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Chris Latham – Rugby Union – Australia

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Rugby fans often wonder who stands behind the legends of their favourite sport. Chris Latham is an Australian rugby icon, celebrated as one of the greatest fullbacks ever to grace the field.

This article dives into Latham’s dynamic career journey from humble beginnings to becoming a try-scoring machine for Australia. “Read on and relive the thrills!”.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Latham is a celebrated Australian rugby player, known for being one of the greatest fullbacks with an impressive 78 Test matches and 40 tries for his country.
  • After his retirement from playing, Latham remained influential in rugby through coaching roles and by co-founding Aqua Rugby Australia, creating new opportunities within the sport.
  • Transitioning beyond sports, Latham also pursued a career as an insurance actuary, applying his analytical skills to assess financial risks and uncertainties.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

After playing for Wests Bulldogs, Chris Latham joined the Queensland Reds and quickly rose to fame as a winger. He went on to represent Australia in international matches, solidifying his position as a top player in the sport.

Playing for Wests Bulldogs

Chris Latham honed his impressive rugby skills with Wests Bulldogs before becoming a household name. His time at the club showcased his raw talent and set the foundation for an illustrious career ahead.

Fans remember his breakout performances, where he demonstrated speed, agility, and a knack for finding the try line. Through sheer determination and on-field brilliance, Latham turned heads and secured his pathway to higher honors in rugby union.

His stint with Wests Bulldogs was more than just playing; it was about growth as a player capable of making an impact at any level of the game. Chris brought energy to each match that thrilled spectators and intimidated opponents.

This period in his rugby journey wasn’t just formative; it paved the way for him to wear the Queensland Reds jersey and eventually become an Australian rugby legend.

Joining Queensland Reds

Chris Latham, after making a name for himself at Wests Bulldogs, joined Queensland Reds in 1998. His acquisition bolstered the team’s backline with his powerful playing style and instinctive gameplay.

During his time with Queensland Reds, Latham continued to showcase his mercurial talent as a fullback, becoming an integral part of the team’s success. His impressive performances on the field solidified his reputation as one of Australia’s most promising rugby talents.

Latham’s transition to Queensland Reds marked a turning point in his career, setting the stage for numerous accomplishments and further establishing himself as an influential figure within Australian rugby union.

Representing Australia

Latham represented Australia in an impressive 78 Test matches, showcasing his exceptional skills and commitment to the national team. During his international career, he scored 40 Test tries, solidifying himself as Australia’s second highest all-time try scorer.

His remarkable performance on the field made a lasting impact on Australian rugby and cemented his legacy as a top-tier player. Latham’s dedication to representing Australia at the highest level demonstrated his unwavering passion for the sport and contributed significantly to the success of the Wallabies.

After retiring from professional rugby, Latham’s contributions extended beyond playing as he continued to inspire future generations through coaching and mentorship. His influence in representing Australia reverberates through the development of young talent, making him an integral part of Australian sports history.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Chris Latham had a successful representative career, earning 78 caps for the Australian national team and scoring 40 test tries. He is also the second highest all-time try scorer for Australia, cementing his place as a rugby legend.

78 Tests for Australia

During his career representing Australia, Chris Latham participated in 78 Test matches, showcasing his exceptional talent and commitment to the team. His consistent presence on the field allowed him to make a significant impact as a key player for the Australian national team.

Throughout these tests, Latham’s performance was marked by his determination and skill, contributing greatly to the success of the team during international competitions. His dedication and resilience were evident in each match he played.

Latham’s impressive record of 40 test tries solidified his position as one of Australia’s most prolific try scorers, establishing himself as an invaluable asset to the national rugby union team.

He embodied excellence on the field and continually strived for greatness in every game he played. His outstanding contributions significantly influenced Australia’s standing in international rugby competitions, cementing his legacy as a formidable force within the sport.

40 Test tries

Having played 78 Tests for Australia, Chris Latham is renowned for his impressive record of scoring 40 Test tries. His exceptional ability to find the try line solidified his reputation as one of the most dynamic and impactful players in Australian rugby history.

Throughout his career, Latham consistently showcased a remarkable talent for finding gaps in opposition defenses and using his speed and agility to cross the try line.

Latham’s incredible achievement of 40 Test tries demonstrates his enduring impact on the game and serves as a testament to his exceptional skill as a prolific try scorer. His ability to consistently deliver on this level showcases not only natural talent but also an unparalleled dedication to excellence, inspiring generations of rugby fans with each successful touch down.

Second highest all-time try scorer for Australia

Scoring an impressive 40 Test tries during his career, Chris Latham holds the distinction of being the second highest all-time try scorer for Australia. Known for his explosive playing style and exceptional speed, Latham consistently found ways to outmaneuver opponents and find the try line.

His ability to read the game and exploit gaps in the defensive line made him a formidable force on the field. With this accomplishment, Latham’s legacy as one of Australia’s most prolific try scorers is firmly established.

Latham’s record-breaking achievement stands as a testament to his skill and agility as a rugby player, solidifying his status as a memorable figure in Australian rugby history.

Career Outside of Rugby Union

After retiring from professional rugby, Chris Latham co-founded Aqua Rugby Australia and pursued a career as an insurance actuary. Read more about his successful transition to life outside of the rugby field.

Co-founder of Aqua Rugby Australia

Chris Latham is not just a former rugby union player but also the co-founder of Aqua Rugby Australia. After retiring from professional rugby, he channelled his passion for the sport into creating an innovative form of water-based rugby that has gained popularity across Australia.

His dedication to the game continues as he utilises his expertise and experience to shape the future of rugby in unique and exciting ways.

His influence extends beyond traditional rugby boundaries, ensuring that the sport remains relevant and accessible to enthusiasts across all ages and backgrounds. As a key figure in this endeavour, Latham’s commitment exemplifies his enduring impact on Australian rugby.

Insurance actuary

After co-founding Aqua Rugby Australia, Chris Latham transitioned into the world of insurance as an actuary. In this role, he applies his analytical skills and strategic mindset to assess risk and help manage financial uncertainties for insurance companies.

Drawing on his experience in sports, Latham brings a disciplined approach to interpreting data and making informed decisions in the dynamic field of insurance.

Latham’s background in rugby has honed his ability to navigate complex scenarios and adapt quickly to changing circumstances – attributes that serve him well as an insurance actuary.

Reflection on Career

Looking back on his career, Chris Latham faced both triumph and defeat, including a memorable World Cup loss and the transition to professional rugby. Read more about his journey in the world of Rugby Union.

World Cup defeat

Chris Latham faced a crushing blow in his career when Australia suffered a World Cup defeat. This pivotal moment tested Latham’s resilience and determination as he strived to overcome this setback.

Despite the disappointment, Latham’s unwavering commitment to the sport and his team remained steadfast.

Latham’s World Cup defeat served as a catalyst for growth, propelling him towards enhancing his skills and contributing even more passionately to the game. This experience demonstrated Latham’s strength of character, demonstrating that defeat can serve as a powerful motivator for future success.

Transition to professional rugby

Following the World Cup defeat, Chris Latham made a successful transition to professional rugby coaching. Retiring from his illustrious playing career, Latham brought his wealth of experience and tactical knowledge to guide and mentor the next generation of rugby talent.

He is now contributing significantly to the Queensland Rugby Union, where he continues to make an impact in shaping the future of Australian rugby. Additionally, Latham’s influence extends beyond Australia as he has also been involved with coaching roles at Worcester Warriors in England and Japanese club Kyuden Voltex.

Latham’s journey post-retirement emphasises his dedication and passion for the sport while highlighting his commitment to nurturing young talent and sharing his expertise on a global scale.


Chris Latham’s remarkable rugby career has left an indelible mark on Australian sports history. With a record of 78 Tests and 40 Test tries, he showcased his exceptional talent on the field.

Beyond his playing days, Latham’s impact in coaching and co-founding Aqua Rugby Australia continues to inspire future generations of players. His legacy as one of Australia’s finest rugby union players is undeniable and enduring.


1. Who is Chris Latham in the context of Rugby Union and Australia?

Chris Latham is a famous former rugby union player from Australia who was known for his impressive performances on the rugby team.

2. Did Chris Latham play in the Rugby World Cup?

Yes, Chris Latham represented Australia in several Rugby World Cups, showcasing his skills on an international stage.

3. What position did Chris Latham play in rugby union?

Chris Latham played as a fullback for his rugby union teams, contributing significantly to their defense and attack.

4. Is there a difference between rugby league and what Chris Latham played?

Indeed, while both are forms of rugby, Chris Latham played rugby union, which differs from rugby league in terms of rules and gameplay structure.

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