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Bristol Bears – Rugby Union Club Team

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Seeking the thrill of rugby action and a team to rally behind? Enter the Bristol Bears, a beacon of professional rugby union in the vibrant city of Bristol. This blog will tackle their illustrious history, celebrate current triumphs, and peek into future ambitions – ideal for new fans or seasoned supporters.

Get ready to roar with the Bears!

Key Takeaways

  • Bristol Bears, formerly known as Bristol Rugby, is a professional rugby union team from Bristol that has been playing since 1888.
  • The club has both men’s and women’s teams with notable achievements including winning the European Rugby Challenge Cup in 2020 and various domestic titles.
  • Several players from the Bristol Bears have represented their countries in international competitions such as the British and Irish Lions tours and the Rugby World Cup.
  • The future outlook for the club includes participation in top tournaments like the Six Nations, expansion into Super Rugby Aupiki, and further development of their successful women’s team.
  • With a dedicated fan base supporting them at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol Bears continues to build on its strong history while looking forward to growing success in rugby union competitions.

History of Bristol Bears

From its formation in the early 20th century to returning to the Premiership and rebranding as Bristol Bears in 2018, the club has seen various ups and downs. With a rich history spanning over decades, the team has experienced success both domestically and now on a European stage.

Formation and early history

The year 1888 marked a pivotal moment for rugby in Bristol, as two rival teams, Redland Park and Westbury Park, joined forces with Carlton to create a new powerhouse in the sport. This union sparked the genesis of Bristol Bears, setting foundations strong enough to withstand more than a century of competitive play.

With passionate players and committed supporters from the get-go, the club quickly established itself as a force within English rugby.

In those early days, matches were intense affairs, drawing crowds eager to see the newly formed team prove its mettle. The camaraderie among teammates forged an identity that would come to define Bristol’s approach to rugby – one where sportsmanship and tenacity went hand-in-hand.

As they tackled their opponents on muddy fields across England, these pioneers laid down tough tackles and deft passes that shaped not just games but also the future trajectory of this historic club.

World Wars

During both World War I and World War II, the Bristol Rugby team faced significant challenges due to many of their players being called up for military service. The impact was felt deeply as the club struggled to field a full team during these tumultuous times.

Despite this, the spirit and determination of the remaining players kept the club alive, showcasing resilience and dedication in the face of adversity.

As a result of wartime restrictions and pressures, competitive rugby fixtures were disrupted significantly. However, after each war ended, Bristol Rugby worked tirelessly to rebuild its squad and continue its legacy within the sport.


After navigating the challenges of the World Wars, Bristol Bears entered a period of rebuilding and growth in the 1950s. The team experienced a resurgence in their performance, showcasing their determination and dedication to bouncing back.

With new talent emerging and strategic developments taking place within the club, this era marked an important transition for Bristol Bears.

Entering the 1950s, Bristol Bears faced renewed opportunities and challenges as they sought to establish themselves as a formidable force within rugby union. New players joined the squad while existing members honed their skills, contributing to the team’s evolution during this pivotal decade.


During the 1960s-1980s, Bristol Bears experienced a period of ups and downs in their performance. The team saw notable moments of success with some strong showings in domestic competitions but also faced challenging times on the field.

The club’s resilience became evident during this era as they navigated through various changes within the sport, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining their competitive edge.

As we move forward into the next chapter of Bristol Bears’ history, it is essential to reflect on how these formative years have shaped the club’s identity and set the stage for its future successes.


The 1990s saw Bristol Bears facing a period of transition and change. The club experienced a mix of highs and lows, with changes in coaching staff and occasional challenges on the field.

Despite these obstacles, the team continued to showcase their competitive spirit, maintaining a strong presence in Premiership Rugby throughout the decade. In addition to on-field performances, there were also significant developments off the pitch which laid the groundwork for future success.

Moving forward to the next era in Bristol Bears’ history – “2000s”..


During the 2000s, Bristol Bears experienced a mix of highs and lows. The club faced various challenges but also achieved significant successes, solidifying its position in Premiership Rugby.

In 2001-02, the team reached the final of the Powergen Cup, showcasing their competitiveness at the domestic level. Additionally, they continued to strengthen their squad with talented players who made notable contributions to the team’s performance.

As the 2000s progressed, Bristol Bears invested in developing young talent and enhancing their training facilities to ensure long-term success for both the men’s and women’s teams.

These efforts laid a strong foundation for future achievements and positioned them as a force to be reckoned with in English rugby.

Moving forward from this pivotal period in their history, Bristol Bears set their sights on even greater accomplishments while continuing to expand their influence within professional rugby.


The Bristol Bears made significant strides from 2010 to 2015, establishing themselves as a competitive force in the rugby union scene. During this period, the team experienced both highs and lows, with notable achievements including their strong performance in the Championship during the 2012-2013 season.

The club also saw an increase in attendance at home games, reflecting growing support from fans. Moreover, key players emerged as vital assets to the team’s success on the field, contributing to some memorable victories throughout this period.

While facing challenges along the way, such as changes in coaching staff and restructuring within the club, Bristol Bears maintained their commitment to excellence and continued to build a solid foundation for future success.


Moving on from the period between 2010 and 2015, the Bristol Bears saw a period of intense competition and growth. During this time, the team made significant strides in their gameplay, honing skills, and nurturing a strong competitive spirit.

With key players making their mark and strategic partnerships in place, the club laid a solid foundation for future success.

The years spanning 2015 to 2018 were marked by remarkable resilience and determination. The club navigated through challenges with unwavering dedication, setting the stage for their eventual return to Premiership Rugby.

2018-2019 return to Premiership and rebrand

After the period of 2015-2018, Bristol Bears underwent a significant transformation. The club made a triumphant return to Premiership Rugby after a three-year absence. This resurgence was accompanied by an exciting rebranding from Bristol Rugby to Bristol Bears in June 2018, signalling a new era for the team.

These changes brought fresh energy and enthusiasm, setting the stage for their continued success in the following years.

The team’s return to Premiership Rugby and rebranding generated tremendous excitement among fans and players alike. It marked a pivotal moment in their history, symbolising resilience and determination as they embraced their new identity as the Bristol Bears.

2019-present European success

Since 2019, Bristol Bears have achieved success in European competitions. The team has demonstrated a strong performance and competitive spirit, securing victories in the European Rugby Challenge Cup.

The club’s strategic approach and talented squad members have contributed to their successful run in the European competitions. With their dedicated coaching staff and player commitment, Bristol Bears continue to make an impact on the international rugby stage.

In addition to dominating at home games, Bristol Bears have made significant strides in European competitions. They have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with and are poised for continued success on the international rugby scene.

Season Summaries

The Season Summaries section will provide insights into attendances, club honours, and key moments in the history of Bristol Bears, giving you a complete picture of the club’s journey.

Find out more about the heights and challenges that have shaped this professional sports team.


Bristol Bears have garnered a dedicated fan base that consistently shows up to support the team at Ashton Gate Stadium. Below is a summary of their attendance figures, illustrating the club’s strong community presence and the loyalty of its supporters.

SeasonTotal AttendanceAverage per Match
2018-2019[Total attendance figure][Average attendance per match]
2019-2020[Total attendance figure][Average attendance per match]
2020-2021[Total attendance figure][Average attendance per match]
2021-2022[Total attendance figure][Average attendance per match]
2022-2023[Total attendance figure][Average attendance per match]

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Club Honours

Bristol Bears’ men’s team has achieved several honours over the years. They have won the Premiership Rugby Sevens Series twice, in 2010 and 2015. In addition, they secured victory in the RFU Championship Cup during the 2001-02 season. The club also clinched the British and Irish Cup in the 2017-18 season. Furthermore, Bristol Bears proudly lifted the European Rugby Challenge Cup title in 2020.

The women’s team, Bristol Ladies, has equally showcased their talent with impressive achievements. They claimed victory as champions of the Women’s National Trophy competition during the 2008-09 season and were finalists at the Allianz Premier15s in both domestic and European leagues.

Moving forward to Season Summaries…

Current Squad

The current squad of Bristol Bears includes a mix of experienced senior players, promising academy talents, and dedicated club staff. For more details on the team, check out our latest club news and updates.

Senior squad

The Bristol Bears senior squad comprises a group of talented and experienced players who represent the club in Premiership Rugby. Led by director of rugby, Pat Lam, the team includes established stars such as Charles Piutau, Steven Luatua, and John Afoa. With their wealth of experience and skill on the field, these players play a crucial role in driving the team’s success in both domestic matches and European competitions.

Under head coach Pat Lam’s leadership, the senior squad is known for its dynamic attacking style that has thrilled fans at Ashton Gate Stadium. Alongside experienced veterans like Nathan Hughes and Chris Vui are rising talents such as Ioan Lloyd and Harry Randall who bring youthful energy to every game. This combination of seasoned professionals and emerging prospects makes for an exciting blend within the Bristol Bears’ senior squad.

Academy squad

Transitioning from the senior squad to the academy squad, it’s worth noting that Bristol Bears have a strong youth development programme aiming to cultivate talented young players. The Academy squad serves as a vital component in nurturing and honing emerging rugby talent for the club. This programme provides aspiring young athletes with top-notch coaching, training facilities, and opportunities to progress within the organisation, contributing to the overall success of Bristol Bears. With dedicated focus on skill-building and character development, the Academy squad is instrumental in shaping future stars of men’s and women’s rugby at Bristol Bears.

The Academy squad forms an integral part of ensuring a bright future for Bristol Bears, emphasising professional growth alongside athletic achievement. The club’s dedication to harnessing local talent through their academy system reflects its commitment not only to sustained competitiveness but also community engagement. This approach ensures continuity in sustaining excellence among men’s and women’s teams at Bristol Bears while cultivating unified team spirit across all levels of play.

Club staff

The club staff at Bristol Bears plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of both the men’s and women’s teams. The staff members include coaches, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning trainers, nutritionists, and administrative personnel. Their dedication behind the scenes ensures that both teams are well-prepared for training sessions, matches, and overall performance development.

Coordinating with the players and management, the club staff also handles logistics such as travel arrangements and facilities management. This allows players to focus on their game without distraction. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in fostering team camaraderie which contributes to the success of Bristol Bears on and off the field.

Notable and Former Players

Some notable and former players of Bristol Bears include Lions tourists, Rugby World Cup participants, and those archived in the club’s history. These individuals have made significant contributions to the team’s success over the years.

Lions tourists

The Bristol Bears have had a number of players who have been selected to represent the British and Irish Lions on tour. These players, known as Lions tourists, have showcased their skills at the highest level of rugby during these prestigious tours.

The achievements of these Bristol Bears players on the international stage bring pride and recognition to the club, as they demonstrate their talent alongside the best in the sport.

These Lions tourists contribute to both men’s and women’s rugby, highlighting Bristol Bears’ commitment to excellence across all aspects of the game. Their participation in such esteemed tours also adds further prestige to the club’s legacy and underlines its status within professional rugby.

Rugby World Cup

The Bristol Bears have had significant contributions to the Rugby World Cup, with numerous players representing their respective national teams in this prestigious tournament. Several current and former Bristol Bears players have been included in various national squads for the Rugby World Cup over the years, showcasing the club’s influence on the international stage.

The team’s strong representation at this global event reflects its commitment to developing top-tier talent and contributing to rugby excellence at a global level.


Archives hold the rich history of the Bristol Bears, dating back to their formation in 1888. The comprehensive collection includes photographs, match reports, and memorabilia from various eras of the club’s existence.

These archives provide an invaluable insight into the development and triumphs of both the men’s and women’s rugby teams over the years. From historic victories to notable players, these archives offer a glimpse into the legacy of Bristol Bears’ remarkable journey through time.

The club’s extensive archives showcase how it has evolved from its early days to become one of England’s top rugby union teams. They serve as a testament to the dedication and passion that have shaped this storied institution while preserving precious memories for generations to come.

Future of Bristol Bears

The future of Bristol Bears includes plans for the Six Nations tournament, expansion of Super Rugby Aupiki, and continued growth in the women’s rugby team. With a clear focus on development and success, the club is set to continue making strides in the world of professional rugby.

Plans for Six Nations tournament

Bristol Bears have robust plans for the Six Nations tournament. The club is committed to supporting its players at international level and ensuring they are in top form throughout the competition.

With a focus on player development and performance, Bristol Bears are eager to contribute to the success of their players at this prestigious event.

The team’s participation in the Six Nations tournament aligns with their dedication to fostering talent and excellence within their ranks. As they continue to invest in their squad, fans can expect a strong representation from Bristol Bears players during this esteemed rugby union event.

Expansion of Super Rugby Aupiki

The Bristol Bears are preparing for an exciting expansion as they look to join the growing Super Rugby Aupiki competition. With plans underway, the team is gearing up to compete on an international stage and showcase their talents against top teams from across the globe.

This move will not only elevate the profile of the club but also provide fans with thrilling matchups and a chance to witness high-level rugby action. The expansion into Super Rugby Aupiki marks a significant milestone for the Bristol Bears, demonstrating their ambition and determination to excel in the world of rugby.

Women’s rugby team growth

Bristol Bears’ commitment to women’s rugby is evident in the growth and success of their women’s team, Bristol Ladies. The standalone club has been making great strides, running independently but in partnership with the Bristol Bears.

Under this collaboration, there has been a significant increase in visibility and opportunities for female rugby players within the community. With plans for future expansion and continued investment in developing talent, the growth of the women’s rugby team is an exciting progression within the broader framework of Bristol Bears’ commitment to promoting inclusivity and excellence in all aspects of rugby.

The development and success of Bristol Ladies stand as a testament to both recognition and participation within Allianz Premiership Women’s Rugby. As part of their efforts towards this goal, they have made valuable partnerships like that with Loughborough Lightning, further demonstrating their dedication to fostering a strong foundation for women’s rugby.


In conclusion, the history of Bristol Bears is rich and storied, dating back to their formation in 1888. The team has undergone numerous transformations and rebrands over the years, with a recent return to Premiership Rugby and European success.

With plans for future expansion and growth in women’s rugby, the Bristol Bears continue to make strides on and off the field. Their passionate fan base at Ashton Gate Stadium stands as a testament to their enduring legacy.


1. Who are the Bristol Bears in rugby union?

The Bristol Bears are a professional club team that plays men’s rugby in the Rugby Union league.

2. Where can I find the latest news about the Bristol Bears?

You can keep up with team news, including player updates and comments from coaches, by checking their official website or sports news outlets.

3. How do I stay updated on Bristol Bears’ fixtures and results?

To view upcoming fixtures and recent results, visit the Bristol Bears’ schedule section on their website or look for match reports in sports media.

4. Can I watch Bristol Bears games live?

Yes! Fans can watch live matches at the stadium or through various broadcasting services that televise Rugby Union games.

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