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From Controversy to Triumph: Six Nations’ Most Talked-About Moments

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The thrill of rugby often comes with its share of drama. The Six Nations Championship has given us some unforgettable moments, both controversial and glorious. Today’s post dives into the highs and lows, spotlighting the instances that have had fans talking long after the final whistle.

Get ready for a journey through rugby history!

Key Takeaways

  • The Six Nations Championship has been marked by several controversial moments, such as the refereeing error in the Scotland vs. France match in 2010 and contentious decisions affecting Wales.
  • Historic triumphs like Johnny Wilkinson’s drop goal for England in 2003 and Ronan O’Gara’s for Ireland in 2009 have become legendary moments within rugby history.
  • Players such as Jason Robinson, Alun Wyn Jones, Gavin Henson, and Johnny Sexton delivered memorable performances that are celebrated by fans and contributed to their team’s successes.
  • The tournament is not only about controversy but also about unity and reconciliation as seen with Ireland’s anthems at Croke Park in 2007.
  • Upcoming matches promise further excitement including Wales facing the Springboks at Twickenham and England’s alignment camp squad gearing up for future challenges.

Controversial Moments in Six Nations History

The Scotland v France match in 2010 ended in major controversy, with the French snatching victory from Scotland in the final minutes. This led to a public apology from World Rugby for refereeing errors.

Additionally, the aftermath of Welsh rugby’s controversial incidents has sparked discussions and debates within the sporting community.

Scotland v France match ends in major controversy

Murrayfield was buzzing with anticipation as Scotland and France clashed in what promised to be a nail-biting showdown. Controversy struck hard in the final moments when officials denied Scotland a potential match-winning try, igniting fiery debates across the rugby world.

Fans and experts alike were left puzzled by this decision, which seemed to clash with World Rugby’s usual stance on fair play and clarity.

Debate has raged since that fateful call, with many questioning whether justice was truly served on the field. Despite calls for an official explanation from World Rugby, none has been forthcoming, leaving supporters feeling uncertain about the integrity of game outcomes.

This incident added another chapter to Six Nations’ long history of dramatic twists and turns, ensuring this match will be remembered for years to come – not just for stellar rugby but also for its major controversy.

Welsh rugby aftermath

The aftermath of the Welsh rugby controversy continues to spark heated debates among fans and experts. The decision not to award Scotland a last-gap try against France and to allow Wales to run down George Ford’s conversion were legitimate controversial moments that have left a lasting impact on the Six Nations history.

The tournament has seen a mix of triumphs and controversies over the years, making it an exciting and unpredictable event for rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

Moving forward, let’s shift our focus to the memorable moments in Six Nations history, celebrating thrilling victories and iconic performances that have defined this prestigious championship.

Memorable Moments in Six Nations

Experience the thrill of Jason Robinson’s brilliant try in 2002, Johnny Wilkinson’s iconic drop goal in 2003, Ronan O’Gara’s legendary drop goal in 2009, and Alun Wyn Jones’ stunning performance in 2019.

These unforgettable moments have solidified their place in Six Nations history.

Jason Robinson’s brilliant try in 2002

Jason Robinson’s brilliant try in 2002 remains etched in Six Nations history as one of the most epic moments. The speed and agility with which Robinson dodged the opposition’s defence to score a magnificent try left fans in awe.

This memorable moment highlighted Robinson’s exceptional talent, showcasing his ability to turn a game on its head with sheer brilliance.

Robinson’s incredible feat remains a testament to the thrilling and historic nature of Six Nations rugby, captivating fans worldwide with unforgettable sporting moments. His remarkable performance continues to be celebrated by rugby enthusiasts, solidifying his legacy as an iconic player who made an indelible mark on the Championship.

This pivotal moment exemplifies the unmatched excitement and drama that the Six Nations consistently delivers, leaving an enduring impact on both players and fans alike.

Johnny Wilkinson’s iconic drop goal in 2003

Johnny Wilkinson’s iconic drop goal in 2003 secured England’s first Grand Slam in eight years. The dramatic moment came during the closing minutes of the match against Ireland, with a precise left-footed kick from Wilkinson that sealed England’s 42-6 victory.

This historic drop goal solidified his status as one of rugby’s finest players and remains etched in Six Nations history as an unforgettable triumph.

Wilkinson’s masterful execution showcased his exceptional skill under immense pressure, and it continues to be revered by rugby fans worldwide. With this incredible feat, Johnny Wilkinson cemented himself as a true legend of the sport, leaving an indelible mark on the championship’s storied legacy.

Ronan O’Gara’s legendary drop goal in 2009

Ronan O’Gara secured his place in Six Nations history with a standout moment in the 2009 tournament. In a thrilling match against Wales, O’Gara’s legendary drop goal sealed victory for Ireland.

The tension was palpable as he calmly slotted the ball between the posts, securing a dramatic win and etching his name into rugby folklore.

Ireland’s triumph sparked jubilant celebrations among fans and players alike. O’Gara’s iconic drop goal remains one of the most talked-about moments in Six Nations history, showcasing the exhilarating drama and skill that define this prestigious championship.

Alun Wyn Jones’ stunning performance in 2019

Alun Wyn Jones delivered a stunning performance in 2019, showcasing his exceptional leadership and skill on the field. His unwavering determination and formidable presence were key factors in Wales’ impressive Six Nations campaign that year.

With his commanding presence, Jones led the team to crucial victories and was instrumental in securing the Grand Slam for Wales. His exceptional athleticism and strategic play left a lasting impact on fans and opponents alike.

Jones’ remarkable performance demonstrated his ability to inspire teammates, making him an invaluable asset to the Welsh rugby team. Throughout the tournament, he consistently displayed resilience and adaptability, cementing his status as one of rugby’s most influential figures.

Impactful Triumphs in Six Nations

Gavin Henson’s superb performance in 2005, Ireland’s anthems at Croke Park in 2007, and Johnny Sexton’s last-second drop goal in 2018 are just a few of the triumphant moments that have shaped Six Nations history.

Don’t miss out on these incredible victories – read more about them now!

Gavin Henson’s superb performance in 2005

Gavin Henson’s superb performance in 2005 remains etched in Six Nations history. His remarkable display of skill and composure during Wales’ match against England captured the attention of rugby fans worldwide.

With precise kicks and agile maneuvers, he played a pivotal role in securing Wales’ victory, leaving a lasting impact on the tournament.

Henson’s exceptional contribution to Wales’ triumph showcased his talent and determination, solidifying his reputation as an influential figure in Six Nations rugby. His strategic plays and unwavering focus on the field demonstrated the true essence of athletic prowess, earning him well-deserved recognition among enthusiasts and experts alike.

Ireland’s anthems at Croke Park in 2007

Ireland’s anthems at Croke Park in 2007 marked a historic moment in the Six Nations, as it was the first time that “Amhrán na bhFiann,” the Irish national anthem, was played at the stadium.

This significant occasion symbolised unity and reconciliation between Ireland and England, as Croke Park had previously been associated with British rule in Ireland. The powerful rendition of the anthem by fans and players alike resonated throughout the stadium, creating an atmosphere filled with pride and emotion.

It was a memorable moment that showcased sports’ ability to transcend historical conflicts and bring people together through shared passion and respect for the game.

The event brought about a sense of solidarity not only among Irish rugby supporters but also garnered international recognition for its symbolism of peace and reconciliation. The anthems at Croke Park set an inspiring example of how sport can serve as a platform for unity and understanding, leaving a lasting impact on both rugby history and wider society.

Johnny Sexton’s last-second drop goal in 2018

After the stirring performance at Croke Park in 2007, rugby fans were treated to another iconic moment during the Six Nations when Johnny Sexton’s last-second drop goal secured a dramatic victory for Ireland.

The nail-biting match against France had spectators on the edge of their seats as Sexton’s precise kick clinched the win and sparked celebrations across Ireland.

Sexton’s incredible feat not only etched his name into Six Nations history but also exemplified the tournament’s reputation for thrilling moments. His unforgettable drop goal stands as a testament to the excitement and drama that make the Championship an unmissable event for rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

Exciting Upcoming Matches

Springboks vs. Wales at Twickenham and England’s alignment camp squad are set to bring excitement to the upcoming rugby matches, providing fans with thrilling moments to look forward to.

Springboks vs. Wales at Twickenham

Wales is set to face off against the Springboks at Twickenham, promising an electrifying clash of rugby titans. This highly anticipated match is expected to showcase top-notch skills and fierce determination from both teams as they vie for victory on the prestigious international stage.

Rugby fans can look forward to a thrilling showdown between these two powerhouse teams, with each side determined to leave an indelible mark on this historic encounter.

The upcoming clash between the Springboks and Wales at Twickenham creates an unparalleled atmosphere of excitement among rugby enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting what promises to be a monumental faceoff.

This high-stakes matchup is sure to deliver edge-of-your-seat action and exceptional performances by some of the sport’s most talented athletes, making it a must-watch event for fans worldwide.

England’s alignment camp squad

England’s alignment camp squad has sparked significant excitement among rugby fans and experts. The selection of players for this camp reflects the determination of England to maintain a competitive edge in the upcoming matches.

The strategic preparation and training regimen set the tone for an intense and high-stakes championship, elevating expectations among both fans and critics.

The anticipation surrounding England’s alignment camp squad underscores the team’s commitment to excellence, setting the stage for an electrifying Six Nations Championship. With top-tier talent and meticulous planning, England is poised to make a compelling impact on the tournament, promising exhilarating moments for rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

Champions Cup Round of 16

The Champions Cup Round of 16 is set to ignite the rugby world with thrilling matchups and intense battles on the field. Teams from across Europe will clash in a quest for glory, showcasing their skills and determination in pursuit of victory.

The high-stakes nature of this stage promises edge-of-the-seat action that will leave fans captivated as they witness some of the best teams in the competition go head-to-head.

As the tournament progresses, fans can expect unforgettable displays of athleticism and sportsmanship that are sure to add to the legacy of Six Nations history. With each team vying for a coveted spot in the next round, spectators can anticipate dramatic moments, strategic plays, and potential upsets that make this stage an unmissable spectacle for rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

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Five bold predictions for Super Rugby Pacific

  1. Defending champions Crusaders will face tough competition as they aim for a fourth consecutive title, with challengers eager to dethrone them.
  2. Fijian Drua’s debut in the tournament is anticipated to bring an electrifying brand of rugby, showcasing their island flair and distinctive style of play.
  3. The return of Pacific Island teams – Moana Pasifika and Fijian Drua – is expected to inject fresh energy and excitement into the competition.
  4. Trans – Tasman rivalry between Australian and New Zealand teams is projected to intensify, leading to fiercely contested matches throughout the season.
  5. Emerging talent from the Pacific Islands is set to make a significant impact, with players poised to showcase their skills on the global stage, drawing attention from international clubs and scouts.

Fantasy picks for Six Nations

Rugby fans are always on the lookout for fantasy picks for Six Nations. Here are some standout players to consider when creating your fantasy rugby team:

  1. Johnny Sexton – A reliable and skilled fly-half, known for his consistency and ability to control the game.
  2. Alun Wyn Jones – An experienced and influential lock, with a formidable presence on the field and strong leadership skills.
  3. Antoine Dupont – A dynamic and talented scrum-half, known for his speed, agility, and game-changing abilities.
  4. Stuart Hogg – An electric full-back with exceptional attacking prowess and a knack for creating try-scoring opportunities.
  5. Maro Itoje – A dominant and versatile lock/ flanker, recognised for his athleticism, work rate, and disruptive play in the forward pack.

Insights on Rassie Erasmus’ alignment camp squad.

Rassie Erasmus’ alignment camp squad promises to be a game-changer for rugby fans. The South African head coach has meticulously selected a talented and diverse group of players, aiming to bring out the best in each individual.

This strategic move has sparked excitement among enthusiasts, as they eagerly anticipate witnessing the performance of this dynamic squad on the field.

The anticipation is palpable as Rassie Erasmus’ alignment camp squad takes shape, with fans eagerly awaiting how this selection will impact future matches and tournaments.


Experience the thrills and drama of Six Nations with its history filled with controversial decisions, thrilling victories, and impactful triumphs. From unforgettable tries to last-second drop goals, the championship has provided endless excitement for rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

This unpredictable event continues to captivate fans with its mix of triumphs and controversies, making it a must-watch for every rugby fan. Don’t miss out on the next chapter of Six Nations’ history as new memorable moments are waiting to unfold.


1. What are the Six Nations’ most historic moments?

The Six Nations’ Rugby Championship is filled with historic moments, from groundbreaking wins to records set by legendary players.

2. Are there any controversial incidents in the Six Nations?

Yes, over the years, there have been several controversial incidents that sparked debates among fans and officials within the Rugby Championship.

3. Have teams ever had unlucky moments in the tournament?

Certainly! Despite their skills and strategies, teams have faced unlucky moments that turned games around during various matches of the Six Nations.

4. Do triumphant comebacks happen often in the Six Nations?

Triumphant comebacks are a thrilling part of what makes each Rugby Championship exciting; they showcase teams overcoming adversity to achieve victory.

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