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Blues – Rugby Union Club Team

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Understanding the world of rugby union can be quite a challenge, with so many clubs and competitions to follow. The Blues Rugby Club is one standout team, originating from Auckland and leaving a mark in Super Rugby history since 1996.

This blog will dive into their journey, exploring everything from the club’s inception to its current squad and community impact. Get ready for an exciting rugby adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • The Blues Rugby Club was established in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1996 and quickly became a strong competitor by winning the Super 12 that year.
  • Presently, they compete fiercely within the Super Rugby competition and are known for their skilled current squad, including players like Beauden Barrett and Rieko Ioane.
  • They play their home games at Eden Park stadium with a capacity for over 50,000 fans and have significant rivalries with teams such as the Crusaders and the Hurricanes.
  • In the UK, there’s an affiliate club named Kansas City Blues who actively participate in Division 1 of USA Rugby league to promote rugby stateside.
  • Community involvement is pivotal to the club’s ethos with memberships providing exclusive benefits while supporting grassroots rugby through partnerships like those with Northland Rugby Union.

History of the Blues Rugby Club

The Blues Rugby Club was formed in 1996 and quickly found success in the Super 12 competition. Since then, they have been a dominant force in New Zealand rugby, participating in the Super Rugby competition and consistently showcasing their talent on the field.

Formation in 1996

In 1996, the landscape of rugby in New Zealand took a thrilling turn with the birth of the Auckland-based Blues. As a professional club poised to compete at high levels, they immediately joined Super Rugby competition—a prestigious tournament involving teams from across the Southern Hemisphere.

Their presence brought fresh energy and an ambitious spirit to the game.

Eager to make their mark, this new team drew together some of New Zealand’s most talented players and set out to conquer the rugby world. Brimming with raw talent and determination, these pioneers laid down a foundation for success that would see them become one of rugby union’s most formidable forces in years to come.

Early success in Super 12

The Blues achieved early success in the Super 12, winning the inaugural championship in 1996. They showcased their dominance as a formidable force within the competition, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

With a talented squad and strategic gameplay, they secured their place in rugby history by claiming victory in one of New Zealand’s most prestigious rugby tournaments.

Participating teams

Auckland-based team

Participation in Super Rugby competition

After early success in Super 12, the Blues continued their participation in the Super Rugby competition, showcasing their dedication to competing at a high level. With a strong legacy and commitment to excellence, the team consistently faces off against top-tier opponents in this highly competitive league.

Their involvement highlights their desire to challenge themselves and achieve success on a grand stage. The Blues’ participation in Super Rugby not only demonstrates their skill and determination but also serves as a testament to their status as a significant presence in the rugby union world.

The team’s active involvement in the Super Rugby competition reflects their position as a leading force within the sport. This participation is indicative of the Blues’ constant pursuit of excellence and drive to compete amongst some of the best teams on an international platform, establishing them as formidable contenders year after year.

The Blues Today

The Blues Rugby Club boasts a talented and diverse squad, led by an experienced coaching staff. With numerous team honors to their name, the Blues currently stand as a formidable force in the Super Rugby competition.

Current squad

Delving into the current squad, we spotlight the array of talent that the Blues bring to the Super Rugby stage. Fans rally behind these players, who embody the team’s fighting spirit and skill. Here is a glance at the roster that takes to the field, representing the pride of Auckland.

PositionPlayer NameNationality
PropOfa TuungafasiNew Zealander
HookerKurt EklundNew Zealander
LockPatrick TuipulotuNew Zealander
FlankerDalton PapaliiNew Zealander
Scrum-halfFinlay ChristieNew Zealander
Fly-halfBeauden BarrettNew Zealander
CentreRieko IoaneNew Zealander
WingCaleb ClarkeNew Zealander
FullbackStephen PerofetaNew Zealander

Each player listed contributes to a squad known for its dynamic play and strategic prowess. Coached by a seasoned team of experts, they look forward to maintaining their strong standing in the Super Rugby competition in 2024. Followers keep a keen eye on RugbyPass and the official website for updates on their beloved team’s progress. With a fan base eager to purchase tickets and wear their colours, the Blues’ players have become household names across the rugby union landscape. Each match promises a display of the commitment and skill that solidify the Blues’ legacy in the sport.

Coaching staff

The Blues coaching staff, led by head coach Leon MacDonald, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. The coaching team is dedicated to developing the players’ skills and implementing effective game strategies.

With a focus on teamwork and continuous improvement, they play an instrumental role in shaping the team’s performance on the field.

As part of their commitment to excellence, the coaching staff regularly assesses player development and tactical approaches for upcoming matches. By fostering a positive and motivating environment, they instill confidence in the squad as they prepare for each game with determination and resilience.

The Blues fans can look forward to witnessing their impact in guiding the team toward further success on the rugby field.

Team honors

The Blues rugby team has achieved several impressive honours throughout their history:

  • They have won the Super 12 tournament multiple times, showcasing their dominance in the competition.
  • Their success in the Super Rugby competition includes reaching the finals and semi – finals on numerous occasions, highlighting their consistent performance at an elite level.
  • The team has produced a number of players who have gone on to represent New Zealand at international level, demonstrating their ability to develop top talent.
  • The Blues’ strong regional and national reputation is supported by their consistent presence in the upper echelons of the Super Rugby standings, reflecting their sustained competitiveness.

Current standing in Super Rugby

As of the current season, the Blues rugby team are showcasing their impressive skills in the Super Rugby competition. With a strong squad and dedicated coaching staff, they’re positioned to make a significant impact on the league standings.

Their participation in this highly competitive league highlights their commitment to excellence and determination to compete at the highest level. The team’s presence in Super Rugby is a testament to their skill and dedication as they strive for success on both regional and national levels.

Rivalries and Stadium

The Blues have fierce rivalries with other New Zealand Super Rugby teams, such as the Crusaders and the Hurricanes. They play their home matches at Eden Park, a stadium with a rich history in New Zealand rugby.

Rival teams

The Blues rugby team faces tough competition from several rival teams. These include:

  1. Crusaders: The rivalry between the Blues and the Crusaders is intense, with both teams vying for dominance in New Zealand’s Super Rugby.
  2. Chiefs: Matches between the Blues and the Chiefs are always highly anticipated, as these two teams consistently challenge each other’s skills on the field.
  3. Hurricanes: The Blues’ matches against the Hurricanes are known for their high energy and fierce competition, making for thrilling encounters.
  4. Highlanders: The clashes between the Blues and the Highlanders are marked by intense physicality and a strong desire to secure victories.
  5. Waratahs: When facing off against the Waratahs, the Blues aim to demonstrate their tactical prowess and determination to outperform their opponents.

Home stadium

The Blues play their home matches at Eden Park, a historic and iconic stadium located in Auckland. With a seating capacity of over 50,000, Eden Park provides an electrifying atmosphere for fans to cheer on their beloved team.

The stadium has witnessed numerous epic encounters throughout the years and continues to be a fortress for the Blues as they strive for victory in each home game.

Eden Park has seen many memorable moments in the history of rugby, including international clashes, and it remains an integral part of the Blues’ identity. The stadium’s rich heritage adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding every matchday as fans flock to support their team at this renowned venue.

Kansas City Blues

The Blues also have an affiliation with USA Rugby, with the Kansas City Blues competing in Division 1 and having a development team in Division 2.

Affiliation with USA Rugby

The Kansas City Blues are affiliated with USA Rugby, showcasing their strong presence in American rugby. Competing in both Division 1 and Division 2 of the USA Rugby league, the team has established itself as a prominent force in the sport.

As a member club of the Capital Rugby Union and the Mid Atlantic Conference, they continue to make an impact on the national level. The Norfolk Blues also contribute to this affiliation, further solidifying their standing within the American rugby community.

Moving forward to explore “Community Involvement” – let’s delve into how the Blues engage with their fans and work towards growing rugby enthusiasm within their local communities.

Competing in Division 1

The Kansas City Blues are a prominent rugby union team in the USA, competing at a high level in Division 1 of the USA Rugby league. Their dedication and skill have enabled them to establish themselves as a formidable force within this highly competitive division.

With strong training and coaching staff, they continue to make their mark on the American rugby scene.

This commitment has solidified their reputation as one of the top teams in Division 1, showcasing their determination to excel at every opportunity. Their presence in this division is a testament to their passion for the sport and their continuous pursuit of excellence within the competitive landscape.

Development team in Division 2

The Kansas City Blues have a development team competing in Division 2 of the USA Rugby league. As an affiliate of the Blues rugby union team, this divisional squad plays a vital role in nurturing upcoming talent and providing them with valuable experience in competitive play.

Alongside their presence in Division 1, the development team contributes to the growth and depth of rugby in Kansas City and showcases the organisation’s commitment to fostering talent at both levels.

Moving on from the developmental efforts, let’s delve into how the Blues are deeply involved within their community.

Community Involvement

The Blues Rugby Club is deeply committed to their community, with a vision of growing the sport and providing opportunities for all. They offer membership opportunities and maintain a strong social media presence to engage with fans.

Additionally, they are actively involved with the Northland Rugby Union to support grassroots rugby development.

Vision of the Blues

The Blues have a strong vision to be an integral part of their community, seeking to inspire and foster the love for rugby in people of all ages. They aim to provide opportunities for fans and members to engage with the team through various initiatives, including events, fan interaction sessions, and community outreach programmes.

The club fosters a culture of inclusivity and sportsmanship, encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together under the common passion for rugby. Additionally, they prioritise youth development by providing coaching clinics and mentorship programmes, nurturing young talent within their region.

Furthermore, the Blues strive to maintain a robust social media presence that connects them with fans globally while offering behind-the-scenes insights into the team’s journey. Their commitment extends beyond just on-field performance as they actively collaborate with Northland Rugby Union in promoting grassroots rugby and player development within New Zealand.

Membership opportunities

After understanding the vision of the Blues, it’s essential to explore the membership opportunities available for those who want to be a part of this esteemed rugby community. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Membership Benefits: As a member of the Blues rugby community, you gain access to exclusive benefits such as priority ticket purchasing and behind-the-scenes access to team events.
  2. Joining Process: Becoming a member is simple with various membership tiers available based on your desired level of involvement, whether as an individual supporter or at a corporate level.
  3. Networking Events: Members have the chance to engage with other rugby enthusiasts through social events, networking opportunities, and player meet-and-greets.
  4. Social Media Engagement: Stay connected with the team through active social media channels that offer updates on club activities, special offers, and interactive content for members.
  5. Support Community Initiatives: Your membership directly supports community programs and initiatives run by the Blues, promoting rugby at grassroots levels and giving back to local communities.
  6. Merchandise Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on official merchandise from the Blues store, allowing you to showcase your support for the team while saving money.
  7. Newsletter Access: Stay informed with regular newsletters featuring updates on team news, upcoming fixtures, and insights from coaching staff and players.
  8. Junior Membership Opportunities: For young fans passionate about rugby, junior memberships provide tailored experiences including access to junior events and competitions.
  9. Partner Offers: Benefit from exclusive partner offers associated with being a Blues member including discounts at selected retailers and businesses in Auckland.
  10. Involvement in Decision-Making Processes: Members have opportunities to contribute ideas and feedback on club matters during team forums or surveys, playing an active role in shaping the future of their beloved club.

Social media presence

The Blues rugby team has an active social media presence, engaging with fans and followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They frequently share updates on match schedules, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes content to keep fans informed and connected to the team’s activities.

This interaction allows supporters to stay updated on the latest news about the team while also providing a platform for them to show their support through likes, shares, and comments.

Fans of the Kansas City Blues can also connect with the team through its strong social media presence across various platforms. The team regularly posts about upcoming matches, player spotlights, and community events to engage with its fanbase in Division 1 as well as Division 2 of USA Rugby.

Involvement with Northland Rugby Union

Expanding their community reach, the Blues have a strong connection with Northland Rugby Union. They actively support and collaborate with clubs in the region to encourage youth development and strengthen rugby at all levels.

Through coaching clinics, training camps, and talent identification programmes, the Blues aim to nurture local talent while fostering a love for the sport within Northland communities.

Emphasising their commitment to grassroots rugby, the Blues also provide resources and expertise to assist in facility improvements and player pathways. By investing in the growth of rugby in Northland, they demonstrate their dedication to cultivating a vibrant rugby culture beyond Auckland’s borders.


In conclusion, the Blues Rugby Club remains a dominant force in rugby union, boasting a rich history of success and a dedicated fanbase. With strong ties to New Zealand and an affiliation with USA Rugby, they continue to make an impact both regionally and on the international stage.

Through their community involvement and commitment to excellence, the Blues are set to maintain their position as a prominent professional rugby team for years to come.


1. Who are the Blues in rugby union?

The Blues are a professional rugby team that competes in New Zealand Rugby Union tournaments, representing Auckland.

2. What division does the Blues team play in?

As an Auckland-based team, the Blues play in a top-level USA Rugby Division as part of their international engagements.

3. Can you tell me more about the home of the Blues rugby union club?

Sure! The Blues hail from Auckland and they’re known for their fierce gameplay and dedication to rugby union at both national and international levels.

4. Are the Blues only involved in matches within New Zealand?

Whilst they primarily participate in New Zealand Rugby Union competitions, the professional status of the team also sees them competing across different rugby divisions internationally.

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