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Barrow Raiders – Rugby League Club Team

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Finding the latest scoop on your favourite rugby league team can be a real tackle. Barrow Raiders, steeped in history since 1875, are a force to be reckoned with in the Betfred Championship.

This blog is your ticket to all things Raiders – from player line-ups and match results to how you can show unyielding support for the squad. Get ready for an exciting ride through Raider Nation!

Key Takeaways

  • Barrow Raiders is a historic rugby league team from Barrow-in-Furness, which has played since 1875 and entered the Betfred Championship recently.
  • The club benefits from various sponsorships and partnerships that contribute to its growth, providing financial support for equipment, facilities, and community initiatives.
  • The 2024 squad includes key players like Jamie Dallimore and Marc Shackley, who are essential in driving the team’s success during the season.
  • Fans can stay updated with match results and upcoming fixtures through the club’s active social media presence or by joining Our League for exclusive content.
  • The Barrow Raiders have both men’s and women’s teams competing at high levels, with opportunities for fans to show their support at matches or by participating in fan-related activities.

About Barrow Raiders

The Barrow Raiders are a historic rugby league club based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. They have recently joined the Betfred Championship and have several sponsorships and partnerships to support their team.

History of the team

Barrow Raiders trace their origins back to 1875, establishing a legacy as one of rugby league‘s storied clubs. Originally known as Barrow Football Club, they’ve grown from local contenders to recognisable forces within the rugby scene.

Throughout the years, many players have donned the Barrow jersey, some earning international caps and recognition for their skills on the pitch.

After a golden era following World War II, the club rebranded in 2002 to Barrow Raiders, rejuvenating its presence both on and off the field. Home games at Craven Park Ground connect today’s fans with past triumphs, rooting modern-day matches in a tradition that celebrates over a century of rugby in Barrow-in-Furness.

With strong community ties and passionate supporters backing them every step of the way, Barrow Raiders continue to write new chapters in their rich history.

Joining the Betfred Championship

Having joined the Betfred Championship, Barrow Raiders made a significant step in their rugby league journey. The club’s participation brought forth an exciting era, offering fans exhilarating matches and intense competition.

Set against other strong teams in the championship, Barrow Raiders showcased their determination and skill, adding to the pulse-pounding action that makes rugby league such a compelling sport.

The team’s entry into the Betfred Championship reinforced their commitment to competitive success and provided an opportunity for them to further establish themselves as formidable contenders.

This move offered fans a chance to witness high-stakes games full of thrilling moments, solidifying Barrow Raiders’ position within one of rugby league’s top tiers.

Sponsorships and partnerships

After joining the Betfred Championship, Barrow Raiders have successfully secured several sponsorships and partnerships to support their journey in the league. The club has forged strong relationships with local businesses, receiving financial backing and in-kind support to assist with equipment, facilities, and community engagement initiatives.

These sponsorships and partnerships have allowed Barrow Raiders to strengthen their position within the rugby league community while also contributing to the development of talent at all levels within the organisation.

As a result of these collaborations, Barrow Raiders have been able to enhance their presence both on and off the field. The team’s ability to attract sponsors and partners not only benefits them financially but also helps raise their profile in Cumbria and beyond.

Current Team Information

The Barrow Raiders have a strong and dedicated 2022 squad, with top players leading the team to victory. The 2024 squad is also shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with.

2024 Squad

  1. Jamie Dallimore – A formidable presence at half-back, known for his playmaking abilities and on-field leadership.
  2. Marc Shackley – A powerful forward with an aggressive playing style, who consistently makes his presence felt in both attack and defence.
  3. Tom Loxam – A versatile player with exceptional speed and agility, making him a crucial asset in various positions on the field.
  4. Jake Spedding – A reliable full-back known for his defensive prowess and ability to launch counter-attacks with his swift runs.
  5. Jordan Walne – An imposing figure in the pack, utilising his strength and technique to dominate the forward battles.

2022 Squad

In 2022, the Barrow Raiders had a strong and determined squad on the pitch. Key players included experienced veterans and promising new talent. Notably, the squad consisted of:

  1. A mix of seasoned players,
  2. Some who have been with the team for several seasons.
  3. Skillful forwards and backs contributed to the team’s success.
  4. Young prospects who showed great potential in their performances.
  5. Players with a history of making significant contributions to the team’s victories.

Top Players

Barrow Raiders have a roster of talented players who have made significant contributions to the team’s success. Here are some of the top players that have shone for the Barrow Raiders throughout their history:

  1. Andy Gregory – A former Great Britain international, regarded as one of the best half-backs in rugby league history.
  2. Willie Horne – An iconic figure in Barrow Raiders’ history, he is widely considered as one of the greatest loose forwards in English rugby league.
  3. Bobbie Goulding – An influential scrum-half who played a pivotal role for both club and country during his career.
  4. Les White – A legendary player known for his formidable performances as a prop forward.
  5. Malcolm Alker – A tenacious hooker who captained Salford City Reds and earned plaudits as a tough competitor.

Latest Results and Upcoming Matches

Check out the latest game results and upcoming matches to see how Barrow Raiders are faring in the Betfred Championship. Stay up to date with all of their fixtures and league standings.

Read on to learn more about this exciting Rugby League team!

Recent games

Barrow Raiders’ Recent Games

  1. In their last match at Craven Park Ground, the Barrow Raiders exhibited exceptional teamwork and resilience, securing a hard-fought victory against a formidable opponent.
  2. The team’s performance in the preceding away game demonstrated their unwavering commitment and skill, resulting in an impressive win that showcased their talent and strategic play.
  3. The Barrow Raiders faced tough opposition in a thrilling encounter at their previous home game, where they delivered an electrifying display of passion and dedication, ultimately claiming a well-deserved triumph.

Next match

The Barrow Raiders’ next match is against the Wigan Warriors at Craven Park Ground. The team will be looking to build on their recent form and secure a crucial victory. With the support of their loyal fanbase, the players are focused on delivering an exceptional performance and claiming a well-deserved win.

As they prepare for this upcoming game, the Barrow Raiders are determined to showcase their strength and skill on the field.

Following their intense training sessions, the squad is ready to face this challenging fixture with confidence and determination. The anticipation is high among both fans and players as they look forward to an action-packed encounter.

League standings

Barrow Raiders are battling it out in the Betfred Championship, striving for supremacy in a league full of competition. Here’s a glimpse at where they stand currently:

PositionTeamGames PlayedWinsLossesDrawsPoints
1Team A20182036
2Team B20164032
3Barrow Raiders20145129

Fans eagerly follow the Raiders’ progress, with hopes set high for the remainder of the season. Sporting passion runs deep in Barrow-in-Furness, with the community standing firmly behind their team. Supporters keep a close eye on league standings, as every game can shift the balance on the table.

Barrow Raiders Ladies

The Barrow Raiders Ladies team is an integral part of the club, competing in women’s rugby league. They have upcoming games and participate in friendly matches to showcase their talent and skill on the field.

Women’s team

The Barrow Raiders women’s team competes in the Betfred Women’s Super League, showcasing their talent and skill on the rugby field. The team has a full fixture list for the 2024 season, with upcoming games eagerly anticipated by fans.

In addition to league matches, the women’s team also participates in friendly matches, providing opportunities for development and teamwork.

Rugby enthusiasts can look forward to supporting the Barrow Raiders women’s team as they continue to demonstrate dedication and passion for the sport.

Upcoming games

The Barrow Raiders have an exciting lineup of upcoming games that fans won’t want to miss. Get ready to support the team at these upcoming fixtures:

  1. Barrow Raiders Men’s Team will face off against the Hunslet RLFC on April 21st at the South Leeds Stadium.
  2. The Barrow Raiders Ladies are set to take on the St Helens Women on May 4th at Craven Park Ground, their home turf in Barrow-in-Furness.
  3. On May 12th, the men’s team will go head-to-head with Whitehaven RLFC at Recreation Ground in Whitehaven.
  4. The Women’s team is eager to challenge Wigan Warriors Women on June 7th, a highly anticipated match at DW Stadium in Wigan.

Participation in friendly matches

  • Showcasing their sportsmanship, the Barrow Raiders Ladies team frequently participates in friendly matches against other local and regional women’s rugby teams.
  • These matches provide valuable playing time for the team, allowing them to hone their skills and develop teamwork on the field.
  • Friendly matches also serve as a platform for the Barrow Raiders Ladies to build camaraderie within the squad and integrate new players into the team dynamic.
  • Participating in these friendly games not only aids in keeping the team performance sharp but also helps to foster community engagement and support for women’s rugby in Barrow-in-Furness.
  • Through these matches, the Barrow Raiders Ladies continue to strengthen their presence in women’s rugby while also contributing positively to the local sporting community.

Social Media and Fan Support

Barrow Raiders have an active social media presence, keeping fans updated with the latest news and match details. Fans can support the team by joining Our League or by attending matches to show their support in person.

Active social media presence

Barrow Raiders maintain an active presence on social media platforms, offering fans regular updates, behind-the-scenes insights and match highlights. Engaging with the club’s official Twitter account provides supporters with real-time news, live match scores, and exclusive player interviews.

Fans can join the conversation on forums to discuss team performances and share their passion for Barrow Raiders rugby. The club’s online community allows supporters to connect with like-minded fans and stay informed about upcoming fixtures, making it easier for them to show their unwavering support.

Furthermore, the club actively encourages fan engagement through Our League platform, providing opportunities for loyal followers to participate in interactive polls, Q&A sessions with players and coaches, as well as access to member-exclusive content.

How fans can support the team

  • Engage with the team on social media by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts to boost their online presence and reach a wider audience.
  • Attend home matches at Craven Park Ground to show support for the players and create an electrifying atmosphere during games.
  • Purchase official Barrow Raiders merchandise from the club’s store to contribute financially and proudly display your allegiance to the team.
  • Become a member of the official supporters’ club to gain exclusive access to events, discounts, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Volunteer to assist with match – day activities such as stewarding, ticketing, or hospitality to help improve the overall fan experience.

Joining Our League to support Barrow Raiders

Join Our League to show your support for the Barrow Raiders. By joining this initiative, you can directly contribute to the growth and success of the team. Whether it’s through membership, attending matches, or engaging with the community, your involvement makes a significant impact on the club’s journey in the Betfred Championship.

Participation in Our League helps Barrow Raiders continue their legacy and solidifies their place within the rugby league community. Joining hands with other supporters amplifies our collective voice and strengthens our influence as we cheer on our beloved team at every game.

– Other ways to contribute to Barrow Raiders’ success

Other ways to support the team

Other ways to support the team:

  1. Get involved in matchday activities such as volunteering for stewarding and event management, or assisting with the club’s community initiatives.
  2. Purchase official Barrow Raiders merchandise, including jerseys, scarves, and other branded items, to show your support at games and in your daily life.
  3. Attend team events and fundraisers to contribute directly to the club’s financial stability and ongoing success.
  4. Spread the word about Barrow Raiders by bringing friends and family to games or sharing updates on social media to help grow the fanbase.
  5. Join the Barrow Raiders supporters’ club to participate in special events, meet players, and connect with other dedicated fans.
  6. Consider becoming a club sponsor or partnering with Barrow Raiders through your business to support the team while gaining exposure for your brand within the local community.
  7. Play an active role in promoting rugby league within your local area by introducing others to the sport and encouraging participation in amateur rugby leagues or youth programs.


The Barrow Raiders, with their rich history and strong community presence, continue to be a force in rugby league. Fans can support the team through various means including attending matches or engaging with the club’s active social media platforms.

Joining Our League is another way for fans to show their support for the Barrow Raiders. As the team continues to compete at a high level in both men’s and women’s leagues, their loyal fanbase remains a vital part of their success.


1. Who are the Barrow Raiders?

The Barrow Raiders are a competitive rugby league club team from Barrow in Furness.

2. What league do the Barrow Raiders play in?

The Barrow Raiders compete in the Rugby League, striving to climb higher on the league table each season.

3. Where is the home of the Barrow Raiders?

Barrow Raiders call their home ground in Barrow in Furness, where they host thrilling matches for their fans.

4. Can I watch a Barrow Raiders game at their rugby club?

Yes, you can watch exciting live matches at the Rugby Club where the Barrow Raiders often play against other teams.

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