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Bradford Bulls – Rugby League Club Team

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For rugby enthusiasts chasing the thrill of the game and a deep-dive into team dynamics, look no further than the Bradford Bulls. Formed in 1863, this West Yorkshire powerhouse has etched its name deeply into rugby league history.

This article provides an insider peek at the key players who bring Odsal Stadium alive and shares how you can be part of their journey. Dive in for exclusive updates on your favourite Rugby League Club!

Key Takeaways

  • The Bradford Bulls is a historic rugby league club that was established in 1863 and plays at Odsal Stadium in West Yorkshire.
  • Key players for the team include Tom Holmes, Ben Blackmore, Joe Arundel, Kieran Gill, Jorge Taufua, Lee Gaskell, Jordan Lilley and Jordan Baldwinson who contribute significantly to the team’s success.
  • Fans can stay engaged with the Bulls by following recent news updates on fixtures against teams like Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhinos and noting their position in the league tables.
  • Community involvement is important to the Bradford Bulls; they partner with local organisations for fundraising events and participate in initiatives to promote health, well-being, and rugby league growth amongst youth.
  • To support the team directly fans can purchase season tickets for upcoming games through the official club website or contact channels provided by Bradford Bulls.

The Main Players of Bradford Bulls – Tom Holmes

Tom Holmes, a key player for Bradford Bulls, brings his experience and skill to the team. With his impressive performance on the field, he is definitely one to watch out for this season.

Ben Blackmore

Ben Blackmore stands out as a formidable player for the Bradford Bulls, bringing raw talent and speed to the wing position. His agility on the field can turn a game around, making him an asset during intense matches.

Fans have seen Blackmore’s remarkable skill in scoring tries and his fearless play has become a hallmark of the Bulls’ offensive strategy.

Not only does he dazzle spectators with swift moves, but Blackmore also demonstrates dedication off the pitch by mentoring younger team-mates. His presence boosts team morale and exemplifies what it means to be part of this historic rugby club—the Bradford Bulls are stronger with players like him wearing their colours proudly.

Joe Arundel

Moving on from the notable player Ben Blackmore, another key figure in the Bradford Bulls lineup is Joe Arundel. Known for his exceptional skills and versatility, Arundel has been a significant asset to the team.

With his strategic playmaking abilities and strong presence on the field, he continues to be a crucial element in driving the team’s success. As part of the first team squad, Joe Arundel brings experience and leadership that greatly contribute to the Bulls’ performance.

His outstanding performances have earned him recognition within both local and national rugby league circles. His dedication to the sport and consistent display of talent make him a fan favorite while also contributing significantly to the club’s reputation in professional sports.

Kieran Gill

Kieran Gill is a notable player for the Bradford Bulls, showcasing his talent on the field. He has been an integral part of the team and has contributed significantly to their success.

Gill’s skill and determination have made him a respected figure within both the club and the rugby league community as a whole. With his standout performances, he continues to be a key player for the Bulls, making valuable contributions to their games.

Gill’s presence in the squad adds depth and strength to the team’s lineup. His dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed, earning him recognition among fans and fellow players alike.

Jorge Taufua

After discussing the talents of Kieran Gill, it’s important to highlight the impactful presence of Jorge Taufua on the Bradford Bulls. Taufua has been a formidable force on the field, bringing his strength and experience to every game.

Known for his powerful runs and exceptional defensive skills, Taufua is a crucial asset to the team. His contributions have played a significant role in shaping the Bulls’ competitive edge, making him an essential player in their pursuit of success.

With his proven track record and unwavering determination, Jorge Taufua has become an inspiration for aspiring rugby players and a fan favorite alike. As one of the key players representing Bradford Bulls, he continues to showcase his commitment and passion for the sport, earning accolades from fans and fellow teammates alike.

Lee Gaskell

Lee Gaskell, a key player for the Bradford Bulls, brings his experience and skill to the team. Known for his playmaking abilities and tactical vision on the field, Gaskell has been instrumental in driving the team’s success.

His dynamic style of play has made him a fan favorite and a crucial asset for the Bulls. With an impressive track record of contributing to the team’s victories, Gaskell continues to be a pivotal figure in shaping the Bulls’ performance.

Gaskell has showcased versatility in his gameplay, adapting to different match situations with agility and precision. His dedication and leadership qualities have earned him respect both on and off the field.

Jordan Lilley

Jordan Lilley, a key player for Bradford Bulls, is an influential figure in the team’s midfield. His dynamic playmaking skills and strategic vision on the field make him an invaluable asset to the Bulls’ lineup.

Known for his precise passing and tactical awareness, Lilley has been instrumental in setting up crucial scoring opportunities for his teammates. As part of the club’s commitment to nurturing local talent, he represents the tradition of homegrown players making their mark in professional rugby league.

With impressive performances in recent matches, Jordan Lilley’s contributions have been pivotal to the team’s success on the pitch. His leadership qualities and determination embody the spirit of Bradford Bulls as they continue to assert themselves as a competitive force in English rugby league.

Jordan Baldwinson

Jordan Baldwinson, a seasoned player for the Bradford Bulls, brings a wealth of experience to the team. As a key member of the squad, Baldwinson’s physical presence and skill on the field make him an invaluable asset to the Bulls’ forward pack.

With his impressive performances, he continues to contribute significantly towards ensuring the team remains competitive in the Championship. Known for his strong work ethic and commitment, Baldwinson consistently showcases resilience and determination during each game, earning respect from fans and fellow players alike.

As an integral part of the team’s success story, Jordan Baldwinson has played a vital role in upholding Bradford Bulls’ reputation as an esteemed club with a tradition of developing top-tier rugby talent.

Recent News and Updates

Stay updated on upcoming games, league tables, and the latest team news to support the Bradford Bulls. Read more about their recent news and updates to stay in the loop with your favorite team!

Upcoming games

The Bradford Bulls are gearing up for an intense clash against the Wigan Warriors in their upcoming game. Fans can expect a thrilling showdown as the Bulls aim to secure a crucial victory.

The team’s relentless pursuit of excellence will be on full display as they take on one of their toughest opponents in the Super League. With their sights set on success, the Bradford Bulls are ready to deliver an electrifying performance that is not to be missed.

In addition, the highly anticipated match against Leeds Rhinos promises to be a spectacle worth watching. As two formidable teams go head-to-head, supporters can look forward to a fiercely competitive encounter.

League table

After looking at the upcoming games, it’s interesting to see where the Bradford Bulls currently stand in the league table. As of now, the Bulls are positioned fifth in the Championship, with a strong record of wins and draws throughout the season.

With tough competition from teams like Huddersfield Giants and Castleford Tigers, the Bulls have shown their determination to climb higher in the standings. The team’s recent win over Keighley Cougars has further solidified their place as a competitive force in the league.

The Bradford Bulls’ performance this season reflects their commitment to excellence and their ability to compete at a high level. Fans can look forward to an exciting continuation of matches as they cheer on their team towards climbing even higher in the league table.

Latest team news

Following their recent victory in the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup quarter-finals over Keighley Cougars, Bradford Bulls are geared up with high spirits for their upcoming games. The team is prepping with rigorous training and strategic plans to maintain their competitive edge in the Championship.

This win has further solidified their position as a respected member of the rugby league community. The Bulls continue to showcase strong performances, fostering excitement among fans.

The latest team news from Bradford Bulls demonstrates their unwavering commitment towards developing local rugby league talent and reinforcing its globally recognised brand. With fixtures on the horizon, fans can look forward to witnessing an invigorated squad fuelled by triumph and eager anticipation for future victories.

Community Links

– Bradford Bulls are actively involved in the local community, partnering with various organisations and schools to promote rugby league and healthy living.

– The team also participates in fundraising events to support local charities and initiatives.

Involvement in the community

The Bradford Bulls are committed to being active members of their community. They regularly engage in partnerships and fundraising initiatives to support local causes and organisations.

The club’s involvement in the community not only helps to raise awareness for important issues but also fosters a sense of unity and pride among fans and residents. This dedication reflects the team’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the rugby field, demonstrating that they are more than just a sports team.

Furthermore, the Bradford Bulls actively seek out opportunities to support youth development and grassroots rugby league programmes within their local area. By investing in the next generation of players, they contribute to the growth and sustainability of the sport while providing young athletes with valuable resources and mentorship.


The Bradford Bulls actively seek partnerships that benefit their community involvement. They collaborate with local businesses and organisations to create fundraising opportunities for the team.

These partnerships also support the development of rugby talent at a grassroots level, providing resources and expertise to nurture future players. The club’s connections with local schools and sports clubs contribute to the growth of rugby league in the region, fostering a strong relationship between the team and its supporters.

Fundraising opportunities

Support the Bradford Bulls by taking advantage of their fundraising opportunities. By participating, you can contribute to the club’s development while having a chance to win up to £10,000 in cash prizes.

You can also show your support by attending the Vikings vs. Bulls game and supporting the next generation of players as they compete on the field.

For more information on how you can participate and support the team, continue reading about “How to Support Bradford Bulls” below.

How to Support Bradford Bulls – Want to win up to £10,000?

Supporting the Bradford Bulls is easy and rewarding. By participating in fundraising opportunities, like the chance to win up to £10,000, fans can show their support for the team while also having a chance at some exciting prizes.

Vikings vs. Bulls game

The Vikings vs. Bulls game is set to be an electrifying clash between two fierce rugby league teams. With the Bulls’ recent strong form and their talented roster including players like Tom Holmes, Ben Blackmore, and Lee Gaskell, fans can expect a thrilling display of skill and determination on the field.

The Bradford Bulls have a history of bringing out their best against tough opponents like the Vikings, making this upcoming game one not to be missed for any rugby fan eager to witness top-class competition.

Don’t miss the chance to witness firsthand as the Bradford Bulls take on the Vikings in what promises to be an epic battle on the rugby league pitch!

Supporting the next generation of players

The Bradford Bulls have a strong commitment to nurturing local rugby talent, providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills within the club. Through grassroots initiatives and youth programmes, the Bulls aim to identify and support promising athletes, paving the way for them to potentially represent not only the first team but also England and Great Britain on an international stage.

With a rich history of developing homegrown talents like Tom Holmes and Lee Gaskell, the club continues to prioritise investing in the next generation of players, ensuring a sustainable future for both the team and British rugby league as a whole.

Furthermore, by establishing strong ties with local communities and schools, the Bradford Bulls actively engage with aspiring young athletes, offering guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals.

Conclusion and Contact Information – 2024 season tickets

Secure your spot for the next season by purchasing your 2024 season tickets now. Don’t miss out on any of the action as the Bradford Bulls continue to strive for success in the Championship.

Contact information and where to buy tickets will be provided for your convenience.

Where to buy tickets

To purchase tickets for Bradford Bulls home games, head to the official club website or visit the ticket office at the Odsal Stadium in Bradford. Additionally, you can secure your tickets by contacting the club’s hotline for assistance with bookings and matchday information.

Don’t miss the chance to experience an exhilarating rugby league encounter while supporting the Bulls at their iconic stadium.

Contact information

For all ticket and membership inquiries, the Bradford Bulls official website is your go-to destination. This is where you can purchase season tickets for the 2024 season and find out about exclusive offers.

The official contact information can be found on the website if you want to get in touch with any queries or feedback regarding the team. Whether it’s about game fixtures, community events, or partnership opportunities, there are various channels available for fans who wish to engage with the club directly.


1. Who are the Bradford Bulls in Rugby League?

The Bradford Bulls are a professional rugby league club team that competes in various competitions including matches leading up to the Rugby League World Cup.

2. Can I join a forum to discuss the Bradford Bulls games?

Yes, there are forums available where fans can join and talk about all things related to the Bradford Bulls and their performances in matches.

3. Have the Bradford Bulls ever played in a Rugby League World Cup?

The players from the club have had opportunities to represent their countries and could potentially compete at events like the Rugby League World Cup through national selections.

4. Where can I find updates on how the Bradford Bulls are doing this season?

You can get regular updates on how well the team is performing by checking official team announcements, sports news outlets, or joining dedicated fan forums for real-time discussions.

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