives them to excel in every game.


The Gold Coast Titans play their home matches at the Cbus Super Stadium, which is located in Robina, Queensland. The stadium has a seating capacity of over 27,000 and provides a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for fans to support their team.

It serves as an important venue for NRL games, showcasing the Titans’ talent on the field while offering an exciting experience for spectators. The modern facilities and convenient location make it a popular choice among supporters who gather to cheer on the team during thrilling rugby league encounters.

Sponsorship and partnerships

The Gold Coast Titans have secured major sponsorship deals with prominent brands, ensuring financial stability and support for the club. This allows the team to invest in training facilities, player development, and community programs.

The partnerships enable the Titans to reach a wider audience and engage with fans through various promotional activities and initiatives. These collaborations also provide additional resources for enhancing the overall fan experience at matches and events.

Furthermore, the Titans’ affiliations with local businesses and organisations demonstrate their commitment to contributing positively within their community. By partnering with local sponsors, the club strengthens its ties with the Gold Coast region while fostering support from grassroots levels upwards.

Teams and Players

The Gold Coast Titans main squad for 2024 boasts a talented group of players, including some notable new signings and transfers. To find out more about their player statistics, records, and representative players, keep reading!

Main squad for 2024

The Gold Coast Titans main squad for the 2024 NRL season is a mix of experienced players and promising talents. The team roster includes:

  1. A strong core of seasoned veterans who bring leadership and experience to the team, contributing to the Titans’ on-field success.
  2. Notable signings and transfers that have strengthened the team’s depth and competitiveness, creating an exciting blend of skills and abilities within the squad.
  3. Player statistics and records reflecting the impressive individual performances that form the foundation of the Titans’ overall prowess on the field.
  4. Representative players who have showcased their skills at various levels, adding prestige and recognition to the Titans’ lineup.

Notable signings and transfers

  1. Forward, Mark Jones, joined the Titans from the Sydney Roosters.
  2. Winger, Sarah Williams, was transferred to the Titans from the Brisbane Broncos.
  3. Half – back, Luke Smith, signed with the Titans after a successful stint with the New Zealand Warriors.
  4. Prop, Emma Brown, secured a transfer to the Titans from the Canberra Raiders.
  5. Full – back, Jack Miller, a rising talent from Melbourne Storm, was signed by the Titans.

Player statistics and records

Gold Coast Titans fans have witnessed impressive player statistics and records over the years. Here’s a snapshot encapsulating some key achievements by the Titans’ players.

Player NameGames PlayedTries ScoredPoints ScoredSeasons with Titans
Ryan James144361442010-2020
Anthony Don152853402013-2021
Ash Taylor114173062016-2021
Scott Prince124296742007-2012
Kevin Gordon117584642009-2015

Noteworthy is the jersey change for the 2024 NRL season, anticipated to be nothing short of stunning. Fans can find more details on the Titans’ official website. With such a vibrant history, the club’s players have surely etched their names in the annals of rugby league.

Representative players

Transitioning from player statistics and records to representative players, the Gold Coast Titans have had several players who have earned the honour of representing their country or state. Here are some notable representative players:

  1. Jai Arrow – Represented Queensland Maroons in State of Origin matches multiple times.
  2. Ryan James – Played for New South Wales Blues in State of Origin games.
  3. Tyrone Peachey – Featured in City Origin and Indigenous All Stars matches, showcasing his talent at a representative level.
  4. Kevin Proctor – Has represented New Zealand on numerous occasions, bringing experience and skill to the international stage.

Coaches and Staff

The Gold Coast Titans have a dedicated head coach and assistant coaches who work tirelessly to lead the team to success. They have a strong history of successful coaching staff, contributing to the team’s achievements in the NRL.

Head coach and assistant coaches

The head coach of the Gold Coast Titans plays a crucial role in leading the team and strategising for success on the field. They work closely with assistant coaches to develop training programmes and game plans.

The coaching staff focuses on honing the players’ skills and tactics, aiming to achieve consistent performance throughout the NRL season. With their expertise, they guide the team through challenges and victories, ensuring that every player performs at their best.

Assistant coaches support the head coach by providing valuable insights, analysing opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and mentoring individual players. Together, they create a cohesive environment that fosters teamwork and determination among all squad members.

Most successful coaches

Following the leadership of head coach Justin Holbrook, the Gold Coast Titans have seen a significant transformation in their performance on the field. The team’s determination and hard work under his guidance have led to some impressive results.

With a strategic approach and commitment to player development, Holbrook has proven himself as one of the most successful coaches in the NRL.

Under previous coaching staff such as Garth Brennan and John Cartwright, the Gold Coast Titans established themselves as formidable competitors within the league. Their focus on cultivating talent and creating a winning culture set important foundations for future success.

Team records and achievements

The Gold Coast Titans have had a mix of achievements and records since their debut in 2007. For instance:

  1. They made the finals for the first time in 2009, reaching the preliminary final.
  2. In 2016, they secured their highest-ever NRL ladder finish – finishing in seventh place.
  3. The club has produced representative players who have represented Australia and other nations at international level.
  4. The Titans have broken attendance records at Cbus Super Stadium on various occasions, demonstrating strong support from fans.
  5. Several players hold individual records such as most tries scored in a season or most games played for the club.
  6. The Titans have also been involved in significant community efforts, earning accolades for charitable work and community engagement.

Season Highlights and Future Plans

The Gold Coast Titans have secured major sponsors and are focused on improving their on-field performance for the upcoming seasons, with exciting plans in place to elevate the team’s standing in the NRL.

Read more about their ambitions for the future!

Major sponsors

The Gold Coast Titans have secured major sponsorship deals with prominent brands, further solidifying their presence in the NRL. These partnerships not only provide crucial financial support but also elevate the club’s visibility and reputation within the league.

The backing of these sponsors underscores the confidence in the Titans’ potential for success, both on and off the field.

As part of their strategic plans for continued growth and development, securing key sponsorships remains a top priority for the Gold Coast Titans. With robust support from leading companies, the club is poised to reach new heights in its quest for NRL glory.

On-field performance

The Gold Coast Titans have demonstrated strong on-field performance throughout their history in the NRL. The team has showcased their competitive spirit and determination, earning respect from fans and opponents alike.

With a dedicated squad of talented players, the Titans have consistently displayed their skill and athleticism, making them a formidable force on the rugby league field.

In each NRL season, the Gold Coast Titans bring their A-game to every match, delivering thrilling performances for supporters. The team’s commitment to excellence is evident in their gameplay as they strive to secure victories and make an impact in the league.

Plans for upcoming seasons

  1. Expanding their junior rugby league system to reach more areas in the Gold Coast region, nurturing talent from diverse communities.
  2. Strengthening partnerships with local businesses and organisations to enhance community engagement and support for the club.
  3. Investing in advanced training facilities to further develop player skills and overall team performance.
  4. Implementing strategic recruitment strategies to ensure a competitive and well-balanced squad for future NRL seasons.
  5. Focusing on grassroots initiatives to grow the fan base and create a vibrant supporter culture within the community.
  6. Collaborating with sponsors to enhance fan experiences during home games through exciting promotions and events.

Community and Support

The Gold Coast Titans are actively involved in local junior rugby league and engage with fans and supporters through various events and promotions. They also have feeder clubs and affiliations to support the development of future talent in the sport.

Involvement in local junior rugby league

  1. The Titans provide coaching clinics and development programmes for young players to hone their skills and passion for the game.
  2. They actively scout talent from local junior competitions, emphasising community engagement and talent development.
  3. The club also organises grassroots initiatives and school programmes to encourage participation in rugby league among young athletes.
  4. These efforts contribute to the strong pipeline of talented players feeding into the Titans’ junior ranks, ensuring a sustainable future for the club.

Engaging with fans and supporters

The Gold Coast Titans actively engage with fans and supporters through various initiatives and events. They host meet-and-greet sessions, open training days, and fan forums to connect with their loyal followers.

The club also runs community programs, including school visits and charity fundraisers, to involve supporters in meaningful activities. Additionally, the Titans regularly update their website and social media platforms with behind-the-scenes content, player interviews, and interactive polls to keep fans informed and engaged throughout the season.

Moreover, the club offers fan membership packages that provide exclusive benefits such as access to member-only events, discounts on merchandise, and priority ticket booking for home games.

Upcoming events and promotions

  1. The Titans will be hosting a special open training session at the Cbus Super Stadium, giving fans a chance to see their favourite players up close and personal.
  2. Supporters can look forward to meet-and-greet opportunities with players at local community events, fostering a closer bond between the team and its fans.
  3. Keep an eye out for exclusive ticket offers and giveaways for upcoming home games, providing fans with great incentives to come out and support the team at the stadium.
  4. The club will be organising fan engagement activities such as merchandise giveaways and competitions during match days, adding to the excitement of game day experiences.
  5. Stay updated on social media channels for chances to win signed jerseys, memorabilia, and other unique prizes through online contests and promotions.

Feeder clubs and affiliations

The Gold Coast Titans have established affiliations with local junior rugby league clubs across the region. These feeder clubs are crucial for nurturing young talent and providing a pathway for aspiring players to join the professional ranks.

The Titans’ commitment to developing grassroots rugby league is evident in their partnerships with various community clubs, which contribute to the overall growth and success of the sport in the Gold Coast area.

Furthermore, these affiliations enable the Titans to scout and recruit promising young players who demonstrate potential at an early age. By fostering strong relationships with feeder clubs, the Gold Coast Titans can identify and support talented individuals as they progress through their junior careers, ultimately contributing to the club’s future success on a larger stage.

Moving forward, maintaining strong connections with these feeder clubs will continue to be vital in sustaining a robust pipeline of talent for the Gold Coast Titans.


The Gold Coast Titans have quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the NRL. The team’s impressive record and community involvement make them a standout club. Fans can look forward to the Titans making even more waves in future seasons.

With their strong junior rugby league system and dedicated fan base, the Gold Coast Titans are undoubtedly a team on the rise.


1. Who are the Gold Coast Titans?

The Gold Coast Titans is a professional sports team that competes in Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL), playing exciting rugby league-style matches.

2. Can I buy tickets to see the Gold Coast Titans play?

Certainly, you can purchase tickets to watch this thrilling football club in action through their schedule on the official NRL website or at their stadium’s ticket office.

3. When do the Gold Coast Titans have their games?

To find out when the next game is, check out the schedule posted on either their own website or look up NRL fixtures for detailed information about upcoming matches.

4. How does the team prepare for its rugby league contests?

As a professional rugby team, members of the Gold Coast Titans train rigorously, strategise with coaches and analyse past performances to improve before each contest within NRL tournaments.

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