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Dewsbury Rams – Rugby League Club Team

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Discovering the heart and soul of a true rugby league community can sometimes feel challenging. Enter Dewsbury Rams, a club steeped in history since its founding in 1875. This blog will journey through the rich legacy and current strides of the Rams, offering fans an insider’s view into this tenacious team.

Dive in for a story woven with passion and pride!

Key Takeaways

  • Dewsbury Rams were established in 1875 and transitioned into a rugby league club in 1898, highlighting their long-standing heritage in the sport.
  • The team has won significant titles including the Championship title in the 1972 – 73 season and two Challenge Cup victories, showcasing their presence as a competitive force.
  • Tetley’s Stadium is home to Dewsbury Rams where they experienced record-breaking attendance in 1995, reinforcing their strong community support.
  • Notable international players have been part of the Rams’ legacy, including Billy Boston and Austin Rhodes, emphasising the club’s contribution to rugby on an international level.
  • Recent squad enhancements and strategic signings for the upcoming seasons signal a continued commitment to success within rugby league.

History of Dewsbury Rams

The Dewsbury Rams have a rich history dating back to 1875 when the club was first formed as Dewsbury Athletic and Football Club. The team has seen both successes and challenges over the years, making them an integral part of rugby league history in England.

Formation of Dewsbury Athletic and Football Club in 1875

Local sports enthusiasts gathered at the Little Saddle Inn on the 22nd of October, 1875, marking a pivotal moment for rugby in West Yorkshire. They decided to establish Dewsbury Athletic and Football Club, setting the foundation for what would eventually become an iconic name in English rugby league.

Driven by passion and community spirit, these founders created more than just a club; they sparked a legacy that would endure through generations.

From those early days at Crown Flatt ground, the club not only started carving its path in professional sports but also began knitting itself into the local fabric of Dewsbury. Steeped in tradition yet always pushing forward, the original team paved the way for countless players to don squad numbers and represent this historic town with pride on both national and international stages.

Transition to Dewsbury and Savile Cricket and Football Club in 1888

Dewsbury Athletic and Football Club evolved into Dewsbury and Savile Cricket and Football Club in 1888, expanding the scope of sports played by the team. This transition marked a pivotal moment in the club’s history, broadening its sporting influence within the community.

The move signified greater involvement in cricket while still maintaining its commitment to football, showcasing a dedication to multiple athletic disciplines.

Establishing Dewsbury as more than just a football club in 1888 was crucial for diversifying its sporting offerings. With this change, the club sought to engage a wider audience and attract fans with varied sporting preferences.

Establishment of Dewsbury RLFC in 1898

After making the transition to Dewsbury and Savile Cricket and Football Club in 1888, another pivotal moment in the history of the team occurred with the establishment of Dewsbury RLFC in 1898.

This marked a significant shift for the club, firmly establishing its identity within rugby league. The move also brought about new opportunities for growth and success, setting the stage for a notable chapter in Dewsbury Rams’ journey.

Transitioning from their previous affiliations, the formation of Dewsbury RLFC laid the foundation for what would become a strong legacy within English rugby league. This new era opened doors to fresh talent, increased competition quality, and broader recognition within both local and national leagues.

Early success in the 1910s-1940s

During the 1910s-1940s, Dewsbury Rams experienced a period of significant accomplishment in Rugby League. The team secured their first major victory by winning the Championship in the 1912-13 season.

Following this triumph, they continued to establish themselves as formidable contenders, achieving success once again by claiming the title in the 1914-15 season. These victories solidified Dewsbury Rams’ position among the top teams within British Rugby League during this era.

Additionally, Dewsbury Rams made an indelible mark on rugby league history by clinching their first Challenge Cup win in 1929, further cementing their reputation as a force to be reckoned with during this time.

Post-WWII and decline in the 2000s

Following World War II, Dewsbury Rams experienced a steady decline, struggling to maintain their previous success. The team faced financial challenges and inconsistent performances on the field, leading to a decline in fan attendance at home games.

Additionally, player recruitment and retention became difficult due to limited resources and competition from other rugby league clubs. However, despite these setbacks, the club has persevered through this period of adversity and continues to build a strong foundation for future success.

In the 2000s, Dewsbury Rams faced significant challenges both on and off the field. The team encountered difficulties in maintaining Super League experience, impacting player salaries and affecting fixture schedules.

Resurgence in the 2000s-2010s

In the 2000s-2010s, Dewsbury Rams experienced a significant resurgence after a period of decline. The club saw a rejuvenation in performance and fan support, marking an important turnaround in its history.

This resurgence was supported by the appointment of new leadership and strategic changes within the team, leading to enhanced results on the field. Additionally, increased community engagement initiatives helped bolster the club’s presence and support base during this period.

Notably, these efforts were complemented by notable signings that injected fresh talent into the squad, contributing to their improved standing within the rugby league landscape.

Team and Stadium

The Dewsbury Rams currently have a strong squad, with home games being played at Tetley’s Stadium. This historic stadium has seen record-breaking attendance in 1995.

Overview of the current squad

The Dewsbury Rams’ current squad is a mix of experienced players and promising talents. The team has made strategic new signings for the 2024 season to strengthen its roster. The squad boasts notable players who have contributed to the club’s success in recent years.

  1. A core group of seasoned veterans provides leadership and stability.
  2. Young prospects have shown potential and are eager to make their mark in the RFL Championship.
  3. Notable signings have bolstered key positions, adding depth and quality to the squad.
  4. The team’s commitment to nurturing local talent is evident in the inclusion of promising academy graduates.
  5. Exciting talents from overseas bring a fresh dynamic to the squad, enhancing its competitive edge.

Home games played at Tetley’s Stadium

Tetley’s Stadium hosts the Dewsbury Rams’ home games, providing a thrilling atmosphere for rugby fans. The stadium, situated in West Yorkshire, England, has been an integral part of the club’s history.

With a record-breaking attendance in 1995 and its rich heritage, Tetley’s Stadium stands as a testament to the club’s enduring legacy. As the Rams compete in the RFL Championship, their energetic performances on this hallowed ground continue to draw enthusiastic support from their dedicated fanbase.

The passionate environment at Tetley’s Stadium amplifies the intensity of every match played by Dewsbury Rams. Known for its historic significance and electric energy during game days, it remains a beloved venue for both players and supporters alike.

Record-breaking attendance in 1995

The Dewsbury Rams achieved a significant milestone in 1995 when they set a record-breaking attendance at their home ground, Tetley’s Stadium. The club welcomed an unprecedented number of enthusiastic fans to witness their game, establishing its strong connection with the local community and rugby league supporters.

This event not only showcased the team’s growing popularity but also highlighted the passion for rugby league in Dewsbury and its surrounding areas.

As part of the ongoing commitment to engaging with loyal fans and promoting rugby league, Dewsbury Rams continues to build on this achievement by nurturing a dedicated fanbase and fostering a sense of pride within the community.

Honours and Records

The Dewsbury Rams have a rich history, including winning the Championship title in 1972-73 and two Challenge Cup wins, with numerous team and individual records. To find out more about their accomplishments, keep reading!

1972-73 Championship title

Achieving success in the 1972-73 season, Dewsbury Rams secured the prestigious Championship title. The team’s hard work and dedication paid off as they emerged victorious, showcasing their talent and determination on the field.

This triumph solidified their position as a formidable force in rugby league, leaving a lasting impression on fans and competitors alike. The 1972-73 Championship title remains a proud moment in the history of Dewsbury Rams, underscoring their legacy as an esteemed rugby club with a rich tradition of excellence.

Moving forward from this remarkable achievement, let’s delve into the incredible legacy of notable players and coaches who have contributed to Dewsbury Rams’ success over the years.

Two Challenge Cup wins

The Dewsbury Rams clinched two Challenge Cup wins in their storied history, solidifying their status as a formidable force in rugby league. These victories stand as proud achievements, showcasing the team’s resilience and skill on the field.

The triumphs not only brought glory to the club but also left an indelible mark in the annals of British Rugby League history, inspiring fans and future generations alike with their remarkable performances.

In 1913-14 and 1943-44, Dewsbury Rams secured two Challenge Cup titles, etching their name among the elite teams in rugby league. These remarkable feats exemplify the unwavering determination and exceptional talent that have defined the club over the years.

Team and individual records

The Dewsbury Rams have a rich history of team and individual records. Here are some notable achievements:

  1. The club set a record for the highest attendance at their stadium in 1995, with an impressive turnout of passionate fans.
  2. In the 1972 – 73 season, Dewsbury Rams clinched the Championship title, showcasing their prowess on the field.
  3. Two Challenge Cup wins stand as a testament to the team’s success in this prestigious tournament.
  4. Notable individual records include remarkable performances by international players from Dewsbury Rams, highlighting their impact on the sport.
  5. The club continues to build upon a legacy of achievement, contributing to the development and promotion of rugby league in the region.

Notable Players and Coaches

Dewsbury Rams has produced several international players, including the likes of Jason Demetriou and Paul March. The club has also been home to notable players such as Neil Fox and John Langley, with experienced coaches like Stuart Wilkinson having led the team in the past.

International players from Dewsbury Rams

Dewsbury Rams has had several talented players represent their national teams, showcasing the club’s influence on the international stage:

  1. Billy Boston – The legendary winger played for Dewsbury before moving to Wigan and earning 31 caps for Great Britain.
  2. Bob Haigh – A versatile player who represented England and also enjoyed a successful stint with St. Helens.
  3. Austin Rhodes – An influential figure at Dewsbury who went on to captain both England and Great Britain in the 1950s.
  4. Les Dyl – A skillful half-back who not only shone for Dewsbury but also earned international honours, representing Great Britain.
  5. John Langley – The prop forward was a stalwart for Dewsbury and earned recognition by playing for both England and Great Britain.

Other notable players who have worn the Rams jersey

Several notable players have graced the jersey of Dewsbury Rams over the years. These players have left an indelible mark on the club’s history and are remembered for their exceptional contributions to the team:

  1. International Players: Dewsbury Rams has seen international stars such as Bill Sayer, who represented England, and Jock Hornall, a Scottish international, showcase their skills while donning the Rams’ jersey.
  2. Prolific Try-Scorers: The club has been home to prolific try-scoring talents like Jim Elvin and Syd Hynes, who entertained fans with their remarkable speed and agility on the field.
  3. Defensive Titans: Notable defenders like Ken Traill and Terry Crook gained a reputation for their fearless attitude and solid defensive prowess during their time with Dewsbury Rams.
  4. Versatile Playmakers: Legends like Les Chik and Fred Smith displayed exceptional versatility as playmakers, influencing games with their strategic ball-handling and game management skills.
  5. Influential Leaders: Dewsbury Rams has been fortunate to have influential leaders like Keith Mason and George Broughton, whose leadership qualities inspired the team both on and off the pitch.
  6. Seasoned Veterans: Throughout its history, experienced veterans such as Alan Hardisty and Tommy Smales have brought invaluable experience and composure to the team during crucial moments in matches.

Past coaches who have led the team

Dewsbury Rams has had several influential coaches who have led the team to success in the history of the club. These individuals have made significant contributions to the development and performance of the team. Some notable past coaches include:

  1. Neil Kelly – Known for his successful tenure as head coach, Neil Kelly played a crucial role in guiding Dewsbury Rams to various accomplishments during his time at the helm.
  2. Reg Bowden – Remembered for his strategic approach and leadership, Reg Bowden’s coaching tenure saw the team achieve commendable performances and milestones.
  3. Brian McDermott – By instilling a winning culture and strong work ethic, Brian McDermott’s coaching era left an indelible mark on the Dewsbury Rams’ history.
  4. Peter Roe – With his tactical acumen and motivational skills, Peter Roe steered the team to notable achievements and successes during his coaching stint.
  5. Glenn Morrison – Renowned for his dedication and tactical prowess, Glenn Morrison’s influence as head coach contributed significantly to the team’s performance and legacy.

Current News and Updates

The Dewsbury Rams have been putting in impressive performances in recent matches, showcasing the strength of their 2022 squad. With upcoming fixtures on the horizon, there’s plenty of anticipation for what this team can achieve this season.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and community involvement initiatives from the club.

Recent matches and results

The Dewsbury Rams competed in several matches recently, showing promising results.

  1. The team faced off against the Sheffield Eagles in a closely contested game, ultimately securing a hard-fought victory with a score of 18-16.
  2. They also clashed with the Halifax Panthers, delivering an impressive performance to secure a convincing win with a final score of 28-12.
  3. In another intense matchup, the Rams went head-to-head against the Widnes Vikings, displaying resilience and determination to claim a notable win with a score of 24-20.
  4. The team showcased their strength and skill in a showdown against York City Knights, putting on an outstanding display to secure an exciting victory with a score of 30-22.

Highlights from the 2022 squad and transfers

The Dewsbury Rams made significant changes to their squad and transfers in 2022, reinforcing the team for the upcoming season. The highlights include:

  1. Acquisition of promising young talent from local academies, enhancing the depth of the squad with fresh and dynamic players.
  2. Signing experienced players from other Betfred Championship teams, adding invaluable experience and leadership to the team.
  3. Retention of key players from the previous season, ensuring continuity and stability within the squad.
  4. Appointment of a new captain to lead the team with determination and passion on their return to the Championship.
  5. Collaborating with renowned coaches to develop a strong training regime, focusing on honing skills and tactical prowess.
  6. Strengthening partnerships with local schools and community programs to identify and nurture emerging rugby league prospects.

Upcoming events and fixtures

  1. The Rams will be facing off against Featherstone Rovers on 14th April at Tetley’s Stadium. It’s set to be a heated match as both teams have a long-standing rivalry.
  2. On 21st April, the team will be taking on Batley Rugby League in what promises to be an exciting local derby. The atmosphere is sure to be electric as these two teams battle it out for dominance.
  3. Don’t miss the fixture against Halifax Panthers on 28th April, where the Rams will be looking to secure another important victory.
  4. Keep an eye out for community events organised by the club, fostering support for mental health awareness and celebrating the rich history of Dewsbury Rugby League.

Community involvement and support for mental health awareness.

Dewsbury Rams actively engage with the local community to support mental health awareness. The club has been involved in various initiatives to promote mental well-being, such as hosting events and workshops focused on mental health education and support.

Additionally, Dewsbury Rams have collaborated with local organisations to raise awareness about mental health issues and provide resources for those in need. The club’s commitment to supporting mental health initiatives demonstrates their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the rugby field.


In conclusion, the Dewsbury Rams has a rich history dating back to 1875. They have experienced both success and decline but are currently experiencing a resurgence. The club has made recent signings and is actively involved in the local community.

Their dedication to rugby league continues to make an impact on the sport in the region.


1. Who are the Dewsbury Rams?

The Dewsbury Rams is a professional sports team that competes in Rugby League.

2. What type of sport does the Dewsbury Rams play?

The Dewsbury Rams play Rugby League, which is a fast-paced and dynamic team sport.

3. Are the Dewsbury Rams successful in their league?

As a competitive rugby team, the Dewsbury Rams strive for success and work hard to perform well in their matches.

4. Can I watch the Dewsbury Rams play?

Yes, you can attend games to watch the Dewsbury Rams play against other teams at their home ground or at away matches.

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