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Brian Lima – Rugby Union – Samoa

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Finding a true rugby icon isn’t easy, but Samoa’s Brian Lima stands out from the crowd. This Samoan powerhouse made waves from his debut in 1990, setting the stage for an illustrious career.

Our blog will take you through Lima’s journey, from shattering records to his legendary hits that earned him “The Chiropractor” nickname. Dive into the story of a man who is nothing short of a national treasure.

Key Takeaways

  • Brian Lima started his international rugby career for Samoa in 1990 and quickly established himself as a formidable player by becoming the youngest participant at the 1991 Rugby World Cup.
  • He earned the nickname “The Chiropractor” due to his powerful tackles, reflecting an aggressive playing style that made him one of rugby’s most respected defenders.
  • Lima’s leadership skills were recognised when he captained Samoa’s national team and played a major part in securing wins like Western Samoa’s historic victory over Wales at the 1991 World Cup.
  • His professional achievements include being inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame in 2011, acknowledging his significant contributions to rugby both nationally and internationally.
  • After retiring from playing, Brian Lima has stayed involved with Samoan rugby as a coach, working to inspire and develop future generations of players.

Early Career and National Team Achievements

Brian Lima made his debut for Samoa in 1990 and became the youngest player at the 1991 Rugby World Cup. He also captained the national team for two matches in 2007, showcasing his leadership skills early in his career.

Debut for Samoa in 1990

In 1990, the rugby world saw the rise of a new star as Brian Lima stepped onto the international stage for Manu Samoa. His first match in Samoa colours marked the beginning of an impressive career that would span over a decade and five Rugby World Cups.

Fans quickly took notice of his fearless playing style and his ability to make impactful plays.

Lima’s introduction to Samoan rugby was not just another debut; it was a signal that Samoa was ready to challenge top-tier teams on the global scene. The young athlete from Apia showed remarkable skill from the start, setting him on a path towards becoming one of rugby union’s most recognisable figures in both Samoa and across Pacific Islander rugby circles.

Youngest player at the 1991 Rugby World Cup

Brian Lima made history as the youngest player at the 1991 Rugby World Cup, showcasing his exceptional talent from the outset of his international career. At just 19 years old, he proved himself a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

This achievement not only highlighted his skill but also foreshadowed a remarkable career that would see him become a revered figure in Samoan rugby and internationally.

Lima’s youthful presence on the field during the 1991 Rugby World Cup was an early indicator of his future impact, as he went on to leave an indelible mark on the sport. Despite being one of the youngest players, Lima’s determination and skill set him apart, setting the stage for a legendary career that continues to inspire young rugby players today.

Captain for two matches in 2007

Brian Lima took on the role of captain for two matches in 2007, demonstrating his leadership qualities both on and off the field. This opportunity highlighted his experience and respect within the team, as he guided and motivated his fellow players during those crucial games.

Lima’s stint as captain allowed him to showcase his ability to lead, inspiring his teammates with his determination and passion for the sport. His brief but impactful tenure as captain further cemented his legacy as a figurehead in Samoan rugby history.

Professional Achievements

– Lima played for the Marist St. Joseph club in Samoa before making a name for himself on the international stage, leading to his induction into the IRB Hall of Fame in 2011.

Played for Marist St. Joseph club in Samoa

Marist St. Joseph club in Samoa was the starting point of Brian Lima’s rugby journey, where he honed his skills and made a name for himself in the local rugby scene. His time at the club laid the foundation for his successful career, and it was here that he showcased his raw talent and passion for the sport.

– As an integral part of Marist St. Joseph, Lima contributed significantly to their success on the field and gained invaluable experience that would shape him into a formidable player in international rugby.

His dedication to the game during his time at this club reflects his deep-rooted love for rugby and set him on a path to becoming a renowned figure in Samoan sports history.

Inducted into IRB Hall of Fame in 2011

Brian Lima was honored for his outstanding contribution to rugby when he was inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame in 2011. This prestigious recognition solidified his status as a legend in the sport, acknowledging his remarkable skills and dedication to the game.

Throughout his career, Lima demonstrated exceptional talent and leadership on the field, earning him respect both nationally and internationally.

Lima’s induction into the IRB Hall of Fame signifies not only his personal accomplishments but also the impact he had on Samoa rugby. His legacy continues to inspire young players to strive for excellence, while fans remember him fondly for his significant victories that have left an indelible mark on Samoan rugby history.

“The Chiropractor” – Nickname and Playing Style

Nicknamed “The Chiropractor” for his bone-crunching tackles, Brian Lima was known for his aggressive playing style on the rugby field. His powerful hits and physicality made him a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Known for his powerful hits on the field

Renowned for his bone-crushing tackles, Brian Lima, the Samoan rugby legend, made a lasting impression with his aggressive playing style. His relentless physicality on the field earned him the fitting nickname of “The Chiropractor,” demonstrating his ability to jar and disrupt opposing players with powerful hits.

Shuddering hits from Lima were not limited to international matches. During his tenure with Marist St. Joseph club in Samoa and later with Auckland Blues in Super Rugby, Lima’s formidable tackling technique struck fear into opponents and solidified his reputation as one of rugby’s most feared defenders.

Also known for his physicality off the field

Nicknamed “The Chiropractor,” Brian Lima was known for his bone-crushing hits on the rugby field, but his physical prowess extended beyond the game. Off the field, Lima’s imposing presence and unwavering dedication made him a beloved figure in Samoan rugby.

His commitment to training and fitness set an example for aspiring players, earning him respect not only as a fierce competitor but also as a role model for future generations of Samoan athletes.

Continuing with his impact on the sport, let’s delve into Lima’s notable wins and contributions to Samoa Rugby.

Notable Wins and Contributions to Samoa Rugby

Brian Lima’s notable wins and contributions to Samoa rugby include his standout performance in the 1991 World Cup win over Wales, his captaincy in three Rugby World Cup Sevens tournaments, and his role in helping the Auckland Blues secure the Super 12 title in 2003.

Featured in 1991 World Cup win over Wales

Brian Lima made a significant impact at the 1991 Rugby World Cup when he played a crucial role in Western Samoa’s historic victory over Wales. As the youngest player at the tournament, Lima showcased his exceptional talent and contributed to the team’s triumph with an impressive performance.

His skill and determination on the field solidified his reputation as a rising star in Samoan rugby, earning him admiration from fans and fellow players alike.

Lima’s standout moment in the 1991 World Cup win over Wales marked the beginning of his illustrious career, setting the stage for his future achievements in rugby. His remarkable contribution to this victory underscored his potential and laid the foundation for a legacy that continues to inspire aspiring rugby players across Samoa.

Captain for three Rugby World Cup Sevens tournaments

Following his success in the 1991 World Cup, Brian Lima showcased his leadership skills by captaining the Samoan team for three Rugby World Cup Sevens tournaments. This role allowed him to guide and inspire his teammates on an international stage, contributing to Samoa’s strong presence in sevens rugby.

Lima’s strategic prowess and dedication as a captain left a lasting impact, solidifying his reputation as a formidable leader both on and off the field.

Demonstrating resilience and determination, Brian Lima led Samoa with distinction at multiple Rugby World Cup Sevens tournaments, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire young players today.

Helped win Super 12 title with Auckland Blues in 2003

Brian Lima played a pivotal role in securing the Super 12 title with Auckland Blues in 2003. His exceptional skills on the field and leadership qualities contributed significantly to the team’s success, marking another remarkable achievement in his illustrious rugby career.

Lima’s impact on the Auckland Blues’ victory exemplifies his ability to excel at the highest level of professional rugby and solidify his legacy as a formidable force in the sport.

His noteworthy contribution to this triumph further cements his status as a Samoan sports icon, inspiring admiration and respect from fans and aspiring players alike.

Legacy and Impact on Samoa Rugby

Brian Lima’s legacy and impact on Samoa rugby are unparalleled, with his dedication, skill, and contributions to the sport making him a national hero and role model for young players.

To learn more about this influential figure in Pacific rugby, keep reading!

Admired by fans for his dedication and skill

Fans admire Brian Lima for his unwavering commitment and exceptional talent on the rugby field. Throughout his career, he displayed unmatched determination and skill, earning the respect of rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

His dedication to the game and his remarkable ability have left a lasting impression on fans, making him an enduring figure in the hearts of rugby supporters.

Moving forward to “Considered a national hero in Samoa,” let’s explore how Brian Lima has become an icon in Samoan culture.

Considered a national hero in Samoa

Admired by fans for his dedication and skill, Brian Lima is considered a national hero in Samoa. His impact on Samoan rugby spans from his outstanding playing career to his continued contributions as a coach.

Lima’s role in significant victories has cemented his place in the hearts of Samoan rugby enthusiasts, making him an iconic figure in the country’s sporting history. The admiration and respect for Lima extend beyond the field, as he serves as an inspiration for young players who aspire to follow in his footsteps.

Lima’s legacy goes well beyond mere athletic achievements; it represents resilience, leadership, and unwavering commitment to the sport and the community.

Young players look up to him as a role model

As a former rugby union player, Brian Lima is widely admired and respected by young players for his dedication to the sport. His contributions to Samoan rugby have left a lasting impact, inspiring the next generation of athletes to emulate his skill and commitment both on and off the field.

Lima’s legacy serves as motivation for aspiring players, showcasing the potential for success through hard work and perseverance.

Moving forward in his career as a coach, Lima continues to influence and shape the future of Samoan rugby.

Continues to contribute to Samoa rugby as a coach.

Young players look up to him as a role model, and Brian Lima continues to make an impact on Samoa rugby as a coach. Drawing from his extensive experience and expertise, Lima has taken on the responsibility of nurturing and guiding the next generation of Samoan rugby talent.

His dedication to coaching extends beyond the field, instilling discipline, sportsmanship, and strategic prowess in his players. Through his coaching endeavours at both club and national levels, he remains committed to shaping the future of Samoan rugby with the same passion that defined his illustrious playing career.

Lima’s transition into coaching signifies a seamless continuation of his contribution to Samoa rugby. As a coach, he imparts invaluable knowledge gained from years of competing at the highest level, offering mentorship that inspires young athletes to reach their full potential.


Brian Lima’s impact on Samoan rugby is truly remarkable, with his powerful hits and dedication to the sport immortalising him as a national hero. As an admired role model for young players, he continues to contribute to Samoa rugby through coaching.

Lima’s legacy lives on in the hearts of fans who fondly remember his significant victories in Samoan rugby history.


1. Who is Brian Lima in the world of Rugby Union?

Brian Lima is a renowned Samoan rugby union player known for his impressive career and contributions to the sport.

2. What team did Brian Lima play for in Samoa?

In Samoa, Brian Lima played for Marist St Joseph, which is one of the local rugby teams he represented.

3. When did Brian Lima make his rugby debut?

Brian Lima made his rugby debut at an early stage in his career, establishing himself as a formidable player on the field.

4. Is Brian Lima famous for playing international matches?

Yes, Brian Lima gained fame by representing Samoa in international rugby union matches and becoming one of their key players.

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