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Beauden Barrett – Rugby Union – New Zealand

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Struggling to keep up with the legends of rugby? Beauden Barrett is a name that stands tall in New Zealand‘s rich rugby tapestry. This blog will dive into his life, from early beginnings to becoming an All Black hero.

Get ready for an inspiring journey!

Key Takeaways

  • Beauden Barrett is from a rugby family, with two brothers also playing for the All Blacks.
  • He started his professional career at Taranaki and then played for the Hurricanes before signing with the Blues in 2019.
  • Barrett won World Rugby Player of the Year twice, in 2016 and 2017, and was part of the All Blacks’ World Cup-winning team in 2015.
  • Aside from rugby, he engages in charitable work and has interests that include environmental conservation.
  • With 123 international caps for New Zealand and having re-signed through to 2027, Barrett’s influence on rugby is set to continue.

Early Life

Beauden John Barrett was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and comes from a family with a strong rugby background. He was introduced to the sport at a young age, and his talent quickly became evident on the field.

Beauden John Barrett’s birth and family

Barrett entered the world on a cool New Zealand day, 27 May 1991. His birthplace sat amidst rolling hills and rugby fields, where the sport is woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Growing up in such a setting was perhaps destiny’s way of nudging him towards a future painted with rugby stripes. He wasn’t alone on this journey; his family was large and bustling, filled with siblings who shared his passion for the game.

With four brothers and three sisters in tow, Barrett’s childhood home echoed with laughter and friendly competition—a true breeding ground for athletic prowess. Two of his brothers would go on to don the famed All Blacks jersey alongside him, Scott and Jordie becoming household names themselves within New Zealand Rugby circles.

This familial connection carried over onto the pitch, each brother driving the other to heights most players only dare dream of achieving.

Childhood and introduction to rugby

After Beauden John Barrett’s birth and family, his childhood was filled with rugby. Growing up in a sports-driven environment, he developed a passion for the game at an early age. With brothers who also excelled in rugby, playing the sport became second nature to him.

He started honing his skills on the field from a young age and quickly found himself immersed in the world of rugby.

From backyard games to local competitions, Barrett’s journey into professional rugby began as he demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication throughout his formative years. His introduction to organised rugby marked the start of what would become an illustrious career at both provincial and international levels.

Professional Career

Beauden Barrett’s professional career has been nothing short of impressive, with early highlights in his career leading to major achievements from 2012-2015. His success continued in the following years, solidifying his status as a top playmaker in the world of rugby union.

Early career highlights

Beauden Barrett’s early career boasted remarkable achievements that set the stage for his future success. Here are some notable highlights:

  1. Made his provincial debut for Taranaki at just 19 years old in 2010, showcasing his exceptional talent from an early age.
  2. Secured a spot with the Hurricanes in Super Rugby, demonstrating his skill and commitment to the sport at a professional level.
  3. Garnered attention with impressive performances, laying the foundation for an illustrious career as a professional rugby player.
  4. Showed remarkable promise and potential, earning accolades and recognition for his outstanding abilities on the field.
  5. Captivated fans and experts alike with his dynamic playing style, solidifying himself as a rising star in the world of rugby.
  6. Consistently displayed exceptional athleticism and strategic prowess, earning widespread respect within the rugby community for his contributions to the sport.

Major achievements in 2012-2015

Building on his early career highlights, Beauden Barrett experienced significant success between 2012 and 2015. During this period, he achieved numerous milestones and accolades, solidifying his position as a top professional player in the world of rugby.

  1. Secured a spot in the New Zealand national team, the All Blacks, at the age of 21.
  2. Contributed significantly to the All Blacks’ victory in the Rugby Championship in 2012 and 2013.
  3. Played an instrumental role in securing the Super Rugby title with the Hurricanes in 2015.
  4. Earned recognition as one of the key players during the All Blacks’ successful World Cup campaign in 2015.

Continued success in 2016-2017

  1. Led the All Blacks to a historic win against Australia in the Bledisloe Cup with an impressive individual performance.
  2. Played a crucial role in guiding the Hurricanes to their first – ever Super Rugby title in 2016.
  3. Displayed exceptional form throughout the year, contributing significantly to New Zealand’s unbeaten streak.

Recent Years

Making the move to Blues in 2019, Beauden Barrett continued his success on the rugby field. His re-signing with New Zealand Rugby through 2027 solidified his commitment to the sport and his team.

Success in 2018

In 2018, Beauden Barrett continued to dominate as a key player for the All Blacks. He showcased his exceptional skill and leadership, guiding the team to numerous victories on the international stage.

Barrett’s consistent performance at fly half position contributed significantly to New Zealand’s success, solidifying his reputation as one of the most influential players in world rugby.

His outstanding form was highlighted by crucial match-winning plays and his ability to control games with precision and finesse, earning him widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Signing with Blues in 2019

Beauden Barrett signed with the Blues in 2019, marking a significant move in his rugby career. This transition saw him join the Auckland-based team and compete in New Zealand’s domestic Super Rugby competition.

The move garnered attention from fans and pundits alike, as it represented a new chapter for the talented fly half after several successful seasons with the Hurricanes. His signing injected excitement into the Blues squad and added an extra dimension to their playing style, showcasing his adaptability across different teams.

Barrett’s decision to join the Blues presented fresh opportunities for him to further demonstrate his skill on the field while contributing to a new environment within New Zealand rugby.

Re-signing with New Zealand Rugby through 2027

After transitioning to the Blues in 2019, Beauden Barrett solidified his commitment to New Zealand Rugby by re-signing through 2027. This long-term contract demonstrated his continued dedication and loyalty to the All Blacks, further securing his pivotal role within the team.

The decision underscored the trust and confidence that both parties have in each other, ensuring that Barrett’s exceptional talent and leadership will continue to shape New Zealand rugby for years to come.

Barrett’s re-signing also reflected a shared vision for achieving ongoing success on the global stage, with both player and organisation aligned in their ambitions. This extension provided stability while signalling a clear message of intent from one of rugby’s most influential figures.

Personal Life

Beauden Barrett is a family man and actively involved in various charitable activities, showcasing his diverse interests outside of rugby. To read more about his personal life, keep on reading!

Family and personal relationships

Beauden Barrett hails from a close-knit family, with seven siblings, including four brothers and three sisters. Notably, two of his brothers, Scott and Jordie, are also All Blacks.

The strong family ties have been an integral part of Beauden’s life, providing support and motivation throughout his career.

Outside of rugby, Barrett is involved in charitable work and has diverse interests that contribute to the well-rounded individual he is today.

Charitable work and interests outside of rugby

Aside from his professional rugby career, Beauden Barrett is actively involved in various charitable initiatives and shows a keen interest in environmental conservation. He has been an ambassador for various charity organisations, including those focused on health awareness and child welfare.

Moreover, he has supported campaigns to raise funds for underprivileged communities and promote sports among the youth. An avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast, Barrett also takes part in activities that advocate for environmental sustainability and protection of natural resources.

His commitment to making a positive impact extends well beyond the rugby field, showcasing his dedication to philanthropy and his passion for preserving the environment.

Furthermore, Beauden Barrett’s involvement with community programmes demonstrates his genuine concern for social causes. Whether it’s visiting hospitals or engaging with local schools, he consistently dedicates time to inspire and uplift others through motivational speeches and personal interactions.

Additionally, as a role model to many aspiring athletes across New Zealand, Barrett uses his influence to encourage young talents by participating in mentorship programmes designed to nurture promising individuals within grassroots sporting communities.

Career Statistics and Honours

Beauden Barrett has had an illustrious rugby career, with multiple titles and accolades to his name. To find out more about his career statistics and honours, keep reading!

Summary of club and international career

Exploring Beauden Barrett’s career in rugby, we see a timeline marked with exceptional achievements and a high number of appearances that reflect his skill and importance to both club and country. Below is a summarised overview of his club and international career milestones:

YearTeamAppearancesNotable Achievements
2010TaranakiDebut YearMade provincial debut
2011-2019Hurricanes125Super Rugby Runner-up (2015), Super Rugby Champion (2016)
2012-PresentAll Blacks123World Cup Winner (2015), World Rugby Player of the Year (2016, 2017)
2020-PresentBluesN/ASigned with Blues, Re-signed with NZ Rugby through 2027
2022Toyota VerblitzCurrent ClubPlays as Fly-half in Japan Rugby League One

His career has not only been defined by the number of times he has donned the jerseys of the teams he represents but also by the significant impact and influence he has on the pitch. Barrett’s journey with Taranaki, Hurricanes, Blues, Toyota Verblitz, and the All Blacks showcases his versatility and commitment to the sport.

Notable achievements and accolades

After a successful career in club and international rugby, Beauden Barrett has achieved numerous accolades and notable milestones. In 2016 and 2017, he clinched the World Rugby Player of the Year Awards consecutively, cementing his status as one of the best players in the world. Additionally, his induction into the RugbyPass Hall of Fame in 2021 recognised his exceptional contributions to the sport. With an impressive 123 caps for the New Zealand national team and 160 Super Rugby caps under his belt, Barrett’s consistent performance and remarkable skill have earned him a well-deserved place among rugby’s elite.

Throughout his career, Beauden Barrett has left an indelible mark on both domestic and international rugby, showcasing unparalleled talent and determination on the field. His exceptional achievements continue to solidify his legacy as one of New Zealand’s finest athletes.

Future plans and potential for further success.

Beauden Barrett has shown no signs of slowing down as he continues to make his mark on the rugby world. With a move to the Japan Rugby League One club Toyota Verblitz, he is set to showcase his skills in a new environment, while also contributing to the development of rugby in Japan.

His commitment to excellence and drive for success positions him as a player with immense potential for further achievements.

Having re-signed with New Zealand Rugby through 2027, it’s clear that Beauden Barrett aims to continue making significant contributions both at the professional level and within the national team.


In conclusion, Beauden Barrett has solidified his place as one of New Zealand’s most successful rugby players. His remarkable achievements on the field, including two World Rugby Player of the Year Awards, have cemented his legacy in the sport.

With an impressive 123 caps for the All Blacks and a consistent performance throughout his career, Barrett’s impact on rugby union is undeniable. As he continues to excel with Toyota Verblitz in Japan Rugby League One, fans eagerly anticipate further successes from this talented athlete.


1. Who is Beauden Barrett in Rugby Union?

Beauden Barrett is a famous rugby player from New Zealand who plays for the national rugby union team.

2. Has Beauden Barrett ever resigned from the New Zealand team?

No, as of now, Beauden Barrett has not made any announcements about resigning from playing rugby union for New Zealand.

3. What position does Beauden Barrett play in Rugby Union matches?

In rugby union matches, Beauden Barrett often plays as a fly-half but also has versatility to cover other backline positions when needed.

4. Do many people consider Beauden Barrett one of the best in Rugby Union?

Yes, fans and experts alike admire and often rank him among the top players in international Rugby Union due to his skills and performances for New Zealand.

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