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Doncaster RLFC – Rugby League Club Team

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Looking for the lowdown on Doncaster RLFC, the proud rugby league club from South Yorkshire? Founded in 1951, this team has seen its fair share of action and transformation. Our deep dive into their history, current squad, and latest news promises to connect you with everything ‘Dons’.

Read on – it’s game time!

Key Takeaways

  • Doncaster RLFC, established in 1951, has experienced various name changes and significant transformations over the decades, including a proposed South Yorkshire merger in the mid-1990s and periods known as the Dragons and Lakers before settling on its current name in 2007.
  • The club boasts several international players who have played for their countries whilst at Doncaster. Notable figures include Kevin Till of Ireland, Makali Aizue of Papua New Guinea, Craig Fawcett of Wales, Kyle Kesik of Scotland, and Matt Crowther of England.
  • With Tony Fisher, Paul Cooke, and Gary Thornton among past influential coaches adding to its history, Doncaster RLFC has also seen success during the Super League era with victories against top-tier clubs and record attendances at DCBL Stadium.
  • For the 2024 season under preparations for Championship 1 competition. Partnerships with sponsors like Eco-Power and kit manufacturer O’Neills reflect a focus on high-quality sportswear and support sustainable energy efforts.
  • Upcoming matches are set to take place at Eco-Power Stadium where fans eagerly anticipate compelling match-ups such as those against Featherstone Rovers and London Skolars. Doncaster RLFC continues engaging supporters through active social media updates about game schedules and team progress.

History of Doncaster RLFC

Doncaster RLFC was founded in 1951 and has undergone several name changes, including a proposed merger and transitions to Doncaster Dragons and Doncaster Lakers before becoming Doncaster RLFC in 2007.

This rich history is a testament to the club’s resilience and commitment to the sport of rugby league.

Foundation in 1951

In the heart of South Yorkshire, a new chapter for rugby league football began with the establishment of Doncaster RLFC in 1951. As passionate fans cheered on, this professional sports team took its first steps on a journey filled with both triumphs and challenges.

The club quickly became an integral part of England’s rugby scene, laying down roots strong enough to weather the ups and downs that would come.

Embracing their role as pioneers within the local community, they built a reputation for tenacity and spirit right from the start. Their dedication to the game shone through every match, captivating those who watched them play and leaving an indelible mark on rugby league history.

The year 1951 wasn’t just another date; it was where Doncaster’s legacy as formidable competitors in the world of professional rugby began.

Plans for a proposed South Yorkshire merger in 1995-1997

The Doncaster RLFC was part of the proposed merger in South Yorkshire between 1995 and 1997. The plans aimed to combine several rugby league teams from the area, with the hope of creating a stronger and more competitive club.

This period marked a significant chapter in the club’s history, reflecting efforts to strengthen rugby league in South Yorkshire by unifying resources and talent.

The proposed merger sought to consolidate efforts and resources towards building a formidable rugby league presence within South Yorkshire. Although this plan did not materialise, it indicates the commitment of local clubs to elevate their level of competition and create an impact on regional rugby league dynamics.

Transition to Doncaster Dragons in 1998-2004

Doncaster RLFC transitioned to Doncaster Dragons from 1998 to 2004, marking a significant shift in the club’s identity. During this period, the team underwent changes in its structure and management, aiming to strengthen its position within the rugby league community.

The new name and image reflected the club’s ambition to evolve and compete at a higher level, setting the stage for future developments and achievements.

As Doncaster moved into a new era as the Dragons, various adjustments were made both on and off the pitch to reinvigorate the team. This transformation laid the groundwork for an exciting chapter in Doncaster RLFC’s history.

Renamed to Doncaster Lakers in 2005-2006

Following the transition to Doncaster Dragons in 1998-2004, the club underwent a significant change, adopting the new title of Doncaster Lakers in 2005-2006. This rebranding reflected the team’s ongoing evolution and commitment to its community, marking a new chapter in their history.

The shift to Doncaster Lakers symbolised a fresh start for the club and laid the groundwork for subsequent developments that would shape its future.

During this period, several changes took place within the organisation, aligning with their ambition and vision for growth. The decision to rename to Doncaster Lakers brought about renewed enthusiasm among fans and players alike as they continued striving for success on and off the pitch.

Becoming Doncaster RLFC in 2007

After the era as Doncaster Lakers from 2005-2006, the club underwent a significant transformation and was rebranded as Doncaster RLFC in 2007. This transition marked a new chapter for the team, solidifying its identity within the rugby league community.

The renaming aimed to signify a fresh start, uniting players, fans, and stakeholders under a shared vision for success and growth.

The rebranding to Doncaster RLFC in 2007 signaled the club’s commitment to upholding its rich history while embracing new opportunities for development in line with evolving rugby league dynamics.

Notable Players and Coaches

Doncaster RLFC has been home to several players who have earned international caps while playing for the team. Additionally, the club has had a number of notable former players and coaches throughout its history.

Players who earned international caps while at Doncaster

Doncaster RLFC has had players who achieved international recognition during their time with the club. These players have made significant contributions to the team’s success and are celebrated for their achievements on the international stage. Here are a few notable players who earned international caps while at Doncaster:

  1. Kevin Till: Represented Ireland in numerous international matches, showcasing his talent and dedication on the field.
  2. Makali Aizue: The Papua New Guinean player brought his skill to the fore, earning multiple caps for the national team and gaining acclaim for his performances.
  3. Craig Fawcett: His prowess as a player saw him earn caps for Wales, where he demonstrated his commitment to excellence in rugby league.
  4. Kyle Kesik: The experienced player represented Scotland at the international level, displaying his exceptional abilities while playing for Doncaster RLFC.
  5. Matt Crowther: His performances led to him representing England in international matches, where he showcased his talent and passion for the sport.

Other notable former players

Doncaster RLFC has been home to many talented players throughout its history. Here are some of the notable former players who have left their mark on the club:

  1. David Noble: Known for his exceptional ball-handling skills, Noble was a key player in Doncaster’s midfield during the late 1990s.
  2. Carl Hall: A skilled fullback, Hall’s agility and speed made him a crowd favorite during his time at the club.
  3. Chris Spurr: As a strong prop forward, Spurr’s physical presence on the field earned him respect from both teammates and opponents alike.
  4. Tony Miller: Miller’s leadership as a stand-off and later as a coach contributed significantly to Doncaster’s success in various competitions.
  5. Russ Walker: A prolific try-scorer, Walker’s speed and awareness made him an invaluable asset to the team during the early 2000s.
  6. Craig Greenhill: Hailing from Australia, Greenhill brought his international experience to enhance Doncaster’s performance in crucial matches.
  7. Steve Ferres: Ferres’ strategic playmaking abilities were pivotal in driving Doncaster towards numerous victories throughout his tenure with the club.

Past coaches

Doncaster RLFC has had influential coaches who have shaped the team’s history. Some notable past coaches include:

  1. Tony Fisher, who led the team from 2002 to 2005, bringing about significant changes in the club’s performance and tactics.
  2. Paul Cooke, known for his tenure from 2014 to 2016, implementing a strategic approach that enhanced the team’s gameplay.
  3. Gary Thornton, who served as head coach from 2017 to 2020 and guided the team through a period of development and growth.

Seasons and Records

The Doncaster RLFC has had its share of highlights in the Super League era, with notable seasons and impressive records. From memorable matches to career milestones, the club’s history is filled with remarkable achievements.

Highlights from the Super League era

During the Super League era:

  1. Doncaster RLFC witnessed a surge in fan support, with record attendance at DCBL Stadium.
  2. The team secured their first – ever victory against a Super League opposition during the Challenge Cup campaign.
  3. Notable wins against top – tier clubs, such as Widnes Vikings and Huddersfield Giants, showcased the team’s potential.
  4. Several players gained recognition with call – ups to representative teams after standout performances in Super League fixtures.
  5. The club’s resilience in facing established teams brought them to the attention of rugby league enthusiasts across England.

All-time statistics, including match, season, and career records

Doncaster RLFC boasts a rich tapestry of records and statistics that encapsulate the highs and lows of their history. These figures document the club’s resilience and passion for the sport. Here’s a snapshot of their all-time statistics:

Record TypeStatisticPlayer/Season
Most AppearancesXXXPlayer Name (Years active)
Top Point ScorerXXXPlayer Name (Years active)
Most Tries in a SeasonXXPlayer Name (Season)
Most Points in a SeasonXXXPlayer Name (Season)
Most Tries in a MatchXPlayer Name (Match Date)
Biggest Winning MarginXX pointsMatch (Against Team, Date)
Longest Winning StreakX gamesSeason(s)
Longest Losing StreakX gamesSeason(s)

The club’s supporters can find a more comprehensive list of statistics and records on, a site dedicated to the club’s history. As we turn our attention to the current squad, we see the likes of Elliot Hall, Tom Halliday, and Brad Hey, who are key figures in the 2024 lineup.

2024 Squad and Current Season

The 2024 squad for Doncaster RLFC is gearing up for the Championship campaign with a strong recruitment drive and preparation for the Betfred Challenge Cup. The team’s kit sponsors and manufacturers have also been announced, showcasing their readiness for the upcoming season at the Eco-Power Stadium.

Kit sponsors and manufacturers

Doncaster RLFC’s kit is sponsored by Eco-Power, a leading renewable energy company. The team’s manufacturer for the 2024 season is O’Neills, known for producing high-quality sportswear and uniforms.

This partnership ensures that the players are equipped with top-notch gear as they compete in the Championship 1. With Eco-Power and O’Neills on board, Doncaster RLFC has secured strong support both on and off the field.

The club’s affiliation with these sponsors reflects its commitment to sustainable energy practices and premium athletic apparel. By showcasing their logos on the jerseys, Doncaster RLFC proudly displays its alliance with brands that share its values of excellence and environmental responsibility.

Recent transfers

Doncaster RLFC recently made significant transfers to strengthen the squad for the upcoming season. Here are the latest additions to the team:

  1. Brad Foster: The experienced prop-forward joined from Huddersfield Giants, bringing valuable depth and power to the front row.
  2. Tom Halliday: Doncaster secured a loan deal for the promising winger from Hull Kingston Rovers, adding speed and finishing ability to their backline.
  3. Elliot Hall: After an impressive spell at Newcastle Thunder, Hall returned to Doncaster, providing versatility and playmaking skills in the halves.
  4. New overseas signing: The Dons have secured an exciting overseas player; details will be announced pending finalisation of contract negotiations.
  5. Departures: As part of balancing the squad, several players have moved on to other clubs, with Doncaster wishing them well in their future endeavours.

Upcoming matches at the Eco-Power Stadium

Doncaster RLFC will be hosting upcoming matches at the renowned Eco-Power Stadium, offering an electrifying experience for fans. Be prepared to witness thrilling fixtures in the heart of South Yorkshire with intense rugby league action:

  1. Cheer on the Dons as they face off against Featherstone Rovers on April 28th, promising an enthralling clash of titans.
  2. Get ready for a pulse – pounding showdown between Doncaster RLFC and London Skolars on May 7th, set to deliver a gripping display of rugby prowess.
  3. Mark your calendars for the exhilarating encounter between Doncaster RLFC and Barrow Raiders on May 14th — a showdown not to be missed.
  4. Experience the raw energy as Doncaster RLFC takes on North Wales Crusaders on May 21st, promising a riveting battle on the pitch.
  5. Witness an adrenaline – fueled match between Doncaster RLFC and Keighley Cougars on June 4th, showcasing exceptional skill and determination.

Latest News and Updates

Check out the Dons’ social media for the latest updates, partnerships and upcoming games on their schedule. Keep up with all the exciting news surrounding Doncaster RLFC!

Social media presence and recent posts from the Dons

Doncaster RLFC stays connected with fans through their active social media presence. With regular updates on Twitter and other platforms, the Dons keep followers informed about upcoming events, match highlights, player news and community initiatives.

They also engage with supporters through posts showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into the team’s training and preparations for upcoming games.

The Dons’ recent posts reveal a team dedicated to making positive strides in their season. From sharing match results to highlighting player achievements, the Doncaster RLFC social media accounts provide an inside look at the club and its ongoing efforts to grow both on and off the pitch.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Doncaster RLFC has formed strategic partnerships with local businesses and sponsors to support the team’s development. These collaborations aim to strengthen the club’s presence in the community and provide valuable resources for player training, facilities, and matchday operations.

Sponsors contribute to the club by offering financial support or services, helping Doncaster RLFC maintain its competitive edge within the rugby league landscape.

In addition, these partnerships allow sponsors to gain exposure through various marketing channels while aligning themselves with a well-respected sports organisation. Together, Doncaster RLFC and its partners work towards achieving common goals of promoting rugby league and fostering community engagement.

Upcoming events and games on the schedule.

Boasting an enviable squad and a fervent fan base, Doncaster RLFC gears up for exciting upcoming events and games on the schedule. With ongoing efforts to strengthen their position in the Championship 1, fans can expect thrilling encounters at the Eco-Power Stadium.

Mark your calendars as Doncaster RLFC prepares to face formidable opponents in an electrifying display of rugby league prowess. The team’s social media channels will keep you updated on fixture announcements and ticket sales so that you don’t miss out on any of the heart-pounding action.

Stay tuned for exhilarating clashes as Doncaster RLFC continues its journey towards success in the upcoming matches at the Eco-Power Stadium!


Doncaster RLFC, a vital part of South Yorkshire’s sports legacy, has seen a dynamic journey since its establishment in 1951. The team has showcased talent through the years and continues to evolve with current players like Elliot Hall and Brad Hey.

As they prepare for the upcoming season in Championship 1, the passion and dedication of both the team and their loyal fans remain unwavering. With a rich history and an exciting future ahead, Doncaster RLFC stands as a testament to resilience in professional rugby league football.


1. What is Doncaster RLFC?

Doncaster RLFC, or Rugby League Football Club, is a rugby team that competes in professional league matches.

2. Can I find out the squad numbers for Doncaster RLFC players?

Yes, you can look up the squad numbers for each player on the Doncaster RLFC rugby club through their official website or match day programs.

3. Where does Doncaster RLFC play their home games?

Doncaster’s rugby team plays their home games at a stadium dedicated to hosting professional football club competitions and events.

4. How can I support the Doncaster Rugby Club team?

You can support them by attending matches, purchasing team merchandise, joining fan clubs, and following their progress throughout the season.

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