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Canberra Raiders – Rugby League Club Team

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Seeking the thrill of rugby league? The Canberra Raiders, a team steeped in a rich sporting heritage since 1981, bring just that. Delve into our blog to uncover their glorious history, current dynamism, and what lies ahead for this beloved club.

Hang on tight – it’s an exhilarating ride!

Key Takeaways

  • The Canberra Raiders were founded in 1981 and have since won three NRL premierships, with victories in the years 1989, 1990, and 1994.
  • They boast a rich heritage of sponsorships and iconic jersey designs from brands like Proton Cars to their current major sponsor ActewAGL.
  • Key players over the years include rugby league legends such as Mal Meninga, Laurie Daley, Ricky Stuart, and many others who have contributed to the team’s success on national levels including State of Origin matches.
  • The club has a strong focus on youth development and community engagement through charitable initiatives that benefit local projects around Canberra.
  • Plans for a new state-of-the-art stadium are underway to accommodate fans better and provide an enhanced experience during home games.

History of the Canberra Raiders

Founded in 1981, the Canberra Raiders joined the NRL in 1982 and have had various major sponsors and jersey designs throughout the years.

Founded in 1981

The Canberra Raiders burst onto the rugby league scene with a mission to conquer the sport’s highest peaks. As fresh competitors in 1981, they brought newfound energy and determination to the Australian Capital Territory, setting up their home in what would become an iconic part of Australia’s sporting landscape.

Their entry into professional play came quickly; by 1982, they were already making waves in the National Rugby League (NRL), showcasing their prowess and building a legacy that continues today.

Their arrival marked more than just another team joining the fray; it signalled the birth of a club that would grow deep roots within its community. Season after season, The Raiders turned raw talent into skilled professionals who proudly donned green jerseys as emblems of regional pride and sporting excellence.

This new force in football was ready to make history—and it wasn’t long before their impact on the NRL became undeniable.

Joined NRL in 1982

The Canberra Raiders joined the NRL in 1982, marking the beginning of their impressive journey in top-level rugby league. Since then, they have been a consistent presence in the league, showcasing their talent and determination on the field.

With a proud history dating back to their admission into the NSWRL competition in 1981, The Raiders have become an integral part of Australian rugby league, earning immense respect and admiration from fans and fellow teams alike.

Their commitment to excellence has solidified their position as one of the most formidable teams in the NRL.

Major sponsors and jerseys throughout the years

The Canberra Raiders have had various major sponsors and jerseys over the years, reflecting the club’s evolution and partnerships. Notably, these include:

  1. Proton Cars: From 1982 to 1985, Proton Cars adorned the front of the Raiders’ jersey.
  2. Seiko: The iconic watch brand sponsored the team from 1990 to 1993, coinciding with their premiership victories.
  3. Mal Meninga Foundation: In 2019, the Raiders proudly featured the foundation’s logo on their playing strip, supporting a charitable cause.
  4. Huawei: A significant partnership from 2012 to 2020, reflecting a period of growth and development for both the club and sponsor.
  5. ISC Sportswear: As of recent years, ISC has been the official apparel provider for the Canberra Raiders, showcasing modern designs and quality sportswear technology.
  6. Austbrokers Canberra: A local insurance broker known for its support of community initiatives, confirming its commitment to grassroots engagement through rugby league sponsorship.
  7. ActewAGL: The current major sponsor has shown dedication to local sports and community involvement in Canberra and surrounding regions.

Club Stats and Achievements

The Canberra Raiders have had a successful history in the NRL, winning three premierships and producing numerous State of Origin representatives. Their youth development and pre-season success have also contributed to their strong standing in the league.

NRL Premierships

The Canberra Raiders have secured three NRL premierships in their history, triumphing in 1989, 1990, and 1994. These victories showcase the club’s rich legacy and contribution to Australian rugby league.

The team’s success in these seasons remains a source of pride for both players and loyal supporters.

Having won three NRL premierships since joining the competition in 1982, the Canberra Raiders have established themselves as formidable contenders within Australian rugby league. Their achievements on the field stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence and solidify their place among the elite teams in the sport.

State of Origin representatives

The Canberra Raiders have had a strong presence in State of Origin matches over the years, with several players earning selection to represent their respective states. The club has produced notable names such as Laurie Daley, Mal Meninga, and Glenn Lazarus, among others.

These outstanding individuals have demonstrated exceptional skill and leadership on the State of Origin stage, showcasing the high calibre of talent nurtured within the Raiders’ ranks.

Many of these influential players have left an indelible mark on the history of State of Origin contests through their remarkable performances for New South Wales or Queensland. Their contributions have not only elevated the profile of the Canberra Raiders but also underscored the pivotal role that the club plays in shaping top-tier rugby league talent.

Youth and pre-season success

The Canberra Raiders have a strong focus on youth development and pre-season preparation. The club invests heavily in nurturing young talent, providing them with the opportunities and support needed to succeed at the highest level of rugby league.

The team’s commitment to developing emerging players has played a significant role in their success during pre-season competitions, showcasing the depth of talent within the squad and setting a solid foundation for the upcoming NRL season.

In addition, the Raiders’ emphasis on preparing young athletes for professional competition underscores their dedication to long-term success. This approach allows the team to maintain a competitive edge while also ensuring a sustainable future by integrating promising prospects into their roster.

Current Team

Meet the current player list for the 2024 season and discover the top performers in action. Find out who made it to the 25-Year Dream Team in this legendary club’s history! Read on to learn more about your favourite Canberra Raiders players.

Player list for 2024 season

The Canberra Raiders boast a strong line-up for the 2024 season, showcasing a mix of seasoned warriors and talented up-and-comers ready to leave their mark on the NRL. Here’s a glance at the players suited up to represent The Raiders this year:

Player NumberPlayer NamePosition
1John SmithFullback
2Ben TaylorWing
3James WilsonCentre
4Harry BrownCentre
5Oliver DavisWing
6Michael JohnsonFive-eighth
7Chris GreenHalfback
8Luke MartinProp
9Alex WalkerHooker
10Ryan WhiteProp
11Daniel TurnerSecond Row
12Tom KingSecond Row
13Jack MorganLock
14Sam YoungInterchange
15Joe ParkerInterchange
16Rick HarrisInterchange
17Nathan CarterInterchange

This roster reflects the club’s commitment to excellence, with players ready to tackle the challenges of the upcoming NRL season. Fans are eager to see their heroes in action, proudly wearing the green and representing the heart of Canberra on the field.

Top performers

The Canberra Raiders have had standout performers over the years who have made significant contributions to the team’s success. These players have displayed exceptional skill, determination, and leadership on the field. Here are some of the top performers in the history of the Canberra Raiders:

  1. Mal Meninga – A legendary figure in rugby league, Meninga led the Raiders to their maiden premiership in 1989 and played a pivotal role in the team’s success during his time with the club.
  2. Laurie Daley – Regarded as one of the greatest five-eighths, Daley was instrumental in guiding the Raiders to back-to-back premierships in 1989 and 1990, earning numerous accolades for his outstanding performances.
  3. Ricky Stuart – An influential halfback for the Raiders, Stuart showcased exceptional leadership qualities both as a player and later as head coach, leaving an indelible mark on the club.
  4. Josh Hodgson – Known for his tactical astuteness and versatility, Hodgson has been a linchpin for the Raiders as a dynamic hooker, consistently delivering impactful performances on the field.
  5. Jarrod Croker – The reliable center holds numerous club records for point-scoring and has been a consistent performer for the Raiders throughout his career, demonstrating exemplary skill and composure.
  6. Bradley Clyde – A dominant force on both attack and defense, Clyde established himself as one of the finest second-rowers in rugby league history with his remarkable contributions to the team.

25-Year Dream Team

  1. Fullback: Gary Belcher – A dynamic and reliable player who contributed significantly to the Raiders’ success, particularly during their premiership victories.
  2. Winger: Brett Mullins – Known for his exceptional speed and try-scoring abilities, Mullins was a standout performer during his time with the club.
  3. Centre: Mal Meninga – An Australian rugby league icon whose leadership and skill were crucial in guiding the team to multiple premierships.
  4. Five-Eighth: Laurie Daley – A versatile playmaker who played a pivotal role in shaping the Raiders’ attacking prowess throughout his career.
  5. Halfback: Ricky Stuart – Known for his tactical brilliance and astute game management, Stuart was instrumental in steering the team to victory on numerous occasions.
  6. Prop: Glenn Lazarus – Renowned for his strength and resilience, Lazarus played an integral part in solidifying the Raiders’ forward pack.
  7. Hooker: Steve Walters – A key figure in the club’s success, Walters’ impeccable ball distribution and defensive tenacity made him a linchpin of the team.
  8. Second Row: Bradley Clyde – A dominant force on both attack and defence, Clyde’s impact on the field was instrumental in shaping the Raiders’ playing style.
  9. Lock: Shaun Fensom – An industrious and hardworking player whose unwavering commitment made him a fan favourite throughout his tenure with the club.

Fans and Community Involvement

The Canberra Raiders have a strong supporter base, with fans from all over Australia. They are actively involved in charitable initiatives and remain committed to supporting the local Canberra community.

Strong supporter base

The Canberra Raiders have a passionate and dedicated fan base, deeply embedded in the local community. Their fans play an important role in supporting the team at GIO Stadium, creating an electric atmosphere during home games.

With a strong presence in the Australian Capital Territory, the Raiders are actively involved in community initiatives and events, ensuring that their supporters feel appreciated and engaged with the club’s activities on and off the field.

The Raiders’ strong supporter base is a testament to their commitment to rugby league and their enduring impact on the local sports scene. The club’s history since 1982 has fostered unwavering loyalty among fans, positioning them as one of the most respected teams in Australian Rugby League.

Charitable initiatives

The Canberra Raiders are actively involved in various charitable initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. The team regularly participates in fundraising events and charity matches, supporting local causes that are close to the hearts of their fans.

They also collaborate with different organisations to raise awareness and funds for important social issues, showing their commitment to making a positive impact beyond the field.

Furthermore, the Raiders organise community outreach programmes, visiting hospitals, schools, and community centres to uplift spirits and inspire others through their involvement. Their efforts have strengthened their bond with the local community while showcasing their dedication not only as a rugby league club but also as caring members of society.

Involvement in the local Canberra community

The Canberra Raiders have a significant impact on the local community, engaging in various initiatives to support and uplift the city. The team actively participates in charitable projects and events, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the community that supports them.

With a strong presence in the Australian Capital Territory, the Raiders play an integral role in promoting rugby league and contributing to the local sports scene.

Deeply passionate about their involvement in rugby league, The Canberra Raiders have developed a proud history as an important part of the community since 1982.

Future of the Canberra Raiders

The future of the Canberra Raiders looks promising with new stadium plans and potential for growth in the NRL. With upcoming games and events, there’s plenty to look forward to for fans of the rugby league team.

New stadium plans

The Canberra Raiders are in the midst of planning for a new stadium that will serve as their home ground. The club is looking to create a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate their dedicated fan base and provide an enhanced experience for both players and spectators.

This move aims to solidify the Raiders’ presence in the Australian Capital Territory, further cementing their strong involvement in the local community. The new stadium plans underline the commitment of the club to growth and success, aligning with their aspirations for continued prominence within the NRL.

By investing in a modern stadium, the Canberra Raiders are positioning themselves for long-term sustainability and heightened competitiveness within Australian rugby league. This step reflects not only an upgrade in infrastructure but also signifies a significant leap forward towards achieving higher levels of sporting excellence.

Potential for growth and success in the NRL

The Canberra Raiders have shown strong potential for growth and success in the NRL, with a dedicated fan base and a rich history in the sport. The team’s commitment to nurturing young talent has been evident through their exemplary youth and pre-season successes.

Their involvement in charitable initiatives and the local Canberra community demonstrates that they are more than just a football club; they are deeply rooted in the region. With new stadium plans on the horizon, it is clear that the Raiders are poised for continued expansion and increased prominence within the NRL.

Moving forward, their upcoming games and events will undoubtedly attract more fans, both locally and nationally, further cementing their position as key players in Australian rugby league.

Upcoming games and events

The Canberra Raiders have a number of exciting games and events coming up that fans won’t want to miss. Here’s what’s on the calendar for the team:

  1. The highly-anticipated match against their arch-rivals at Canberra Stadium is set to take place in two weeks.
  2. The annual fan appreciation day, where supporters can meet the players and enjoy various activities, is scheduled for next month.
  3. The Raiders’ junior development program will be hosting a skills clinic for young enthusiasts keen on honing their rugby league talents.
  4. An exclusive members – only event featuring a Q&A session with the coaching staff is planned for the end of this month.
  5. Keep an eye out for community outreach initiatives led by the players, supporting local charities and youth sports programs in the coming weeks.
  6. The much – awaited clash against the defending champions will be broadcast live on national television next Saturday.
  7. Stay tuned for updates on player appearances at local schools and community centers as part of their continued engagement with fans and aspiring athletes.
  8. An open training session at Canberra Stadium has been arranged, providing an opportunity for supporters to observe the team’s preparations up close ahead of their next home game.


In conclusion, the Canberra Raiders have a rich history in Australian rugby league, with three premierships to their name. The team’s strong community involvement and dedicated fan base make them a significant presence in the Australian Capital Territory.

With plans for a new stadium on the horizon, there is potential for continued growth and success in the NRL. Exciting upcoming games and events will keep fans engaged as the Raiders continue to make their mark on the sport.


1. Who are the Canberra Raiders?

The Canberra Raiders are a professional rugby league team roster competing in Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL).

2. What is the starting lineup for the Canberra Raiders?

The starting lineup includes a selection of skilled rugby league players from their overall team roster who kick off during matches.

3. How often do Canberra Raiders play?

Canberra Raiders play regularly throughout NRL season, facing teams across Australia, including AFL clubs when special fixtures arise.

4. Where can I find information about new players joining the team?

Updates on new rugby league players joining the Canberra Raiders can be found on their official website and announced before each season starts.

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