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Gloucester Rugby – Rugby Union Club Team

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Finding your way through the rich history and current excitement of Gloucester Rugby can be daunting. Founded in 1873, this club is steeped in rugby tradition with a passionate fan base known as the “Cherry and Whites.” Our blog post will guide you through everything from player highlights to how you can show your support for one of England’s premier clubs.

Dive into the world of Gloucester Rugby with us!

Key Takeaways

  • Gloucester Rugby, known as the “Cherry and Whites”, was founded in 1873 and plays at Kingsholm Stadium, which echoes with support from their passionate fans during match days.
  • The team has a history of success including winning the Zurich Championship in the 2001-2002 season, Powergen Cup in the 2002-2003, European Challenge Cup in 2005-2006, and Anglo-Welsh Cup in 2006-2007.
  • Key players like Danny Cipriani and Willi Heinz have significantly influenced Gloucester’s gameplay, while fresh talent from the academy such as Louis Rees-Zammit adds youthful energy to the squad.
  • Fans can show their support by attending matches at Kingsholm Stadium, purchasing tickets through official channels, wearing club merchandise, and following social media updates.
  • The club is deeply involved in community outreach programmes promoting sportsmanship values; it fosters inclusivity by supporting local rugby development and engaging with fans beyond just match days.

Overview of Gloucester Rugby

Gloucester Rugby is a historic team with a strong fan following, known for their achievements in the rugby union. The club has a rich history and continues to be a prominent force in the league standings.

History of the club

Steeped in heritage, the club first took to the field in 1873, making it one of England’s pioneering rugby union teams. Kingsholm Stadium became its fortress, a place where passionate fans have cheered on the “Cherry and Whites” for generations.

Over time, this historic team has cemented its status within national and international circles as a formidable force. The distinctive nickname “Cherry and Whites” reflects their traditional kit colours and echoes through the stands on match days, symbolising pride and unity that has endured through decades of thrilling rugby action.

Achievements and league standings

Gloucester Rugby’s illustrious history sets the stage for its many achievements and competitive league standings. Here’s a snapshot of the club’s proud record:

SeasonAchievementsLeague Standings
2001-2002Zurich Championship Winners5th in Premiership
2002-2003Powergen Cup Winners1st in Premiership (Regular Season)
2005-2006European Challenge Cup Winners3rd in Premiership
2006-2007Anglo-Welsh Cup Winners2nd in Premiership
2007-20081st in Premiership (Regular Season)

Known as the “Cherry and Whites”, Gloucester has always been a force in the Gallagher Premiership. Fans regularly fill Kingsholm Stadium, a testament to the club’s enduring spirit.

Fan following and support

Gloucester Rugby boasts a passionate and dedicated fan base, known for their unwavering support during home and away matches. The Cherry and Whites enjoy immense support at every fixture, with fans filling up the iconic Kingsholm Stadium to cheer on their team.

Supporters can get involved in the matchday atmosphere by purchasing tickets through the official website or at the stadium itself, ensuring an electric environment for each game. Additionally, fans can show their allegiance by donning Gloucester Rugby’s merchandise, proudly displaying their loyalty to one of England’s oldest rugby clubs.

The club also encourages interaction with fans through social media platforms, providing updates on fixtures, player news, and behind-the-scenes insights into the team’s preparations.

Team Roster

Take a closer look at the key players and their roles within Gloucester Rugby, as well as the up-and-coming talent from the academy. Keep an eye on which players’ contracts are ending and who might be making moves in the future.

Key players and their roles

Gloucester Rugby boasts a talented squad with key players contributing to the team’s success:

  1. Danny Cipriani: Known for his exceptional playmaking abilities as a fly-half, Cipriani is crucial in controlling the team’s attacking movements and creating scoring opportunities.
  2. Willi Heinz: As the team captain and scrum-half, Heinz leads by example with his strategic decision-making on the field and vital communication with fellow players.
  3. Ruan Ackermann: Playing as a dynamic number 8, Ackermann brings physicality and agility to the team, dominating in both attack and defence while providing essential ball-carrying skills.
  4. Mark Atkinson: A strong presence at inside centre, Atkinson uses his powerful running lines and defensive prowess to stabilise Gloucester’s backline structure.
  5. Franco Mostert: Renowned for his exceptional work rate as a lock forward, Mostert leads the defensive line effectively and contributes significantly in set-piece situations, including lineouts and scrums.
  6. Jake Polledri: Exceling as an open-side flanker, Polledri showcases unrivalled speed and strength in carrying the ball forward while also proving to be an asset in breakdowns during matches.
  7. Jonny May: Returning to Gloucester Rugby on the wing position, May’s electrifying pace is a game-changer when launching devastating attacking plays down the flanks.
  8. Ollie Thorley: With remarkable speed and agility as a versatile back-three player, Thorley brings energy to Gloucester’s attacking options with his evasiveness when carrying the ball or chasing kicks.
  9. Val Rapava-Ruskin: Anchoring the front row at loosehead prop, Rapava-Ruskin provides solidity in set pieces such as scrums whilst also making significant contributions in open play through powerful carries.
  10. Lewis Ludlow: Acting as a hard-working openside flanker like Polledri adds dynamism to Gloucester’s loose forwards through tenacious tackling and effective breakdown play techniques.

Academy players making their way up

Transition from the previous heading, “- Key players and their roles” to the next heading, “- Academy players making their way up”:

  1. Several young prospects have shown immense potential in recent seasons, such as Louis Rees – Zammit, who made his debut for Gloucester Rugby at just 18 years old.
  2. These academy graduates bring fresh energy and skill to the team, injecting youthful vigour into the game.
  3. With rigorous training and guidance from experienced coaches, these aspiring talents are honing their craft to compete at a professional level.
  4. The club’s investment in developing homegrown talent has resulted in a steady stream of emerging stars who are ready to make an impact on the first team.
  5. Gloucester’s renowned youth development programme has produced standout players like Jonny May, proving that there is ample opportunity for academy prospects to flourish on the big stage.
  6. As these young players continue to progress through the ranks, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing their ascension within the club.

Players whose contracts are ending

Gloucester Rugby has several players whose contracts are nearing an end. It’s a crucial time for the club as they consider their options for the coming seasons. The following players’ contracts are due to end:

  1. Charlie Sharples: A prolific winger who has been with Gloucester since 2007.
  2. Franco Mostert: A formidable lock, known for his physicality and work rate.
  3. Owen Williams: A talented fly-half with a strong kicking game and playmaking ability.
  4. Joe Simpson: The experienced scrum-half known for his quick service and sniping runs from the base of the ruck.
  5. Fraser Balmain: A reliable tighthead prop who provides stability in the scrum.
  6. Ed Slater: A commanding presence in the second row, known for his leadership on the field.
  7. Lewis Ludlow: An industrious flanker who puts in tireless defensive shifts and contributes at the breakdown.
  8. Mark Atkinson: A powerful inside centre with an eye for creating opportunities in attack.

Latest News and Updates

Keep up to date with Gloucester Rugby’s latest match results, upcoming fixtures, player transfers and signings, as well as club events and community involvement. Find out more about the buzz surrounding your favourite rugby team!

Match results and upcoming fixtures

Gloucester Rugby showed impressive form in their recent matches, securing notable victories and demonstrating great potential for the upcoming fixtures. The team’s performance is a reflection of their dedication and hard work.

  1. In the latest match against [Opponent], Gloucester Rugby secured a decisive win with a strong display of skill and teamwork, showcasing their prowess on the field.
  2. Looking ahead, Gloucester Rugby will face an exhilarating clash against [Opponent] at Kingsholm Stadium, where fans can anticipate an intense battle and thrilling rugby action.
  3. Upcoming fixtures include an eagerly awaited match – up against [Opponent], promising an electrifying encounter that rugby enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

Player transfers and signings

After the anticipation of upcoming fixtures, fans eagerly await news of player transfers and signings. Updates on new squad members and departures keep the fanbase buzzing. Here are some details about recent player movements at Gloucester Rugby:

  1. New Signings: The club recently secured the signing of promising young talent from the academy, bolstering their squad with fresh potential.
  2. Departures: Several players have bid farewell to Gloucester Rugby, seeking new opportunities or retirement from professional rugby.
  3. International Signings: Gloucester Rugby has added experienced international players to their line-up, bringing a wealth of skill and knowledge to the team.
  4. Contract Extensions: The club has successfully retained key players by securing contract extensions, ensuring stability and continuity within the squad.
  5. Transfer Rumours: Speculations surround potential transfer targets, adding intrigue and excitement as fans speculate on potential new additions to the team.

Club events and community involvement

  1. The club organises regular meet-and-greet sessions with fans, providing opportunities for supporters to interact with players and coaching staff.
  2. Gloucester Rugby frequently hosts charity events and fundraisers, supporting local causes and initiatives in the Gloucester area.
  3. The team also conducts school visits and rugby clinics, engaging with young fans and promoting the sport at grassroots levels.
  4. Gloucester Rugby collaborates with local businesses and organisations to create partnerships that benefit the community.
  5. The club prioritises environmental sustainability by participating in clean-up initiatives and promoting eco-friendly practices within their operations.
  6. Players often volunteer their time to support community projects, aiming to make a positive impact beyond the rugby field.
  7. Gloucester Rugby fosters a sense of belonging by regularly involving fans in club decision – making processes, ensuring that their voices are heard.
  8. Through various outreach programmes, the club aims to inspire future generations of rugby enthusiasts while contributing positively to the local community.

Behind the Scenes

Get an inside look at Gloucester Rugby’s coaching staff, their training methods and state-of-the-art facilities. Discover the team culture and values that make Gloucester Rugby a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Coaching staff and their roles

  1. Head Coach: Oversees the team’s overall performance, game tactics, and player development.
  2. Forwards Coach: Focuses on developing the skills and techniques of the forwards, including scrummaging, lineouts, and tackling.
  3. Backs Coach: Specialises in enhancing the performance of the backs, including handling, kicking, and defensive positioning.
  4. Skills Coach: Works closely with individual players to hone their technical abilities like passing, catching, and decision-making on the pitch.
  5. Strength and Conditioning Coach: Designs fitness programmes to ensure players are physically prepared for the demands of professional rugby.

Training methods and facilities

The coaching staff at Gloucester Rugby focuses on a combination of traditional and modern training methods to enhance the team’s performance. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, players undergo strength and conditioning sessions, agility drills, and match-specific simulations aimed at honing their skills.

The club’s emphasis on physical fitness is complemented by technical training that includes video analysis for tactical improvements. Kingsholm Stadium serves as the primary training ground, equipped with advanced resources to support player development.

To optimise player performance, Gloucester Rugby employs comprehensive training methods within top-notch facilities while emphasising physical fitness alongside technical proficiency.

Team culture and values

Gloucester Rugby prides itself on a culture of resilience and unity, where every player is encouraged to showcase their individual talent while prioritising teamwork. The club places great emphasis on respect, discipline, and hard work both on and off the pitch.

With a rich history dating back to 1873, Gloucester Rugby’s values are deeply rooted in tradition and sportsmanship. The “Cherry and Whites” uphold a strong sense of loyalty towards one another and their loyal fan base.

In addition to this, Gloucester Rugby is committed to giving back to the community through various outreach programmes and charitable initiatives. The club’s dedication to inclusivity can be seen in its support for local grassroots rugby development as well as in promoting diversity within the team.

How to Support Gloucester Rugby

Support Gloucester Rugby by attending matches and purchasing tickets to show your support in person. You can also show your support by buying merchandise and fan gear, as well as interacting with the club on social media to stay updated with the latest news and events.

Attending matches and purchasing tickets

Gloucester Rugby fans can attend matches at the iconic Kingsholm Stadium. This historic venue provides an electric atmosphere for fans to support the Cherry and Whites. Here’s how to get tickets and make the most of your match-day experience:

  1. Purchase tickets through the official club website or at the stadium box office. Secure your spot early, especially for high-demand fixtures.
  2. Explore various ticket options, including season passes, individual match tickets, and special packages for families or groups.
  3. Consider becoming a club member for exclusive benefits such as priority ticket access and discounts on merchandise.
  4. Arrive early on match days to soak in the pre – game excitement and enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment around the stadium.
  5. Immerse yourself in the passionate fan culture by joining in the traditional chants and cheers during matches.
  6. Get involved in match-day activities like player meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, and photo opportunities to deepen your connection with the team.
  7. Share your experiences on social media using official hashtags to connect with fellow fans and show support for Gloucester Rugby.
  8. Embrace the Cherry and Whites spirit by adorning yourself in team colours with scarves, jerseys, hats, and other merchandise available at the stadium or online.
  9. Plan ahead for upcoming fixtures to ensure you don’t miss out on any thrilling moments of intense rugby action at Kingsholm Stadium.

Merchandise and fan gear

When attending matches and purchasing tickets to support Gloucester Rugby, fans can also show their support by proudly wearing the club’s merchandise and fan gear. Here are some ways to represent your favourite team:

  1. Official Club Jersey: The iconic cherry and white hoops jersey is a symbol of pride for every Gloucester Rugby fan. Show your support on match days or around town.
  2. Scarves and Beanies: Stay warm while cheering on the team with stylish scarves and beanies featuring the club’s colours and logo.
  3. Accessories: From mugs to keyrings, there are plenty of accessories available to display your affiliation with Gloucester Rugby in your everyday life.
  4. Training Gear: Get active in official training wear, including t-shirts, shorts, and tracksuits, designed for performance.
  5. Home Decor: Bring the spirit of Kingsholm Stadium into your home with posters, flags, and other decorative items celebrating Gloucester Rugby.
  6. Kids’ Collection: Introduce the next generation of fans to the club with a range of children’s clothing and accessories.
  7. Personalised Items: Add a special touch by personalising items such as jerseys or caps with your name or favourite player’s number.

Interacting with the club on social media.

Follow Gloucester Rugby’s official social media accounts to stay updated with the latest team news, match highlights, and behind-the-scenes insights. Engage with other fans and share your support for the “Cherry and Whites” by liking, commenting, and sharing posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Participate in polls and interactive content to have your say in club matters. Don’t miss out on exclusive promotions, ticket sales, and merchandise releases by turning on notifications for their social media channels.

Connect with fellow supporters across the globe through discussions around match results, player performances, and upcoming fixtures.


Gloucester Rugby, established in 1873, boasts a rich history and a dedicated fan following. The team’s success in the Aviva Premiership has cemented their standing as one of the best rugby union clubs globally.

With their home ground at Kingsholm Stadium, fans can expect thrilling matches and an electrifying atmosphere. Supporting Gloucester Rugby means embracing tradition, passion, and excellence on and off the field.

Join the Cherry and Whites’ journey towards continued success as they strive for greatness.


1. What is Gloucester Rugby?

Gloucester Rugby is a professional rugby union club team based in Gloucester, England, and they compete at the top levels of the sport.

2. Can I watch Gloucester Rugby games live?

Yes, you can catch live matches of the Gloucester Rugby Club either by attending games at their home ground or through various broadcast options available to fans.

3. Who plays for the Gloucester team?

The Gloucester Team comprises talented players from around the world who come together to play rugby union at an elite level, showing skill and teamwork on the pitch.

4. How can I support Gloucester Rugby Club?

You can support the club by attending matches live, purchasing merchandise, becoming a member of their supporters’ group, and following their matches throughout the season.

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