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Edinburgh Rugby – Rugby Union Club Team

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Finding your perfect rugby union club can be a real challenge. Edinburgh Rugby is one of Scotland’s premier professional teams. Our blog will dive into the rich history, dynamic team, and exciting future fixtures to bring you closer to the action.

Stay tuned for an epic rugby journey!

Key Takeaways

  • Edinburgh Rugby has a legacy dating back to 1873, as one of the eight founding clubs of the Scottish Rugby Union.
  • The club features a mix of experienced and rising stars like Ewan Ashman, Jamie Campbell, Rob Carmichael, and Luan de Bruin who contribute significantly to the team’s success in competitions such as the United Rugby Championship.
  • Women’s rugby is also crucial at Edinburgh Rugby with both a Women’s XV team and a Women’s XV 2 team competing in university leagues, reflecting their commitment to promoting gender equality in sports.
  • Edinburgh Rugby actively develops young talent through its academy program, successfully transitioning players like Jamie Hodgson from youth ranks to professional levels.
  • The club supports youth participation by engaging state-school youngsters in rugby development programs and emphasising inclusivity within their community initiatives.

The History and Background of Edinburgh Rugby

Edinburgh Rugby’s roots stretch back to the heart of Scottish rugby history, with Edinburgh University Rugby Football Club standing as one of the original eight clubs that founded the Scottish Rugby Union in 1873.

This deep connection to Scotland’s rugby tradition marks Edinburgh Rugby as more than just a team; it’s a cornerstone of national sports heritage. Over the decades, they’ve evolved from university contenders into professional powerhouses, celebrating their 150th anniversary by diving deep into their storied past.

The team has grown in stature and fame, becoming one of Scotland’s two professional rugby union teams. They showcase their talent in the United Rugby Championship, competing against other elite squads including their local rivals Glasgow Warriors.

Edinburgh Rugby doesn’t only thrive on competition but fosters growth through strong ties with Edinburgh University. Their partnership bolsters both men’s and women’s rugby development, reflecting the club’s commitment to nurturing talent across genders and contributing significantly to Scotland’s vibrant rugby scene.

The Team and Players

Meet the players that make up the Edinburgh Rugby team, from veteran stars like Ewan Ashman and Jamie Campbell to new additions such as Rob Carmichael and Luan de Bruin. Keep reading to learn about key players like Dave Cherry and Luke Crosbie.

Veteran players: Ewan Ashman, Jamie Campbell

Edinburgh Rugby boasts a roster of experienced players, including Ewan Ashman and Jamie Campbell. Let’s take a look at their contributions to the team:

  1. Ewan Ashman:
  • A promising hooker known for his agility and strong set-piece play.
  • Has been a standout player in several matches, contributing crucial turnovers and tackles.
  • Eagerly anticipated by fans for his potential to become a key player for the club.
  1. Jamie Campbell:
  • Known for his leadership on the field and ability to rally the team during challenging moments.
  • An influential figure in the backline, showcasing exceptional defensive skills and strategic positioning.
  • His experience brings a valuable dimension to the team’s overall performance.

New additions: Rob Carmichael, Luan de Bruin

Edinburgh Rugby has recently added two new players to their team, enhancing their strength and depth.

  1. Rob Carmichael, a towering presence on the field at 6 feet 10 inches, brings an imposing physicality to the team’s forward pack. His strong lineout ability and powerful ball-carrying make him a valuable addition.
  2. Luan de Bruin, known for his scrummaging prowess and work rate around the pitch, boosts the team’s front row options with his experience and skillset.

Key players: Dave Cherry, Luke Crosbie

The team’s depth is further solidified by key players Dave Cherry and Luke Crosbie who bring their experience and skill to every game.

  1. Dave Cherry, a talented hooker, provides crucial strength in the scrums and lineouts, adding a dynamic presence on the field.
  2. Luke Crosbie, known for his agile movements and powerful tackles, consistently demonstrates his impact in defensive plays, making him an invaluable asset to the team’s strategies.
  3. With strong leadership from Cherry and Crosbie, the team gains an advantage on both offensive and defensive fronts.
  4. Their prowess makes them pivotal members of Edinburgh Rugby, contributing significantly to the team’s successes in various competitions.
  5. Fans can expect consistent outstanding performances from these players as they continue to make significant contributions to the team’s victories.

Recent News and Victories

Edinburgh Rugby recently achieved a second-half comeback against Zebre and signed the tallest player, Rob Carmichael, adding strength to the team’s lineup. To learn more about their recent victories and news, keep reading!

Second-half comeback against Zebre

Edinburgh Rugby staged an impressive second-half comeback against Zebre, securing a dramatic 24-18 victory. The team showed remarkable resilience and determination, overturning a deficit to claim a crucial win in the United Rugby Championship.

With standout performances from key players like Dave Cherry and Luke Crosbie, Edinburgh displayed their fighting spirit and ability to rally under pressure. This electrifying victory solidifies the team’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the league, keeping fans on the edge of their seats for more thrilling matches ahead.

Signing of tallest player Rob Carmichael

Rob Carmichael, the tallest player in Edinburgh Rugby, brings a commanding presence to the team’s forward pack. Standing at an impressive height, his addition adds a new dimension of physicality and strength to the squad.

With his extensive experience and towering stature, Rob is expected to bolster the team’s set-piece dominance and defensive capabilities on the pitch. His signing underscores Edinburgh Rugby’s commitment to assembling a formidable roster that can compete at the highest level in domestic and international competitions.

Moving forward from this exciting acquisition, let’s delve into Edinburgh Rugby’s recent victories and upcoming fixtures for an insight into their performance on the field.

Ritchie’s return as captain

Ritchie has returned as the captain of Edinburgh Rugby, bringing his leadership and experience back to the team. This move has injected new energy into the squad, and fans are eager to see how Ritchie’s return will impact their upcoming games in the United Rugby Championship.

As a key player, Ritchie’s influence on and off the field is set to be a game-changer for Edinburgh Rugby.

Edinburgh Rugby fans can expect an exciting season with Ritchie at the helm. His dedication and skill make him a valuable asset that promises to drive the team forward in their pursuit of success in the league.

Upcoming Fixtures and Competitions

Edinburgh Rugby will be participating in the United Rugby Championship (URC) and their Women’s XV team and Women’s XV 2 team will also be competing in upcoming fixtures. Keep an eye out for exciting matches from all three teams in the near future!

Participation in URC

The Edinburgh Rugby Club competes in the United Rugby Championship (URC), where they face tough competition from other top-tier teams. The URC is a platform where the club showcases their skills and competes for victory, providing an exciting opportunity for fans to witness high-level rugby matches.

With rigorous training and strategic gameplay, the team aims to make its mark in the URC, representing their club with pride and determination.

The squad’s participation in the URC offers fans a chance to witness thrilling matchups against formidable opponents at impressive stadiums. Through this league, supporters can experience intense encounters while cheering on their favourite team members such as Ewan Ashman, Connor Boyle, Luan de Bruin and others – creating an electrifying atmosphere that epitomises the spirit of rugby union.

Women’s XV team

After participating in the United Rugby Championship, Edinburgh Rugby also maintains a strong Women’s XV team. Comprising talented athletes and committed players, the women’s team competes with vigor and determination.

The club offers opportunities for female rugby enthusiasts to showcase their skills on a competitive platform, contributing significantly to the overall growth of rugby among women in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Rugby website provides information on upcoming fixtures and tickets for fans looking to support the Women’s XV team in their exciting journey within the university leagues.

Women’s XV 2 team

The Women’s XV 2 team is an integral part of Edinburgh Rugby, showcasing the club’s commitment to women’s rugby. The team contributes to the development and growth of female rugby players within the club and plays a vital role in nurturing talent from grassroots levels.

Comprising dedicated athletes with a passion for the sport, they embrace the values of teamwork and sportsmanship, displaying exemplary skills on the field.

Furthermore, by providing a platform for women to excel in rugby, the Women’s XV 2 team not only strengthens Edinburgh Rugby as a whole but also promotes gender equality in sports.

Edinburgh Rugby Academy and Youth Development

The Edinburgh Rugby Academy plays a crucial role in developing young talent for the future of the team, with many academy players making successful transitions to the professional ranks.

The club also actively supports youth rugby in state schools and has a strong focus on promoting women’s rugby in Edinburgh.

Academy players moving up to the pros

Edinburgh Rugby’s academy has been instrumental in developing young talent for the pro team. Players like Jamie Hodgson have seamlessly made the transition from the academy to the professional squad.

  1. Jamie Hodgson: A product of the Edinburgh Rugby Academy, Jamie has established himself as a key player in the team’s forward pack.
  2. Charlie Shiel: The talented scrum-half honed his skills in the academy before making a significant impact at the professional level.
  3. Dan Nutton: Another promising player who has excelled after moving up from the academy ranks, proving to be an asset for the Glasgow Warriors encounter.
  4. Nathan Sweeney: With a solid foundation laid in the academy, Sweeney has quickly adjusted to life as a pro and is making meaningful contributions on the field.
  5. Marshall Sykes: Having shown great promise during his time in the academy, Sykes is now making strides as part of Edinburgh Rugby’s senior team.

Support for state-school youngsters

The club actively supports state-school youngsters by providing opportunities for them to develop their rugby skills through its youth development programs. Edinburgh Rugby believes in inclusivity and accessibility, aiming to nurture talent from all backgrounds.

The club’s dedication to supporting young players from state schools represents a commitment to creating a diverse and vibrant rugby community.

Moving on to another aspect of the team’s impact on the local community, let’s explore “Women’s rugby in Edinburgh.”

Women’s rugby in Edinburgh.

Supporting the wider rugby community, Edinburgh Rugby also champions women’s rugby in Edinburgh. The club not only has a men’s team but also fields a women’s XV team and a women’s XV 2 team, both playing in the university leagues.

As one of the leading rugby union sides based in Scotland, Edinburgh University Rugby Football Club plays an instrumental role in providing opportunities for female players to compete at various levels.

The inclusion of these teams not only broadens participation but also serves as an excellent platform for aspiring female athletes to showcase their talent and passion for the sport.


Experience the passion and dedication of Edinburgh Rugby, with a rich history dating back 150 years. The club’s veteran and new players are making their mark in every game. Stay tuned for upcoming fixtures and witness the team’s relentless pursuit of victory.

Join us as we celebrate this legendary club’s place in Scottish rugby history!


1. Who are Edinburgh Rugby?

Edinburgh Rugby is a professional rugby union club team based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2. What league does Edinburgh Rugby play in?

Edinburgh Rugby competes in the top leagues of European rugby, showcasing their talents against other strong club teams.

3. When can I see Edinburgh Rugby play?

You can watch Edinburgh Rugby during their scheduled matches throughout the rugby season, which includes various competitions and cups.

4. How do I find out about Edinburgh Rugby’s latest results?

To get up-to-date information on match outcomes and performance stats for Edinburgh Rugby, you can check sports news or visit the official club website.

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